Thursday, November 26, 2020

A dish best served cold?

To eat crow:

being proven wrong might be emotionally hard to swallow

Her indoors supposedly presiding over a 'team of 5 million' has quickly invited the self styled 'President-Elect' to visit.  Socialists flocking together.

Unfortunately with all the serious court cases being laid today and over the next few weeks such a request may be premature as said 'Prez-Elect' may not be passing Go but be in the cohort of socialists heading straight to a federal jail.

It's been done before.  Washington Post had this to say re Truman vs Dewey:

You Are Hereby Invited To A "Crow Banquet" To Which This Newspaper Proposes To Invite Newspaper Editorial Writers, Political Reporters And Editors, Including Our Own, Along With Pollsters, Radio Commentators And Columnists ... Main Course Will Consist of Breast of Tough Old Crow En Glace.

I look forward to the smug being wiped off her face when she confirms the invitation with the rightful winner post-Jan 20th next year.  Will the said newspaper repeat the request?

Definitely a dish best served cold.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

The sound of silence...

 As Biden’s illegal vote clears and Trump’s legal vote increases, the gap between Trump and Biden will be tightening.


The Donald's votes are expected to surge to around  315 Electoral College votes.

Noticed the quietness in the last few days?  The sound of sobbing Liberals has stopped except for a diehard few.  How to cope in jail will be uppermost as the rapsheet for fraud grows resultant from the audits.

Some even say all states should be audited. #AuditAll50States

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

The great decoupling is upon us

 two core objectives implied by the National Emergencies Act declared by President Trump. 

The first core objective is to start an economic war involving decoupling with the CCP; 

the second core objective is to begin a modern cyberwar behind the economic war. Without chips and international optical cables, all Chinese software platforms and internet companies will collapse. 

In this all-out war, the Chinese people and the people of the NFSC will be the biggest beneficiaries


Long overdue.  The Donald is looking to terminate the CCP in the USA as NZ signs on to a secretive trade deal with the CCP.  Such is the spoils of Labour's association with the all-encompassing red dragon.  When you sell your soul to the devil...

No wonder Anne-Marie Brady and Trevor Loudon have long been shouted down.

Saturday, November 14, 2020

The Donald: "Never bet against me."

He has heard many people tell him it's over and time to concede.

The Donald tells it like it is.

Never bet against me.

A man worth fighting for as he fights the current thoroughly corrupt machinations of elections.  He might lose this battle, but the result of any future elections worldwide will be much cleaner as the compromised and the outright criminals are exposed.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Zero work ethic and other consequences of welfarism

A real politician with feet on the ground makes it to the real world.  Well done Mr Seymour.  No sight of the local MPs!

Here's looking at you Matt King, zero work ethic.  Definitely a wannabee politician still wondering why the part-time Labour offering pipped him at the post. Blaming everyone except himself.

"They have a goal and they want to achieve something. That's not here. It's all been taken away from New Zealanders.

"Worth ethic is work ethic and you either have it or you don't. You apply yourself to the job or you don't."


Damn right!  That's what happens when you shovel ever greater levels of welfare as the only solution.

One day in the not so distant future a government might actually say if you do not work you do not get the welfare largesse to sit on the couch.  Will not happen under this newly elected government.

Largesse so readily sprayed around by all current pollies as election bribes.  And the turkeys voting them in wonder why the price of their food is rapidly climbing under the weight of minimum wages, increased taxes and other unfriendly to business regulations under bureaucracies like local government.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Rules for some ...

Good to see the New Zealand Building Code does not apply in the Far North District.  

That pergola appears well affixed and supported awaiting the approaching cyclone season.  Not to mention the self-contained cabin and the long-drop out the back.  No doubt all inspected and passed with flying colours by the FNDC.

Laws are only for others in New Zealand, it's obvious the 'we never ceded sovereignty' can do whatever in A-oh-tea-a-rower.  Nothing less is expected in the nephew's territory of Kaikohe.

Friday, October 16, 2020


pic from zazzle


"THE question of 2020"

The PI and Maori community need not look at Judith Collins and National anymore other than to say thank you. 

They need to look at Jacinda Ardern from 2017 and now and the future and ask a simple question - what have you actually given for our support?

from Cactus at her usual best


Saturday, October 03, 2020

This Judge won't be in a job much longer

 I thought I'd never see this from a Judge in New Zealand.

"Any protest to the Court's jurisdiction on the basis of an assertion of Māori sovereignty is without merit," Justice Cull said.

"Similar challenges to jurisdiction and sovereignty have been made previously and the higher courts have repeatedly rejected them.

"I therefore find there has been no miscarriage of justice."

That Judge will be off to the gulag for re-education!

It's a pity that the same line of thinking is not stringently applied to the perpetual victims flogging 'we never ceded sovereignty'.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Native put in place

A former trustee of Far North Māori fund who was jailed for a $1 million fraud he perpetrated with his sister has been denied a Supreme Court appeal over "cultural shame". 

Stephen Henare and Margaret Dixon virtually bled the Parengarenga 3G (P3G) Trust dry to pay for gambling and luxuries, such as a corporate box at rugby league games. 

At last, a New Zealand court willing to stand up to the minorities who are ever  willing to peddle their own brand of justice, looking for a sentence reduction.

Now, if only the same court would remind the natives that the document signed way back in 1840 made all of them British subjects at the stroke of a pen and similarly uphold the laws of New Zealand.

PS - In our current Native Week, no Te Lingo was used or harmed in the making of this post. (gist of which was flogged from a post noticed elsewhere)

Sunday, August 30, 2020

"... the system is working..."

"... the system is working..." says her indoors on Te News tonight.

As some West and South Jafalander sheeple today rush to get tested after following an erroneous online message.

An overstayer and you want a Chinese Plague test on the NZ taxpayer?  I guess  Dawn Raids will now commence to rout those illegal aliens long resident in our communities.  Thought not - no votes in that.

System working?  Not in my book - once again she is lying to us!

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

FNDC catches a rampant disease

The Far North District Council has caught the STV disease for forthcoming elections.

Like MMP, STV is a disease where minorities get to wag the tail of democracy.

And like with the chronic disease of wards for the un-elected of a certain make and model, we get to petition the council to remain on FPP possibly averting this unwanted outbreak.

Monday, August 17, 2020

SFO report imminent?

Hope the SFO hasn't changed the scheduled delivery date on the murky dealings of the Winston First Foundation even though her indoors has delayed the election date.

Friday, August 14, 2020

"Killing the Greens"

Climate change is the luxury fear people wear on their sleeves when they can afford it. It’s a piece of fashion. Optional and discarded at a moments notice.

when the pandemic ends—or at least is suitably controlled—American adults say they’ll behave in ways that would increase their carbon footprint. According to our survey, we’ll drive as much as we did before, take public transportation less, bicycle or walk less, buy more clothes, and have more stuff packaged up and shipped to our homes. And most of us plan to jack up the home AC and heat even more than we already have

It’s taken two decades of relentless advertising to achieve mass compliance and new habits, but just a few months to be reminded of how convenient some things are. The pandemic gave people permission to break the old rules.

Amen to that!  Now can we get rid of the carbon tax rort?

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

NZ 0 : Chinese Plague 1

New Zealand stands as a cautionary tale about the nature of coronavirus: 

No matter how hard you try to fight the virus by smashing businesses, civil liberties, and lives, the thing always seems to find a way to come back.

Ain't that the truth!  St Jacinda's elimination strategy was bound to fail.

Let it rip, the Chinese plague will bowl less than those killed annually by flu.  If your card has already been marked by other pre-existing conditions, tough luck.

It couldn't happen here?

EPA staff covered up and lied about the failed science review of the 2012-2013 Yakima nitrate report

EPA staff lying and covering up a failed peer review for a controversial and damaging science study. The 2012-2013 Yakima Nitrate Report was used by EPA Region 10 to coerce four dairy farms into signing a punitive consent order and then used by an environmental attorney to impose even more costly and unjustified measures on the farms

EPA staff lied about the study’s peer review process. “This study was categorized as ‘influential science information’ which requires an extensive independent peer review. It never received that kind of review and when farmers called EPA staff on this critical failure, they lied claiming it was not categorized as influential but a lower level that didn’t require peer review. The internal emails make it crystal clear they lied about the categorization and lied defending their failed review.”

Now the EPA are trying to run the clock on the lawsuit to protect their arses.

Imposed costs and unjustified measures on dairy farms wouldn't happen here in little old NZ.

Would it? 

Monday, August 10, 2020

an "amoral, hideous thought"

the lives of elderly people should be "offered up" to avoid hardship were an "amoral, hideous thought" 

Scomo has a conscience.

Unlike those here in NZ where we soon get the vote to allow your doped up grandkids to murder their Granny.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

What goes round...

A Mr Mangrove has been fired forthwith today.

If you wrestle with pigs, two things are guaranteed. You will get dirty and the pig will enjoy it.

Another bit of karma from the long running criminally-sourced Dirty Politics of New Zealand's beltway.

And I'm sure today, the pig is really happy.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

The pile-on continues

The left are obviously worried about the Nats newest player in the NZ political puddle.


n (sometimes capital)
1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) any ideology or movement inspired by Italian Fascism, such as German National Socialism; any right-wing nationalist ideology or movement with an authoritarian and hierarchical structure that is fundamentally opposed to democracy and liberalism
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) any ideology, movement, programme, tendency, etc, that may be characterized as right-wing, chauvinist, authoritarian, etc
3. prejudice in relation to the subject specified: body fascism.
[C20: from Italian fascismo, from fascio political group, from Latin fascis bundle; see fasces]

the Right’s rapidly unravelling bundle of conservative sticks

Go on Mr Trotter, you've got the matching picture but fail to say what you really mean.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

What a difference!

Just watched our PM in waiting give a live presser at Parliament this wet and dreary afternoon.

I could never watch the PTPM for 20 seconds let alone 20 minutes without the bile rising.

Plenty of sledges eg "the need to put the Min of Education in as a caretaker Min of Health vs we'll have a real doctor as Min of Health".  Also nice of her to put the muckraker Tova in her place on day one.

Judith was all smiles and on top of the subjects under discussion.  No getting bogged down with sidetracking supplementary questions by so-called journalists desperate to trap her - she just moved on to the next question.

Crap sound on $1tuffed - very muted and hard to hear questions being asked.

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Lazarus arises

is a good man, unlike most of his colleagues

never had a chance given the fault lines of ambition, personality, and ideology that run deep through the National Party caucus

Obviously refreshed from his medical time off, Lazarus is in fine fettle unable to resist a sledge or two.

Thursday, July 02, 2020

The leadership masterclass continues...

367 people letting down team of 5 million

Throwing the shade on anyone but themselves.  A true leader takes responsibility at his desk.

Here in New Zealand, the leadership master class continues.  Not!

The minister in charge had his chance to test the 367 and like every other initiative of this government, failed miserably.

But this same Coalition of Losers government remains ever ready to throw the blame onto others and you under the bus.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Look - a water monster whore!

the river is paying a bigger price

Waikato River Authority wants Auckland to pay for more water from the Waikato River and suggested up to 10 cents a litre, or $20 million a day

That didn't take long.  Whores now haggling over a price.

Always knew that it would happen, for water monster whores are easily placated with coin of the realm.  More taxpayer coin that is, similar to the multitudes of repeat 'full and final settlements' we've placated over one and three-quarter centuries.

Same debate is coming real soon for coastal access as these so-called ToW 'partners' gouge another slice of the action.

These British subjects have fully learnt how to scam NZ Inc.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

We're far too bloody soft!

there is "something wrong" with New Zealand's justice system

Bollocks!  Capital punishment is a good place to start.

well over half of the men in our prisons are Māori, when nearly two-thirds of women in our prisons are Māori, that tells you there is something wrong with the system

Do the crime, do the time.  Nothing wrong with that!  It takes a lot of repeated crime to actually get one locked up these days.   If you don't like the numbers, stop breeding criminals.

The way I see it, the only things wrong with the current soft justice system are Mr Plod pussy-footing around trying to be nice hugging crims with the judiciary failing to impose effective full-term non-parole sentencing.  All the other do-gooders talking of turning out the currently imprisoned are more than welcome to be visited by a recently released ex-inmate on a dark rainy night.

Let's face it, your favoured gang members earnt their patch through violent crime and are willing to make use of any firearms to hand to continue their drug-driven money streams.

I say the justice system is too soft. Along with society in general.  Lock the bastards up forever and toss the keys, crims in my book forfeit any rights.

There are no politicians in New Zealand prepared to step up and get tough on crime.  We are too soft.

That's what the current cow said.

would not increase taxes or cut benefits

The present incumbent said that as a pre-election bribe offering, hasn't stopped raising taxes and doling out welfare largesse since.  Look where that's got us.  A totally ruined economy which will need massive rich prick tax hikes to service the generational debt.

Guess what Mr LabourLite,  I do not believe you.  You'll tell any lies to get votes.  Although I should favour the Nats, your party is so far left of the incumbents, National will not get my vote.  Also missives from Mr Goodfellow for donations and subscriptions will continue to go unanswered.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Musical chairs ending

original Covid-19 wage subsidy - a 12-week, $11 billion scheme - is drawing to a close

The musical chairs cash is about to be stopped.  Now watch businesses that have welcomed the taxpayer largesse forever close their shutters.

Trading over the past few months whilst broke???  St. Jacinda of Corona, your handout kept the wolf from the door for some, but now the cold winter reality of broken businesses will bite hard. 

Meanwhile, the beatification has started...

Tuesday, June 09, 2020

There's only one person to blame for that!

I am angry, because I do think they are a company that has promoted themselves as being in the community and for the community

There's only one person to blame for crashing New Zealand's economy.  It is you, St Jacinda of Corona, for not going hard and early by leaving the porous border open.

Whilst you've been spraying taxpayer cash via un-serviceable inter-generational debt, real companies are rightly doing due diligence pruning their long-term operational costs.  Air NZ is a prime example of another company that should be despatched forthwith to the knackers yard.  No amount of taxpayer cash will save it.

When your so-called 'community' stores close the shutters as the musical chairs of cash ceases, I look forward to the rank hypocrisy that will ensue.  Also God forbid if any rich prick directors are found to be operating whilst broke.

You have saddled New Zealand with a hideous debt that the bludgers in our land will never get off the couch to service.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The hits keep coming - QOTD

I give Muller 1 years tops – then it’s. “Here’s Jude, honey I’m, back.”

Best one I've seen for a while.  A year?  That's being bloody generous! 

Apparently the new idiot has been an omnishambles this morning.

LabourLite new idiot on back foot already

I packed it up in a box when I left the office round there," he said pointing in the direction of his old office "and it will stay in the box.

The not-unexpected pile on started from day one ending with him forgetting some memorabilia on the way to the new office.

Left: 1, LabourLite -100.

I wonder if he's also left his gonads in that box or does St Jacinda of Corona already have them in jar being proudly exhibited on her display shelf?

Muller was again pressed on the issue of Māori representation within his shadow cabinet this morning, during his morning media rounds

Meanwhile on the first business day they're schooled that being of a certain race is a necessity in the Aotearoan worldview of politicking.  The leftards have found an opening and will keep picking.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

LabourLite lurches further left into the abyss

He also left the door open to a possible post-election deal with the Green Party, saying he rates its co-leader James Shaw "very highly"

Just how far left is LabourLite going?  Not content with supporting climate change idiocy, the new village idiot in charge of the Nats now wants to work with the watermelon Communists.

As previously posted - a vote for (or not) National will result in same outcome - socialist demands bending NZ Inc. over the table for a full on rogering of the worst kind. 

Are there any truly right of centre offerings for voters in New Zealand?  Full on God botherers are excluded.

LabourLite gifts Lazarus a lifeline [update]

Winston Peters has welcomed comments by new National leader Todd Muller suggesting the party's ban on working with New Zealand First Party could be reviewed

FFS.  Just when the sharpened stake was awaiting the corpse of Winston First on September 19th, LabourLite breathes life into Lazarus.

Yet another reason not to vote for Nats as they lurch leftward.


Just like Labour, but better

Pretty much sums it up
Comment from BFD

Friday, May 22, 2020

Labour Lite? Never!

He did not answer questions as to whether he had the numbers to roll Bridges. Muller was with his wife Michelle - they had just flown down from Auckland

Must think he's got the numbers and he's going to make an announcement at 5 past 12 with the missus in tow.

Doesn't matter which village idiot leads LabourLite.  Whilst National follows Labour lockstep into the abyss of socialism, they can fight as much as they like - they won't be getting my vote.

Mind you if Judith was in the top spot, at least that'd be a step in the right direction to take the fight to the lying Princess of Corona.

Friday, May 15, 2020

Only months to Covid-20?

I wonder when a future version of the Wu-Flu escapes from an unprepared Chinese virus lab, some might say (in)conveniently located near a wet market, will the world's already decimated economies be able to withstand another assault?

But there is no end of backslapping going on within New Zealand's socialists as they fight for a slice of the massive debt that has being loaded into our economy.  I say businesses should be allowed fail to expose the full force of the debt that New Zealand is taking on.

Propping up businesses like Air New Zealand is a long term losers game when others can and do supply better service.  All vanity projects in central and local government should be immediately canned.  Overpaid bureaucrats and politicians should be pared to the bone.

What happens in 8 weeks when the wage subsidy runs out will be that the businesses fold due to poor trading.  Borrowing now to put off the evil day for election bribes is not sound practice.

This household (and probably many others) will not be spending on non-essential niceties.  When the free lunch (pun intended) welfare cheque stops, I suggest other families will be forced to make a similar decision.  Game over for businesses. 

As the economy has already been wrecked by St Jacinda of Corona what will they do when Wu-Flu-2020 arrives?

Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Party of tossers wants more of the action

Covid-19 The Government* has left the economy in tatters. 

The Government has a blank slate and an open chequebook to show just how brave it is.

I’ve said before that I’d like to see a universal basic income (UBI) as part of the stimulus package

* I've corrected it for you

Whilst St Jacinda of Corona is bankrupting New Zealand doling out my hard earnt cash to all and sundry, yet another party of idiots surfaces looking for a slice of said freebies.

Seems that those who won't entertain working to better themselves somehow deserve a universal benefit.  As if the current pot of gold ie unbridled welfare taken from already exorbitant taxes isn't enough.

Where do these tossers get their ideas?  Unfortunately they will get votes from the unwashed expecting cradle-to-grave handouts.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Priorities in Cindy's Stalag at Level 3.9

A beach sunrise followed by McDonald’s, it doesn’t get much better than that

So many desperate and willing to forgo sleep for a feed. (Some say that the packaging has more nutritional value)

I wonder how many of these sleep-deprived zombies managed to honour their forebears who gave their all three days ago so they might see another sunrise?

PS Level 3.9 = Level 4 with KFC

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Millennials and consequence...

Great stuff.  No doubt most enjoyed their spring break.

Unfortunately reality will be now biting 14 days or so later for some families with those not so long ago 'invincible' spring breakers as  WuFlu deaths in the US skyrocket.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

How to spread a virus 101

The propaganda merchants at Stuff and NZ report that their click bait content  is to be the only source of printed media.  The weekly council infested local rags and other magazines will not be produced.  All to minimise risk of passing infection via your mailbox.    Might be a reasonable idea.

Then they report in the Manawatu Standard that some locals are making care packs for the elderly.  Bet that's going to work a treat.  Watch that space in 14 days plus as the virus imported to the front door of the elderly takes hold.


Saturday, March 14, 2020

Miss Hijab makes a sound decison

March 15 now becomes an opportunity for every New Zealander to reflect in their own way on the events of a year ago

The SLG finally sees sense, making a sound decision not to put more New Zealanders at risk.

Monday, February 24, 2020

A bonus.

The spreading pandemic could stop intolerant leftie mobs being organised to flog climate change witchcraft and TDS.  The thought of catching the Wuhan Flu might put a few activists off their game.

Shouldn't see too much activity in the near future from the likes of TDS afflicted Antifa sh*t-stirrers.  And not so much of St. Greta of late now that deep winter has engulfed northern latitudes.

A definite bonus.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Updated - "Lucid thinking" in the Far North...

We have to work with the Far North District Council so they can demonstrate that they’re worthy of keeping their current duties.

Looks like Winston 1st's mob enforcer will be around shortly if the FNDC doesn't pay the appropriate taniwha tax.  Another council about to be replaced?

a genuine crisis situation...

... have been working with a host of local landowners, and being the North, not surprisingly it is the local hapū. Much to my surprise they are showing lucid thinking

Always a crisis!  I'm sure the local landowners will be "lucidly" salivating at the thought of a certain Mr Jones running around with the bulk of the $3Bn of Winnie's slush fund unspent, looking for a home before the upcoming election.  A parched electorate might just allow any amount of koha and/or un-elected governance for a drop of water.

Lake Omapere is a Māori-owned lake, a large body of water near Kaikohe. There is also a huge aquifer near Kaitaia in a block of land called Sweetwater, underneath the old Landcorp Farm also owned by the local iwi. So everyone realises that they have to work together because, quite frankly, the owners of these nearby water bodies have members who are huge percentages of the local population.
I understand that ratepayers have previously negated the added rates of a taniwha tax to access such water bodies.  Lake Omapere is often polluted from algal blooms, whilst the newly formed avocado orchards on the narrow peninsula north of Kaitaia will probably drain the underlying Sweetwater aquifer long term eventually filling it with a saline solution from the Tasman Sea and the Pacific.  And then Northland will be dry.

Water, water, every where,
Nor any drop to drink.

The Rime of the Ancyent Marinere
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Update: - The threats continue

However, he lamented how the Far North District Council was having issues gaining access to both water sources, and wished to deliver a "clear message" to Te Rarawa and Ngāpuhi.
"If you can't act in a neighbourly fashion to deliver services to your communities, then it is time for the leaders of these iwi to hang up their egotistical spurs and do something else," Minister Jones said.

"The communities will be repelled if mana-munching gets in the way of delivering water to Kaitaia and Kaikohe."

I never thought I'd hear this from a politician, much less a 'retail' one.  About time the political leaders of such communities called out the rampant local tribalism and nepotism.

Shows that Winnie is desperate to retain a foothold up north, but he'll have a hard time.  The would be thieves can't even agree on the bigger future pot of gold, 'Maranga Mai'.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

MAGA: 235 days to go

Ardern has announced the general election will be held on September 19

235 days till New Zealand gets rid of this corrupt and incompetent Coalition of Losers.

Now watch the election pork really roll out.  Winston 1st will be splashing the cash with the balance of the pork for votes fund. 

Bribes for all!  Maybe even koha for those would be voters like the rabble at the South Auckland stonefields.  Promise the student rabble heaps for their new votes along with freebies for all indolent welfarists.  Continue to shaft middle New Zealand taxpayers.

Tomorrow morning the Government reveals where it plans to spend $12 billion of new infrastructure funding

Already trying to outdo Labour's previous $600M economy wrecker of purchasing NZ Rail from Toll, a $12B hole has been created as you read this.  Makes Mr Joyce's promised $11B hole look tame.

Remember, only 235 days to Make Ardern Go Away!

Thursday, January 02, 2020

"the world is warming" ... 3-2-1!

Icy white glaciers on New Zealand's South Island have turned a concerning shade of caramel as a result of the bushfires burning in New South Wales and Victoria

No doubt the warmists amongst us that infest Ey-Oh-Tea-A-Rower will claim "climate change" or something similiar as the root cause.

I'd say that shade of caramel this year will accelerate the demise of NZ's snowpack and glaciers.  Wonder for how many eons that's been happening?

ps. I see the She-Beast that destroyed the Land of the Long White Cloud from a previous eon manages to get air-time in the same article.