Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Greens devoid of principle

In a not unexpected move, the Greens have reneged on their principles, favouring a last ditch stand for power broking.
The party remains concerned the scheme simply doesn't do enough to reduce emissions.

Not prepared to make a principled stand, the greens went public in the last few days to 'ascertain' comment via email to look like they were consulting. A sham given that the decision had apparently already been made.
On balance, and given the very significant changes that we have achieved, we have decided that it is better to make a start than to do nothing

But prepared to run with a half-arsed piece of legislation that has very questionable science underneath and is likely to be watered down so that like the EFA, it is ineffective. I still firmly remain unconvinced about climate change being of our making. Even less that we need to pay more taxes in drag.

What 'very significant changes'? An insulation programme for the voters most likely to vote for your desperate power-broking buddy? Certainly not likely to affect 'rich prick' voters who probably reside in well insulated homes. More redistribution tax in drag like WFF.

I hope voters see through the flaky skin of your not-so-green watermelon, exposing the red core and you enjoy your last three months.

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