Sunday, August 03, 2008

Winnie about to be fired?

The end of the road for the hyprocritical marriage is nigh?
Peters knows once he and his party vote for the money bill he loses his hold over Labour, he becomes expendable and Clark can fire him.

Under huge pressure over his party's murky finances, Peters is coming up with every excuse he can think of to further delay the bill.

A turkey does not vote for an early Christmas.

The turkey shoot is possibly this week. Her indoors will lance the boil, excising Winston First ASAP.
While Peters may scrape back into Parliament, I cannot imagine any government, Labour or National, would want to deal with him again.

It would be nice if the players actually stated that. But I know that will never happen, they are all looking at their own play, hoping to stay at the front in their corrupt game.

Hat Tip Keeping Stock

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