Sunday, August 03, 2008

Union stirrer looking for traction

Self confessed union agitator McCarten gets on his high horse when time is called on his employee interfering with the running of a another business. While it may be legal to unionise under certain conditions, the employer at the other business rightly saw it in a different light.

The dead-cat bounce unions have enjoyed of late as Liarbour sprays election bribes all round are about to end. Once a new government is in, those companies that have not shut up shop, broken the incumbent union and gone overseas will soon gather that actions such as the agitator uses will not be tolerated.

This country is in a recession and belt-tightening is required by all. If an employee refuses to do the contracted job, the employer needs to be able to replace that employee. End of story. The alternative is the business ceases operations and then everyone loses.

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