Saturday, August 23, 2008

Green email

Like others that have sent their well worded missives, I too have composed and sent an email to the Greens at ets@greens.org.nz


The Green Party has always appeared to be a party of clearly stated principles to which you strongly adhere. Whilst I do not and never would consider myself aligned to your party, I have noted the odium you attract by virtue of association in this Parliament with Labour, often being treated with disdain and long being used as Labour's 'handbag'.

Having been seriously compromised right from the get go to bolster numbers in a 'control at any cost' minority government, your call for public input at this stage is crying wolf at best. Where was your cry for further extensive public input when the highly modified select committee changes to the ETS appeared? Such a call at this late stage looks suspect to say the least and as some suggest, avoidance behaviour.

If you have not changed principles on the matter, you must take a stand.

Do you go with what you already know? That the changes need further extensive public consultation and that they do not go far enough to meet your stated principles? But you could live with that to remain in government. Or do you run with the status-quo, getting some low quality watered down principles in place before the election, in the vain hope that they might be strengthened later post-election.

I strongly believe your only option is to stand or fall on your principles and not support the ETS in it's current form.

Only then will the Greens reaffirm their place in my view as a party of principle.


pm of nz

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