Sunday, September 30, 2012

Limited appeal

Project Act and Libertarian have been failures

The Libz are looking to reinvent themselves, falling over themselves to fill the ACT void.

legalisation of all drugs
kind of scary to a lot of people
Libertarianz party is ready to tone down its image

Whilst some of their ideas have merit,most are far too out there for the average voting punter looking for what's in it for me.  

1600 votes at the last election

Worldwide libertarian parties have similar pie in the sky theoretical ideals of an unfettered free market but always fail miserably at the ballot box.  I'd say "doesn't that tell you something about your policies? ".  

These guys never learn.

There is a need, no a mandatory requirement, for a principled party vehicle to encompass some right leaning ideas.  National was the only one on offer, but has proven to be so unprincipled with its continued trading with the natives, family destructive legislation and selling the country to the highest bidder for votes whilst in truth being a not so light pink shade of Labour.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Unintended consequences: Benefits to be slashed?

1400 New Zealanders this week attempted to live below the extreme-poverty line and make do with only $2.25 worth of food and drink for each of five days
The tossers over at Labour who joined up to this cause probably have shot themselves in foot after proving this week that bennies only need $15 or so a week for food to survive. And that's probably being generous.

Now if only they could outlaw breeding, vehicle ownership, purchasing of booze, fags, drugs, plasma flat screens and smartphones as being necessary human rights for said bludgers, I'd wager that the cost of welfare could be slashed forthwith.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sir Bob flushes king down the river

the comical Ngaruawahia ex-truck driver who can't speak Maori and struggles with English but calls himself King of Maoridom despite his realm ending at his letterbox has declared Maori own the rain. That's excellent news. I assume His Majesty will accept liability for inflicting millions of dollars of flood damage annually through Maori rain supply mismanagement. He can ponder that when sitting on the only throne he'll ever occupy, namely in his lavatory.

Couldn't have described these stone-age charlatans and hucksters better.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Time for a Tui: "It will be spectacular!"

Half pie watching, this gem from the beltway reporter nearly wetting herself with yet another breathless live cross topping Te News;

It will be spectacular!

Simultaneous fireworks in Auckland and Wellington...

To be sure, to be sure. The only thing spectacular will be the cost of such extravagances to poor put upon ratepayers and taxpayers. All for a bloody piece of metal. Get over it.

If the overpaid pricks in the Olympic Committee who couldn't organise the proverbial to get said athelete to the starting line were paying, now that would be spectacular.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Where can I send my invoice?

Maori had always owned the water

Something I heartily disagree with, but bear with me if you will.

If I generate power on my property, sending any excess back into the national grid, I might get a credit on my next power bill.

In a similar manner, since the all the rain that has fallen in the past month or so has run straight off my totally waterlogged and saturated ten acres, eventually into the proven sewer that is the Manawatu River. Might I suggest, complete with added value from the 'nutrients' my dozen or so cattle have deposited on said lifestyle block.

A side note, the local regional council allows me to do this under their super expensive 'One Plan' (coming soon to all other councils I might add) detailing all facets that makeup the new religion of eco-madness like climate change effects and sustainability. They charge the crap out of me and other farmers via rate taxes for such discharges into the upper reaches of their sewer of ill repute.

Now in a guesstimate, a metre or so of water over ten acres, complete with all added extras, even with hail and snow of the past few days, must have yards of value in this free market world. After all, the natives in residence seen extremely keen to tap this this mother-lode of potential revenue streams.

I must be due some credit for my water I've supplied to flush their sewer, so which one of these plonkers gets the invoice?

Two can play the game. Be careful what you wish for!

Sunday, September 09, 2012

New Labour ploy to buy votes

Labour would roll out free food to 650 of the lowest decile primary and intermediate schools in the country

Bit of a different ploy from the previous up front bulk purchases of KFC on election day in certain areas.

Essentially the same as KFC buzzard but in different clothes, only available in areas where the dole bludgers will thank Labour pollies with their vote.

And the unwashed masses will be ever so thankful for the pollies freeing more for booze, fags and dope.

If the taxpayer is to force feed your kids with $20 million of my money, I'd expect a massive reduction in your taxpayer funded wedge.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

[Updated] Unable to create new posts for your reading pleasure

Blogger has removed the ability to create new posts for you to peruse. The New Post button on the toolbar that used to inhabit the top of the blog disappeared without warning at least two weeks ago and no amount of foot stamping has resulted in a satisfactory answer to this issue.

Some nutters swimming in the ratepayer's trough from the deep south might say my being unable to post is good, but unfortunately for them,
I've arrived on a page via roundabout means where I might be able to create a post. This is that test.

Cheers to all for helpful hints. LM - have altered the raw html for the template and used an asterisk like your NZ Conservative.

It is an ongoing intermittent issue, differing browsers are affected at different times. Found some discussion here.