Friday, August 22, 2008

Greenwash will prevail

The time for public consultation has long gone. Greens made their choices when they decided to support her indoors and the ETS.

If they wish to gain kudos (and votes?), the only choice to make next week is to vote against Liarbour, stopping this headlong rush into more ludicrous leglislation. The ETS in it's current highly modified form needs to be ditched and alternatives properly publicly talked through. As witnessed with the EFA, partisan leglislation does not work.
It is a dilemma, it is a hard decision and certainly the outcome is not decided

A greenwash dilemma of your own making. Swimming with sharks and all that.

Time to put a stake in the ground, tree huggers and stand up for what you know is right.

Although I suspect you will still be swimming with the same sharks in the same cesspit come Wednesday. The lure of the sewer outfall trough will be too much to resist.

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