Thursday, April 25, 2013

Nanny State: Must be seen doing something...

Maritime New Zealand says it is working with the fishing industry to develop new safety systems that may make wearing lifejackets compulsory

Maybe an admirable idea.  Lives can and must be saved.  After all, we Kiwis must be saved from 'the New Zealand disease'

We are still in consultation with those in the fishing industry and while the new regulations are still being developed the use of lifejackets could well be re-addressed

I just have this sense of foreboding, with Nanny State and copious amounts of taxpayer wedge.  Such tragedies cannot be wasted with bureaucrats being seen to do something.  Anything.

While we already have:

Presently the national code of practice under Maritime NZ guidelines states that before crossing any bar entrance skippers should ensure that everyone on board is awake and dressed, and have lifesaving equipment easily accessible and ready for immediate use

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Minister of Rorts speaks : 'A gross breach of trust'

conspired to financially rort ... by implication, those that funded them

Speaks, but cannot say the words that accurately describe the euphemism she refers to as 'rorts'.

Dunedin gang members ... sourced Whanau Ora grants to buy cannabis

After all, she could never be seen or heard telling 'our people' that they are nothing but fraudulent criminals defrauding the New Zealand taxpayer.

Maybe she is confused by being donkey deep in the affirmative action process known as Whanau Ora.  Now that is definitely a rort of the highest order.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Council thief isolated

A former Auckland Council employee has been charged with stealing credit card details from ratepayers and going on a spending spree

Another council employee stiffing ratepayers.  The continuing saga of ripping off ratepayers never ends.

But one does wonder why Len's council is recording credit card numbers at all where some might be tempted.  In this modern age, surely the card numbers are processed and money extracted by third party providers over encrypted web pages, not stored for manual credit card processing by council thieves?

the incident was isolated...

Auckland ratepayers can have full confidence in the council's financial systems

I don't believe you Len.

Labour will raise taxes for power - guaranteed

The Crown would forgo dividends and tax revenue from the power companies at a cost of $60-$90 million a year

Nothing ever changes does it?  The government income will drop as power companies are screwed to the wall over wholesale prices, but the outgoings will not change one iota.

 Observant readers will know there is only one way to balance the Labour books in such situations.  Another bloody tax rise.  Guaranteed.


A big thank you to all the MPs that stayed strong voting against homosexual marriage.

Dare I say it, especially the four Labour MPs that held true to their morals in the face of the cabal of queers in their party.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Internet almost dead round here...

Internet round here has gone really sloooooooooooooooooooooow in the past 30 minutes.

Must be all those dykes and homosexuals watching the Parliamentary proceedings.

Council stiffs with half a brain cell hard at work...

13 inches is the gap, on a 4' wide path. 

Council workers display the ability to think things through, making full use of their allotted half of a brain cell, delivering what most expect from those that consume the ratepayer shilling.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Last stand before queers usurp the institution of marriage

intended that the terms 'bride and bridegroom' will remain as an option

Unbelievable. The pollies have not got the guts to go the full hog on homosexual marriage and make the law gender neutral.   The pollies must be getting a few last minute emails, knowing that Joe and Jane Public are going to hammer them for backing this bill at the next elections so they've told the bureaucrats to hold off.

Mark my words, the change finally turning the institution of marriage into a parade of homosexuals will be done at the first amendment just after the election.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Self serving tossers trying to justify their overpaid existence

It's not just nosy-parkerishness

Definitely are in league of their own aren't they?  Must be all that rarefied air in the old boy's club.

I think the public absolutely has a right to know about how our judicial system is functioning

also called for greater "civics" education in schools on the way New Zealand society functions

Bollocks.   We know how the courts function, we see it daily in the mitigated lenient sentences that are given.  They favour the criminal, particularly those with certain genes where the modern criminal when caught can go for a 'restorative' cuppa down the local hall, a slap round the ear with a wet bus ticket, coupled with home detention or community service.  What a bloody joke current judicial sentencing is.  Lock the criminals up.

And we are not interested in our kids being indoctrinated with civics or any other sideline lefty recruiting drive by activist judiciary.

Some of the criticism of judges was ill-informed

Again bollocks.  Your sentencing methods inform us daily of the injustices for the victim.

In my view, convicted criminals have forfeited their rights to be part of society, they need to be locked up for maximum terms without parole and victims need to be front and centre of any justice system.

Self serving pricks show how much they are out of touch with what the NZ public really want.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Nasty Left in full flight today [update]

 will rightly be lining up to piss on her grave

The filth that inhabits the left is on full show this morning following the death of the best PM Britain ever had.  And to think this individual is employed by the government.


More lefties show their colours.

Meanwhile Guido shows us as she should be remembered.  

Monday, April 08, 2013

Arrests made over fatal building collapse

Police have arrested nine people, including builders, police officers and municipality officials, for colluding to illegally construct a residential building in India’s financial capital that collapsed, killing 74 people

India shows the world how to deal with dodgy builders.

police will formally charge the nine with culpable homicide and causing death by negligence at the end of an investigation into the accident

Meanwhile, one might say fortunately for some, the relentless buck passing, enquiries and commissions continue in the Village of the Damned. And did anyone ever get nailed for leaky buildings?

Friday, April 05, 2013

Man hands gonads to sisterhood

if the aim was to stop adults role-modelling smoking behaviour, and given 41 per cent of Maori women smoked, perhaps they should be sterilised
A ballsy comment maybe.  Councillor saying what needs to be said, but now another ex-male apologises to all and sundry as the sisterhood squeezes his gonads in a vice.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013


Cultural commentators hope for a reasoned debate on a move to recognise alternative names for both the North and South Islands - but one says it's likely to bring out pedants and rednecks

I see attack is the best form of defence for getting your line of reasoning to the gullible public, so I thought I'd do the same with heading for this post.

It'll bring all the pedants out of the bloody provinces is all. It'll probably draw out a few rednecks as well but I think it's a nice idea

Like the pro-homosexual marriage lobby screams 'bigot' at any who dare to question the liberal progressive's take on such matters, we have self appointed arbiters of culture sounding off again about geographic place names.

Labour MP Rino Tirikatene, whose Te Tai Tonga electorate boundaries extends across the South Island, said he hoped the changes would be straightforward, but there was the possibility the debate could degenerate into racism

Racism?  Hypocritical much?  Have you noticed your very political  existence relies on an electorate defined by race?

For me, you can stick your 'nice idea', there will always be a North and South Island in New Zealand, irrespective of what these tossers decide.  And Mt Egmont will always lie west of Wanganui.  Even though my recently renewed passport is now filled with insidious culturalist namings, there will never be an Aotearoa, a Fongaray or the like in my vocabulary.

ps  I see the Google spellchecker is now infested with the new spelling of Wanganui as being the correct PC choice.