Monday, May 31, 2010

Off to the butchers ... at 0300

Fourteen sheep were found bound and crammed into a car stopped by police in the Hastings suburb of Flaxmere early today

"I was taking the sheep for a ride, Orificer".

Rustlers off to the butchers.
At least we can be thankful that Mr Plod did not catch them doing anything unspeakable with the ewes in the wee small hours.

"after he had been to WINZ ... unresponsive"

after he had been to Winz, the mother returned home that night to find him lying on the couch, unresponsive

Yes dear readers, that statement sums up the life of those bludgers in our communities leeching benefits off the taxpayer.

Once given a handout derived from someone else's hard earned work, why would you want to be responsive? Why indeed? Personal responsibility never enters the equation. The hard-done-by gummint-owes-me-a-living culture must end.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Comment of the day

What NZ needs is a disciplined, positive, strong Right Party with an real activist base in the streets and towns throughout NZ. A party that doesn't tolerate leftism, wowserism, socialism, unionism, libertarianism, or all the other stupid manifestations of the left. A party that puts responsibility before rights, duty before freedom, discipline before self-expression, commerce before charity, work before recreation, punishment before parole, police before criminals, safety before terrorism.

taken from comment here - take note John Boy Key

NZ Bloggers Union Awards

Some nutter has started an alternative award system after the recent farce that was the Qantas national blogger awards. Supposedly a national event - three entered themselves. Must be a a division of Backscratchers Anon. Just like where the gummint of the day gives out gongs bi-annually to time servers, but that is another story.

This blog will not be self-entering this new contest. I disagree with self-promotion. My blog stands on its own feet - you read it, take offence or keep coming back. Some do come back daily for more punishment as I shout into the void.

If someone wishes to trawl the drivel I have written in 2009 and nominate me, so be it. I won't be available to physically receive any award, not that I'd expect one, there being many finer blogs on the right, like CK, KS, CR, AG, HP and OB to name but a few.

ps Keeping Stock is wondering whether to self-promote.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Suspended sentence?

Bethune has rehearsed a "humble" speech in Japanese for his trial starting in the Tokyo District Court today

As soon as he gets off with a suspended sentence the prick will be rubbing it in, laughing in our faces readying himself for another hare-brained scheme putting his and the lives of others at extreme risk. The facts speak for themselves, already killed once, nearly got all his crew killed in the Southern Ocean.

15 years is too short. The Japs must want whaling really bad.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cheap: New paint job, just over 100,000,000 miles on the clock

These are unique spacecraft, and they truly are one-of-a-kind

Got a spare $30M? You too could be a proud owner.

Strategic Weasel Words

need to manage the university carefully through a challenging financial period while also investing in resources to focus on the university's strategic initiative

Strategic initiative? Sounds like a load of bollocks-speak to me, but I guess that would be something like getting Liarbour re-elected so professional students can tap the mother-lode of taxpayer funding.
underfunding by successive governments is limiting student numbers and creating challenging financial times for the tertiary sector

Obviously tertiary trough dwellers complaining about having to justify their existence in these straitened times.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thanks, but no thanks, Mr President

Sen. Arlen Specter became the fourth Democrat in seven months to lose a high-profile race despite the president's active involvement, raising doubts about Obama's ability to help fellow Democrats in this November's elections

Obama's endorsement is the political kiss of death.

Put your sunnies on. Now!

If you see any bright lights in the sky, it will be too late, you will be blinded.

No it isn't the sun after all that rain overnight, it will be the beginning of a nuclear winter.

And the Yanks are right in there.

Rough day

It was a rough day at the office yesterday for John Boy Key.

Seems more than a few of his lieutenants are getting above their station now that the body corporate got a tick in the box for their do nothing budget last week. Us Kiwis are so easily bribed but that is well, another story others have covered.

On topic, here are a few defensive headlines in the ODT today.

  • PM backs smacking review after criticism
  • No decisions on asset sales: Key
  • Carter told to stop commenting on Crafar sale
  • Minister defends ETS
  • Key defends GST and other hikes

Definitely on the back foot is our illustrious leader. Using up a fair bit of political capital there I'd say having to defend this and that. Like the budget, if you have to defend it, the effect is lost.

Maybe 'Smile and Wave' wants all the limelight to himself...

Just to start your day...

He's back.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Rain bomb on its way?

Not if Metservice has anything to do with it.

You wouldn't know if you were relying on their website - the 3 day rain forecast has not been updated since 1100 this morning.

Another government bureaucracy out to lunch for the day as the weather deteriorates all over the country.

Updated at 1815 - amazing what happens when crap service is published on a blog...
You'd could be excused for thinking a three hourly model might be updated a little more regularly.

Labour continues delivering negative messages

A private member's bill to exclude the northern part of Rodney from the Auckland Super City is one step closer with Rodney's mayor saying the Labour Party is throwing its support behind it.

In another fit of pique Labour has embarked on yet another campaign of out and out bad publicity in Auckland.

No wonder Labour is where it is the polls. The biggest city in the country and all Labour delivers is continual negativity. Auckland wants the restructure job completed forthwith, the socialists routed from the business operations and to get on with being number one.

Obviously we would prefer a local MP

Yeah right. The voters elected Key and Lockwood to the area because they wanted action on the matter. Labour might just learn how to extract those votes around 2014 or even 2017 at this rate.

I live in hope one of these days Labour might cease their sour grapes harping on and actually be supportive of the voters in the Queen City.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Budgeting the Liarbour way

Some northerners balancing da books in the dead of night, using redistributive economics so favoured by Liarbour. No doubt ensuring their own tax policies are applied fairly to all.

Friday Laugh: Your castle...

... as seen by you ...

... and by your buyer ...
... and by your lender ...
... and by your valuer ...
... and finally, by your council rates assessor.

Money or the bag?

We've gone deliberately back to our electorates. We've got their total support.

The coalition farce continues. So the separatists took advice to see if raising Grab Snatch and Take was a deal-breaker. No, it seems that their supporters are firmly front-footed in the trough and want to be there for the next handout.
I won't vote for it. I'm not going to be there. This is not a Maori Party decision; this is a National Party decision, so I won't be anywhere near the House

Meanwhile Hone threatens and postures in the back paddock, still coming in for feed now and then.
We said, `Look, do you want us to not honour the deal we've signed up to?' and they said, `No way. You honour the agreement.

As always, money talks. "We'll hold in there for a few more months and pick up some more crumbs." There will be no moving these carpet-baggers whilst money is on the table.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

What should be in the blue book

Today is the day when John Boy Key gets to read from his just published Blue Book.

I thought I make a few suggestions what I believe should be in the book.

  • Cutting Welfare For Families - it is only a means to buy votes from non-taxpayers - no I do not want welfare from the government.
  • Aligning and lowering to a maximum of 30% company, trust, personal and other related tax rates so the reason for all rorts / devious accounting methods are removed forthwith
  • Those bludgers in receipt of taxpayer largesse are put on immediate notice - no work, no benefit
  • Cease throwing money at black holes into which a toy train set recently and Air NZ disappeared - the government has no truck running what should be private businesses that will either stand or fall.
  • Stop borrowing $1 billion a month to pay for Labour's excesses - kneecap the Public Service and any other would be bludger of my taxes till the books balance.
  • Ditch the ETS - who needs another tax?
  • By all means flatten the tax tax via a higher GST but lower the personal tax hits - you cannot have two bites of the cake.
  • Make sure the grievance industry knows that their time in the sun is over.

These are just a few on the wish list any sane budgeter might do to keep his own household in financial order, why not government of all shades, including local government?

Unfortunately, I daresay none of the above will be in the Nat-Socialists budget today.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

30 Years Ago

I was in Portland Oregon 30 Years ago when Mount St Helens erupted on May 1980 - barely 50 miles away - the town was covered that evening with the fine as talcum powder but gritty volcanic ash. The ash went straight through vehicle air filters into engines as airborne grinding paste with catastrophic results on the bores.

The budget in a few words

I see absolutely nothing that National is doing which is addressing that fundamental problem. It’s all window-dressing and being awfully careful not to alienate any beneficiaries of state largesse (beneficiaries in the broad sense).

The big ticket items which you would need to hit to address over-taxation and over-spending have all been declared off-limits by John Key so just 18 months into his first term as PM it’s clear that his vision is no more than carefully managing Labour’s legacy so that in, say, 5 years time we will get Labour back into office and they can pick up where they left off.


from a Freedom101 comment over at KB

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Repeaters write some crap don't they?

Landlords likely to be biggest losers

The headline screams.
The Budget's changes to the housing market could force rents up...

The first paragraph negates the premise.

Personally, I'll be glad when the budget is delivered, landlords have been pilloried and life goes on with tenants paying for any extra costs incurred.

And repeaters will continue to write attention grabbing crap to sell newspapers.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Quantum Theory of Radiation

50 years ago today...

1. The first working laser was built by Theodore Maiman and "fired" at Hughes Research Laboratories, Malibu, California on 16 May 1960.

2. Einstein set the theoretical foundations for the laser more then 30 years earlier in his 1917 paper, The Quantum Theory of Radiation.

3. Putting it very, very simply, you bounce light energy between mirrors at both ends of a tube. One of them is translucent, allowing a beam to pass through.

4. They have featured in hundreds of films, the most famous being the cutting beam heading for James Bond's crotch in Goldfinger; it has spawned imitations from Austin Powers to The Simpsons' Itchy and Scratchy.

5. No need to fear the dentist; beams can remove rot painlessly. Or you could just floss more.

6. The laser printer familiar to anyone who works in an office was invented in 1969 by Xerox, but wasn't commercially available until 1979. Oh, and it took up a whole room.

7. Four years later, LaserDisc – a sort of oversized DVD – marked the first time lasers were used for recording films or music. It never really caught on.

8. The name stands for: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

9. One in five British people who get tattoos later regret them. Many turn to laser surgery.

10. They gave us "bloodless" surgery: heat from the beam cuts and cauterises at the same time.

11. The first everyday commercial use of lasers was in supermarket barcode scanners in 1974.

12. But they aren't just for boring stuff. Pink Floyd and The Who pioneered laser light shows. Now no self-respecting band goes on tour without them.

13. On the downside, when you get zapped by a speed cameras, it is a laser that clocks you by bouncing off your car.

14. Laser pointers – loved by lecturers the world over – cost hundreds when they first appeared in shops in the 1980s; now you can pick one up for 50p.

15. Unfortunately, that means hooligans can afford them: in 2008, South Korean goalkeeper Lee Woon-Jae was hit in the eye while playing Saudi Arabia in a World Cup qualifier.

16. Who first invented the term "laser" was the subject of a 28-year patent lawsuit between physicist Gordon Gould and Bell Laboratories.

17. The glowing light sabres used in Star Wars were inspired by laser technology. They are "the most popular film weapon of all time", according to a survey by Twentieth Century Fox.

18. Lidar – using lasers to measure far-off objects – is more accurate than radar. Lucky really, because the ash cloud is back again.

19. Powerful as they were, lasers were dismissed by scientists at first as a "solution looking for a problem".

20. Nevertheless, Apollo 11 astronauts used one to measure the distance from the Earth to the Moon, give or take a finger's width.

21. Using lasers you can get sequencing information about DNA from a single molecule.

22. The first laser eye treatment on a human was done in 1987 by American physician Dr Marguerite McDonald, who described it as being "like a Buck Rogers ray gun".

23. The world's first laser-guided bomb, in 1967, went by the catchy name Bolt-117.

24. Laser measuring is accurate to more than a nanometre (that's a billionth of a metre).

25. In 2004, about 733 million diode lasers, used in DVD and CD players were sold, estimated to be worth about $3.2bn.

26. Lasers now feature on just about every DIY tool.

27. They are used to milk cows. No, really. They can scan the underside of a cow to locate the udders for robot milking machines.

28. Alexei Tolstoy's 1926 sci- fi novel The Hyperboloid of Engineer Garin features the first literary use of a "laser-like" device.

29. Fashion has been revolutionised by programmed lasers to cut thousands of garments.

30. They take seconds to scan fingerprints so a computer can check against a huge database.

31. The Q-switch Laser hair remover was first put on the market in 1968. It was withdrawn three years amid concern about safety checks.

32. In 1982, the compact disc player came into people's homes and revolutionised music.

33. The strength of early lasers was measured in Gillettes: as in how many safety razor blades a beam could punch through.

34. Fibre optics for phones, cable TV and internet work via laser-generated pulses of light.

35. The mystery of how sharks swim so fast was solved using curtains of lasers which they swam through.

36. Laser tag – people shooting each with ray guns for fun – was developed as a non-lethal training tool for the US army in the 1970s.

37. A laser beam can be hotter than the surface of the sun.

38. Yet they can be used to cool atoms when combined with a magnetic field.

39. The first toy to use a weak laser beam was marketed in 1979 as the Star Trek "phaser" gun.

40. Lasers are categorised from 1 – 4: level 4 can result in permanent blindness and burning.

41. Scientists are testing the use of beams to draw lightning strikes away from airports and power plants.

42. Jean-Michel Jarre's laser harp was the ONLY cool thing about his massive concert in London's Royal Docks in 1988.

43. Tests on what could be the first fusion power source – using 192 laser beams – will be concluded in California this summer.

44. Laser thermometers can measure the temperature of a surface without touching it.

45. A laser ray gun powerful and light enough for use on a battlefield is being tested by the US army and navy.

46. They can reduce acne scars and subcutaneous fat.

47. They will even keep a cat amused, with flickering beams housed in pet toys.

48. We can manipulate objects as small as atoms using focused laser beams.

49. Early studies suggest that broken bones heal faster with laser therapy.

50. A tiny beam can be powerful enough to etch a serial number on a diamond, the hardest natural substance known to man.

a laser was fired for the first time

flogged from The Independent

Stuff math is crap today: Updated

The daily quiz writer obviously has never heard of BODMAS


Stuff has now given the correct answer as one of the choices an hour later...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Graphic NSFW Pics

Now that headline should kick the hit rate into orbit.

scandal-hardened magazine staffers who saw them ''felt sick''.

No doubt you will too!

Corrections using moth eaten rag

Have just seen the top of Te News bulletin about the tragic death of another New Zealand worker whilst on the job.

Pity Corrections could not afford to replace the moth eaten rag that was masquerading as a New Zealand flag being flown at half mast.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Friday, May 14, 2010

And we pay for this?

It's called Governing and colonising migrant maternity. The abstract is as follows:

The empirical study of migrant maternities offers a unique theoretical vantage point for considering wider issues such as imperialism, nation building and reproduction. Using the white settler context of Aotearoa/New Zealand, I detail an empirical study that explored the discourses used by well child health providers to represent their work with migrant mothers. I argue that migrant maternities are constituted through a repertoire of medical and nursing discourses combined with culturalist and assimilatory discourses that draw on liberal pluralist notions of citizenship. These require the migrant mother to take up normalising or colonising practices that enforce adaptation to dominant cultural norms such as autonomy and independence. These discursive practices or normalising strategies of power are colonising because they involve the re-ordering of space and the surveillance and control of mothers. Health professionals discipline and regulate gendered bodies in racialised ways that reinforce and reproduce colonial power relations and that this has the potential to contribute to health inequalities and ethically and socially unacceptable outcomes. Further development and refinement of cultural safety, an indigenous ethical form of nursing practice is advocated in order to counter dominant beliefs that racism can be ameliorated with moral education and greater cultural knowledge.

WTF? People actually go out of their way to listen to bollocks such as this?

Some of the unadulterated PC absolute drivel we pay taxes for from the Hand Mirror

Inconsistent convictions

Three companies and a director were yesterday ordered to pay more than $120,000 in fines and reparation after a steel gate fell off its hinges, killing a 7-year-old girl

One conviction.

The parents of a toddler who was killed by a falling gate at an Auckland kohanga reo want accountability over their son's death and are considering a civil lawsuit after police decided not to lay charges.

there was "ample evidence" for marae trustees and kohanga management that there were problems with the gates coming off their tracks

Another still outstanding.

Inconsistent, as usual, the law only applies to some. Even less chance when you have an MP assisting the Board.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Poker hands in full view

Apparently it was all good to go until Sonny Tau backed by Mark Solomon presented a set of demands that derailed the deal.

Those that want to sup at the Treaty trough really need to learn to play poker.

Tuhoe organized a hui to declare that they had won the day and ownership of UNP would be transferred – a publicity stunt designed to force the issue. Tuhoe were pre-empting a cabinet decision purely for political purposes

The current players are a busted flush.

The man has no balls

Confirmed today.

Community Helpers?

Black Power gang members have vowed to hunt down and punish a gang affiliate who attacked a preschooler

"We are not happy with this. We are keeping a watch out for the guy. If he is found we will give him a good clouting."

Not content with that the populace has to contend with these threatening bone-idle gang scum perpetrating sickening crimes on a daily basis, the above makes it obvious where their loyalties lie. Not with letting Mr Plod do his job as would any other citizen.

Sure the gangs are sold as community helpers, this is nothing more than a laundered front to hide their criminal actions. A means of ingratiating themselves into what is seen as normal society.

Here in Dannevegas, the town has turned red of late as yoof that should be in school or trade training tarted up in their colours wander aimlessly from one end of the main drag to the other end via WINZ and KFC or McD's. Hourly shuffles, threatening all and sundry with their "I own this town" airs. Not doing anything obviously criminal in daylight hours but the attitude stinks.

The violent crime in recent times has followed - a place I visited in town yesterday had fresh blood spattered everywhere outside from a violent nocturnal incident. Right next door from the cop shop. And just last week, some some yet to be arrested pair of scum did a drive by sexual abduction.
Mayor Michael Laws, whose town has a "no patches policy", called for gangs to be outlawed. "What we really want is a no-gangs policy. They are evil and require their banning by legislation."

Justice Minister Simon Power said there were already provisions in the Crimes Act covering intimidation and assault.

Too right. To the Minister, the Wanganui 'no gangs policy' is needed country-wide. No ifs, buts or exceptions. And actively enforced.

To Mr Plod, get stuck into the would be criminals. Stop pissing around revenue gathering by hiding in trees and do something positive for the community. That is what you are empowered to do. Even the law breaking bicycle riders without helmets so noticeable daily around town. Zero tolerance and a broken windows policy is the only option. For those in councils providing 'community' services such as night vigilante patrols, stop wasting my rates - let Mr Plod do his job.

For those in the gangs, I say I do not want your "community help" because of all the aggro that follows.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

As it should always be...

Hot off the POP3 wire, brought a smile to my dial.

"The Chief is always 'The Chief', even when he appears to be asleep." as some in a past life learnt the hard way.

Ex-PM: "Thank you and goodbye"

It is all over for Mr Brown, ex-PM. He's been up to see Her Indoors up at The Palace, she's accepted.

Now for new kids on the block to take the reins and start the slashing within the bureaucracies that are so rife in the mother country.

Where Britain goes, so does New Zealand. Bring it on, post haste. Do not spare the rod!

Update 4: Is it just me? Resolved

Update 4: 1235 Resolved - sites accessed through VF now accessible. Apparently the landline side was fixed over an hour ago, the mobile broadband a short time ago.

Update 3: 1125 - Still a problem, issue has made The Herald. ODT is inaccessible, any website / email hosted on an iServe platform. Also KiwiBlog.

Update 2: 0910 - Another customer on VF landline confirms same issue. Rang VF again - confirmed as internal fault for urgent action. Not a Telecom fault - yet.

Update: 0830 - Have got hold of Vodafone, they are seeing same issue. Fault is confirmed as external of them.

It appears that Stuff and Kiwibank are down this morning. I can get to all sorts of other sites no problems, including overseas sites. Metservice is also down.

Is it just me or is there something wrong out there on the Interweb?

Monday, May 10, 2010

Update: Key finds a spine at last

The government has made it clear to negotiators embroiled in discussions over Urewera National Park that its
vesting in local iwi is ''unacceptable''

At last. The shiver has found a spine to run up. But I would never trust a politician desperate to retain control.
It comes as National comes under increasing pressure, including from rank and file, over concessions to the Maori Party including its endorsement of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People, Tariana Turia's flagship Whanau Ora policy and tobacco taxes.

Too right. He may be starting to listen. Just starting, mind you.

The core support is telling him positive action is required. Easily bribed with trinkets the Maori Party has been brought, but the behind the scenes separatist stirrers are now fronting with their long held agendas, wanting their full cut and more.

Today we also witness another group stating the did not sign an English version of a treaty, so did not cede sovereignty. Eh?

Today, a rare well done Mr Key, but you really need to stop your back-door horse trading and forcefully tell the Hone's or the Tame Iti's of the world who is actually in charge of this country. Also that no land or seabed will be given to buy off those with ill-founded perceptions of sovereignty. That there will be no truck with those pushing for apartheid separatism or getting more handouts from the grievance industry.

I await the screams of foul from those who thought this one was in the bag at the 11th hour. No doubt the man coming on a UN junket will not be impressed. I wonder if the spine will be able support this surprising stand long term.


Maybe I was too quick off the mark in one of my comments about blogs not noticing.

Political Foxen and Roarprawn are both in a similar vein. Not PC also is onto the game. About bloody time some one put a stake in the ground. The farce has gone on too long, about 35 Treaty years too long. And to paraphrase the Foxen, Key would do well to cease blowing Maori bone.

National has given New Zealand away

Brownlee pointed to untapped potential in "very significant" gold "massive" ironsands deposits under NZ's sea - which could be a boon to tribes under customary title proposals in the foreshore and seabed plans

The strongest indication to date in print that the Crown's ownership of the foreshore and seabed have been horse-traded to assuage colonist guilt.

Absolutely sickening. Nothing is sacred with Key and his cohorts in their desperation to retain power at any cost. In 18 short months he has overturned every principle National ever stood for, wrecking this country by getting into bed with the separatists. A move he was not elected to do.

Noticed how quiet Pita and Hone have been of late? Only Tariana is fronting, with insignificant red herrings. Their palms obviously have been well greased.

The hoo-haa over mining is only a sideshow. The real issue is ownership of the seabed.

It is time this imposter was removed. Are there any politicians out there that would stand on their stated principles? I know not of any, bar one.

Lazarus, where are you?

Friday, May 07, 2010

Choices, Choices, Choices

Britons are waking to their worst nightmare. Labour cannot form a government with 45 odd electorates to go, nor can the Conservatives who currently have the lead, but not the requisite 326 to govern alone. The LibDems will be king-makers.

The horse trading begins.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Orklund Council: FAIL on first letter

Being the capitalist pig landlord of Westie slum accommodation that I am, yesterday I received my very first letter from Rodney's newly formed Super City Orklund Council inviting me to fill out a form to enrol as a ratepayer elector under the new council.

An operation I need to complete so I might tick appropriate boxes in upcoming elections to exclude any female, funny named or leftie candidates.

The enrolment form is four sided A4 on cheap paper, folded in half, no colourful new logo, totally devoid of inspiration for their first missive. And parts are missing.

At least I can be thankful it is not on that bloody expensive eco bog paper that Waitakere has been using over the past decades for their missives of drivel and greenwash. Thank God they will be dis-established at the end of October.

Anyway back to the main issue. Yes, that is correct, parts are missing. The enrolment form states "... sole ratepayers must complete Section A (E1, E2 and E3) on the form ...". One slight problem, Section A is totally missing. Section B exists. As does Section C, twice.

With all the millions this exercise has cost so far, you'd think a simple copying operation could be completed successfully.W hat's the betting the whole mailout needs to be done again?


This does not bode well.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Desperately fudging numbers

Ever ready to spin the fiction of anti-mining support there has been some desperate counting of supporters by some.

50,000 wowed the Stranded who said it eclipsed all others as it stretched from the sea to Myer's Park.

Now, there is a slight problem with that. You see, Queen Street is 1.5Km from sea to the park, that is 1500 metres. 1500 people spaced at 1 metre intervals.

Queen Street varies, but is about 20-30 metres wide, so worst case with 30 people wide, also at 1 metre spaces, the maximum you can practically fit strolling up Queen Street is 45,000 anti-mining nutters and lunchtime legends.

Though more likely people like a bit of personal space at say 2m spacing all round. The pic on the Stranded shows less than 20 wide across the front on the banner, so 20 wide max is about right.
That gives a more credible 15,000 on a leisurely stroll.

I call bollocks on the numbers reported. Like one of the other blogs said, more turned out to look at the trollops on bikes.

Extreme support? More like extreme desperation.

The unionised want to build your trains. Yeah Right!

for four months the Dunedin City Council, chamber of commerce, local engineering firms, Hillside Workshops, the rail union and all of Dunedin’s MPs have been working on this issue quietly behind the scenes

Trust your council bureaucracy and the maritime unionised building your rolling stock?

The bloody things are utterly unreliable now, let alone the horrendous costs ratepayers have paid for the toy train set. We do not need some union holding the build to ransom and council wallahs adding the cost plus consultants.

Get an overseas done deal, at a contracted price, with penalty clauses for late delivery. Cut unions and council wallahs out of the loop. Good price, end of story. This government is not here to deliver social engineering.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Name association?

Meanwhile, Roxanne, a graphic designer who refused to give her last name, carried a placard featuring John Key with a Hitler-esque moustache and a single word in gothic script: "Mein!"

Nice! Always some ever ready to lower the tone. The sign holder was one of the few that went for a Queen City main drag stroll yesterday.
... Roxanne is studying graphic design at A.U.T.


An import from SA? Thanks Google for the possible association.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Ferals sighted strolling up Queen street

Every rabid greenie feral in New Zealand seems to have taken to going for a stroll up Queen Street this morning to hear useless opposition MPs mouthing off about mining the conservation estate. Seems all the usual suspects were present. Like Greenpeace, Forest and Bird, Federated Mountain Clubs, Green Party. All willing to spin the spin as if anything that isn't currently tarsealed will be strip-mined from Kaitaia to Bluff and further.

  • concerned about harm to the economy
  • are not negotiable
  • failed to consult Maori
  • eroding public trust
  • an "essential element"
  • keep your greedy hands off
  • backwards thinking

What a load of bollocks. You'd think the sky was falling reading the breathless reports.

What a way to waste your Saturday. The mining will carry on. John Boy Key marches to his own tune, ignoring all and sundry. No doubt, whilst you were caught off guard using up all that carbon to get to Queen Street, he has shovelled something else through under extreme urgency!