Friday, August 22, 2008

Door knocking

No, you with filthy minds, not the type of 'door knocking' in the Godfather!

Following in the vein of knocking on few doors in dawn raids of the post a few below, the ex SFO director suggests similar action is required. Something smells according to him.
They should get in there, knock a few doors down and have a look around, so to speak

publicly available information about donations intended for Mr Peters' NZ First party met his "smell test" - making it suspicious enough for the SFO to use the statutory power that can force documents to be produced

The stench of rotten fish is strong, but the current SFO director has different views.
disagreed with Mr Sturt's interpretation, saying he was acting on "current advice" and taking the entire act into account

Current advice? Got at, more like it.

I expected nothing less. Like the Electoral Commission, the SFO is now a confirmed part of Liarbour and 'there is nothing to see here, move along'.

Just what hold does Winston have over her indoors?

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adamsmith1922 said...

Just what hold does Winston have over her indoors?

AS we used to say in one of my past lives when someone appeared to possess a charmed life as regards censure:-

He/She must have pictures!