Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Winston clairvoyant?

After yesterday's despicable performance in our Parliament where serious allegations of corruption were made and cut off mid-stream by the Speaker, Rodney described the matter as an 'absolute disgrace' upon his ejection.
that a businessmen had told The Dominion Post newspaper he was one of several people Simunovich boss Peter Simunovich had given cheques of $9999 in 2002 to pass on to NZ First in return for Mr Peters stopping allegations of wrongdoing by Simunovich Fisheries and he had said that "sure enough within a couple of weeks Winston Peters did shut up

Winston offered the usual excuses.
What he is saying is baseless and the subject of a serious defamation case.

Also, he said
If there was a subsequent series of cheques, paid some substantial time later, despite the fact that there was an inquiry in this house that concerned a business and, here's the relevant point, those cheques were never cashed.

Very interesting. So he admits there were cheques floating around of those amounts for purposes undefined.

Apparently the matters alleged are not sub-judice. Rodney is confident current cases are not around these new allegations around stinking rotten scampi. All for $130M of quota as I read somewhere else.

Money does talk and Winston obviously has clairvoyant powers to see that shortly there will be a court case on these matters, with an unexpected single defendant.

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