Thursday, August 21, 2008

List of Actoids

Rodney - Heather - Roger
Rodney - Roger - Heather
Heather - Roger - Rodney
Heather - Rodney - Roger
Roger - Rodney - Heather
Roger - Heather - Rodney

See? There were only six combinations for the List. Nobody else rates in their world.

Not much news today. But there has been heaps of piffle, like this post, written over the Actoid List. All the other nobodies (apologies to fellow blogger Lindsay) below these 3 will remain such in their less than 5% world.

As if there was ever any choice bar the first line.


Blair said...

ACT has outperformed the predictions of the commentariat consistently ever since 1996. Have faith, my friend.

PM of NZ said...


Nats don't require faith - it's a sure bet!