Sunday, August 24, 2008

Power broking and double standards

Flogging around the traps this morning, I note that the conversion of Shawn Tan from an EPMU organiser, presumably in the Liarbour fold, to an Act candidate has raised all sorts of issues.

From the echobox on all matters left, Irish Bill suggests the issue is 'one out of the box'. (And no I refuse to link to that site to give them extra traffic). I think not. Precedents have been set.
Don Pryde ...

... and has the full backing of his union.

as did Clare Curran.

MonkeyBoy picks that the EPMU has stuffed up with double standards in play.
Right to be treated fairly and with dignity

It is illegal to discriminate against an employee on the grounds of political opinion

Admirable tenets, proudly displayed on the union website. Nice to see Tan is being treated with such dignity, having to fight for his job 'without' any discrimination.

Yes, indeed. Power broking is the name of the game, not fighting that for which the union exists.

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