Monday, September 25, 2023

Unimpressive offerings

Electoral punters continue to show their disgust at what's on offer.  Another poll today shows that the desire for change is falling.

Main player for a change of government, the ever insipid Luxon, is still not willing to move off the centre fence.  Seymour appears to be on target as he is attracting flak from rabid lefties who are trying to portray him as racist.  Unfortunately both are ever ready to flip-flop like will-of-the-wisps to suit the occasion.

The outcome shows in the polls, with the great charlatan now showing as being a third player.  Beware, as noted elsewhere his past deeds confirm that he is never to be trusted.

The dross of the small sub 5% parties remain a place to waste your vote.  Fortunately that at present includes the thoroughly racist offering.

And the MSM with 30 pieces of silver still warm in their purses suggest maybe better the devil you know as does the current poll.  They want a coalition of chaos of Greens and Labour to continue the economy wrecking trajectory.

God help New Zealand.

Sunday, September 24, 2023

NZ Loyal candidate trying for another trough

The NZ Loyal offering for Northland comes with a past history.

One Michael Feyen.   Managed to become the Mayor of Horowhenua a decade or so ago.  If I remember correctly it was a very contentious term.

Now tilting at another trough via Liz Gunn''s party.

Monday, September 18, 2023

The scab is lifted.

ACT finally lifted the scab yesterday exposing for all to see the festering sore of apartheid, racist ridden co-governance just below surface.

One that Mr Batchelor with which has been vilified for weeks.  The one that Luxon and co keep ignoring at their peril. 

ACT has just confirmed my vote for this election.

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Time, Birthing People!

Addressing historical pay inequities for our midwives is a key priority for this government, and I am extremely pleased this proposed settlement has been agreed with the unions

This is your Captain speaking.  "Final offers are on the table".

The birthing peoples get their Last Call before the next government is birthed.

Meanwhile the Association of Quacks and Witch-doctors remain ever hopeful this over-done government will spray the loot before passing.

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Great news!

result suggests a clear defeat for Prime

Yesterday's Curia local poll result is sweet music to my ears.  The Labour MP appears to be a goner. Like most Labour MPs she has proven to be an ineffective leech upon productive taxpayers.  Just like that woman who disappeared for greener pastures without notice earlier this year, birthing is the only notable claim to fame during her tenure.  Was only ever seen on maraes where her adoring fan base paid homage.

The same poll shows that NZ First's "Tugger" Jones has blown his chances as is the offering for the party of racists.

Unfortunately it appears that most voters have turned toward the insipid Luxon of Labour-Lite, not ACT.  Still combined if the poll is to be believed, such a result will keep any minor parties from splitting the vote that could possibly allow the likes of Prime another slurp in the trough of Maori wonderfulness.

Great news!

Friday, September 08, 2023

Labour continues bold, in your face lies

With 300 more cops we would increase the frontline by 2100 officers since we came into office

This was proven to be an outright lie a few short weeks ago.  The 1800 supposedly previously stated as being added didn't even cover the attrition to date.  Nearly 300 were for back office bureaucrats.

But hey, Hipkins continues the lie to all for votes.  

And Joe Public knows this as ram raids, shootings via gangs running the shop continue.

Thursday, September 07, 2023

National - yet more WTF???

National leader Christopher Luxon is promising to spend $257 million to build 10,000 EV chargers

Really?  Labour-Lite proves it is fully wedded to the climate change scam along with EV's.

It is willing to waste yet more taxpayer coin providing an over priced network of un-needed chargers.  Let the users of such vehicles pay for the distribution network.

Imagine the outcry if the providers of ICE fuels such as petrol and diesel expected the taxpayer to stump up taxpayer hard-earnt coin for a new distribution chain of service stations.

And yet more WTF? for Labour-Lite.

the launch of Te Ohu Whakawhanaunga Tāmaki Makaurau, a new civil society alliance, each leader was asked to commit to regular meetings with this alliance and to build at least 1000 new state houses in Auckland each year

In other news, the soon to be unemployed pollies and their associated hangers-on have created a new source of funding to wallow in post-election.  The trough has been named with a non- English name so it remains hidden from scrutiny and was no doubt fully funded on the the taxpayer dime.

Only trouble is that yesterday this fledgling operation successfully cornered Labour-Lite yesterday into pledging support pre-election.  Try backing out of that down-track Mr Luxon.  I think not!

Again, the Nats prove they are not ready to govern with their unprincipled teal shades.  Just offering a change of hoarding colours with the same policies as those on the red team.

Sunday, September 03, 2023

Luxon confirms ticking Nats are wasted votes

Today the prime fence sitter delivers a Winston styled 'pledge card' for consumption by the sheeple in the vain hope of garnering votes.

Nothing in those pledges about fully and completely excising the divisive cancer of tribal co-governance via 3/5/10 waters.  Sure he's tested the waters with some earlier utterances about repealing the legislation.  That will be watered down as those that voted it in under the cover of urgency scream blue murder as their trough is drained.  All whilst the over-arching statement of intent remains.

And the yet to be felt RMA reforms remain whilst remaining firmly wedded to the scam that is climate change.

Legal types will be rubbing their hands in glee for many a decade.

Just eight wishy-washy platitudes most would be troughers use whilst chasing your vote. 

No, Labour-Lites latest offering will not sway this household as New Zealand remains a haven for mostly ex-POM imported jobsworths and the non-productive leeching off those who actually contribute.