Thursday, July 31, 2014

Well that's that then

The latest Roy Morgan survey puts Labour at 30 per cent, up 6.5 percentage points on the same poll two weeks ago. National was down 5 percentage points at 46 per cent, its lowest level in the poll since May

One rogue poll and we can say goodbye to wasted opportunity. 

A wasted opportunity you say?   Imagine where New Zealand might be today with minimal welfare and one law for all.  The Nats had it all, but blew it, failing to take an axe to socialism and welfare, borrowing heavily to pay its way.

A healthy lead in three elections but the Nats abandoned long held cherished principles for power at any cost.  All the previous socialist settings are still in place, they added a few of their own as they moved further left and now we will all pay as the multi-headed leftie hydra will take power this time around.

Kiwis deserve everything coming our way.  A full on dose of socialism with the greenie lunatics and racist parties out to the far left will do this country no good.  Get ready for increased rich prick envy taxes along with the massive deadweight of bloated bureaucracy.

Probably not, but maybe the country will learn that middle of the road politics are not the best offering.  The Nats might learn that there has to be a point of difference between the left and the right.  Increased taxes for more socialism and welfare is not the answer.

Personal responsibility is the only way.  I fear for future New Zealanders when most will be living on welfare endlessly taxing those that actually choose to work.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bottom line principle I could vote for

separatism is extraordinarily damaging for this country

will sit in Opposition rather than go into coalition with any "race based" party

we're not going with any party based on race because it is so destructive long term to this country

I like the cut of his jib on those statements alone.  Saying no to Mana and the Maori Party racists.  Unfortunately going on past performances, he or his party will not get my vote.

Should his 5% be needed, I'm sure he'll be off the fence like a robber's dog for the baubles of power.

Egg and a lot of pie.

Labour's slurping from a poisoned well of candidates will have a profound effect post election.  Egg will be splattered across people's faces with the long overdue rout of ancient deadwood and union stiffs as the party tries to reconnect with Waitakere Man. Some remain optimistic, but I'd say their 'A' game is over.

Yesterday the new kid on the block was given his marching orders by Mr Key.  No upfront deal by pulling the East Coast Bays Nat candidate pre-election.  I say good to that, pity he doesn't do that in Epsom and Ohariu.  I say let the voters make the choice, not have it dictated.  And to think power at any cost still would involve Winston First.

Most will paint the Conservative Party as a band of intolerant bigoted right wing single issue Christian crazies like Whale Oil has long done.  I see Emmerson has also jumped on that wagon this morning writing them off.

I sincerely hope that the Conservative Party redoubles its efforts and betters 5%.  If Craig's self funded party crosses the line, they will be better for it, having done it independently on their own terms and truly "Stand for something". If so, egg will be splattered and it will be fun watching a lot of humble pie being eaten. 

Not that I've decided where to place a tick, but 5% of the vote will come with a big slice of humble pie as the current naysayers look to entertain the bloc.  Good on him for keeping both Labour and Nats as options, he has little choice if he wants to waste his money getting into the trough.  Though a definite no for me would be any entertaining of greenie loons and nutters.

Monday, July 28, 2014

At last, a party that appears to stick to stated principles

Conservative Party leader Colin Craig says he'd prefer National incumbent Murray McCully to stand in East Coast Bays, and has taken a shot at the deals National does with the Act and United Future parties

he had never asked for a deal from National

"It would help on one level, in that we wouldn't have to work as hard. But it doesn't give us a sense of independence and being our own party. On balance I think it's better for us, than if National had done something for us."

Great, the new kid on the block appears to be prepared to stick to its stated ideals.  Not that I am saying I would cast my vote their way, but principle is good to see

We used to have a long established principled party on the right before the Nats ditched theirs in favour of popularity at the polls by knifing Mr Brash and started pandering to natives.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Another reason not to vote for tree hugging greenies

Green Party announced plans to immediately ban deep sea drilling around NZ's coast if the Greens form the next government

New Zealand has the potential to be another Norway fuelling its way in the 21st century.  And these sodding tree hugging luddites would put a stop to all of that if you vote for Labour.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Bugger the cost, get on with it!

Final touches being made to SH1 Brynderwyn Hills before it was opened to traffic. PHOTO/Michael Cunningham 
The NZ Transport Agency has re-opened State Highway 1 on the Brynderwyn Hills in Northland to both lanes of traffic.

The road was re-opened at 10:15am today, with pavement works carried out overnight and road markings and temporary speed restriction signs erected this morning.

Well done to all concerned.

They've rebuilt 100m of two lane road from a 15m deep hole in a few days.  From the bottom of the hill to the top heading north is only 2200m.  By my calculations, in 21 weeks there could be 2 lanes from bottom to top. Just in time for the holiday rush.

Instead of slinking through side doors at your local airport, how about making that happen Mr Brownlee? Cunners knows where there's $200M pot of gold for regional development if you're looking for money.

Bugger the cost, just get on with it! 

While you're at it, reseal the blacktop from the Brynderwyns northward to Cape Reinga ASAP.  It needs it after the weather bomb of the past few weeks.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dutch show the Butcher of Europe Putin how to do things with solemnity and dignity

Emotional: A sign displayed inside Amsterdam's Schipol airport - from where MH17 took off - expresses sympathy to everyone facing a loss as a result of the crash

Salute: Dignitaries from the Netherlands, (Hans Docter, the Dutch Ambassador, third from left) and Australia (ambassador Gene Dunn, left of Mr Docter; Colonel Peter Steel, saluting in black hat; and retired Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston, saluting in green hat) watch as the coffin of an MH17 victim is carried towards the plane

Mourning: The Dutch flag flies at half mast on the parliament building in The Hague. The Dutch government has declared today a day of national mourning for the victims of the MH187 disaster

In recent days we have witnessed the wrong and the right way to handle such matters.  A lesson to all involved and those who might be involved in future similar operations.

from here

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Effing apologist wants to lead us

Labour leader David Cunliffe has admitted to making errors

admitting that the holiday was a mistake

I take responsibility for things I could have done better

with the information that I now have about the movement in the polls, which I didn't have when I made that decision [to take a holiday], I would have made a different decision

certainly would not have gone on such a long break

apologised for being a man

What a tosser.

The man who would lead us to a land of milk and honey via taxing rich pricks has been reading the entrails as his caucus have ripped him to shreds today.

he noted he was also ill for two days "and I didn't have much choice about that"

Wonder if we will ever see a doctor's note for that?

An effing apology for a man that I sincerely hope never gets nearer to governing us than the Oppposition.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Another Labour compulsory aspiration will cost thousands of votes

Labour will work in partnership with those aspirations to advance a fully endorsed Maori Language Strategy

Voters have already clearly signalled that they will not stand for compulsion on this matter. 

Another Labour aspirational brain fart that will cost them thousands of votes.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

And they drink this?

the discovery shows how antibiotic resistance has become widespread in the environment, with sewage-treatment plants now acting as giant “mixing vessels” where antibiotic resistance can spread between different microbes

a genetic mutation that is known to provide resistance to third-generation cephalosporins, a class of antibiotics used widely to treat meningitis, blood infections and other hospital-acquired infections

bacteria also spread during flooding, and with more flooding and heavy rain this could get worse

You Poms keep on drinking that "purified" waste water the powers that be have deemed safe.  I'll stick to an occasional Tui.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rewriting history

Police to make apology for Tuhoe raid bungles

Why apologise?  On the day, Mr Plod had a job to do.  Arrest terrorists.  Unfortunately this is nothing but rewriting history to cover the hand-wringing soft-cocks in the beltway who didn't write the necessary laws properly.

I note there have been some other high profile "pardons" for 150 year old murderers of late.  Again rewriting the history of the noble savage.  Like those with a ball chain in their dingo lineage across the ditch, in 200 years time some will be looking for that terrorist link.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wonder if the FBI will stop this NSFW 3D print?

Megumi Igarashi in her vagina kayak.

Definitely different!  Twat kayaking in a 3D print of her twat.

Like their crusade on plastic guns, I wonder if the FBI will stop this 3D print data being circulated?

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Algerian connection

One hour and 27 minutes later, another SIS agent said the agency's block would be lifted, writing: "Since Dotcom is not of security concern, there is no reason for this application to be on hold with us. Please can you inform your INZ contacts of this, also noting Dotcom is the subject of a criminal investigation and that they need to discuss the case with NZ Police before they proceed with granting him PR [permanent residency]."

A trap waiting to be sprung pundits suggest.   Now apparently Mr SIS must front with an explanation. 

Anything to take down the evil Mr Key. IMHO, pot vs kettle.

Sounds just like the saga with a certain Algerian a decade ago.  Persona non-grata worldwide, a convicted terrorist by all counts, but suddenly fit and proper to be a New Zealand citizen to sell kebabs in Palmy.   Have always wondered what strings were pulled.  Wasn't Labour front and centre on that dodgy immigration case?

Going down on a cup of cold sick

Yeah, like that will fly. 

Labour's Mahuta: We've made a clear commitment that te reo Maori will be compulsory in our schools

How to destroy your electorate.

Most already know enough of the language.  Koha = Bribes and IWI = I Want It.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Costa Concordia off to the knackers yard

the moment of truth would come between 10.00am-11.00am local time on Monday "when we raise the wreck and can compare our calculations and forecasts with actual data"

In the next phase of the operation, the Costa Concordia is to be moved 30 metres from the shoreline and held steady by two tugs and cables secured on land. 

refloating the giant vessel and moving it into open waters would take "a week or, at best, five days".

If all goes well, the tugs will then tow it 200 nautical miles to Genoa, where it will be broken up. 

Travelling at about two and a half knots, the Costa Concordia is expected to take another four to five days to complete the journey.


Sunday, July 13, 2014

One can only hope

not always possible to do what was right and also be popular

So says the NZer of the Year supporting the party which actively promotes apartheid by appealing to "our people" with their raced based policies. 

Pity he cannot do the right thing and promote electoral representation without seats or parties based on race.

I look forward to his party of racists being consigned to electoral oblivion at this election, along with the totally raced based Maori seats.  Only then will New Zealand will move forward as one.

We pushed the door of Government wide open, we have been the party to say to our whānau, hapu, iwi. We have brought you all with us.

Unfortunately,  having the Maori Party inside the National tent supposedly pissing out has irreparably tarnished the Nats brand as being willing to enable raced based policies for votes.  If the crazies are in the tent with you, some of the crazy will no doubt stain the other occupants.

"not the full reality"

A so called Olympic hero is away the the fairies as he outs himself as a queer prick.

For me, just another symptom of the sick society we live in which always leads to depression and suicide.