Thursday, August 21, 2008

Warmaloonies taking hold

Ten percent of Kiwis have joined the noo religion and think were doomed, shortly to disappear up our own fundamental.

In Oz, even worse, 20 percent are the newly converted.
was a thin line between people thinking it was too late and not taking action. As a result of doom messages, they might think, "Why bother?"

"There is the alarming prospect of losing these people, which is something we need to be concerned about."

Yes, the warmaloonies should be concerned. As some real science gets out there from behind the Gorebull, the converted are seeing the light. It's all spin for a chance to make money.
there was emotional intensity around environmental issues and many lies had been told over the years.

Tree huggers, the lot of them, but the loonies are not giving up.
Claims by climate change sceptics needed more scrutiny. There was a need to be "brutally blunt" about the naysayers whose claims were not peer-adjudicated

Yes, it is so bad, the opening line the other day of a god-botherer hawking his religion mid-morning on my doorstep, was a comment about the changeable weather being down to the impending doom of climate change. Great opener, but IMHO, the poor deluded chap is buggered on two fronts. Religion and climate change.

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