Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Winston centre-stage and loving it

In the position he loves, Winston is centre-stage garnering all the publicity he needs to make 5% as he supposedly makes his mind up over the ETS.

As Homepaddock reports via WhaleOil, he too, like the tree-huggers, might have to renege on principles.

a) His caucus members have developed spines and will make up their own minds.

b) His caucus members have developed consciences, realise that they can no longer be associated with their leader’s actions and he can’t rely on their votes.

c) His caucus members recall their election promise that the party would only proceed with implementation policies for the Kyoto Protocol to ensure they are in harmony with those of our major trading partners, and once a coherent plan has been formulated to allow the appropriate targets to be reached.

c) He’s made the decision but is playing for time to get more attention.

d) He’s lying.

We'd expect nothing less from the man of honesty and principle. As for politicians with spines and conscience, I think not. Like journos and bloggers, they feed off each other.

Politicians, don't you just love them?

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macdoctor said...

Politicians, don't you just love them?

Oooo, yes!

But I could never eat a whole one...