Monday, August 11, 2008

An unrelenting focus on work

• Paid work is the route to independence and
well-being for most people.
• Paid work is the best way to reduce child
• The welfare system should be focused on
helping people get back to work as soon as
• The state does harm to people, and writes off
their potential, by allowing them to stay on a
benefit for a long period of time.

Welfare only exists to cover those who cannot work. 15-64 year olds period. At last a shift in focus back to real employment.

• Focus on what people can do, not what they
can’t do.
• Challenge people, not treat them as passive
recipients of benefits.
• Provide support, training, and opportunities for
people to return to the workforce.

Positive reinforcement and assistance.

Not there to provide Personal Development, but totally focussed on the core aim. Return to the workforce. So it is called an 'Employment Plan', not some piece of waffly creativity.

Beneficiary categories will be retained, reflecting true makeup of who is bludging on welfare, not using the much touted single 'income support' benefit that has been coming for years.
Work is the best way out of poverty.

Our principle
is that those who can work will be obliged to
actively look for work.
GP's dining off the medical certificate business are on notice. Your pool of clients will be on a strict diet.

Those who are in need such as carers, widows and those who have worked such as those on Super will not have a required to work component. The aim is to hit the younger set who see welfare as a right.

At last, if you want welfare, you will work for it. And you will have it for the shortest possible time.

Now, wait for the naysayers. Let's see, unions, loony Sue, Liarbour, Families Commission, HR losers. I expect them all to be propping up the sky with their reasons.


KG said...

QWork is the answer--always was, always will be.
Being a worker forced by the State to support those who won't work is slavery, no less.

KG said...

Please ignore the 'Q'--not enough coffee.