Monday, August 25, 2008

No sign of poverty here

Life at the trough continues for some in this overfed ministry.

Te Puni Kokiri has created a new job to identify opportunities for Maori during the Rugby World Cup 2011.

The three-year position, with a salary between $95,000 and $131,000, aims to identify the "significant opportunities" for Maori cultural and economic development arising from the event.

It would also promote the event as a stage for Maori development and make it an "exceptional experience" for Kiwis and visitors.

Long may these affirmative actions continue. Until November at least. When the 'focus' hopefully will be changed giving them 'significant opportunities' in a real job market making for them an 'exceptional experience'.

Might I expect to see a similar non-race based position set up? I thought not?

As if enough taxpayer and ratepayer money hasn't been wasted on this private professional sports event.

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Lindsay said...

With National stacking its list to be culturally 'representative' it will be business as usual.