Sunday, March 28, 2010

Reviving road kill

A couple of items caught my eye this morning amid the banal trash that is slopped up on the plate as daily news.

Man tries to revive roadkill.
US police have charged a Pennsylvania man with public drunkenness after he was seen trying to resuscitate a long-dead opossum along a highway

another saw Wolfe attempting to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation

the animal already had been dead a while

The things people do when pissed. Never ever will live that down.

The other article? Similar vein - but man is the roadkill in this case. He just has not admitted it yet. And there is alcohol involved.

the mayor urinated outside his council building after drinking at a nearby bar, then drove himself home

It's been clear for some time that Mr Williams is under a lot of stress and is not handling it well

Further inquiries that evening at GPK revealed the mayor was a "very frequent visitor", "possibly one of our most regulars", said one waitress.

WhaleOil will have delicious fun with that story this fine morning.

Hide said the latest incident involving Williams was cause for the mayor to "consider his options".

"I think Mayor Williams should consider his options and whether this sort of behaviour carrying on is in the best interests of North Shore and Auckland."

The last word from the SuperCity roadkill architect himself.

The spectre of the feckless welfare beneficiary

Drunken dole bludgers, DPB sluts, malingering invalids whose ailments miraculously disappear the moment their benefit is banked

Hard to argue with that. Your point is?

Contempt for shirkers and layabouts runs deep in our culture

lacking a basic work ethic

Most definitely, our cherished "heartland values are under siege from moral decay and unearned entitlement". A spectre definitely to be avoided.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Love Boat ... on wheels

Another businesswoman said she was approached by an interstate group looking to take advantage of the surge of male mine workers, who spent their working week "in a hole" and emerged with cash to burn and "one thing on their mind".

She said they were looking to set up a "Shag Bus" in a refurbished Winnebago to service horny clients up and down the Stuart Highway.between Alice and Tennant Creek

Who'd have thought?

Great stuff. Are we in New Zealand soon to see the wheeled Love Boat , aka the Shag Bus, on Great Barrier and other eco-sensitive areas around the Coromandel?

Korea II?

Reports are coming in that the South Korean corvette Cheonan, 104 crew, has sunk in the Yellow Sea, with damage aft from a suspected torpedo shot by North Korea.

Here we go again.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Got Facebook? You will catch the pox

social networking sites are making it easier for people to meet up for casual sex

cases of syphilis had increased fourfold in Sunderland, Durham and Teesside - the areas of Britain where Facebook is most popular

Nice. Another reason not to go near social media children.

On .cn censorship

Pic flogged from OCR

And just in:

Host name giant Go Daddy Inc. will stop providing .cn domain name registrations in China

"Google fired a shot heard 'round the world, and now a second American company has answered the call to defend the rights of the Chinese people," commented Representative Chris Smith (R-N.J.) in a statement, calling the testimony a "a powerful sign that American… companies want to do the right thing in repressive countries."

A new way to thread a mousetrap

The Quran uses this phrase to express the idea of something that is unlikely to happen:

To those who reject Our signs and treat them with arrogance, no opening will there be of the gates of heaven, nor will they enter the garden, until the camel can pass through the eye of the needle: Such is Our reward for those in sin. Al-Araf (The Heights) 7:40

Help is at hand for all those blind males out there who have often used the excuse * 'I cannot thread the needle' to not do their own darning. A neat new way to thread a needle.

(* A skill not likely to used often in my household whilst I have a duty slave)

You can always invent a better mousetrap. Or get another slave.

[Update] 15 years of fraud gets you only 100 hours community service

Former Immigration Service head Mary Anne Thompson today escaped a jail sentence for fraudulently using her CV to secure senior public service jobs.

What is it with bloody judges? Repeatedly commits fraud over a 15 years, pleads guilty on one to get off the other two and gets a slap with a wet bus ticket. For the MSM repeater: which one did she plead guilty to? Have the rellies who were assisted via this fraud been deported?

Should have been convicted and locked up for repeated fraud.

More scum on this saga bubbles to the surface.

Wintringham quickly walks under a cloud and replacement Prebble creates a distraction by perving at the oversized earrings and large breasts of a co-worker.

Tell me that wasn't a staged exit, managed from the 9th floor.

Pull the other one...

The cloud of corruption that accompanies the she-beast's time at the reins continues to expand.

Also Keeping Stock calls for urgent investigation of the matter

UN admits meat-eaters do not cause climate change

The UN has retracted yet another of its headline-grabbing claims about climate change after a scientist criticised the assertion that producing meat creates higher carbon emissions than transport.

UN tried to suggest meat production was actually worse than transportation with fudged figures from McCartney and Pachendra. Who'd have thought, a ex-rock star and a transport engineer would tell such lies to our faces?
that while the figure for meat production included emissions from all associated activities, such as growing fodder, methane from farting cows and meat processing, the figure for transportation only included emissions from the burning of fuel - ignoring carbon produced by the manufacture of vehicles or building of roads etc...

The real truth below.
transportation actually contributes 26 per cent of carbon emissions in the US, while raising pork and beef are only responsible for three per cent.

"We certainly can reduce our greenhouse-gas production, but not by consuming less meat and milk," said Mitloehner, of the University of California, Davis. "Producing less meat and milk will only mean more hunger in poor countries.

Now off to get that big juicy steak out for dinner...

"... her day is already ruined"

"You know why Bresso is always in a bad mood?" the 73-year-old prime minister told a rally in Turin on Tuesday night. "Because in the morning when she gets up, she looks at herself in the mirror to put her make-up on ­ and sees herself. And so her day is already ruined."

The pot slags off the kettle.
"Secondly, when it comes to make-up all I can say is that I use a lot less than Berlusconi. I am younger and much better preserved and I haven't had a facelift."

The kettle replies.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Key distractions [updated]

Whilst John Boy distracts all manner of feral tree-hugging greenies and rabid Forest & Bird bearded loons with the thinly veiled threat of turning the conservation estate into one big open-cast mine, a distraction is served up.
We're focused on sending the right message that someone on a benefit has to do everything they possibly can to get a job

One that has been well advertised and long awaited as small steps in the right direction.

The key changes, to be phased in from September, are:

* Expectations of part-time work for single parents on the domestic purposes benefit when their child reaches six and for people on the invalids benefit deemed capable of part-time work.

* Allowing Work and Income case managers to cut benefits by half as a sanction, followed by a full suspension then a cancellation.

* Employment benefits limited to 12 months. Beneficiaries must reapply after a year with a comprehensive work assessment.

* More frequent assessments of people on a sickness benefit, with three medical assessments during the first twelve weeks, a further assessment every twelve weeks thereafter, and a more comprehensive reassessment after 12 months.

* An increase from $80 to $100 in the amount that people on the domestic purposes benefit for single parents and the invalids benefit can earn each week without affecting their benefit.

Well done. I await the rabid right-of-reply from the left screaming the sky will fall.


Didn't take long:

NRT - "
a nasty, sadistic move, by a nasty, sadistic government"

THM - "Way to ruin my Tuesday..."

Tumeke - "Bash the Bennie time"

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Doing the work of a higher being

Let's get this straight on that precedent setting court case yesterday.

If I walk into the bear pit at Question Time with an Uzi and spray a few around the chamber taking out those that often themselves proclaim 'to be doing God's work', I will be alright in the subsequent court case? After all, some might say that I could not only be doing the country a massive favour, but also be acting on directions from a higher being, protecting the humanity of New Zealanders from politicians.

Possibly a valid defence with a real worthy outcome in my view rather than the mundane physical destruction of government property as was in this case.

Unfortunately I would not do such an act. I do not have the gall to believe such a defence would ever work. Ranks as bad as that other defence line used in the Weatherston case.

A mickey-mouse verdict to say the least. One that sets a path for all manner of precedence claims. And in a supposedly secular state.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

SOS: The new cause celebre?

Shellfish planted to test contamination levels in Auckland's inner harbours have revealed rising levels of toxic metals

Two articles in the same paper on the same day on the same subject by the same repeater? Must have been council press release day yesterday.

Post the dramatic failure of the IPCC in NoHopenhagen to get traction on the the false science that was GoreBull, our very own 'scientists' in local government have a Plan B
on the burner to spin for all it is worth.

But I don't think we can carry on in the same vein - not in my view and not in the view of the [other] authors of this report

has warned that rising contamination could hint at problems to come

These emerging chemicals are a cause for concern

The doomsayers are still there, just changing tack. And no doubt, looking for continued funding.

their effects are relatively unknown

I know exactly what effect such statements will have upon the cobwebs in my wallet as a ratepayer.

How long before some nutter 'legend in their lunchtime' celebrity adopts 'Save Our Shellfish' as the new cause celebre?

Seems the greenie loons that infest our councils are already there in spades.

A business to avoid like the plague?

A computer company headed by Auckland City councillor and Auckland Rugby Board chairman Ken Baguley has gone under, owing Inland Revenue hundreds of thousands of dollars

Mr Baguley has impressed the C&R hierarchy as a measured and effective chairman of the transport committee but has limited political skills.

The recession exposes yet more of the Rugby Board. How many unknown others with their jobs for mates associations are feeling rather exposed?

Another high-profile rugby figure, New Zealand Rugby Board chairman and former All Black captain Jock Hobbs, was, until last September, an executive director of Strategic Finance, which was placed in receivership last week owing $417 million to about 13,000 investors

Tarred with same brush I'd say. And these buggers have had a hand in stiffing Orklund ratepayers for their one chance at world glory. One does wonder how much business acumen was applied to that task. Too busy arranging for their names on brass plaques for next year to be worried about minor business details like income.

Remind me just how much the Rugby Board has put up for their
their expensive meme to be held next year?

A plague on all involved with the RWC.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Move along, nothing to see here

I just don't think it's important, do you?

... it seemed like a bit of a beat up

Most of the people on the plane agreed with me.

Labour still in prime form. Arrogant, out of touch, raising straw men whilst digging for gold.

How a recall should be done...

An investigation of a potential fuel leak issue affecting a popular small Holden has now triggered a recall of almost 500 cars in New Zealand

Holdoon shows how to properly carry out a vehicle recall.
  • Hey, we've possibly got an issue dude
  • Owners being contacted directly
  • Free inspection
  • Fix yet to be decided, but we will have a look anyway, just in case
  • Safety is our number priority

No hiding the problem, denying the issue or execs bawling in front of cameras.

Well done the red team. (Note this is the only red team I would ever give praise to)

And for those who wish to use their vehicle to commune with nature - Beware!

Movie flogged from Theo Spark

Friday, March 12, 2010

Blogger Down!

Well, not quite, but Murray over at HMWAH is taking the loss of his long time friend pretty hard.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

The real cost of Horizon's 'Consent to Farm'

... involved farmers in the Manawatu, ... facing new policies from regional authorities.

"In our conversations it became clear that these people are concerned and stressed about potential regulation and changes in policy,"

Farmers worried for their livelihood experienced shock, denial, anger and fear, he said, which could lead to drinking, increasing isolation and aggression.

Unchecked, it could also lead to depression and, in a worst-case scenario, suicide.

Whilst a certain green loonie has been peering into the back orifices of some Manawatu drains, taking a good whiff before making insane utterances, the true cost of the soon to be mandated Horizon's ultra expensive One Plan is revealed. Along with the never-ending stream of spin emanating from Horizons themselves, the One Plan 'is good for you'.

Nothing but
a 'consent to farm' usurping farmer's property rights which will have dire consequences.

'a very changed landscape'

'XT fiasco could have delivered a fatal blow'

Saturday, March 06, 2010

CYF removes discretion to visit

Had enough of the rugrat already today?

Thinking of whacking the little brat into next week?

Think again.
If we've come to see you it is usually because someone has told us they are concerned about your child

The CYF Stormtroopers are coming to visit you for those thoughts.
When the social worker has finished gathering information they will either close your case and nothing more needs to be done, or they will keep working with you to help your family be strong

Bollocks, once on their books, you will be there till you depart this mortal coil.

Makes a mockery of this.
John Key said the new safeguards "give parents comfort they will not be criminalised for lightly smacking their children

Yes, even Mr Plod is spreading a political message.

Police Deputy Commissioner Rob Pope said there had been confusion created during the debate about the law change.

No confusion at all. Expect a social worker to be sticky-beaking at your front door ready to interrogate the rugrat because a nosy do-gooder has interpreted the law as it is written.
A lot of that is probably misunderstanding of the role police would have in applying the law and the potential consequences

No misunderstanding here. Section 59 criminalises parents. And CYF will visit. Without discretion.


IMHO such a union is not a wedding nor a marriage.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

How the local council drones process your application

What needs to be done is that the Chartered Engineer's calculations for every aspect of the new house should indeed be rechecked. They should be rechecked by a committee of professional peer reviewers of appropriate qualification and standing in the community. These appropriate folk would, of course, be registered with the Council, but only after undertaking rigorous, culturally aware auditing courses at a recognised educational establishment (properly established under legislation and registered naturally enough), followed by professional examinations and an interview vetting process to weed out unsuitable candidates.

Once the engineering peer reviewers had all had their say and assuming the calculations and design passed their attentions, then it would be up to the local planning permission under-committe to consider the works documentation. Again, these would be professionals appropriately registered with Council but only after proper selection processes had been attended to in order to weed out any possibility of irresponsible malcontents and the like.

After the local planing permission under-committee had afixed their stamp and wax seals and ribbons to the consent documents, then it would be the responsibility of the central planning committee to review the work presented to them. After that the planning and cultural peer review super-city senior over-committee would deliberate (they only meet quarterly in order to save money- we mustn't be extravagant with ratepayer funds don't you know). If they were happy with everything then they'd recommend sending the documentation back to the central planning committee who in turn would recheck and finally issue their recommendation for the local planning permission under-committee to add some more wax seals and ribbons and stamps before signing the documents (but not before having the Chartered Engineer, the builder, the owner, his insurer, the bank holding the mortgage and anyone else involved signing an official indemnification form (#325B) in triplicate).

The final check and approval would be made by Central Government's Department of Final Approvals in Wellington, but only after all the appropriate fees had been paid (in triplicate). Now the applicant is ready to file their application for insurance with the Official Insurance Office (a branch of Government) which would apply an approval system to weed out any inappropriate building designs (the process is too elaborate and long winded to go into here as space does not permit) prior to the applicant seeking appropriate insurance froim an appropriate government approved insurer.

Everyone can rest assured that the system is successful.


Flogged in-toto from LGM (3/3 0705) at Not PC

0.3 HellaWatts - Today's Tech Bit

Right now a hell of a lot of you are going 'What the hell is a HellaWatt?'.

It isn't anything. Yet. But if some on Facebook have their way, it will be.

You see the somewhat largish number 10^27 (a 10 with 27 zeroes after it) doesn't have a well known SI name like Mega or Giga. But soon it will. That's what the campaign is about.

For those of you that skipped skool or fell asleep in Math 101 here are the currently named SI prefixes.

Official SI prefixes

10 = deca
100 = hecto
1,000 = kilo
1,000,000 = mega
1,000,000,000 = giga
1,000,000,000,000 = tera
1,000,000,000,000,000 = peta
1,000,000,000,000,000,000 = exa
1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 = zetta
1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 = yotta
1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 = unnamed

Bet you hadn't heard of a few of them. What about 'femto' and 'atto'? Those are on the low side of the decimal point, but you will have look them up.

0.3 HW? That's how sunny it is. 24x7.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Clipping the NAIT ticket

At Over the Fence the Ag Minister espouses his support for a National Animal Indentification Scheme (NAIT).

I remain unconvinced on NAIT. I see it as nothing but a ticket clippers paradise extracting a larger per head tax than done at present.

Currently cattle beasts in New Zealand require ID tags fitted to go to the works and each beast is charged an Animal Health Board tax on the kill sheet to support the meat inspectorate. All well and good. A beast at this point is traceable directly back to the farmer supplier.

Then the beast gets stunned and its head, complete with tags is lopped off. Here all traceability ends as the beast is ground into hamburger patties or is sliced and diced for your piece of the finest filet mignon.

NAIT wants some unproven tagging (RFID) mechanics to become mandatory. Various manufacturers are touting their product as NAIT saviours, none of them have been proven to reliable or cheap to implement. All for nil return to the farmer. To soothe the rabid greenie ferals overseas that their burger pattie can be traced all the way back to my paddock. Via the triply (or more) expensive RFID tags that parted company from the beast in the works front gate? Time for a Tui if you would believe that!

Biosecurity is often touted as a need for traceability. When your traceability ends at the works gate, this argument is pure bullshit.
Quarantining for foot and mouth must be immediate and enforced. If the current meat inspectorate is doing their job, such disease would never get past the works.

Other markets are doing NAIT? Again how does their traceability work when the tagged animal's head parted company from the carcass at the gate? Pull the other one and tell them to stop telling lies.

Till instantaneous DNA identification arrives, NAIT is nothing but another unwanted tax on the
farmer without any means of recovering that cost.

How NAIT could ever improve on the current well proven process is beyond me. NAIT in its soon to be mandatory current form is nothing but a ticket clippers wet dream.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Fantastic news

Whale's possibly certifiable mate over the bridge has just peered out of his foxhole and doesn't like what he sees.

The Auckland Transition Agency's plans revealed "the true horror of the Government's centralisation and corporatisation agenda for Auckland
Fantastic news.
"fundamentally broken" and undemocratic by Auckland's leaders

The soon to be unemployed are fast realising that their bureaucratic dynasty is near over. The rout is almost complete.

Carry on Rodney.

Tossers and the Darwin Gene

From yesterday's tsunami warnings.

Firstly some of those on a fast trip to hell attempting to rid the human race of their genes.

At Takapuna Beach, the warnings didn't keep 76-year-old Eugenia Patras out of the water. Although the beach was quieter than usual, Mrs Patras' attitude to the risk was shared by many as North Shore boaties, waka ama paddlers and the Piha women's surf crew went out on the water.

In New Zealand, people ignored official warnings and raced to beaches to watch the tsunami surge towards land.

Lower Hutt teacher Joe Nawalaniec was left clinging to rocks near Cape Turnagain in southern Hawke's Bay when the surge hit. "The water went milky and turbulent like it was boiling," he said. "It's just a massive big surge of water that starts going up and up and up. You expect it to be a tidal wave but it's not a wave at all." The 45-year-old paua fisherman
was aware of the tsunami alerts but thought the wave had passed by.

One might hope he would explain to his next whole school assembly why he ignored the warnings. And council donations to the surf team cease.

And a special place in hell is permanently reserved for all those that infest bureaucracies. Particularly those local council and civil defence tossers who came out in droves over the past 24 hour hours.

An hour after Saturday night's earthquake, about 8.30pm, Civil Defence said there was no risk of a tsunami coming to New Zealand. Towards midnight, a warning was finally issued. This was unacceptable, in my view. It was far too late and explains why so many people on the beaches on Sunday morning had no clue a tsunami was even coming.

A North Shore City councillor says the council's tsunami-alert service sent out an automated message to residents' phones yesterday morning telling them the warning was a practice. The failure by Civil Defence to load the correct message could have led to dire consequences. There was not even a follow-up correcting the error.

Dunedin police closed city beaches about 9am yesterday, shortly after the Otago Daily Times was told by Dunedin City Council civil defence manager Neil Brown there was no risk to the city.

May both sorts of tosser burn long in the hellfire of damnation.

(Copy flogged from Herald, Stuff and ODT)