Sunday, August 31, 2008

What scent drives men wild?

When you strip everything else away, perfume is liquid joy, and who doesn’t want a little bit of that?

Perfume is an exquisitely expensive product for special occasions. Some wearers have a gentle hint of fragrance, others smell like a mobile Boots. Women think they need to 'impersonate a flowerbed'. Sometimes they do pick the right combination from over six thousand, mostly they might as well be using scented flyspray.
Perfume can seduce, repel, comfort, nourish or even give you a “mental hard-on”

A couple of noses, purported to be the Brangelina of the industry, have written a book on the 'chemical poem'.
like all other arts, perfume should engage our attention to a satisfying end, first creating an expectation and then satisfying it in a way different and better than you’d hoped
Yes, 'perfume is an art'.
once explained ... regarding the peculiar, temperature-independent scanty dress of many young women at night, what a woman on the prowl requires is something that men will register after six beers

And the right number for the ladies to catch a man?

Your best pickled porker works. Ladies, smelling of bacon is the answer.

1 comment:

Murray said...

BBQ sauce, beer and roasting meat.

Thats what they should smell like if its man they're after.

Otherwise they're just finshing for another perfumed ponce snag.