Thursday, August 07, 2008

Despicable politicians

As the blame game changes by the hour, some blogs are considering that her indoors may well pull the pin early to prevent embarassing revelations through a Priveleges Committee investigation running its full course.

Apparently, the investigation cannot be carried forward to the next parliamentary session.

Keeping Stock, Kiwiblog and WOBH all have the same line of thought.

What I find disgusting, but totally in line with the corrupt ethics our in daily use by our politicians, is the fact that the dissolution of this Parliament will negate the need for such an enquiry.

Politicians writing rules favouring themselves and placing themselves above scrutiny. The rules should be changed that any such investigation once called for runs its' full course, irrespective of whether the Parliament is in session. Without such a rule change, the same indulgent parties will repeat their actions.

I expect nothing less for those in the gutter, but stil utterly despicable.

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