Friday, September 30, 2011

Flying PIGS spotted in the South Pacific

the downgrading of New Zealand's credit rating is "ugly"

As Smile and Wave puts off the evil day of reckoning till he has his hand firmly on the tiller post-election, a couple of ratings agencies don't like seeing PIGS airborne in the South Pacific and suggest we are the next porker for the chopping block.

How's that 'booming' Chinese economy and all that borrowing on the taxpayer tab looking now John Boy?

This thing wants to be an MP?

Mr Bott said innocent pupils were routinely singled out for random drug searches, which were "deemed OK by virtue of their age and the fact that they're compelled to attend the school".

"Most citizens would not be prepared to accept random searching at will by police. It's offensive to the Bill of Rights Act to have random searching without proper cause."

It is high time his precious source of employment, the BORA, was amended to reflect the rights of real New Zealanders. Not the rights of a few willing to go against the grain dealing drugs and pushing a civil liberties barrow when caught. In my view, routine or not so random searches do not impinge on anyone's perceived rights.

Mr Plod, you have a job to do as tasked by the law on drugs. Do it, stop playing politics.

The fact that kids are a captive audience does not make one bit of difference. They need hardening up for real world workplace drug testing for employment. This woolly thinking is exactly why the drugged up yoof of today figure high in unemployment stats. Too scared of failing the requisite workplace drug tests. I suppose this thing would also argue that a workplace has a captive audience, thus is not random testing and would affect some drugged up co-workers' right to peddle drugs in the workplace.

This thing wants to be the Liarbour MP in my electorate? IMHO, lawyers dabbling in such trade rate exactly where I rate MPs. Something I wouldn't waste my time scraping off my gumboots.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The VSM farce has ended

At 2042 the VSM bill passed its 3rd reading. At last tertiary students in New Zealand are free of the yoke of compulsory unionism. And free of funding Liarbour through student unions.

Well done Heather Roy.

Quote of Day

Roy was rolled by Hide

Hide was rolled by Brash

Brash is probably rolling something as we speak...

from Shearer - Liarbour - VSM 3rd reading

One word answer

Coronation Street, which airs on Tuesday and Thursday for an hour, will now be shown at 5.30pm for half an hour every day

SWMBO, an avid and longtime fan of such nauseating fare, being of kipper descent, replied to an emailed link on this very article from work. With one word.

A word unfit for your consumption Dear Readers.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

Compulsion? Liarbour can't resist

a "bigger, better" KiwiSaver

I'd like to see the situation where you had a universal savings programme in New Zealand as soon as that could be achieve

Liarbour offers yet more compulsion after the CGT trouncing.

When will it learn that more taxes and endless compulsion is not the answer?

It must be afternoon, the dopeheads are up

As the final ACT scene is played out, head boy, an economics whiz(zer), floats the idea 'Hey voters, we could save $0000.1 billion in a $60,000,000,000.00 budget". Yep, that PR worked, got the unwashed noticing ACT in its death throes, as the party Prez squashes that pipe dream.

Like clockwork, the dopeheads arise from their addled slumber and peruse the Stuff news of the day. And the "Do you support the decriminalisation of Mary Jane?" daily vox pop quiz that noticeably went from 60% plus against mid morning to 60% for after lunch.

It must be afternoon.

Council seeks rooster's owners after RWC match ...

There's only one rooster awaiting giveaway in the hen house that is Jafaland Council.

The number one 'in da house' cock that has thankfully gone awfully quiet since McCully showed him the chopping block a couple of weeks ago.

The connotations that spring forth from headlines...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

You have to be bloody joking!

I hope one of the things we do after this tournament is to give ourselves the confidence to have another shot

Tew, rugby union chief executive, said all bets were now off

All right for those who are a having the time of their lives dining on all the VIP freebies on taxpayer and ratepayer tabs. All in the name of the national game, whilst being reminded at every turn 'it is good for you'.

I did not watch the opening, have not watched one game to date, am heartily sick of rugby this, rugby that, the endless displays of supposed native culture, embarrassing for everyone, but will be forced to pay for a wanton waste of money on this extravaganza for the next decade or more.

While the rest of the global economy tanks, New Zealand ratepayers throw hundreds of millions into stadia so a private company can hold their overpriced, over-hyped festivals of on-paddock thuggery free of charge.

And they want us to do it all over again? Get bloody real!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Green hypocrisy exposed

Been over looking at some comments on Stuff as the latest astroturfers, the Greens, are thoroughly exposed this week. By their own lying to media.

I think the woman in Waikato who lied to the newspaper has exposed the Green party for what they are: no better or worse than any other political party. And it is a lie, if you are asked if you have political connections and you say you don't, but your partner is a Green candidate, then that is a blatant lie.

The 'holier than thou' Greens have been exposed for what they really are.

burgeoning influence of media managers within the Greens

Just another political party vying for votes with lies, smoke and mirrors, saying one thing, doing another.

Liarbour sides with criminals

Labour says it will not support the Government's proposed legal patch-up to enable police to undertake covert video surveillance

Took the fence sitting Fill-in-Phil a week, but he has put his stake in the ground.

He favours the criminals. Liarbour was always soft on law and order.

He would do well to remember it was poorly written Liarbour legislation that caused this problem.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


The Government will overrule a decision by New Zealand's highest court on the Urewera terror raids

The new law will be applied retrospectively which means no trials are likely to be aborted and offenders would have no ground to appeal their convictions

Abhorrent? The thought that toerags in train for conviction could get off on such a technicality is abhorrent. Even more abhorrent is the thought that others could appeal or slip through the net.

You know that when the rabid hooooman rights campaigners like I/S at NRT, Locke, and some QC living off legal aid gravy train scream blue murder the gummint has the laws spot on. We need more affirmative action like this. At last maybe a gummint showing spine.

Retrospective you say? Excellent! Hope those terrorists have sobered up after last week's post getting off pissup.

Can't wait for the upcoming bleats to the UN. "No, Sir, We were just camping... but our human rights are being trod on." Take them down!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Community notice: Get your hard hats on

the 35-foot-long satellite is in an orbit that crosses over six continents and three oceans.

NASA said it was not yet possible to pinpoint just where in that zone the debris would land, but the agency predicts pieces could scatter over a 500-mile-wide region.

Time to wear your hard hat as 6 tons of space junk (ex climate change satellite) comes to land somewhere near you about 23rd September. Travelling at about 5 miles/sec.

For those of you out there that read data from such devices and twist the stats into anthropogenic climate Armageddon, no need to take any action, your tinfoil hat will provide the necessary protection...

Judge allows terrorists to walk

Police did not hide the fact of filming to the judge who granted the search warrants but the judge's implication in activity beyond the lawful authority of the police was another troubling feature of the case

So meanwhile the Police using normal processes are made out to be criminals in this case of 'murder and mayhem'. And would be terrorists get off scot free.

Fault lies squarely with the useless Judiciary looking to cover one of their own incompetents.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Appeal on technicality gets terrorists off [update]

footage captured by police shows the group carrying out military training exercises in 2006 and 2007

So it was nothing to do with the lack of terrorists or the law as written. It was the coppers spiked on a technicality. IMHO all remain forever tarnished with the original charge of being terrorists.

No wonder there has been no hurry to make changes to the anti-terrorism laws. What an absolute cock-up.

there seems to be no question that the police did act throughout in the genuine belief that the group's leaders at least posed a real threat to public safety if they were not investigated and stopped

Says it all. That threat remains extant today with these separatists.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sick Sick Sick!

The stone read:

"Dedicated September 11, 2011. 10 Year Anniversary."

... followed by the six names of the mayor, committee members and township administrator

Totally crass. A vicious stab in the heart for 9/11 families from those that infest local bureaucracies.

Off for a spot of weekend camping...

the objectives of the group were one or more of: murder, arson, intentional damage, endangering transport, wounding with intent, aggravated wounding, discharging a firearm, using a firearm against a law enforcement officer, or kidnapping.

All four were charged with 12 counts of illegally possessing firearms and offensive weapons including shotguns, military-style rifles and Molotov cocktails.

Just what terrorists require for a spot of camping in the back of beyond?

Yeah bloody right!

NIMBY zealots to pay for their day in court

the appellants made a full-scale assault on the 2000 district plan scheduling of the tavern

even trying to stop Judge Thompson from sitting on the Environment Court to hear the appeal

The fact that an organisation might struggle to meet an award was not a disqualifying factor

Excellent news.

The warning is: Fail in your zealous anti-development crusades and you will pay.

Whilst ferals like greenies have bottomless coffers filled by the boundless deluded and unwashed, this ruling will stop the local NIMBY contingents riding their hobby horses into court

punishing costs can be awarded against not-for-profit societies

An excellent day in court for developers. Should have been done years ago.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Someone's lying: I wonder who paid for the ticket?

General secretary of the National Distribution Union, Robert Reid, said he was behind Mr Williamson throughout the international in the VIP area

Indeed. Someone is telling porkies. No doubt a name will surface. But the question is why would a NDU Secretary need to be in the retinue of VIPs?

More to the point, who gave a unionist a VIP invite? And who paid for it? Or, as is more likely, was he 'entitled'?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Waterfront 60 Years On: Unionised locked out again [update]

The Government will use special powers under Rugby World Cup legislation to take control of the Auckland waterfront

You'd think they'd learn. With Liarbour flunkies again proving themselves unable to take the skin off a rice pudding, the National government again mans up to the plate and puts the unionised in their place. Same as 60 years ago when the unionised were previously reminded of their place on the waterfront.

No wonder the boy reported the meeting this morning as 'convivial' when in truth he was probably carpeted.

Some might say lockout possibly may not work in National's favour as now doubt every lefty and unionist in JafaLand will board the trains looking to press emergency buttons...

Closing ranks

“A lot of people have known about this for a while now and I think it speaks badly of you that you’d make a big deal out of what is a pretty sad situation”

And it speaks badly that players like yourself IB, always close to the action, yet again are so willing to try to hide the never ending corruption and taxpayer fraud that seems to abound in NZ politics with ‘Nothing to see here, move along, poor chap was entitled to sustained theft, having a rough day of it’.

One day I hope we might see political players without their fingers in the till, funding their possibly principled stands on issues from their own pockets, not the taxpayer’s. But whilst current players on both sides remain happy to openly rort the taxpayer, they should not be so surprised when the weight of the commentariat nails them.

Good on you Danyl for broaching this as a lefty.

A comment that I left at Dim Post. And Danyl, a lefty, is getting slammed by his own, such as Irish Bill, for daring to speak out.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Liarbour Staffer: Caught with fingers in the till

Labour Party member and former Parliamentary staffer Sonny Thomas has admitted taking $4183.90 from his boss Phil Twyford

Par for the course. I'd expect nothing else from Liarbour. Stems from a decade of corruption that flowed from the ninth floor.
I am still fully committed to the Labour Party who have been incredibly supportive

Although, 'talented' was not the description I would have used with that mugshot.

Nevermind, a standard SOP for Liarbour. Deny, deny, deny until cornered.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Desperately looking for someone to blame

Aucklanders are reminded to have a game plan for getting around as Rugby World Cup 2011 kicks off with the biggest party the city has seen

So said the press release issued way back on 4th September.

The blame game continues. A report has been called for - two days away - time to let the whitewash dry. The head tool has blamed his operators of the trains.

Some might say blame the Minister.
Comprehensive plans are in place for getting 60,000 people to the Opening Ceremony and match at Eden Park

But he had Len's confidence matters were all in hand. Exuberant overconfidence that proved useless under real pressure. So much so he legged it to the game with his chauffeur.

Sixty thousand people were transported by trains yesterday, four times the amount usually travelling on a Friday. Veolia had planned for 30,000.

''We planned for twice as many people, in fact we had four times as many people.

So where else. "We never planned to move this many... 30,000 max". Obviously ARTA does not talk to Veolia.
The central city is expected to be very busy, with more than 50,000 downtown for the Opening Night event and 60,000 fans heading to Eden Park at peak time for commuters

I say bollocks to those that misquote the numbers to be shifted. Have a look at the September press release still up on the ARTA site. A "last reviewed" Thursday press release - they knew they expected to shift 60,000 plus by train at the last minute. And gave tons of warning.

No Mr Mayor, there is only one place to lay the blame for this total failure. Now man up or resign.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tool blames operators

I'll be taking the train in future

would "step up to the plate" to address problems experienced by public transport users

Brown expressed confidence in train operator Veolia and blamed Auckland's ancient rail stock

A poor operator blames his tools. Nothing wrong by all reports with the actual trains, just the management, schedule and logistics of moving 60000 people a couple of KM. And as you so confidently stated, "I've had major oversight of this ... project to make sure everything is done right and I am very confident".

Too late to be looking to ditch the chauffeur. The only train you need to take "
I'll be taking the train in future" Len is the resignation train, leaving Britomart forthwith.

Brown said he would not want travellers left "out of pocket"

Yep, just add the compo to the long suffering ratepayers tab. I'll roll over and you can tickle my belly too.

FAILED: "... too big for Auckland"

  • This has been badly, badly, badly planned
  • It's a mess ... The event is too big for Auckland
  • The trains have been unbelievably bad
  • Frustrated passengers at Britomart station began chanting, "We want trains, we want trains", as they waited
  • Police warned people to stay away from the city centre
  • At least 2000 missed the ceremony as trains backed up on the tracks
  • Huge crowds built up at Britomart station in the central city as people waited for hours to catch a train home
  • Ended in anger and frustration as the city's public transport let them down

Punters are really pissed as Len's overhyped big event chokes at birth. And his much touted saviour of all, public transport fails in the starting blocks.

Awash in ratepayer and taxpayer cash for this event, Auckland City fails miserably at big event management.

Meanwhile Len parties on oblivious to the chaos around him. And is chauffeured to the stadium.
The world is in the house. Oh yeah!

Couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery, a total fail.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Highlights for the big occasion

The world cup rip-off shafting ratepayers and taxpayers nationwide.

Now you really start paying for the hype.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Survey out for new round of JAFA Council extortion

Just received the latest survey available online for the JAFA council.

Asking to justify their existence for the next 10 years on how their
extortionate funding request is to be extracted from the long suffering JAFA ratepayer. Services which reduce each year in direct proportion to the annual tax increase.

I've attached my tuppence worth below.

Council has to immediately slash costs instead of ramping rates every year. The cost-plus mentality has to go and the books balanced. Draft annual plans are nothing but an excuse for every 'nice to have' loony idea like rail links and walkways over the bridge to be listed for future funding by Joe Ratepayer.

Start by sheeting home the all expenditure on arts, sports facilities and funding public transport to user pays. As for central government's social engineering on the ratepayer tab, that should be stopped forthwith - give the bill to central government. Council's core job is water, parks, road maintenance, rubbish and a few other minor details like generic community facilities. Nothing else is required, certainly not the green wash that is public transport and pie-in-the-sky rail links to nowhere. It also excludes the precious unelected undemocratic race based elements that infest our councils at hideous increased expense. Along with the NIMBY contingent that oppose most private developments through every court in the land without fear of being charged ratepayer costs upon failure of their cause.

Only when the books are balanced will Joe Ratepayers like myself might see some value for the over $2000 extorted annually in property taxes. Start by telling those looking for a ratepayer handout to bugger off and go elsewhere.

You can enrol via email for the surveys here. Get registered and have your say.

But be aware, like all those that infest local and central government, they'll not take any notice of your concerns.

Another succumbs to terminal disease

moving to STV would better align the council with the Waikato District Health Board elections

Let's do it because some other undemocratic cabal of minorities has already exposed themselves to the disease of STV? That makes real sense.

Another council is about to succumb to the terminal disease of unrepresentative democracy where minorities get to control the dog. In this evolutionary world there is only one winner in life, that of First Past the Post.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Nov 27th: The morning after hangover

“I don't understand,” stammers the MP, “yesterday I was here and there was a golf course and clubhouse, and we ate lobster and caviar, drank champagne, and danced and had a great time. Now there’s just a wasteland full of filth and my friends are being tormented . What’s happened?”

An old but good warning Dear Readers, the perils of voting for more of the same.

More of the same such as NACTional or even worse, Liarbour or some other feral leftards.

Kicking rocks

Someone kicked a rock and look what crawled out. Demanding ''look the Separatists Party are still here' ! And an apology, with taxpayer money.

Pita Sharples this morning repeated his call for an apology and compensation

If only the previous government had got its legislation right, all 18 terrorists would breaking rocks rather than chucking them today at Mr Plod. Liarbour proven yet again to be unfit for government.

If only.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Eco loon has radical wish list

defines ecocide as the "extensive destruction, damage to or loss of ecosystem(s) of a given territory, whether by human agency or by other causes, to such an extent that peaceful enjoyment by the inhabitants of that territory has been severely diminished"

One can only imagine should such vivid eco-loonery be let loose, backed by legislation, upon our local government Gestapo.

Hohepa Bloggs, You have been adjudged by a court of your peers at the local council, who are charged with the power of general competence, to have caused ecocide. Take him down!

In the same league as climate change adherents. Certifiable.

And he is not surprised?

New Zealand's universities are continuing to lose ground against their international rivals

In the end you get what you pay for

Average Joe Blow would certainly wonder if the recent rants from the hallowed halls are worth funding at all.

Monday, September 05, 2011

$900M Goof? - Doing the number twist

Figures prepared by his office show the companies paid $900m to the Government in the year to June 30

The gummint wants to sell off 49% of some assets. Assets gummint should not own at all. In my book 49% of that dividend is $450M or thereabouts. We'd still get the other half.
Phil Goof shows voters yet again why his numbers prove Liarbour unfit for government anytime soon.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Housing NZ caves into gangs

Housing New Zealand has dropped a $1 million legal bid to evict three women with Mongrel Mob connections

Indeed. The well resourced Housing NZ proves the law is utterly useless as New Zealand is lost to the gangs. One wonders why Mr Plod gets out of bed each day.

What chance does a private landlord stand in evicting gang filth and their enablers?