Tuesday, February 27, 2018

National MP's: Wrong f*cking answer!

There was only ever one correct answer to today's question.

Bridges is the wrong choice to get this voter's attention. 

As as for your choice of deputy...

Time for JC to break right and ditch the Nat wets.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Would be thieves squabbling over spoils

A heads up for any Nats squabbling over the spoils after the useless Mr Double Dipper departs for Dipton.

To get my vote you'll need to continue where Don Brash left off before the nice Mr Key shafted him.  And you'll need to stop being leftards chasing votes.  Get back to the right of centre and adopt all the party principles that you've abandoned over the past decade.

He also believed being Maori meant he had broad appeal.

"I understand my whakapapa. As a minister, I've spent a lot of time with iwi. This is something I understand the interest in."

In my book, pretender to the throne Bridges has soiled his dance card already today rabbitting on about 'iwi relations and lineage'.  Coleman, the other one sitting in the wings without declaring his intent is not an option.  Too smarmy for my liking.  The others - forget it!  You're not in the game.

The country needs someone with business experience and the balls to put archaic union practices and natives with their endless 'full and final' handouts in their places.  Kowtowing to minorities using race as your calling card will only lead to apartheid.  We've just had a decade of your Finlayson doing just that.

I see JC currently being the only option to get my well right of centre vote, but we haven't heard from her on those crucial topics.

You've got 30 months to get my vote.

Friday, February 02, 2018