Saturday, August 02, 2008

Thanks Tumeke!

A very big thanks to Tumeke for the latest ratings.

I took a nose dive in May or so, got a bit slack in posting and slid from #86 out the back door. Now back on the chart for June at #71.

It is a lot of work and as someone said not so long ago, must keep the blog 'oxygenated'. Seems to have reached a critical mass at around 4,500 hits, just under a year's fun, took off and now nearly at 7K hits two months later. Thanks to all my lurkers, readers and commenters.

And yes, your ratings are watched. It is an interesting exercise a year in. After all the work that goes into writing posts, it is sometimes disheartening to see no comments. Most blogs outside of the top 5 get few comments. It seems to be the same people from other blogs all the time. Sometimes topical items can up the traffic, but people usually end up commenting elsewhere. Maybe the content needs changing?

The top 5 or so get all the trolls and are welcome to them. That is why I cannot be bothered trundling over there to partake. Dialup is slow enough as it is and I stick to my own view of the world. A very jaundiced view that it may be, but you seem to lapping it up.

Thanks Tim.

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