Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You can't win...

bottom trawling may not be systematic environmental pillage

far from destroying a habitat, the trawl may have created a new one by etching grooves into the flat bottom

Early signs indicate that marine life survived, even thrived

The noo religion tells us that bottom trawling is maybe not so evil.

Take that and smack it greenies! How's that global warming climate change thing going?

A letter to Figjam

Subject: Letter to Figjam Power

Dear Mr Power

Let's put the seniors in jail and the criminals in a nursing home. This way the seniors would have access to showers, hobbies and walks. They'd receive unlimited free prescriptions, dental and medical treatment, wheel chairs etc and they'd receive money instead of paying it out.. They would have constant video monitoring, so they could be helped instantly, if they fell, or needed assistance.

Bedding would be washed twice a week, and all clothing would be ironed and returned to them. A guard would check on them every 20 minutes and bring their meals and snacks to their cell.

They would have family visits in a suite built for that purpose. They would have access to a library, weight room, spiritual counselling, pool and education.

Simple clothing, shoes, slippers, PJ's and legal aid would be free, on request. Private, secure! rooms for all, with an exercise outdoor yard, with gardens. Each senior could have a PC a TV radio and daily phone calls.

There would be a board of directors to hear complaints, and the guards would have a code of conduct that would be strictly adhered to.

The "criminals" would get cold food, be left all alone and unsupervised. Lights off at 8pm, and showers once a week. Live in a tiny room and pay $900.00 per month and have no hope of ever getting out.

Justice for all we say.

fresh off the wire (slightly modified from 'The Letter to Julia Gilliard')

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Where National should be

"absolutely no case" for treating Maori people differently

That's more like what National should look like. I love it.
The whole concept of a racially based political party would be seen as grossly inappropriate if wanted by any other race than Maori," he said. "What would be the reaction if a group of New Zealanders of European background decided to set up a 'European New Zealanders' Party'?

Orewa Mk III. Not the NACTional pink wash that endorses every Liarbour socialist mantra.

He also attacked National's economic performance and criticised what he said was high spending, over-regulation and a refusal to back down on a number of Labour-led policies

What NZ politics needs is a large dose of Don. New Zealand would be a performer, an achiever under his stewardship. God help Key in 2011. Lazarus looks better by the day.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Rabid greenie councillor getting children to do dirty work

I wish they would do something quite brave: go and visit the farmer who has poisoned the tussock land on the north face of the Hokonui Hills, which overlooks their small country school, and tell him that his actions are harming the environment, risking serious erosion and giving farming a bad name

Shame on you Robert Guyton. If your regional council has an issue with a farmer working his land, his private property, do not get children to do your dirty work via underhanded suggestions. Property rights reign supreme.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The show goes on

there's still 50-odd million tonnes of coal there

Whilst I thought Peter Whittall handled himself extremely well over the last week, I feel he has been premature making such a comment today. Meanwhile the board members continue to keep an obscenely low profile.
The Department has up to six months to investigate and bring any charges

What's the betting the time limit expires before any prosecution? The show goes on.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A sad end

Our thoughts are for the families.

National: We've established what you are...

MB doesn't want to haggle over the price any more.

Helen won.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Robots and things

Whilst robots with electrickery were proven to not work that well under water today, I've been thinking about other techno trickery that could work in a closed space with explosive gases.

The explosive gas problem maybe relatively easily fixed by making any devices intrinsically safe. That is removing the potential of internal electrical currents and sparks in any device ever coming into contact with the explosive gas mixture. In other words fully and totally sealed. Note there is also an element of reducing induced and static charge potentials along with protection for fault conditions.

So what about flying a drone such as one of these small choppers you can get these days up the barrel of the gun that is this mine? With an IR camera on top? Sure you might make the electrics of a battery powered chopper intrinsically safe, but the static issue will be hard to fix. Ticks a few boxes, won't generate stone-on-stone sparks as it moves. Dunno about the wireless range though. Straight line 2.5Km might be possible, but underground and around bends, probably not.

Another possible thing, what about RFID tags that are all the rage of late. Surely it wouldn't be too hard to incorporate such a tag into the clothing of a miner. And have a protected fixed sensor wiring system throughout the mine. After all the mine must have fixed wiring lighting systems and and extra sensor wire wouldn't take much space. A sensor wire system with redundancy could be cheaply encased in concrete in the walls as the mine is extended, protecting it from blast damage. Once an explosive incident had occurred, rescue services could locate each miner through interrogating the RFID tags and know where to concentrate rescue resources. Might even be able to incorporate some real-time bio functionality/information. Should be real easy in this modern age.

Food for thought, whilst we all await a miracle.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

From Stuff - drilling to commence

Mine boss: Rig will be used to drill into shaft today ... More soon

Pike River Coal chief executive Peter Whittall said this morning there was heating of ''some sort ''under ground - some combustion of material which was generationg posionous gases - still

Very interesting. That suggests to me there has been a rockfall/collapse and access via the usual portal is not possible. We await more.

The donkey wins!

Let's party. We won.

Some would say that if you pinned a red rosette on a donkey, Labour supporters would vote for it. But there is more.
There are no second prizes in politics.

Fill in Phil declares his dislike of MMP.

That statement will come back to haunt him.

ps And I note that the Not PC crowd might as well shut up shop with 43 votes...

Saturday, November 20, 2010

As suspected...

Many did not want to be named or quoted for fear of being targeted.

"Of course none of us are happy about being next to a brothel, and what many of us worry is that the [type of] business also has links to Asian gangs."

The real reasons emerge why the council put the digger boot in, no questions asked, favouring the RMA over a citizen's property rights.

A brothel just wouldn't attract the right types to the inner Super Shitty you know.

WTF is going on down at the mine?

Whilst it is hoped that the outcome will be positive, 14 hours in, one wonders just WTF is going on down at the Pike River mine?

It appears that the rescue teams are dithering above ground. Worried about poisonous gases. Do they not have full face breathing apparatus like firemen? And since the initial event, the shift sparkie has actually been in and out, along with the others who exited safely. I would have thought a quick recce would have happened by now.

One hopes that we are not going to witness another event like the Singh dairy robbery where the authorities stuffed around for some time before entering.

Just saying, wanting to see some real positive rescue action. Fast. Meanwhile we all wait, thinking of the families involved.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Funny

Just off the wire...

Men’s advice column extract:

Hey Mate, really need your advice for a serious problem:

Dear “Mate”

I have suspected for some time now that the missus has been cheating.
The usual signs; Phone rings, if I answer the caller hangs up, going out with the girls a lot. I try to stay awake to look out for her when she comes home but I usually fall asleep.

Anyway last night about midnight I hid in the shed behind the boat, when she came home she got out of someone's car buttoning her blouse, then she took her panties out of her purse and slipped them on.

It was at that moment crouched behind the boat, I noticed a "hairline crack" in the outboard mounting bracket.

Is that something I can weld or do I need to replace it?



When I'm walking, I hate drivers.

When I'm driving, I hate pedestrians.

But no matter what I'm doing, I always hate cyclists.

from here

Now the kneejerk reaction...

still "firming up the details"

I have no idea how many cases are in the system, but we're looking at that over the next few days

A kneejerk of the worst kind. Standby for every feral greenie lycra clad lout and taxpayer funded nutter organisations to attend. With the subsequent regulations. Anti-driving regs that is. Next thing roads will be closed whilst cyclists are mounted. Maybe even Mr Plod out with a red flag warning evil motorists.

The Chief Coroner is told to get to work on his bike.
Obviously Smile and Wave has had a word in his shell-like.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

But then I expected that result

An investigation has laid blame on both anti-whaling vessel Ady Gil and Japanese whaling ship Shonan Maru No. 2 for their Southern Ocean collision earlier this year

Gutless Maritime Authority sits on it hands and makes no decision.

There was only one boat at fault IMNSHO.

The plastic chilly-bin that had half-a-dozen eco-terrorists on board as it accelerated into a larger ship.

But, then I expected nothing different but appeasement.

Subsidising the uninsured

The Government has announced a $50 million plan to fight the kiwifruit vine bacteria PSA

Why is the taxpayer being stiffed subsiding businesses that obviously have zero hedging against such events?

Businesses should stand on their own two feet, just like those in the earthquake prone Village of the Damned who deliberately chose not to insure.

Calculated risks that the taxpayer should not have a bar of.

Who? Not me! [updated]

Drivers should have to resit their licences every 10 years

As another tragic cyclist road death occurs, a loon calls for extra regulation for drivers.

Who? Not me! Always blame the drivers. Never any talk of regulations or specific training for the lycra freaks that court disaster with their 'I own the road' usage styles.

Highways and narrow feeder routes in congested cities are not the place for the untrained, unregistered and untaxed lycra clad.

The lycra loon goes further in the Herald. Apparently the tragic accident was caused by the cyclist swerving under a truck whilst aviding a parked car door opening. Passenger or driver's door?
Drivers have a duty of care to other road users, so we believe it's fair to check driving skills every 10 years

Right on! A duty of care? Changing that slightly makes a mockery of his rally cry...
Cyclists have a duty of care to other road users, so we believe it's fair to check riding skills every 10 years

I wonder who funds idiot organisations like CAN?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

At last, what should have been done 35 years ago

They can go to hell...

Yes! 35 years of grievance industry put in context.

I don't believe the sneaky AG for one minute, but I like his sudden change in delivery.

Just 35 years overdue.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Put my email on Facebook?

Facebook, rumoured for some time to be planning its own email service, may finally be on the verge of doing so in a move that would send a shot across the bow of Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft

I'll have half a pound of whatever they are smoking up there in Silicon Valley. It must be real good.

FB have to be joking. Would you risk it all with all the security and privacy issues FB regularly experiences? Really?

Backing 'sustainable' losers

A city bike scheme is up for a national business award - despite folding last week.

Auckland Mayor Len Brown has asked officials to meet Nextbike to discuss options for some future scheme.

Lendthrift Brown of Orklund Super Shitty is backing losers willy nilly. With your rates. One of these days, someone with a bit of nous might notice that Orklund has more than a few hills, is prone to strong winds and the crap narrow roads are not conducive to cyclists.

The company is a finalist for the national award after winning a regional title from the Sustainable Business Network as a promising small emerging business.

Sustainable??? How I absolutely hate that word. What it really means is "a proven unworkable business model that will be subsidised by increasing your rates".

Meanwhile, here is another bunch of losers being promoted by The Mare.
Auckland Mayor Len Brown has given an undertaking to the influential Iwi Leadership Group to talk to the new Auckland Council about dedicated Maori seats on the council.

Dr Sharples told the Herald last night that Mr Brown had given an undertaking to take the issue to his new council and go through a process and it could take a year or so.

Losers who after a poor showing at the recent election continue to try for un-democratic representation at the trough. Just wait to see what happens if that genie is ever let out of the bottle. His mate Jonkey has yet to face the electorate over the criminal corrupt wheeling and dealing with the separatists, but his day is coming and that is another story. Meanwhile the main players are in a holding pattern.
Dr Sharples said it would be a gradual process "and we are quite happy to settle for that"

Nothing sustainable about backing those that use their genes to garner a place at the trough.

Yes, Lendrift picks losers everytime. Trouble is he's not betting with his money, but your hard earnt rates taxes.

Friday, November 12, 2010

There's some sickos out there...

Smith allegedly broke into the home and threw items around.

When deputies arrived at the scene, they said they found Smith naked and under the influence of drugs.

They say his head had to be covered with a blanket to prevent him from biting officers and had to be hog-tied, shackled and tied to a stretcher when paramedics arrived.

As they say, that's not all folks.
paramedics took Smith to the hospital where medical professionals found a mouse tail hanging out of his ...

I'll leave the rest for you to read. And I know you will.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Getting noticed in Mana

Liarbour will have taken a huge hit in the Mana bye-election stakes in the past day with McCarten's occupation of a vacant house. A taxpayer owned state house was broken into and a "tenant" was installed. McCarten's team were duly arrested / carted off by Mr Plod.

It is not a stunt, but a criminal action that I hope gets the full force of the law.

Getting noticed in Mana, the left vote is being rent asunder which can only be good for the right candidate, Perata.

Well done Mr Plod for promptly enforcing the law. Pity you did not do it up north with activist stirrers in the sailing club on the day they illegally occupied the site.

And for the Mana/Porirua/Wellywood council, are criminal proceedings underway for those allowing people to reside in garages in your territory? I believe garages are not habitable buildings under the Building Act. More so wet ones. Under your aegis of being the Local Government authority, with the vested duty to enforce regulations, have you started proceedings?

“We can’t manage what we don’t measure,”

Those immortal words were uttered yesterday by Nick Smith in something to do with water allocation and mandatory metering.

My only thought was how appropriate. Pity the gummint doesn't apply same ethic across the board.

Teachers and National Standards immediately came to mind. Real objective measurement will do that viper's nest of socialists a lot of good.

And then changing drinking laws came to mind. The gummint caving in to emotional wowserism over two drinks vs the actual measured stats on 80 mcg vs 50 mcg.

HT HP for reminding me of it

5, 4, 3, 2, ...

I wonder how long before a feral tree-hugging council Nazi pops-up to stop this bit of harmless fun.

Bet you it doesn't last the day!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Go Rodney!

our valuable foreshore and seabed can be handed across to iwi in secret, in the Attorney General's office, with no public or parliamentary scrutiny

The stench of corruption, separatism, racism around the secret backroom wheeling and dealing in New Zealand's foreshore and seabed continues unabated.

I firmly believe that the 3M (Maori Mining Mountains) arrangement announced yesterday is only a smokescreen sideshow to distract the citizenry from the real issues as Jonkey sells out the seabed in perpetuity.
Act says it will try to change the fact that iwi could win customary title in the foreshore and seabed by regulation, "in secret," and without reference to Parliament

Rodney is about to tackle the government head-on. Show-time.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

More cold water

Auckland has been told to meet a claimed $30 million annual funding gap for keeping its trains running before the Government will seriously consider a $2 billion inner-city railtunnel

Pay your current bill first before you even think about funding blue-sky dreams. Just how many of those 100 projects have been shelved in nine days?

Just when I thought it had gone eerily and worryingly quiet, Jonkey pours more cold water on LendThrift Brown's new Super Shitty.

The show goes on

The race was thought to be so close

Clint Rickards has missed out on one of Tainui's top jobs to former public servant Parekawhia McLean

Tainted forever I'd say.

Whilst he was acquitted, his accuser is still gnawing at the bit, continuing to push her wheelbarrow down a very fine legal line. About time she got over herself and moved on.

In my view, she has already done more than enough damage.

Monday, November 08, 2010

A "downward spiral of despair"

Rowan Williams said he had "a lot of worries" about the scheme

The head God-botherer in Blighty has got a turd on about making bludgers work for benefits. Poor deluded soul.
they would "benefit from experiencing the habits and routines of working life"

People on benefits ... have a responsibility to take advantage of the support and help being offered to them

will offer jobless people the opportunity to gain work discipline while benefiting their local community

That's more like it. Now if only Jonkey here would enforce such measures here in that bennies Shangrila of the South Pacific, New Zealand. But in an ever downward spiral, I despair of ever seeing any action by Liarbour-Lite other than smile and wave.

Maybe the man himself would be better off with some real work rather than saving the souls of bludgers.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

There's truth in that slip-up

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton caused a small stir in Wellington when she accidentally referred to New Zealand Prime Minister John Key as "Prime Minister Rudd"

Speaking what's really on her mind, confusing Oz's immediate past leftard for our Liarbour-Lite lefty leader.

There's a whole lot of truth in that statement about our pinko Jonkey.

Friday, November 05, 2010

The cost of free trade?

The Chinese consulate-general in Auckland sent a verbal note to the Auckland District Court, asking for equal and fair treatment in Ms Zhang's case," the letter said.

The ambassador's letter also said: "We will definitely pay close attention to the development of this case and always be ready to reach out to help secure the Chinese national's legitimate rights"


The world's most populous nation that already owns 3/4 of the South Pacific shit-holes attempts to flex its Communist muscle in our courts. Repulsed by the Judge. This time.

Won't be long before they write a cheque and buy up bankrupt New Zealand Inc as part of that FTA.

Breaking News: Missing link found!

The breathless news that the turbine blade wheel mechanically disintegrated and violently exited at 20,000 plus rpm from the rear of a flying rat's jet engine yesterday is somehow brought closer to home with that all important Kiwi link. At last, the missing link is found!
My whole body just went to jelly ...

The missing link that must be found in any event of international import.

The destruction of the fibreglass cowling and a few flames accompanied by some noisy vibration is somewhat routine for a jet turbine engine. Albeit maybe scary for those inside the carbon fibre plastic chilly bin. The pilots did what had to be done, again shutting down an engine being a well practiced routine event, stuffed a bit more of the atmosphere dumping all that avgas into the already dirty Indonesian tropical air and landed safely.

Why does the MSM always have to trawl through passenger lists to find a Kiwi link? Even if it is days later.

From here, the MSM is the missing link.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Breeders after childcare refund

Councillors who put their children in childcare while carrying out council business should be reimbursed for the cost

As if councillors don't get paid enough by ratepayers. Not to mention the Working For Welfare largesse grants from taxpayers for breeders. Along with 20 hours of free childcare. And the bloody breeders still want more.

Get real! Maybe you should have thought of the children when you put your hand up to suck on the ratepayer's teat.

At his best

It's better to be passionate about a beautiful girl than a gay

Berlusconi gets it right defending his lifestyle and passion for young women -

"At least I'm not gay"

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Witchcraft practitioners out in force in Orklund

The inaugural meeting of the Auckland Council was a ceremonial occasion that began with a powhiri by the iwi of Auckland

a Tainui kaumatua, presented Mr Brown with a taiaha (a long wooden weapon) as a koha, or gift.

Every practitioner of dark arts has come to town to slurp at the the new Orklund Super Shitty trough.
Wearing a Maori feather cloak - there are no mayoral robes or chains at this stage - Mr Brown finished by leading the singing for a waiata

Even the head honcho is pandering to such practices.

Just like that murderous war dance that precedes every public and international function, particularly on the paddock, modern secular society has no truck with such displays of witchcraft.

Unfortunately, like previous local government in Orklund, I fear the worst for the new council as it is already infested with the practitioners of racist dark arts where if you are of a certain ethnicity, your message has more value. Just outside of the council are a whole cohort awaiting inclusion at the trough by virtue of their ethnicity.

When are New Zealander's going to wake up and ban these archaic practices?

Monday, November 01, 2010

Fastrack railroad to hell

Today residents of the new Orklund Super Shitty embarked on a one-way trip.
Brown's three key rail visions - an inner city loop, a line to Auckland International Airport and rail to the North Shore

A one-way trip to rates hell for those that pay the bills as they now fund the wild wet dreams of a socialist nirvana with public transport for the masses. All being made possible by a man driven. Driven by politics of the left where those that can pay will have their wealth redistributed through rampant property taxes.

I pray that in three years time the left will have made such a hash of Orklund, that those who pay the bills will never vote for socialists again.

"Coolest little capital in the world"

That would of course refer to the extreme wind chill factor that prevails in that village more commonly referred to (in nice terms) as the backside of New Zealand.

Really, who are they kidding? A place to avoided like the plague.