Friday, August 01, 2008


On a junket around the traps yesterday and today, the Minister of Civil Defence is personally working very hard to expand his carbon footprint.
To date the response to the severe weather our communities are experiencing has been very good

Communities getting the job done without government interference.

In this modern age of technology, where there are such things as live video feeds and other instantaneous means of evaluating the state of play, why does he have to physically travel to each site?

One would hope the CD hobbit hole under the Beehive can access all manner of direct data feeds as events unfold. If not, a short trip to the upper level of the same building would give access to the lives of every Kiwi. On that floor, they seem to be able to interfere and nanny at will.
Local authorities and emergency services are working hard. They are coping well and I am confident the situation is being well managed.

And no doubt managing well, as they have done in past years, further construction of subdivisions on unstable land and flood plains. Now working hard to remedy self-induced poor planning on their part.

Yes, I am sure that those who have the misfortune to allow him to darken their doorsteps will feel totally relieved that he has gone to such personal effort, consuming taxpayer resources for a few votes.

The slip will stop moving and the flooding will stop because of his visit.

Keep an eye out for the landslide coming up in November, Mr Barker. A natural disaster, like the current one councils are reaping, of your own making.

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