Sunday, August 10, 2008

People want dignity from their politicians

Dignity from politicians in NZ.

Now that would be nice. New kid on the block, Simon Bridges is offering dignity, not playing the personality game.

The numbers game could be all over for Winston First. While he is the centre of the media universe of late, acquiring all that free publicity, his failure to come clean on perceived dodgy funding methods is costing him dearly.

More significantly, the party vote apppears terminal. The wisteria rinse brigade is so over the poodle.
without Tauranga or 5% of the party vote the race could be well over

After all the financial house fallouts of late with the associated wheeling and dealing of sharks in that industry, the older generation who typically may have been financially secure, are now seriously exposed. The last thing they trust is some politician who continues not answering financial questions.

A healthy dose of dignity in matters political is something we could all do with.

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