Saturday, August 30, 2008

Knock shop open

If you're passing through Dannevegas, at a loose end of an evening, the newest attraction has opened it's doors.

Maybe not for family entertainment though.

While you will not now see a middle aged woman outside doing knitting, she may be lurking somewhere close with a row counter clicker.
It's religious ideology poking it's head up again.

The local padre had some ill chosen words on the opening or maybe he was trying for a laugh. Mind you, he also said that Jesus wasn't so hard on the local girls of his time.
he would be surprised if the business lasted six months. "I just can't see it being patronised ... I didn't see anybody queuing.

"When things do go belly up, as it were ... I hope that we're there for the people that have experienced any hurt in the process."

In a final effort, he noted there may be future business for him.

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