Monday, November 29, 2021

Roosting chooks

 A man has been shot dead by police and four officers are in hospital following two serious West Auckland incidents in the space of just 11 hours

A typical West Auckland day.  Some nutter 'with no gang connections' commits suicide by cop after shooting a few coppers. After the all out Westie turf war underway of late.

Bollocks from her indoors and others.

Ardern said she did not believe police had lost control of law and order in Auckland

From Commissioner Plod of Woke who continues to pander to gangs.

When I heard multiple officers had been shot my heart sank, a tragedy
From the waste of space that purports to be the Minister of Plod.  Making a lot of phone calls of late.

I try to call every officer who gets seriously injured on duty. These are not calls I want to have to make

From a National MP who correctly reads the room.

Frontline Police are being put under significant danger under this soft-on-crime Labour Govt

The Govt needs to stop pandering to gangs and criminals, and start taking law and order seriously

And another Nat MP.  Has actually been a plod.

Policing under the leadership of Minister Poto Williams and Police Commissioner Andy Coster is becoming more and more dangerous. Step up and lead.

The PM, Ministers of Justice, Police, judges and the Commissioner of Woke need to be put on notice that the bulk of the team of 5 million have had enough of gang scum and their criminal ilk.  A few career crims complaining that they are picked upon does not wash - stop committing crime.  Sentencing needs to be long, non-parole three strike for gang related crime.

Chooks coming home to roost, reaping what has been sown.

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Only one question for her indoors...

 The overseas jaunt ends today for the Maori princess.  Representing EhOhTeaARower overseas by her claims.  It is off to managed isolation for her and the oversized entourage.  Nothing but a pre-Christmas shopping trip for all concerned and a total embarrassment on the world stage in my book.

Seems that in spite of our non-nuke stance and our toy military hardware we still have a reasonable alliance with the Yanks.  Even some poor US sailors got to visit Wellytown this weekend.  (A port to be avoided at all costs like NZ and AU ships having to show the flag once every five years in Port Moresby)

Our two countries enjoy a deep, long-lasting friendship

Meanwhile our previous Cold War adversary continues to probe border weaknesses around the Ukraine and in Belarus.  Troops are being amassed adjacent and will only require a spark.  Mr Putin has long held strategic designs on the Ukraine, Belarus is a distraction for NATO.

At kick off whilst the west is fully distracted on those western Europe borders, our other supposed newest BFF in the east will unleash unholy war on the Republic of Taiwan, splitting the US forces.

Only one question...

Which side will you take Jacinda?  Think carefully, the recent close to home Solomons unrest shows how far reaching into the Pacific are the tentacles of Peking.

Friday, November 12, 2021

FNDC wallah with too much to spin to actually do anything like work

 Ongoing problem notified in March, zero action from council wallahs.  Problem has existed for years but obvious nobody from the council did a proper safety inspection.

got a nasty gash from this submerged broken wharf piling yesterday. Please warn anyone who isn't a local that you see going for a swim there.
I reported this to FNDC back in March and made a request for service to have this removed as it is a hazard, I was given RFS number, RFS-4052498

Someone last week dived in and injured themselves on the jagged post below the water.

Some action at last...

Thank you ... for alerting us to this hazard. We have now attached a warning sign to the broken pile and will provide a permanent fix before Christmas. Our apologies to the Kohukohu community for not acting on this issue when it was first raised in March. Our staff will meet next week to ensure that safety issues like this one are dealt with promptly in future and that communities are kept informed. Ngā mihi Ken Lewis FNDC Communications Team

The council wallah / spin merchant is seen to action the issue from his desk and shelve the fix for the future.  Fully woke, further wasting ratepayer resources, travel and time  for someone to get a boat out to affix the sign without doing any actual repair of safety item work.  No wonder rates are through the roof.

Unbelievable!  Someone in the real commercial world with elf'n'safety Worksafe maggots lurking ever ready to cripple his business would immediately hire a diver, an air-compressor driven saw and fix the issue by close of play today.

What's the betting the second (also reported) jagged pile gets missed on the works order?

flogged from fakebook

Tuesday, November 09, 2021

"Not representative" - Hold my beer!

 Her indoors is listening to the wrong focus groups.

says vaccination protesters outside Parliament were not representative of the “vast bulk” of Kiwis

Today's expression of the "not representative" messaging is only the tip of the iceberg.  

When you have gangs running riot shooting each other on a daily basis and tribalist savages blocking highways ready to kill each other coupled with zero respect for the laws of New Zealand across all levels one suspects today's action is only the start.  

Something about "reaping the whirlwind" comes to mind.

Saturday, November 06, 2021

Thursday, November 04, 2021

Vegans for COP26!

A 3 year old vegan belly deep in the finest vegetation working hard for the climate changing COP26 farce.  Mid afternoon that area will be a bowling green, more of the same for them tomorrow.  (Behind are a 2 year old and 2 x 1 year olds)

Pictured today he's packing on those last few kilos for your next steak.

Heading for a short road trip next week to meet a goat-herder who will utter some non-Christian invocation over him before he's slung on a hook. Maybe he will be in your hamburger the week after next?

Wednesday, November 03, 2021

The $3M 'donation' is called in

The government has called in the $3M previously delivered to gangs.  

And the well bribed MSM have plastered soft-focussed pictures of the supposedly reformed mobsters all over their pages making them out to be demi-gods in countering poor vaccine uptakes.

Why do we continue to glorify these criminal scum?  There's only one place for gang members and associated scum. Mt Eden is the first to come to mind, followed by somewhere like the Auckland Islands.  

Wonder how that works?

 The really tricky virus did its best to infect Northland yesterday.

The full cycle spin on telly last night was to cover the fact that her indoors did not supposedly enter the poxed area north of the Hokianga Line.

And yet the two current MP's of Northland *, Willow-Jean Prime and Kelvin Davis managed to sally forth into the infected area of Ihumatao Mk II on the Taipa waterfront.  

Her indoors did a photo op standing around like the proverbial spare part in a puddle filled carpark at Taheke (they've taken great effort to hide that), then fronted at Rawene Hospital with the useless MPs in tow.  Soon after she vacated late afternoon to Wellytown on a Super Beech King Air.

Did her two MPs (now possibly infected?) also return southward on the same flight?  No doubt the Taipa virus wandered in with them into the hospital. Wonder how that works?

* there's something about Northland MPs being useless, their recent predecessors Winston and Shane Jones were particularly noted for their dubious practices.  Often alleged but not proven.  And of Matt King or Hone Harawira, say no more.

Speaking of Hone, his vigilantes weren't at the Koke end of the ferry terminal when I last looked this morning.

Tuesday, November 02, 2021

Unintended consequences continue

 Upper Northland has been urgently put back into Level 3 tonight.  Apparently there's a case in Taipa.  (not to mention her indoors was openly heckled in Northland today - was at Rawene Hospital early afternoon, exited to Wellington via Kerikeri)  The L3/L2 split is north-south along the Hokianga Harbour, putting the earlier Mangamuka cases firmly into the lockdown area.

The car ferry runs across the harbour from the northern Kohukohu side to Rawene.  Rawene has the only Four Square which ably serves both sides of the harbour.  Kerikeri's New World or the Countdown 75km away remains in L2.  Kaikohe's New world remains at L2.

The only supermarket now available to upper Northland is the Pak'n'Save 65kms away.  Now as Kaitaia is on the points of interest, it is likely that this only source of food will probably be deep cleaning tonight.  Should it shut, upper Northlanders at L3 will not be able to access L2 areas so will have no other supermarket in the area.

Bet they didn't think of that unintended consequence.

As an aside, I expect to see Hone's vigilantes at the ferry terminal tomorrow.

We are about to see if New Zealander's have any privacy rights

Won't someone think of 'our' children people?  

She said the ministry's power to disclose information under the health privacy code - in the context of the COVID-19 vaccination programme - must be exercised in accordance with Te Tiriti principles

This dudge has effectively ordered your private health info will be turned over to these health providers wishing to slurp from deep troughs.  

Trumping your rights in matters of privacy, the treaty will have have some clause those pesky health boards have ignored.