Friday, May 31, 2013

No, I do not hate you, but...

The greenie half leader queries whether real New Zealander's  hate her and her ilk, causing their kids to top themselves.

A post that cannot be commented on. (except maybe via FB, in which I do not have an account)

Hers's what I tried to post as a comment:

It's not what others think that cause our kids to top themselves. 

It's the feckless lazy parents unwilling to get off their backsides, permanently on the dole in entitlement, grievance and victimhood mode complaining how it is all the fault of society that sets the example of utter hopelessness for kids.  All while wanting the latest of this and that given freely to them on my dime which those of us whom worked long and hard years to attain making often very difficult family decisions along the way.

The kids that require it are given every opportunity through directed welfare, health initiatives and education to succeed, but a lot choose not to avail themselves of it.  When those kids see those around them, including politicians who will not stand up for them, taking the perceived easy route of it's all too hard they follow on that easy route with tragic results.

Indeed, it has long been an accurate portrayal of Maori and Polynesian people as being fat lazy bludgers and is one that needs changing.   All parents of children, irrespective of ethnicity, have as their core responsibility to feed and clothe their own children closely followed by setting a good example of ethics. 

When parents do not lead by example, openly dishing out their own brand of open hostility toward society, we can only expect one result.

While I'm not adverse to having a laugh over such matters when a cartoonist hits the nail on the head as in yesterday's example, I for one am heartily sick of throwing good tax money after bad to look after after some other prick's kids, when those parents will not shift off their arses to help themselves and set good examples for their children.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Identifying the bludgers should be real easy now

The sharp lurch of the Nats toward their inner socialist yesterday in the quest for ever more leftie votes is utterly sickening.  Not content with continually pandering to and chasing the racist native vote with all manner of affirmative action schemes, food is now to be dished out on my dime to feed some other prick's kids.

But hey, there's possibly a good side.  As rugrats turn up for a 'free' breakfast at my expense, their deadbeat bludging parents will now be easily identified.  There should be no child in New Zealand living in 'poverty' with all manner of welfare largesse being doled out.  Well maybe the children of Aotearoa, that entitled rabble long proven to spending their dole with other priorities, but certainly not in any children of real New Zealanders, the middle class relentlessly sucking on the government tit via Working for Welfare.

I expect those at WINZ/CYFS to be down daily at the 'free' feeds actively taking names and inviting Mr Plod to prosecute for neglect of their parental responsibilities.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Comment of the day

The only time anyone will be in the dark is when Russel Norman ascends to the role of Minister of Finance.

Then the lights will literally go out.
from here

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mr Plod shafted by bleeding heart IPCA over useless Labour law

Police acted "unlawfully, unjustifiably and unreasonably" in establishing road blocks, and detaining and searching people during the Urewera raids six years ago, the police watchdog says

IMHO, Mr Plod did a fine job on the day in question, controlling the often previously belligerent separatist locals via searches, roadblocks and arresting the would be terrorists after a two year surveillance operation.

It is a pity that Labour's hastily written anti-terrorist laws were subsequently proven not to be up to the mark as most of the collected evidence was ditched.  More like legal bleeding hearts hard at work dancing on pin heads, but have those laws been fixed yet Mr Key?

the nature of complaints received by the authority ranged from the impact on the community of armed AOS officers at a road block to feelings of ill-treatment by police during the execution of search warrants at properties

Ill feelings???  You've got to be joking!   This was an anti-terrorist operation conducted as one would expect.

So today, the IPCA finally gets their report to the public and shafts the Police for doing their job.  A duty they executed properly knowing that they would not get local support.  It is a pity that after all these years only four remain convicted, in my view all arrested were guilty as initially reported.

The report is tomorrow's fish and chip wrapper whilst the perpetrators carry on their own sweet way to separatism and apartheid, knowing full well they've got away yet again via our piss-weak anti-terrorist legislation.   And it is a pity that the current Police Commissioner does not have the balls to tell the IPCA to take a hike, stand up for his staff and allow the Police to get on with their job.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

A budget first?

Noticeable is the lack of sin taxes on fags and booze. 

That must be a first for New Zealand budgets in many a year.

On Labour's Mixed Ownership Model

Labour is 51% owned by Labour and 49% Greens!!!

Comment of the day.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fonterra embracing its inner tree hugger

Fonterra is flying in a veteran Australian environmentalist and former head of Greenpeace to help its farmers see the value in sustainable practices

First thought is opening the chook house door and throwing the wolf in.  I wonder how much info this bloke is going to get from farmers and then use it against them.  I'd be surprised if any turned up to embrace their inner treehugger, well maybe some will for the free food and drink.

Fonterra is really desperate bringing a greenie to preach to dairy farmers.

Master races of Aotea-Rower

It was a breath of fresh air to see the part-Maori leader David Rankin being honest at long last in stating that the Maori are not the original people of this country.
Maori are about the fourth or fifth race of people to be brought to this country, which can be proved going on ships'records and the physical evidence right throughout this country.

These tribes in New Zealand did not all originate from the same place - they were brought here by the Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch from all over the Pacific Basin over many centuries.

Recently I wrote to the Prime Minister and MPs on both sides of the House requesting a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the true early history of New Zealand. The only replies I received were from the PM, acknowledging receipt of my request, and the Treaty Minister Chris Finlayson requesting that I do not communicate with him again.

Here is one of many facts of this country's early history gained from ships' records discovered in Europe. In 1521 there were 30 Spanish ships operating in and out of Hao Atoll.

One of these ships - as noted in the ship's log - picked up 100 islanders and brought them to the Kaipara Harbour on the southern side and put them off at a Waitaha village named Aotea.

These newly arrived peoples did not integrate and built canoes which took them down the coast to Raglan Harbour, settling at a place they named Aotea.

It is interesting to find out that some years ago the current kaumatua decided to excavate their ancestral canoe, taking timbers to the Waikato University to establish type and age. These timbers were found to be of kauri origin and were promptly taken back and reburied.

The name of that Spanish ship that brought these Hao islanders to this country was Tai-Nui.  

Noel Hilliam, The Northern Advocate

Reproduced in full, a Maori speaks out on New Zealand's early history yet again and is snubbed.

Interesting to note the politicians and some making comments on this article cannot deal with the truth that theirs is not the master race of Aotea-Rower.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Government looks after its employees...

to stay on in Parliament would only serve to cause my loved ones more upset, and cause me undeserved further stress

attacks on my integrity have started taking a toll on those around me and this is unfair on them

Nice to know the government does everything possible to look after all of their employees.

Some might say he may well deserve all that has come his way, but one wonders how an employment court might view the intense harassment of the past couple of weeks,

the Prime Minister late last week saying: "I don't really think New Zealanders give a toss about him"

 We've got your back!  Tui time. 

Millions could be saved axing greenies

DoC announced this week that it would have 72 fewer positions in its new split structure

Recently it seems the government is raising the ire of the overstaffed bloated bureaucracy that is DOC.  Great news isn't it?  Less troughing greenie treehuggers.

DoC staff will try to catch the bird next week and return him to the bush, 30km from his suburban home.

In other news, a kokako shows why we don't need any expensive DOC staff espousing 'we must be seen to be doing something'.  Or expensive council funded sanctuaries.

Ranger Hazel Speed said suburbia was not safe for Duncan

Seems he's happily survived home alone in Jafaland, avoiding cats and traps, for a number of years.    All without any interfering conservation staff.

Just grow a few more out of town in cheaper areas, then release them en-masse.  Trust me, they'll look after themselves.  Just like trout hatchlings grown off site.  Maye the private sector could farm them.  Win, win.

Anything that reduces feral greenie treehugger leeches in my face and taxpayer wallet has to be good for me and you.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Rules for some, none for others

Auckland's most influential tribe is planning a massive new residential project on the edge of its hard-won Bastion Pt land, where up to 6000 whanau could eventually live

Amazing how the well connected could bypass the RMA and look to build a new slum right in the heart of Jafaland.  After having been evicted from their million dollar state homes for life just around the corner nearby in the Glen Innes area.  And right on the highest valued piece of coast in New Zealand.

I'd daresay others without similar connections would be put through every possible planning hurdle and heaps of unnecessary consultations with much palm greasing to get anywhere near altering the skyline in a designated coastal zone.  Bet we would also find neighbours with slum affected view shafts will be brushed aside.

Same old rules for some and a lot more for others.   In ten years or so we'll ask, how did that happen?

Friday, May 10, 2013

Oil Strike, Luddites abound

Elevated levels of mud-gas have been discovered at TAG Oil's Ngapaeruru-1 exploration well, 20km east of Dannevirke and the situation is encouraging, a company official says

The local anti-mining, anti fracking nimby tree hugging luddites are out in full force with the news.

These two wells are conventional vertical wells that will not be fracked

Drill, baby drill.  Anything that might reduce my rates. 

Next stop a well or two in Northland to boost their economy.  A few palms needs to be greased and they'll be in like a robber's dog.

Now a Granny subbie is really stretching truth on this one

A power outage caused by lightning strike plunged thousands of households and businesses in Maungaturoto into darkness

Thousands of households and businesses in Maungaturoto?  Really??? 

Last time I drove through there a couple months ago the town reminded me of another 1950's rural New Zealand one horse town ever ready for the glue factory.

Granny, time to talk to your subbie at this small paper, they're really stretching the truth on this one.

Mr Plod shafted yet again

pursuit occurred after Mr Kingi failed to stop
a police officer spotted him speeding in a 50km/h zone
had four drink-driving convictions
was found to have more than double the blood alcohol limit

the officer notified police central communications
officer continued looking for the fleeing vehicle

In my view, nothing wrong with Mr Plod's reaction to a crime in progress.  After all he's employed to apply the law at all times.

 the car had slid off the road after taking a corner at between 130km/h and 136km/h
claimed the lives of driver, two of his passengers, a third passenger was seriously injured

They won't do that again.  This prick was speeding, failed to stop and was pissed.  But once again, Mr Plod gets blamed.

the officer's speed of 127km/h in a 50km/h zone was not justified
the pursuit should have been abandoned earlier
the officer involved failed to follow correct procedure

Every time lawless scum injure themselves or worse, Mr Plod gets fronted and shafted for doing his job.  If we're not going to actively pursue those that ignore our laws, it makes one wonder why we have police at all.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Politics of envy

privatisation as "upwards redistribution" ... stolen by the government and given to a narrow elite of their cronies and supporters - who will in turn reward them with donations and political support

Don't know that I'll ever again consider voting for the NATs, but hey, it's nice to know I'm now no longer a 'rich prick'.  The new qualifier according to this Idiot is 'the narrow elite'.  That has  a much nicer ring to it don't you think?

dividends from Mighty River Power ... 49% of them will be flowing to the pockets of that narrow elite, where they will be used on superyachts, overseas holidays, jewellery, and the other conspicuous consumption of the rich

I look forward to the trappings of the profligate elite turning up soon in my driveway.  Amazing how the purchase of a few shares could give me about as much chance as me winning a Big Wednesday Lotto ticket.

The ideology of hatred by the left along with politics of envy is on full display in recent times.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

What a man really needs [update]

The upset mother of troubled National MP Aaron Gilmore has defended her son

the way Mr Gilmore had been hounded and called a bully in the past week was "disgusting" ... We support our son

I always knew politicians were arrogant SOBs, but this really takes the cake.  The embarrassment that is the lowest ranked Nat continues to fester unabated with his dear old mum wading in boots and all proving MPs really are big girls blouses.

A matter that should have been cauterised by Monday lunchtime after the alleged event.


he behaved like a "dickhead"

No, unfortunately the self-proclaimed 'dickhead' hasn't resigned but the crybaby needs to harden up.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Fruit for everyone...

will kill you as soon as you take a bite

Sultan Knish has been evading the Secret Fruit Police whilst eating Golden Apples.

As noted, one should have "the right ... to buy fruit at vastly inflated prices".

I'd disagree with his summary though.  More than likely to happen in our lifetime here in NZ when the rabid far left get voted in.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Climate change is an illness...

Global warming and climate change is a brain disorder caused by shiny-arses sitting in front of computer screens behind desks in air-conditioned offices totally insulated from the real world playing Grand Theft Auto  using manipulated data from weather observations as a basis for predicting climate trends.

Can't fault that description of the illness that afflicts the rabid warmists amongst us.  The writer goes onto suggest that with the hindsight of more than 100 years farming experience in New Zealand

we can expect to have 1 year in 10 very good, 1 year in 10 very bad and the rest somewhere in between, so we farm accordingly

DW Smith Ohaeawai
writing to Straight Furrow April 30 2013

VF Wireless Network issues: Doh! [update II]

This morning VF wireless US based content appears not to be available for the past few hours.  Unless it is already cached here in NZ.

Now a quick check for network issues with VF on their website connects to a server (overseas???) called vodafonenz.i.lithium.com with zero response.  And hence zero detail of the connectivity issue.

One might guess that the VF help server is located offshore which is absolutely useless when issues arise such as today's loss of international content.  Idiots!

At least I cannot be tempted to read Mr Prent's hate site.  It is not available today as their Cloudflare server is located overseas.

[update II]
Appears to be fixed at 1240.  - 8 hours later!