Friday, January 29, 2010


The gang pad fence has been deemed illegal.
The council and police will split the costs 50/50 in an application to Wanganui District Court
So why is Mr Plod and the Wanganui Council divvying up costs to remove said fence?

WTF? Send the bloody bill for all costs to those breaking the law.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Communist Party Emergent

All pretences that the Greens represent nothing but communism is completed today as the last environmentalist chucks in the towel.

New Zealand really does have the reds under the bed, in the bed and at the trough.

1,743,000 litres of liquid fert per day

In simpler terms that some might visualise more easily, that is 75 rugby paddocks filled to the top of the goalposts. Each day.

Or 27,000 rugby paddocks per year filled to the top of the goalposts.

Now that is not a minor amount of bullshit. In fact it is a lot of cowshit.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Borrowing book charges

Recognising that in times of economic stringency there is a tendency to look for ways of raising funds for public services other than by taxation, the Association asserts that it is essential that a basic level of public library provision be retained in accordance with its Standards for Public Libraries, 2004:

1. Public libraries should be free and universally available.
2. Public library services should be available free of charge, except such charges as defined in the Standards.

The UNESCO Public Library Manifesto (1994) states that “Constructive participation and the development of democracy depend on satisfactory education as well as on free and unlimited access to knowledge, thought, culture and information.”

Public library usage in this country is amongst the highest in the western world and LIANZA opposes any limitations on access to collections by New Zealanders due to user charges.

So this is the official position for New Zealand public libraries.

Funny that. Things are done differently here on at 40S.
Tararua District Library provides public library services at four locations throughout the Tararua District.

There is an annual card fee of $10 for those 18 years and over, due in July. The card gives you full use of each of our four community libraries for the purpose of borrowing books

And obviously Tararua District Council public libraries are not members of LIANZA.

If it goes ahead, New Zealand and Denmark will be the only two countries to charge for library loans.

And TV One would do well to do some research before making claims that Tauranga charging would be in new territory charging for borrowing books.

In Tararua, it has been so for almost a decade. And is now considering removing the charge because their customers have plummeted to one third.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

'Rich Prick Farmers'

A familiar vocal refrain we hear from the opposition wanting to implement land taxes on top of current exorbitant local body taxes. Then on top of that, CGT for sales.

Not so rich it would seem. The local accountants have 10 years of benchmarking data to prove otherwise in tonight's Bush Telegraph (not online). It shows that the the last decade gave an average return of under 5% based on capital invested in land, plant and stock. You could get better returns putting your money in the bank and skipping the 0430 starts along with the 12 hour days.

The amount of capital tied up in farms in this benchmarked data has gone from $1M to $4.3M. An expensive option to be your own boss, the work is physically hard and you are always fighting the weather. Tons of readies via super-mortgages required to get into your chosen lifestyle, for absolutely piss poor returns.

And all the time on the outside, local councils regularly taking $10,000 a year or more in rates delivering zero services to the rural sector but wanting ever more. Outfits like the local Horizons Regional Council thieves wanting their extra cut with their 'One Plan', nothing but a 'consent to farm' about to hit farmers in the region but that's another story.

Along with all sorts of other vocal collectivists/progressives wanting more land taxes off the backbone of the economy for no input or risk, all the while screaming 'rich prick farmers'.

Goff joins NACTional in Cabinet reshuffle

These changes will help ensure that the Government continues its progress

Just joking about Fill-in Phil. Might as well be in the National's Cabinet, as NACTional continues headlong on its centrist pinko fence sitting do nothing path to oblivion.

Remember this piece of hypocrisy?

From not so long ago...
“Dr Brash’s lies may now be largely irrelevant, but Mr Key has a great deal of explaining to do before Monday morning. At this point there is no reason to believe anything other than that Mr Key was deeply involved in the campaign of deception and cover-up around the Exclusive Brethren’s role in the election campaign.”

Why New Zealand politicians spend so much time each year chasing certain types of religious votes whilst slamming other religions for expressing political views is hypocritical beyond belief.

the relationship with the Ratana movement, which was founded in 1936, was no "fad" and had stood the test of time

The head of the church, or Tumuaki, Haare Meihana, supports Labour. He does not advise followers to vote for Labour.

More hypocrisy in a similar vein by Liarbour's Phil Goff. You could bet your house tapping that support is the only reason the pollies turn up in the Wanganui backblocks to waste a weekend. What's the betting they do not turn up at your local EB or other God-botherers to garner your support. That's right, you are not the right sort.

HT Democracy Mum has a similar view.

Monday, January 25, 2010

If only they'd gone nuke a few years ago...

A minor scrub fire takes out Orklund's power supply. Of all farms for the power to fail on, it had to be this one.
High-voltage power lines fell onto trees near Tamihere, about 9km southeast of Hamilton, causing a scrub fire and power outage at around 3pm, a spokesperson for northern fire communications

Armed police were needed to help Transpower gain access to power lines over a Waikato farm after the landowner refused to let the company fix a major power fault this afternoon

If only they'd gone nuke a 50 years ago.
1000MW: In the 1960s the Government toyed with the idea of a nuclear power station in the Kaipara

The plans were well advanced for a nuke station on the shores of the Kaipara. But the ferally rabid tree huggers opted for a nuclear free Devonport.

Now two decades on, those in JafaLand are paying the price.
Auckland Mayor John Banks said the power cuts being experienced across Auckland were the result of "reckless management" by Transpower

You can almost smell the uranium on his breath.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

'Have a slice of watermelon'

Turei will pledge Green Party support "to help John Key's government take steps towards a fair and balanced tax system"

Now that is definitely one slice of watermelon no sane government should be consuming.
we support an open debate on how a comprehensive package, including a land tax, could help us to access the affordable housing we urgently need

there could not be a land tax without proper consideration of Maori land issues or land that is "ecologically sensitive"

will not support any package that includes cuts to the top levels of income tax or any increase in GST because these changes would exacerbate the differences between the rich and poor in our society

A slice of watermelon that is chock-full of goodies. Fishhooks, that is.

No doubt John Boy, in keeping with his precedent of jumping into bed at short notice with the racist separatists, will be calling tomorrow.

Well maybe Tuesday, it's a public holiday in Wellington tomorrow.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Quackery at 10.23

In the spirit of Jones late of Guyana, a group of skeptics is going to prove once and for all time that homeopathy is first order quackery.
In what is being billed as "rationalism's Kool-Aid moment", a mass "overdose" is being planned next week in protest at the marketing of homoeopathic medicines

Named after Avogadro's Constant, the 10.23 Group is going to overdose on homeopathic pills at 10.23 hours on Saturday 30th January.
they say their "overdose" will demonstrate that "these remedies, prepared according to a long-discredited 18th-century ritual, are nothing but sugar pills

Should be fun watching this unfold. Meanwhile Not PC has a video on the Homeopathic A&E.

Certainly sums up my views on the witchcraft and quackery of homeopathy.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Unintended consequences

Since nil depreciation is going to be a laaaaarge factor in the price you pay to rent my rental properties in the future, I look forward to all businesses bearing the brunt of the new taxes. Believe me, my rental business will recoup.

Rental properties will become like the proverbial hen's teeth for while whilst the suddenly underfunded investors take flight, but all the time will be value increasing. Jane and Joe Blow renter has to live somewhere and will pay whatever the market settles on.

For any change in rental property depreciation to be fair as the IRD mantra is 'It's our job to be fair', I look forward to all classes of appreciating assets having depreciation removed.

And a corresponding massive drop in my current land taxes (rates) as the depreciation component is removed from council assets and estates. After all, I have been funding the never ending black hole that was taken for depreciation, but spent on social engineering over recent past decades. Good to see all that will dry up without funds.

Bet the local gummint thieves did not consider this unintended consequence?

"The tax system is broken and needs to be fixed"

the tax system is broken and needs to be fixed

Damned right!

  • There are too many dole bludgers leeching off my taxes.
  • Too many bureaucrats stealing money from my wallet.
  • There is an ever increasing government spend.

And what is being done about it you may ask?
once-in a generation chance for New Zealand to get a world-class tax system , one that's set up to meet the challenges of the 21st century

Why nothing but increase the taxes.

I despair.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Granny Herald: FAIL

... making offensive and threatening gestures as the walked en massed towards the Park...

Could do better. Come on, you get paid to do it right. Everytime.

Surely should be '... they walked en masse...'

Standardisation of the standards at The Standard

would it really hurt to say “Zetetic at The Standard” rather than just “The Standard”

What a pedant. It is a lefty blog. It is 'The Standard', nothing more. Just like any other blog or newspaper.

This particular pedant is summed up well here.

"The pedant is he who finds it impossible to read criticism of himself without immediately reaching for his pen and replying to the effect that the accusation is a gross insult to his person. He is, in effect, a man unable to laugh at himself."Sigmund Freud, The Ego and the Id.

Shamelessly touting [Update]

Didn't Cameron do well this morning? First time I've ever watched the morning meme on the box. Thought he presented his case articulately.

To assist with Fundraising for Whaleoil’s legal defence against the 5 charges he faces for breaching name suppression

He also announced that he is opening a site (www.shame.co.nz) for donations to get him through the court cases he faces over breaking name suppression laws.

Has the Mayor of Wanganui, Michael Laws onboard,
if that is any help. I believe he has been previously charged with breaking a suppression order. [Update: Not convicted - Michael Laws was discharged without conviction with court costs of $250]

I do not believe the changes sought will assist the delivery of justice in New Zealand. Every person charged is innocent till proven guilty and name suppression is part of that. Post trial, if convicted, the suppression immediately lifted.

Good luck Cameron with your touting for donations.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Unproductive want general wage order

Granny Herald has been asking the unwashed about lifting the minimum wage from $12.50 for zero increase in productivity. Not suprisingly the respondents are in favour of more taxpayer-funded largesse.
these people are on the bottom of the food chain and should be supported to get an increment

The Maori Party, Green Party and Labour all support the $15 level

As expected, the usual suspects are there with their hands out awaiting a hefty increase. More than ever ready to steal from actual taxpayers. The bludgers continue to expand.
Council of Trade Unions president Helen Kelly said the CTU had made a submission to the Government calling for $15, which she believed was affordable

No wonder unions support $15, where else would they get a 20% general wage order.

I support nil increase and total removal of any minimum wage. Someone has to do the menial jobs for piss-poor rates. That is what drives workers to upskill themselves or increase their productivity.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Voodoo science: "Was not supported by any formal research"

Something which Al Gorebull, IPCC and a few warmists have yet to get into their thick skulls.
has since admitted that the claim was "speculation" and was not supported by any formal research.

If confirmed it would be one of the most serious failures yet seen in climate research.

As the conned UN continues its unwavering march to the global new world order and the attendant serfdom for all, another 'scientist' from the sub-continent puts his hand up as the heat goes on.
Rajendra Pachauri, the IPCC chairman, has previously dismissed criticism of the Himalayas claim as "voodoo science"

Seems Himalayan glaciers will not be disappearing within 25 years. Just was pure speculation in a magazine that the Institute of Political Climate Conmen (IPCC) based its message of doom upon.

Amazing how their 'science' really is voodoo.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Every night I pray to my Mum

Will this country keep an eye out for me in years to come?

Even though my injuries aren’t as bad as some?

It’s been six months since being blown up and I still can’t walk,

Therefore sometimes the only thing left for me to do is simply talk.

It’s looking like another year before I will be able to walk without a stick,

It’s almost like laying the foundations for my life again, brick by brick.

It’s a year of my life lost when I am supposed to be having so much fun.

Instead though I’m being told that I will never ever be able to run.

Something so simple like getting a shower,

Is now taking me the best part of an hour.

To make things a little more complicated there’s a chunk missing out of my right thigh,

I can’t help looking down at my scarred body sometimes thinking ‘why?’

So away from my right leg and on to my left foot big toe,

Some shrapnel has damaged the nerves and whether it will work again, they don’t know.

It’s a good job I don’t really care about what people say or think,

Because I have got so many scars, people stare so much I sometimes have to remind them to blink.

Scars on both my forearms now visible for the world to see,

I suppose now I have accepted them as a new part of me.

But it’s the scars that people can’t see that I am more worried about.

The scars in my head that make me want to scream and shout!

The scars and memories that sometimes wake me up at night.

Sometimes so angry, all I want to do is fight.

Fighting and anger I should have got out the way in Cyprus decompression,

But I never got to do that, so now here is a question…

What will happen to someone like me whose tour of Afghan is lasting for two years?

Will they take into account all my tears and fears?

When the day comes, when all this fighting and anger wants to come out,

When I lose my rag and scream and shout,

When I flip the lid and lose control,

Punch by punch I am digging myself a deeper hole.

But I sincerely hope that day doesn’t come,

So every night I pray to my Mum.

And ask her to take care of me, like so many times before,

Because I know she’s the one who saved me that day, of that I’m sure.

Now I don’t want or need your pity. In fact I am doing quite well,

As I have my loved ones around me and there no real need to dwell.

As this is just a poem to say how I feel inside,

And as for the minute I am taking things in my stride.

But there are a lot of lads who are not as open as me,

And I can’t see them all turning to poetry.

So watch this space, as I predict

A lot more anger and pain coming from this ongoing conflict.

from BLESMA looking for assistance, via The Inquiring Mind

and my comment below

A fine piece which reminded me of the recently late wife’s uncle who lost both legs to a mine in WWII whilst a Major in the UK Army. North Africa I think. He was involved in BLESMA over the years. I will never forget the look on my kids faces when their beloved Uncle Sid took off his legs to go to bed.

A true hero who was always ‘taking things in my stride’, never revealing ‘The scars in my head that make me want to scream and shout!, The scars and memories that sometimes wake me up at night. ‘.

Those are truly the heroes.

The side of war that it is obvious, but hidden.

Friday, January 15, 2010

'Twas to be the year of the militant unionised

Not so.
Prime Minister John Key criticised his "negative and divisive" approach

Mr Key said he "utterly rejected" Mr Harawira's version of New Zealand history

There were some times when we came under major strain

Ms Bennett said yesterday the policy should not have come as a surprise as it was in National's manifesto and she had discussed it with Maori Affairs Minister Pita Sharples

The split is in with NACTional's racist separatist partner. The honeymoon is well and truly over. Has John Boy been paying close attention to his inbox on his holiday reading? Telling the junior partner the lolly scramble is over. You've got your flag and you want more?

I daresay the militant unionised are still out there, just biding their time. Hard to find that issue to ignite the unions when the current government is pinker than than the previous one.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wanted: 360 Degree Feedback

Along similar lines to Not PC, readers are invited to provide feedback on this blogger.

Positive and negative comments, along with fatwas or the like, are welcomed, but may or may not elicit a reply. Should you really want to snivel, a cheap red will do.

All yours.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Normal council service, business as usual

The sky is falling as Rodney Hide pulls the plug on council owned water supplies and heads for privatisation.
would allow councils to contract out water and wastewater to private companies for 35 years. Worse, it would allow private companies to own and control water supply

There's those dreaded NACTional words again. Not only will he eat your babies, but we are to have more stuff privatised. Warnings, such as below are dire.
Not only have many councils and governments had to deal with a community of people struggling to pay their water bills but they also faced budget overruns, sloppy service, erosion of environmental standards, public health crises and corruption

So service wont be any different from what we get from councils now? Business as usual I'd say.

Get on with it Rodders. Anything that cuts the feral socialists and watermelon greenies that infest councils out of the loop to provide core services is good in my book. I look forward to dealing with a capitalist company without the cost-inflationary social engineering.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

'Police want to destroy my loudhailer'

described the move as "pathetic" and said it would be opposed

Would it be truthful to suggest that some might wish for more than your loudhailer to be destroyed?

Pass me a bloody big shovel.

such action in defiance of a court order was irresponsible

More criminal actions along the same lines? As if the hole wasn't big enough already.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Caring people

But, like most things, a good thing has come out of this incident. The Ady Gil, that maritime monument to green hypocrisy, is not very seaworthy at the bottom of the sea. Building a speed boat out of autoclave-baked carbon fibre and powering it with a poor country’s food supply isn’t going to help the planet or humanity.

Disregard that last paragraph. I mistook Greenpeace for people who care.

Opinionated Mummy sums up proceedings in the Southern Ocean. Well worth a read.

Friday, January 08, 2010

1-0 to Japs

One down, two to go.

To insure or not to insure?

The hoary New Year paper fillers are out in force of late. Last week it was academics spouting hot air on this and lot of discredited that telling us what is supposedly good for us and not good for us.

Today's topic is another contentious issue, compulsory motor vehicle insurance.

The question is: Should we be forced to carry mandatory MV 3rd party insurance? For example, as is so in the UK?

I personally remain unconvinced any insurance is required to drive a motor vehicle. Saying that I have one vehicle insured, purely because of its replacement value, the other an uninsured road legal hack, of little value and used locally. Having insurance in one vehicle doesn't make me suddenly change my driving habits as I swap to the other.

Today's filler suggests 93% already have MV insurance. I suspect that is because a lot of vehicles will be on drip-feed/leases and such inusrance will be mandatory. Others suggest the government should take note of public opinion making it compulsory for the 7% that cannot or like myself choose not to insure, after assessing the risk. My driving record suggests that risk is very low after 40 years plus. I daresay the government will not act upon public opinion after the anti-smacking farce where 88% said no, but they did nothing.

I personally feel the subject is the insurance companies touting for more business. What of the driver who ploughs pissed into your pride and joy? Will your mandatory 3rd party cover you then? I daresay not. How about those that cannot get insurance or those of the 7% without licences?

New Zealand is very different to other countries as the personal injury component of 3rd party insurance is removed via a hideously expensive separately ACC tax rorted from drivers when renewing their MV registration. Also we have a stringent bi-annual vehicle inspection requirement unlike other countries. The suggested 3rd party MV insurance will only be to cover vehicle repair costs.

Countries that have compulsory MV insurance do not have any marked drop in the number of accidents or crashes. So why is the New Zealand government so intent on flogging this more? Following the money trail, I'd say to line the pockets of their insurance mates.

The question remains: To insure or not to insure? I say absolutely, NO.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

[Update] Pirates drive under ship's bow in Antarctic seas

[UPDATE 2009 01 07] YouTube removed original video. New link here.

As expected with disastrous results as terrorists intent on piracy in a carbon fibre chilly bin meets cold steel.

Looking at the wake, what I see is Ady Gil sped up, without changing course, attemting to cross the bow of the Jap ship underway at speed, failing to take any evasive action to avoid a collision at sea.

On the other hand the Jap ship veered hard-to-port to avoid the collision.

1-0 to Japs against pirates. Well done.

I fully agree with BBoy - the Antarctic oceans are not the place to arguing legalities. The Jap ship is going about its lawful business.

As commented over at Roarprawn.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A milestone - Cheers

50,000 page loads crossed tonight. Dec '07 to Jan '10.

Actually would be slightly more, started in May '07, no counter till Dec '07.

Sometimes it feels like shouting into the void, but hey, blogging is fun.


Revising Resolutions

"most terrorist suspects are going to be natural blondes, ages 18-26."

Burlington Express

Principled or attention seeking?

I admire a blogger taking a principled stand on name suppression laws, I get the feeling that the current stance of Cam Slater at WOBH is going to end in tears.

I wish to state that this blogger does not support what on the face of it appears to be criminal action. I do feel here are other ways of getting message through without breaking laws, however tenuous the claim the publishing of cryptic pictures might be as not breaking name suppression laws.

Mr Plod is out to make an example. It may temporarily make Cam's blog number one in New Zealand, but any gain will be short-lived if jailed as a scapegoat. How is Twitter coverage in the depths of Mt Eden these days?

It will be an interesting case to follow, bound to be fully tweeted and blogged blow by blow.
No precedences that I know of. Who knows he might get lucky and get off on a technicality. God help us if that happens - Whale holier than thou, in our faces as the blogger hero.

Pssts! Wanna buy an election?

the party lacked the “big money and big charisma”

No it is not Liarbour in New Zealand out of readies.

But its sibling in Gordonistan is ripe for plucking. Any largish donation about now could buy access to the highest realms of British government.

Why not do what the corrupt bastards in Liarbour did in NZ - flog taxpayer money buying the 2005 election, then pass retrospective legislation validating the fraud.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Grazing is truly amazing

Even more remarkably, their production is now being seen as part of a land management system that benefits the planet. Though methane from ruminant animals undoubtedly adds to greenhouse gases, they can play a far more important role in cutting carbon dioxide.

Less than a month ago leading up to Nohopenhagen, who'd have thought that someone would be uttering such heresy? As an aside, not that I am into the flat-earther greenie view of greenhouse gases or the like at all.
The evidence is stacking up that meat and dairy foods from animals grazing fresh pasture are healthier than the grain-fed versions. Pasture-fed beef and lamb contain higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants such as vitamin E. Pasture-fed meat and milk are also rich in a remarkable compound known as CLA, which protects against many cancers and heart disease.

Who would have thought that belching and farting pasture fed beasts could be good for you?
Scientists have long been aware of grassland’s ability to capture or “sequester” carbon. Grass leaves take in carbon dioxide from the air, converting it to sugars by photosynthesis. Some of the resulting carbon compounds are transferred to the roots and released into the soil through the normal cycles of growth and decay.

Well, I never.

Today a group of US farmers are discovering that they can build up those same high levels of soil carbon under their own pastures. The key is to get their cattle to mimic the behaviour of the wild bison herds. As a defence against predators, these herds packed closely together and were constantly moving. This meant that each patch of grassland was trampled and grazed hard, then left to recover for weeks or months until the grazing herd returned.

Under this regime the soil carbon store builds rapidly, as today’s farmers are now discovering. They call it “mob grazing”.

Ever seen what that trampled piece of mud in the winter paddock looks like next spring? No pests, having all been trampled, fully fertilised, it is the most lush area of a paddock next year. Yes Sir, a number of farms do that here in New Zealand but it is frowned upon because the mud leaches into waterways. A careful balance is required, enough to do the mob grazing bit, then move on.
Using electric fences, farmers split their pastures into a large number of small paddocks. Putting their cattle into each paddock in turn, they graze it off quickly before moving the herd to the next. US farmers report that their animals stay very healthy on this grazing regime, putting on weight fast. At the same time the soil quickly becomes more fertile as it accumulates carbon compounds.

Pasture feeding has long been advocated in New Zealand - it is what we do best - producing grass for grazing.
It’s the fastest way to sequester carbon, collect solar energy, and rebuild soil.

Grazing is truly amazing.

The full article is well worth a read, whilst you next tuck into that pasture fed steak with a clear conscience.

Gov 2.0 - SeeClickFix

Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist and a customer-service guru, was riding on a public train in San Francisco, California, recently when something common but annoying occurred: The railcar filled with people and became uncomfortably hot.

If the inconvenience had happened a few years ago, Newmark said he would have just gone on with his day -- maybe complaining about the temperature to a friend.

But this was 2009, the age of mobile technology, so Newmark pulled out his iPhone, snapped a photo of the train car and, using an app called "SeeClickFix," zapped an on-the-go complaint, complete with GPS coordinates, straight to City Hall.

"A week or so later I got an e-mail back saying, 'Hey, we know about the problem and we're going to be taking some measures to address it,' " he said.

Something we would never see here or get to work in New Zealand. A government department or local council shouldering responsibility.
Instead of people saying, 'Well, it's the government's job to fix that' ... people are taking ownership and saying, 'Hey, wait a minute. Government is us. We are government. So let's take a responsibility and start changing things ourselves.

About as much chance of John Key getting something like this included in a Super City.
For some cities and for some governments I could understand that transition can be a scary thing, ... But we feel like it makes governments more accountable, and it makes them function better

Room for an entrepreneur here. Unfortunately, each of the councils and government departments will cry foul on compatibility. INCIS, anyone?

With such a program nationwide, I feel that I could easily forward pics of all those potholes on the short road into town to the Tararua Mayor to see if they elicit a response like an actual repair. Some of those potholes
have been repeatedly and annually remarked for repair with white paint for the past decade. The only things that have grown is the number and size of the potholes. Who knows, even the ones opposite her house recently remarked may even get repaired with such an entrepreneurial application.

Anything that makes government function better with a whole lot less of it in my face and wallet is good in my book.

Unfortunately, here in New Zealand, the whitewash is the repair.

In the wrong place

Marquel was seated next to his mother, Nathalee, while those in the church waited for a 12:30 a.m. concert to begin. Then, those in the sanctuary heard a loud pop. It was almost like the sound of a balloon.

Instantly, Marquel was on the floor, and he was bleeding.

A 4 year boy is killed by a stray bullet whilst with his mum at a New Years Eve service.
Investigators returned to the church later Friday, where they discovered the point of entry for the bullet: in the roof of the church. Phipps said police believe someone fired a celebratory shot into the air, and it went through the roof on its way down.

The next time Marquel returns to his family's church, it will be for his funeral.

An unbelievably sad way for a family to bring in the new year.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

And they want re-election?

Three Labour MPs being investigated for expenses fraud are arguing that they should not be prosecuted because their suspect claims are covered by parliamentary privilege.

The MPs have hired legal experts to assert that the 1689 Bill of Rights protects them from prosecution.

Some just do not know when to zip it.
contend that the House of Commons rule book on expenses is “privileged” and cannot be subject to scrutiny by the courts

Above the law, eh?

We'll see what the voters say about that.

One born every minute

I never suspected it was Telecom.

You think when you give them money they are going to use it properly

As if Telecom would use your money for anything else than providing crap service...

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Mayor favours arson to restore community

The Christchurch 'house of horrors' is no more.

And its disappearance off the landscape is a huge relief, according to city mayor Bob Parker

Unbelievable. A New Zealand mayor favours arson attempting to restore a community. He has been vocally supportive of the building's destruction from day one. Especially since ferals torched it on more than one occasion.

Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker described an earlier fire as a "turning point" for the community

That house was owned by someone, whether the taxpayer via being a state house or privately. I daresay neither will be compensated for the loss of their property by state-mandated arson.

A most foul turning point indeed when the Christchurch Mayor endorses arson.

Friday, January 01, 2010

A couple of reminders

To those of you all taking a hard earnt break from your long suffering support of the New Zealand system of theft taxation, have a good holiday and a prosperous New Year. Be careful out there, God knows we need real workers in the workforce.

And for those of you leeching and bludging from that same system, mark your calendars well. It is only 364 days till that Westie bitch makes you re-apply for a further cut of the taxpayer's largesse. I look forward to you joining the real workforce.

Belated welcomes

To new (or renewed) bloggers.

To two respected bloggers who thought they could take break, but the primal urge was too much. Monkey and IV2 I welcome you back.

To the new kid on the block with attitude.

Glad to have you onboard the 'sphere.

Plagiarism continues

A regular Maori stirrer academic has written a paper filler for Stuff this morning.

Of note is the fact that the topic and commentary is regurgitated tripe other sources wrote about the subject earlier in the month.

Stereotypes? Must be something with the warrior gene and plagiarism.

Feeling motivated?

A motivational pic, especially for all of you with a thumping great hangover and a New Year's resolution.

Tomorrow, there is always tomorrow.