Thursday, August 28, 2008

An orchestrated web of deceit and deception

The saga continues.

Therese Arseneau on Close Up stated the case with slightly different twist.

She says the good parliamentary manual states

1. Ministers must act lawfully
2. Ministers must uphold the highest ethical standards
3. It is the Prime Minister's duty to see that 1 and 2 are upheld

Winston has failed on both, her indoors on the last two. I would not be surprised all three.

Rodney asked in Parliament today about the web of deceit and deception that should have been exposed early in the piece. He was shot down, but asked why the standards had not been upheld, as every decent New Zealander might expect.

Therese suggests that her indoors has failed in her duty to uphold the highest standard by sitting on the information for seven months.

The question again is why did she act as she did and what hold does Winston have over her?

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