Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The non-productive burden that farmers carry...

  • the Regional Council, staff and councillors
  • projects like Clean Streams
  • other land sustainability initiatives
  • farmer/land care groups/councillors
  • Russel Norman visited
  • Our council spent a day on and around the lagoon recently
  • farmers come in to present their case/pleas to us
  • a sheep farmer with very strong views about the dairying
  • a woman who farms in the catchment
  • meetings with Nick Smith
  • iwi
  • Fish and Game
  • a LandCare group
  • DairyNZ reps
  • Fonterra
  • person to person talks with Metiria and Russel as well as Jeanette and the two Southern Green candidates
  • a long, intense and fruitful talk with Natty Eric Roy
  • Leslie Soper, Labour candidate

From a comment on a post I saw the other day listing the mostly non-productive 'assisting' the legitimate business of farming near some shithole swamp in Southland. Apparently been often used as a sewer over the past 150 years, now some vociferous locals want it cleaned. But I'm sure that is not a definitive list of the non-productive.

Is it any wonder farmers often bitch about interference in their businesses?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Liarbour unleashing army of unamed letter writing zombies?

A Wellington woman has written a letter to Prime Minister John Key spelling out the human cost of public service job cuts

the woman, who does not want to be named

She admits she did not vote National

A letter writer who wishes to remain anon? One who is 'compelled' to write a supposedly private letter to the obviously uncaring Smile and Wave expressing her concerns. Then rings a newspaper to tell the world? And her confidante to ensure MSM traction is a homosexual Liarbour MP?

One wonders if there is an army of such letter writing zombies.

IMHO, nothing but an election stunt by a Liarbour stooge.

Monday, August 29, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Priorities...

  • $28K plus to keep fed and watered for a couple of months
  • A veritable army of doctors on call 24x7
  • Access to the finest fare and drugs as required
  • World media watching every dump
  • Free overseas trip with entourage courtesy of taxpayer
  • Diplomatic immunity - no passport required
  • Breathless reporting on Te News tonight

Yes, we
here in New Zealand have our priorities firmly on track.

Now only if our children had the same attention each with $180K pa.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Custer's last stand MkII coming right up...

Coming to your place live on Nov 26th.

Did we expect otherwise?

A recent Supreme Court ruling is threatening to blow out the Treaty of Waitangi settlement deadline

once a settlement is negotiated between the Crown and an iwi, all claims related to that iwi are extinguished, regardless of whether smaller claimants approve

But the court's ruling allowed for claims to be pursued by smaller groups in some instances

Finlayson said 2014 was a goal rather than a strict deadline

Not a deadline now? The gravy train continues unabated under Key, the enabler of racist separatists as Ms Duplicitous shifts the goal posts. Redefining 'full and final' yet again whilst the taxpayer is being screwed over with endless Maorification.

Friday, August 26, 2011

NZ in thrall of socialists

Key told United States diplomats all New Zealanders have a "socialist streak"

Words well proven by his deeds these past three years. To the detriment of all New Zealanders.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Liarbour MP takes the hit for the party

Seen to be passionately and publicly 'not on message' in recent days, the MP for Dunners South has backed down, issuing a half-arsed apology. The Party sheeple will believe it as such, if you believe it to be anything other than a publicity stunt from a spin doctor.

Typical expected result from a politician. Those higher up the food chain enforce such matters, surprised it took so long. Roarprawn sums up the sentiment on show to the wider public.
Your party offers nothing - the people know that and that is why Labour is facing the distinct possibility of coming close to being overtaken by the Greens who at least stand for something.

Labour is not a party of the centre left, its not the party for unionists, Its not a party for the environment, its not a party for economic growth - its just a collection of political has beens who supported policies that took our country to the brink of ruin.

It is a pity more MPs do not show their feral side, their real unsanitised conscience routinely as this member has done, garnering much, some good, some bad, but focussed publicity. Maybe a PR stunt, but it worked. The stale, clinical party messages are not working, more came out about the party in the first two posts than had been exposed in the last decade. That is, till the posts were disinfected back to 'the message'.

While I would never vote for those on the left, a word to all pollies of any shade.

Say what you really mean and stick to it.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Soft touch NZ about to be a dumping ground. Again.

refugees New Zealand accepted would have to be "UN certified"

Not content with the greatest living New Zealander putting a down payment on her next job back in 2001, soft touch New Zealand is again putting its hand up for more illegal aliens. To be the dumping ground of choice in the South Seas.

Sometime I do wonder if there is anyone employed in the higher echelons of border security.

I say export all illegals directly back to source. Without fear or favour.

Nanny National considers yet more legislation to save the irresponsible unwashed from themselves

National MP is considering writing a private member's bill to force sunbed operators to comply

backbencher Simon Bridges said yesterday he was researching the industry and considering drafting legislation

You wouldn't believe it if you didn't know it is true.

Nanny National considers yet more legislation to save those who failed Personal Responsibility 101.

FFS, National, find something constructive to do like removing the RMA. Or banning unions funding political parties. Or opening Parliamentary services up to the OIA.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A patsy has been found

It's been almost 3 years since the rout of the socialists*. Since then Liarbour has been haemorrhaging support left and right. Literally. The polls have tanked. Infighting has erupted, awash with denial and counterclaim.

All because no one was game to replace goody two shoes Fill-n-Phil the Caretaker. No-one wanted 'Lost Election 2011' on their CV.

Seems now that a patsy has been located. One that has nothing to lose having already been caught 'hands on' for ... how shall I put it ... certain 'indulgences'. A brawler from way back by all counts.

Definitely nothing to lose, one who would be certainly sent to the knackers yard with failure come late November. But if perchance this rank outsider does surmount the barrier, the patsy will be feted. Indeed, I'd wager, nothing short of a messianic epic.

Dear Readers, The word is Liarbour's newest great hope, their Minister of Porn, is about to jump a place or two in the race to become the next Dear Leader.

* Well, almost. Unfortunately National stepped left into their lukewarm shoes.

National: So far left of centre...

the criticism from the left posted on Red Alert appears to be a longing for Labour to be more like National without being, you know, more like National

Liarbour supporters wholeheartedly wish to emulate National, but not in name. Sounds just like the reverse of the aptly named RINOs in the USA being try-hard lefties.

Long may the infighting and white-anting continue at Red Lerts. Their true stance has surfaced in recent days as none are game to stick the knife into their leader pre-election. None want to be tarred as having lost an election.

Then there is National, a Clayton's Labour when you're not having a leftie government, so far left of centre that even lefties strive to occupy that space.

Balanced Right wing blogging...

Your Leftie: A Care Guide
Commiserations! Your new Leftie is now ready for operation.

Below are the care instructions for your Leftie. Please read them before using your Leftie for the first time. Provided you follow these instructions you can look forward to many years of uninterrupted

Three-Year Warranty

Your Leftie comes with a three-year warranty. In the event you are dissatisfied with your Leftie for any reason during that period, please remember that you were dim witted enough to vote it in.

Care and Maintenance

Please follow the care instructions below in order to enjoy a long and frequently disappointing relationship with your Leftie.

Cleaning instructions: Your Leftie can be cleaned using a very wet cloth. But be careful about using solvents or strong spirits. When strong spirits or alcohol-based products are applied to your Leftie your Leftie may begin to become lecherous or lusty or emit noises difficult to silence. An alcohol-affected Leftie may emit unintelligible opinions, and should be ignored.

Handling: Your Leftie is fragile and will suffer if allowed out of its hermetically sealed box. It does not know life outside of the confines of a union or academia and most certainly should not be left around other people’s money. (OPM™)

Avoid strong light: Be careful about exposing your Leftie to direct sunlight. If exposed, Lefties could emit high pitch cries for ill deserved entitlement and dazzling hypocrisy.

Servicing: Your Leftie need to be regularly serviced. Thankfully Lefties are universally equipped to utilise both recharging sockets to ensure maximum performance.




Troubleshooting guide

My Leftie will not work: Check to see whether your Leftie has been switched to the hypocrisy setting . This setting will be indicated by even minuscule exposure to unions and benefit entitlement. Despite having never in its life done a hard day's labour, your leftie may while switched to hypocrisy opining loudly about the greed of the working and upper classes. If this occurs immerse your Leftie in champagne until the crying stops.

My Leftie is making a whining noise: All lefties at one point or another will release whining noises depending on the mood of the day. Often this can be stopped with vigorous amounts of other people’s money (OPM) ™

My Leftie is turning into a Tory: Your Leftie will usually after a number of years automatically switch into Tory mode, often after leaving academic or union based environs and becoming self reliant.

My Leftie is trying to rig an election: This is standard operating procedure. Similar models such as “Chavez”, “Mugabe” and “Jong Il” already use this OS.

Flogged in full from the esteemed Mr Heine without apology.

Meanwhile being the balanced blogger that I am, should you wish to see a slightly different perspective, "How to care for your Tory" is available via Google.

Monday, August 22, 2011

More woe: Peak gas is upon us

Now it's really plummeting

Galaxies are running out of gas

The new black to surpass Global Warming moon-battery?

What's required is a new Al so we can throw heaps of taxpayer wedge to pay for another healthy dose of GoreBull, easing our collective consciences, to pay for mankind's evil sins against galaxies. And no doubt, some nutter will say it is our fault.

We're stuffed if the feral tree-huggers get hold of this!

" * Comments have been closed..."

With 55 per cent of school children in the northern region of the North Island of Maori, Pacific Island or Asian descent...

Says it all as the head racist classifies NZ children by ethnicity.
there is an unquantified minority with hateful views. It's a minority with a very big voice

White mofos have had a gutsful and are giving it back in spades. Maorification (I love that word) continues apace, yet some online say what needs saying.

Can't stand the heat Mr de Bres? Is it any wonder you do not want to hear comments?
Thankfully your time is soon up. Your enabler, Mr Key will hear real commentary from the electorate come late November for his part in assisting racist separatists to the table.

JAFA ratepayers about to be stiffed by Lyen Len again

$23 million cost so they say. I'll believe that when I see the clip-on in use and the true build cost revealed.

But anyway, $2 toll per crossing will require 1575 push bikers every single day of the year for 20 years. Without allowing any cost for Len's bureaucracy to collect the toll. Or bad weather days.

I doubt if these plonkers have ever been stopped on one of the current clip-ons in gusty inclement weather as does happen on the very exposed bridge and noticed how much movement there is in the road deck. I have. In years past, for a number of hours, as a high sided furniture truck did a dead ants act ahead of me, nearly launching itself over the railing. What amazed me was the road deck vertical and lateral movement with each gust of wind. And you're going to clip more exposed load onto those already weakened structures?

As usual with such pie in the sky vote catchers, seen to be doing something, anything, something stinks with the accounting being used to market this project. A diversion from Lyen Len's real aim, a rail loop to nowhere from nowhere.

I'm about to get stiffed by Lyen Len for more unnecessary, unwanted taxes.

Friday, August 19, 2011

National confirms it is without principle

Politicians continuing to prove bottom line principles are tradeable.

Details here.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

NZRU backing winners

  • Adidas: FAIL

  • Telecom: FAIL

  • All Blacks: ???

Rates increase in Tararua [update 1]

40% Rates increase Tararua Council

An almost 40% increase
in local council annual theft by property tax.

or a rural 10 acre block (not quite) with no sewerage, no footpaths, no waste collection, no water supply, no street lighting and a one lane sealed road that is lucky to see the school bus twice a day along with a milk tanker and a dozen car transits.

I didn't think inflation was that bad. Unbelievable!

[Update 1]

Have sent shittagram to Mayor via email this arvo using very reserved language. He passed it on to head revenue sherang who advises increase is indeed correct. Tough titty she says, you missed submissions. Send the Mayor and Councils a formal letter expressing dissatisfaction is her answer.

WTF? In this modern age is my email not good enough to express my disgust at this hideous impost?

Seems there was a petition around the time the now not so draft annual plan was being kicked around. Must have missed the meetings, never see any notices for things like that round these rural parts. No newspapers, any thing other than bills ends up as a fire-starter. MW Standard ran an article here back in May I've just found.

Some people think they will pay a 4.9 per cent increase, some 6 per cent, in actual fact they will pay 20 to 50 per cent.

The annual plan is either deliberately misleading and misinforming the community or unintentionally misleading and misinforming the community.

The council is supposed to be open and transparent

For DJ in comments, looks like the petition organiser DG has had his day back in May. Now the bills have hit home, I think this is going to hit the proverbial and not go away.

Hair splitting by any other name

5 Months ago:
"highly intrusive"

Yesterday or so:
payment cards to about 2600 young beneficiaries to ensure their benefits are spent on essentials

Via Liarbour:
the unemployment figure for 15-24-year-olds as a record 58,000

Early today:
there was little interest in extending the payment card

A few minutes ago:
would be pre-preemptive to rule anything out

Cause for extreme hair splitting by the desperates as they try to finger Bennett whilst inflating figures to cover a larger but unintended swathe of bennies. Lefties continue to clutch at straws and fling mud everywhere hoping some might stick.

They ignore the fact that these yoof have to learn that if you want my taxes to pay for your unaffordable lifestyles, there are stringent conditions. Conditions which unfortunately were not enforced as they glided through their taxpayer funded education in the first 15 or so years, in most cases with less than mediocre outcomes. NCEA 1 in Hip Hop or Native Dancing does not set you on the right path with necessary life skills.

Coming your way: A shocker

can expect a shock for their next power bill after chewing through record amounts of electricity in the latest cold snap

At least here I can say the next power bill will not bring any shocks.

With zero electric heating used over the past week or so, we've done our bit and more for global warming carbonising truckloads of macrocarpa. Long may it continue at a toasty 20 degrees plus inside.

Do you regret burning your $20 notes powered by dirty evil coal fired power stations?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

For the Mere Male in your life

Made from Australian Red Kangaroo Testis. This large, powerful animal is the most magnificent of all the Kangaroos. It can leap up to 3.6m into the air and has a top speed of 65 km/hour. It alone illustrates the Kangaroos amazing strength and vitality

Forget the blue pill.

Essence of Roo is what is required when your Mere Male is not quite up to par performance.

Dannevegas Report - Sun showers and more snow

Global Warming can't make up its mind today. One minute, the feeble wintry sun is attempting to come out, next it is light rain / sun showers, next minute snowing heavily but not settling. All within 5 minutes.

I'm so over this winter crap.

Abstinence from irritation

"Touch, pause and don't engage."

A private rogue's gallery being precious. Yet again.

NZRU, an irritation in my ratepayers wallet from which I would gladly support total abstinence.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

If it quacks like a duck...

Labour's Trevor Mallard has once again been kicked out of the debating chamber during question time, for calling the Prime Minister a chicken.

And this nutter expects votes?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Take your pick

What ever gender you might fancy. Snowman or Snowgirl.

Internet outage Dannevegas area? UPDATE 2 - NZ WIDE - See comments

Finally back online (partially) after an hour or more.

Vf and Xtra down.

Many sites still unavailable like NZ Herald and Stuff. Few Google links work.

Did you miss me?

[Update 2]
VF says initial fault fixed but now also still having connectivity issues. Been absolutely crap for browsing via Vodem since 1220.

Global Warming - Don't you just love it!

I’m not taking any chances with AGW & intend to do my bit. The ute needs updating next year & I’ll be looking for a coal powered Hummer

A man thinking on the right track. Comment of the day from the Sewer.

Being seen doing something - Empty promises

So another Nat wankfest ends as NZ disappears in a coating of white fluffy stuff.

The question I ask is if John Boy promises better tracking by CYFS, WINZ and other childcare Stasi - "we'll change the law to get ya...", who the hell is WINZ doling all that taxpayer dosh out to?

It is obvious that CYFS and WINZ currently have no idea who their current 'clients' are or what their ages are. Surely there must be current laws to cover such eventualities, without making more variations.

As always, pollies seen to be doing something. Anything for votes.

Dannevegas report

About 40mm up to 2200 last night. No more over night. Minus 1 degree, if sensor is to be believed - more likely frozen over. Nasty intermittent 15-20 knots of southerly, looks like this could be on the ground for rest of day. Won't be driving anywhere today.

No visible damage to small trees. Yet.

Must off to have a closer squiz and find some grass for the cows.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

There's some things a girl's gotta do...

What the rugrat gets up to for 50 pts

Woodhill offroading...


Wellytown looking tropical at 1700. Battening down here, I'd say it's a bit damp at Oswalds.

Seen at Nats conference?

IV2 looking after his business interests?

(posting comment at WhaleOil just doesn't work real time - thinks Javascript is off on FF5)

Snowing @ Dannevegas

10 degrees outside, steady, no wind.

Snow in last hour down to 700m on clagged in Ruahines behind Dannevegas. Stuff trying to keep up.

Friday, August 12, 2011

For Queen and Country

I feel sorry for Elizabeth II. Her reign marked the transition of Britain from Empire to shithole.

Spot on.

Global Warmists have nothing on this worldwide tax

A Spanish woman has claimed to be the owner of the Sun

According to the woman there is an international agreement which states that no country may claim ownership of a planet or star, but it says nothing about individuals

The revenue potential is boggling. Global Warmists have nothing like this for a revenue source.
the Spanish woman now wants to cash in with a fee on everyone “who uses the sun”

We are all doomed! Slightly dated, but excellent.

'Elite' sportspersons in DIC crash? Name suppression coming right up!

Two elite New Zealand sportsmen were involved in a serious accident near the Harbour Bridge this morning.

Four in car. Only two named. One goes for an early morning swim in harbour trying to abscond. Police say alcohol involved, gives lecture on seatbelt safety, nothing about DIC.

Elite sportspersons? Name suppression coming right up no doubt!

Touch my junk, Mr Cameron? I'll show you...

Our goal is to enhance Internet freedom around the world and (ensure) that people get access to the information that’s out there even when their governments are trying to hide parts (of the Internet) from them

It won't be long before interfering governments are unable to control their spin. Long overdue.

Take that Dave! I see you are blaming the coppers for your weak laws.

It'll be a quiet day...

Having scanned the doom and gloom over the first of many coffee fixes, I find today there are no Liarbour scandals reported. Yet. Or other news.

Though I did notice a student rent-a-mob took time out of their busy exam prep schedules to slag off the gummint. Nothing else though.

The riots in Blighty have stopped for the moment, so I guess it'll be a quiet day. But then, never say never. It is Friday and you all know how governments like to release bad news around 1630 just so you can mull it over on the weekend.

Have a nice one.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

What is wrong with this country?

NZX is considering aping its Australian counterpart and requiring listed New Zealand companies to disclose their diversity policies

Yesterday it was females in the SAS, today it is another hare-brained yoke on business. What is wrong with the males of this country?

And this statement really takes the cake...
there is not a single industry where women earn more than men on average

I'd be sure that the prostitutes collective could bust that myth.

Only "felt a bit" racist...

"felt a bit" racist

The head enabler has a bob each way with such a statement. Having spent the past three years breathing life into Apartheid Aotearoa via the power at any cost coalition with racist separatists, he also realises there's an upcoming election in which his odds of retaining a majority do not look flash as punters are looking for a real right wing party.
Our people really respond to them because they are so respectful

As always, the tree-huggers continue with their racist ways.

Marketing 101: FAIL for Adidas

Adidas' public relations disaster spiralled further out of control last night, with the global sport giant cancelling a glitzy party tonight to celebrate the All Blacks.

Hundreds of people, including sports stars and celebrities, were invited to the "Black is Beautiful" event at a venue in Britomart in downtown Auckland.

But Adidas has postponed the party in "light of serious customer issues currently before us"

Well say no more as Adidas fails Marketing 101 and keeps digging.

You voted for this thieving socialist???

Aucklanders could pay between $1 and $3 to drive on the city's motorways to pay for the inner city rail loop

Mayor Len Brown yesterday praised a "simple and straightforward" proposal for a regionwide toll on every on-ramp to the motorway of $3 in peak hours, $1 in the off-peak and $2 at other times

Growing ever more desperate for his white elephant inner city rail loop, Lyen Len looks to further tax the crap out of motorists who do not give a toss about his bloody public transport.

And you voted for him?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Enoch P. jumps on the bandwagon

We are witnessing the result of the failure of both irresponsible capitalism and welfarism without integrity

It makes no sense to bring in huge migrant numbers while thousands of New Zealanders remain unemployed

Conditions that led to rioting in London and other English cities exist in New Zealand and the day of reckoning is at hand.

Ever mindful of not letting a good crisis or suchlike go to waste and of the cost of advertising, our very own Enoch draws parallels to matters abroad.

A bunch of blouses we have become

Our Air Farce is the laughing stock around the world without a combat wing.

The public get their knickers in a twist over matelots having a drink or two too many.

And now, sheilas to are to do the dirty work for the grunts*.

Oh, what a bunch of blouses our men at arms have become in just over a decade.

* In case you civvies were wondering, Grunt = Government Reject Unfit for Naval Training

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

"... so why not us?"

It's been building up for years. All it needed was a spark

We ain't got no jobs, no money

We heard that other people were getting things for free, so why not us?

they are just cacking on their own doorstep

These kids are from another generation to us and they just don't care

You watch. It's only just begun.

The golden age of entitlement is upon us. Socialism reaping a firestorm of its own making.

1000 Words

HT Theo

They shoot messengers don't they?

Markets will rise and fall, but this is the United States of America. No matter what some agency may say, we have always been and always will be a triple-A country

The prime leftard telling off the agency that had the temerity to put his profligacy on notice. The rest of the world knows otherwise.

New Zealand is well-placed to weather international storms

And our local head leftie thinks the same. Yes Head Leftie, because that is what NACTional is by its deeds over the past 3 years, not by its policies.

As an aside, just like the lefties over here fracturing themselves in the rush to shoot the messenger.

None so pure as those blinkered by the failed ideologies of those on the left.

Continue spraying and shooting messengers, we're all taking notice.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Friday, August 05, 2011

The appropriate sentence would normally be 12 months...

will serve 200 hours community service and has been ordered to pay back the full amount of money she stole, in addition to four months of home detention

A ex-bank teller steals $25K and gets a holiday at home with some community make work scheme. And gets to pay it back at the cost of a couple packets of fags a week.

No wonder there is zero respect for the laws and authority in this country. The thieving cow gets off effectively scot free to sit at home and blagging to her mates how she's seen the system off. That's why there are such things as jail time, it is a very necessary part of the criminals' rehabilitation and reparation process, a time for contemplation.

Nothing like a few cold early morning starts in a cell block and the fear of being done over by other inmates to put crims back on the straight and narrow. And the victim will have extracted their pound of flesh.

This idea of a HomeD holiday is beyond me. Nearly as bad the 'restorative' conferences held with natives which are just another excuse to get time off. In my book, it should be jail without parole every time.

Doing the *Right* thing

Even the ACToids see danger behind every Right but non-NACTional vote.
if Colin Craig tries to split the vote in Epsom, and if Labour and Green voters vote for the National candidate, there is the potential ACT could be out of parliament all together

Of their own making I say as they descend into history.

As I have long said this blogger will not be doing the *right* thing come Nov 26th. Should that result in Fill In Phil cobbling together a coalition of the damned, all well and good.

I believe there are more than a few very pissed off taken for granted voters who held their nose in supporting National last elections and have not seen expected results. Instead of savage cuts to welfare, bureaucracy and government to stabilise our economy, we have seen relentless pandering to natives and never ending socialism by stealth.

Fearless Phil might as well have another bite to totally wreck our country. There is no point of difference from NACTional to Liarbour. I wish Mr Craig well in his fight to get New Zealand back on track and this blogger will be doing the Right thing on Nov 26th.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Question answered by sending the police

I have always been interested in physics and chemistry ... just wanted to see if it's possible to split atoms at home

Swedish man ... arrested after trying to split atoms in his kitchen has said he was only doing it as a hobby

he created a small meltdown on his stove

Now that definitely eclipses the recent activities of homegrown Nordic nutters.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Steve Crow about to offend councillors in Tauranga

The position that an offensive act might occur is irrelevant

Boobs on Bikes Steve Crow is going ahead irrespective what a few wowsers on the council think.
I’ve been to court over the right to do this and I have won that right and I intend to continue doing this

Why we have left of centre governments

I found Adolf's mystery list as mentioned in the previous post's comments over here in the sewer.

What amazes me is the number of self styled righties who can't even muster a 50% pass on the Conservative Party test. Try hard socialists the lot of them more like it. Answer without trying to read conspiracies into the questions. An observation, one that really showed herself up was Lindsay - I always thought with her desire to be part of the hard right ACT machine in a previous life might have agreed with more.

And for the religious types, I did not spy any churchy questions, but if Mr Conservative is
a serial God botherer, that's an added advantage in my book. If he comes out anti-child murdering before birth, that's even better.

Goodbye ACT, how's National looking now Adolf? [updated]

a level of discontent around being taken for granted

Being taken for granted is certainly what John Boy has done with the conservative vote over the past three years. All bets are now off.
  • introduction of a binding citizens initiated referendum
  • reducing the size of parliament
  • repealing the Marine and Coastal Area Act
  • repealing emissions trading scheme
  • scheme requiring people to work to receive welfare
  • tougher sentences for violent crime
  • legislation raising the drinking age to 20

Yep, ticks a lot of my boxes. Much better than wasting a vote on Winnie just to stir the pot.

How's that NACTional lead looking now Adolf?

Took the test - 18/19 - SOEs should be sold, there being no reason for a government being in business