Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas 1970's style:

Bunnings workers in Wellington, Manawatu and Gisborne have walked off the job and gone on strike.

More than 100 workers from seven stores  in the regions voted to strike for the rest of today after a meeting this morning.

Little Andy's effing unionised scum mates go on strike bang on a major holiday period.  That'll garner massive amounts of cheer and goodwill in late 2015.

So 1970's.  It must be Christmas.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Poverty pimping: Been there, done that

Imagine what it would be like to spend 30 per cent of what you earn on rent, then add power, phone and other unavoidable bills. Now add two kids, then reduce your income to benefit level... it doesn't leave you with much

Been there done that.  With mortgages eating up 38% plus of gross income and two kids. Bloody hard work, took at least a decade before we saw daylight.

And paid all the non-avoidable bills.  Second jobs, just got on with life, daily making decisions like the doctor or do we eat?

report uses the measure severe poverty to describe households with half the national median income after accommodation is paid, as well as lacking seven or more of 17 basic material needs such as a warm, dry house, meat, fish or chicken at least each second day, a waterproof coat, warm clothes, two pairs of shoes and a separate bed for each child

Basic material needs?  The frills like flash clothes or cars, flash TVs or yuppie phones are not basic material needs. Today's lot need to harden up instead of crying poor.

Nothing but poverty pimps who need to get their priorities sorted.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Get the tree guys up to Titirangi when they're finished in New Lynn

A tree company this morning began cutting down about 20 pohutukawa trees on the former Crown Lynn site in the West Auckland suburb

The leftie scum is assembling on site along with some ferals.

Locals and protesters arrived, three of whom, including Greenpeace climate campaigner Steve Abel, scaled the trees

New Lynn MP David Cunliffe is at the site, furious at the loss of the trees

I say get the tree guys straight up to Titirangi to deal with that kauri weed when they're finished in New Lynn.  Whilst Cunners is distracted being interviewed for votes by compliant leftie media, get the real job done.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Follow the money: PWC to get new waterfront bach

Have a squiz at who is involved in PWC's new waterfront bach.

39-level PwC Tower and the 1.1ha Wynyard Quarter innovation precinct project 

will use ANZ, CBA, BNZ, Westpac and HSBC money for the projects

The ratepayers of Auckland have really had their chain yanked with Lying Len's horrendous rate rises for his white elephant millstone of Britomart, the train loop supposedly to nowhere.  Till now.

And another Queen Street vulture surfaces:

Fletcher will demolish the existing low-rise Downtown and excavate to enable City Rail Link tunnels to be built, linking Britomart beneath the former Chief Post Office to Lower Queen St. CRL will then proceed up Albert St as the first stage of that huge transport project, then across to Mt Eden.

and the real owners of the waterfont bach show their faces.

PwC to move in above level 22

No doubt Lying Len will be very happy with his 30 pieces of silver for taking the flak whilst we pay for these Queen Street farmers in pole position on the waterfront, in full north facing sun with a rail terminus at the front door.

They say follow the money.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Labour scum do not support property rights

Labour MP David Cunliffe was this afternoon on his way to the protest.

full support to and the protest to keep this huge tree


Helen Clark's message of support from overseas had given the community a boost

Typical Labour scum.  "What's yours is mine" again proving they do not support property rights.  Just as bad as feral greens leering over your fence complaining about what land owners do on their property.

Another trespasser climbs the young Titirangi kauri

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Another would be trougher dithering at the start line

I have been approached about it by a wide range of people and am currently having a think about it

Another would be trougher dithers about fronting the start line.

She's in good company, her opponent Filk Off has been dithering over announcing whether he will make the start line for months.

Anyway, you've got to wonder about this new addition to the running.  Why would she suddenly desire to move from a no doubt handsomely remunerated trough to the some say lowly paid troughs of local government?

She's possibly got all the form she needs.  Longtime a resident at two comms companies which are now worthless compared to early values, she wants to leave another that has lived off borrowed money forever.  One that has never positively made a dollar since inception with players living high on the hog.   Maybe she can see the writing on the wall.  Will Xero be Enron MkII?

As previously mentioned, this filly obviously has form utilising borrowed largesse.  And unfortunately I feel the result will be more of the same for your ratepayer wallet.

Monday, November 16, 2015

And we pay these pricks?

it is important, amid all the grief and anger in France, that President Francois Hollande's Government and its allies do not respond by simply intensifying a military campaign

The New Zealand taxpayer pays for these apologist pricks in their ivory towers?    Appeasement never works.

The only reaction is to fully close and police French borders, slotting the source of these invading hordes.

French defence official says the country has launched a "massive" series of airstrikes on the Islamic State group's de facto capital in Syria

Meanwhile, albeit a bit slow to react, France has started taking out the trash, doing what needed to be done months ago

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Paris: Time for some harsh reality

There are those among us that believe we should be tolerant of anything and everything, and that we should eliminate our borders and just let everyone roam freely as they choose, and that we should do all of this as we joyfully hand over our only means of self-defense to the people they have chosen to rule over us.

These people are utterly and profoundly wrong.

Humans created borders for a reason, and we used weapons to defend them for a reason, and we learned to be intolerant of that which threatens us for a reason. Those who believe we can just blindly disregard the lessons of history and discard the wisdom we have gained over the course of societal evolution will force all of us to relearn those lessons if we let them.

Our borders must be secure, and we must retain the right to defend ourselves and our families. Rather than creating “safe spaces” to shield our children from reality, we must teach them to deal with that reality, however harsh it might be.

ISIS does not care about our borders, nor will it obey our gun laws. These people will not respect your safe space, and they see everyone in our gun free zones as a target of opportunity. ISIS is not the problem, however, it is just the latest symptom of a problem that has existed since the dawn of time, and one that we will always have to deal with.

Evil people exist in the world, and we will either have to deal with them or obey them. That is the truth, it is reality, it is harsh, and we have to deal with it.

 We need to relearn some harsh lessons of societal evolution.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Polishing turds

Various enablers, including Mr Plod calling for calm, have had a field day in the media this week. 

Always the "he was such a good boy" or "he was a doting, caring father" accompanied by the pix.

Never about the victims of their previous crimes.  This morning, another example:

Don't worry about the colour of their patch

He was getting his life on track, so that will be a loss for the gang

With the rest of the sob story on the tale of survival, he'll be canonised soon.   FFS, the criminals were on their way to celebrate at a gang pissup.

In my opinion, apart from the odd lone nutter going postal, patched gang members are our worst criminals in New Zealand.   Every single one of them has committed serious crime to gain their patch.  I do not shed one tear for them.

Turd polishing enablers within the community do nothing to get rid of the insidious scourge of gangs in New Zealand. 

Continually talking up the patched crims history, always being unwilling to ban them from the streets and permanently lock up any gang scum, they only enable the next generation clamouring to join.

This is what a nanny state does in its spare time

New York City politician Mark Levine has introduced a bill to assign personal email addresses to 200 of the city's trees

would give email addresses to 200 that are notably old, tall, historical, or just plain odd.

If his bill is passed, signs bearing each tree's email address would be placed on or near them and city parks employees would be tasked with checking the trees' emails, or "treemails," if you will

With all the firewood growing in NZ, I can see the urgent need or a whole new bureaucracy to read treemail and disseminate the global warmist gospel.

NYC looking for work for their drones on the ratepayers dime. Apparently they already do it Melbourne.

Could solve unemployment. Our Labour and tree hugging greenie MPs could fill out their day rather than looking to be permanently victimised as they have this week.

Monday, November 09, 2015

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Finally the message gets through

Auckland mayor Len Brown has announced he will not stand for re-election

At last the thieving lying prick gets the message.  Today is truly a day for Aucklanders to celebrate.

His legacy?

He has trashed Jafaland with exorbitant rates rises for his tenure and lowered the Office of the Mayor into the sewer.  He has sold the city out to undemocratic unelected native boards.

Anything to get his name on that plaque in Britomart. 

Brown's announcement he will not seek re-election comes as long-serving Labour MP Phil Goff is poised to confirm his bid for the Auckland Mayoralty

Mind you, if Filk Off's the answer, I'd sooner scratch my eyes out and vote for a piece of scum like Lying Len.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Vodafone taking the p*ss with spam messaging

Just got this spam SMS from VF

We're working hard to make our network work best for you. Next week we're upgrading the area near you, please bear with us as there may be a little disruption

Yeah right!   I see nothing planned for the Dannevegas area next week but note the fault which has been there most of the week remains unresolved. 

I'll believe such self promotional spam when your purported 3G doesn't drop out to GPRS speed during the working day.  And you do not take three weeks to respond to faults logged via email.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

EU agricultural sensitivities

talks will take in account "EU agricultural sensitivities."

"Agricultural  sensitivities"???

Would that be more tyre burning motorway blocking agriculturalists being slightly sensitive to being stripped of their rampant farming subsidies?

Or maybe increased sensitivity to the agricultural goat f**kers currently invading Europe?

One will know shortly.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

"Miraculously fuel efficient" German engineering


Yes, so miraculous (@ 1.04 min in video) everyone would want a piece of German engineering.   
Volkswagen announced plans in 2012 to spend around 250 million euros on the engine plant, in line with Russian government targets to equip at least 30 percent of vehicles produced in Russia with locally-made engines by 2016.

Russian sales of the VW brand fell 44 percent year-on-year in the first seven months of this year and the company in March cut jobs and working hours at the Kaluga factory. But it says its investment plans are intact due to the market's longer-term prospects.

A timely reminder to those companies buying brand wrecking software...

I'd bet VW is not the only company that has supped from the trough of green subsidies for 'clean  diesels'.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

National jellyfish capitulates and reverts to type

The Red Peak flag will be added as a fifth option in the flag referendum, Prime Minister John Key has confirmed.

The Government has agreed to pick-up legislation that was put forward by the Green Party this afternoon

Effin' unbelievable!  Predictable though as the spineless bastard reverts to type

The Nats again proves that they cannot be trusted to stick to their plan or principles.   Seems that polls are the main focus.  I cannot stand an unprincipled party willing to bow to minority party no hopers and screaming twatteratti.

New Zealand First said they opposed Red Peak being added, in line with their strong opposition to any flag change.

Deputy leader Ron Mark said Red Peak design resembled markings on sentry boxes used by the Nazis.

We will say no to the Green-National Red Peak option. We believe in proper democratic process and we do not want to waste more taxpayers' money.

At least NZ First had the balls to stay true.

National jellyfish shows some spine

last-ditch appeal against the deportation of a man who claimed to be the world's first climate change refugee has failed

Prime Minister John Key said there was no question that Mr Teitiota was an over-stayer, and not a refugee

Amazing.  The head National jellyfish stiffens with some resolve to deport one overstayer from South Auckland.

Whilst we're on overstayers in South Auckland, can we deport a few more?   Like the ones we missed last time as the hand wringers let the illegal immigrants remain.

we have to be in the most part consistent

Consistency from a poll driven moonbeam? 

I thought not, restarting Dawn Raids would probably not go down well with spineless Key's voting public.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Slaying Gorebull and sacred cows

within the big model there is a core basic physics model. That core is the foundation of the idea that CO2 causes 1.2C of  warming

The model architecture was wrong. Carbon dioxide causes only minor warming. The climate is largely driven by factors outside our control. 

As such, the windfarms and solar panels are not just bad at reducing carbon dioxide — even if they did succeed in reducing carbon dioxide they’d be useless at cooling the planet. It is only four billion dollars a day worldwide, wasted.

A professional modeller takes apart the basic physics model of climate change and finds the religion of man made CO2 warming wanting.

3, 2, 1, cue the ranting of warmists, lefties looking to tax the process and others with vested interests as some sacred cows are slain.

Part 1 of a series here at JoNova. 

Get the popcorn in, it appears to be a blockbuster.

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Give them an inch...

Activists have moved onto land at Kaitaia Airport today

the occupation was a protest against a $100 million Treaty of Waitangi settlement, due to be ratified tomorrow

the occupation site with fence posts and corrugated iron to begin constructing a new marae

One of the occupation organisers Hone Popata said they would be occupying land beside the airport terminal, and all operations at the airport would be closed.

"We are in charge now," he said.

Finlayson's mates, the Popata bros have taken "charge" of  Kaitaia Airport.  More of the long term pandering of the Nats "Give them an inch..." comes home to roost. 

Not a good couple of weeks for you, eh John Boy Key?

The professional stirrers have been far too quiet for a while since dishing out to Key a few years ago.  Now they are setting up residence and are looking for more than an inch of the white man's mile.

Just like Raglan Golf Course and Bastion Point, we'll see spineless pandering pollies and local government wannabees rolling up to cater to their every need.

Time to stock up on popcorn.

Monday, September 07, 2015

"Engage, not enrage"

"Engage, not enrage"

The LabourLite Nat minister in charge of the safety body Worksafe, which has recently gone rogue on quad bike safety fining a farmer heaps for helmets hanging on the wall, has missed the boat in asking farmers to find a solution.

He got a rough reception from a farmer meeting in Masterton over safety issues.

There is no need for more regulation, guidelines or safety hardware.  Farmers realise that the status quo is not acceptable, but the attitude of clipboard wielding Worksafe bureaucrats has to change.

From farmer reports:

Worksafe reps turning up unannounced, in unmarked vehicles and without visible ID, expecting job in hand to cease whilst the boxes are ticked.  That is not acceptable.

Worksafe turned up out of the blue when we busy working in the yards and expected to drop everything.  

"He wanted to know whether I'd wiped my arse that morning.  After an hour of my time, only fault was that motorbikes without first aid kits was an issue.  I suggested that he left."

Typical commentary from farmers heartily sick of bureaucrats being heaped on them.

The attitude of Worksafe are unprofessional, needing curtailing and a culture change from Worksafe.  Worksafe should be a partner, not a punisher to be feared.

One comment suggested:

Investigation and analysis of quad bike deaths or serious injuries should be shared publicly. 

Woodhouse replied "that would need to be resourced" (implying more taxes).

I was surprised at that answer.  Other than waving the big stick on helmets, one wonders what else Worksafe is doing when it combs through an incident.  Does it not already analyse in minute detail the causes of the incidents?  If not, why not?

from The NZ Farmers Weekly, today in my mailbox

LabourLite rolls over bowing to screaming leftards

The Government will today announce an emergency package to allow hundreds of Syrian refugees to come to New Zealand

The She Beast from the UN obviously called over the weekend.  John Boy Key seemingly has taken her advice and now wants to re-home more illegal immigrants from the Middle East.

Nothing but government by the opposition these days on whatever topic suits the screaming minority of the left.

LabourLite Nats have given up all notion of being in control.  They might as well resign and give the reins to the left.

John Boy, this lack of spine will cost you votes.

Saturday, September 05, 2015

"A bout of elbow gripping hysteria at the NYT"

Australia has it right.
“The fact that today we celebrate that we have not had a successful people smuggling venture in a year, and that over the course of the last 18 months or so we have turned back 20 boats and stopped 633 people from arriving in our country, is a significant achievement…

“…We have a very clear policy in place and that is that people who seek to come to our country by boat illegally will not settle in our country.”

How Euro states should be reacting.  But the poll driven moonbeams that masquerade as Western governments are welcoming  all manner of terrorists. 

Key caves into baying mob [updated]

The New Zealand government has bowed to public pressure and agreed to take an extra 100 Syrian refugees, according to the United Nations refugee agency

Well that didn't take long.  The focus polls must be in.  Key's spineless Nats cave into the baying mob of concerned lefties and others seeking 'we must be seen to be doing something'.

And I note the She Beast from the UN is still dictating ruinous policy in New Zealand.

hasn't been able to get confirmation from Prime Minister John Key's office

Gutless prick couldn't even tell the nation directly that he had caved in to the UN.

Do we really want another 100 illegal immigrants here in this country each year?  Here we go again.  Not so long ago we let one Zaoui in, now the terrorist hordes will be turning up.

A real government would never ever negotiate with terrorists.


The spineless jellyfish Key has been contacted and is backtracking with weasel words as you read this. 

Obviously detecting the mood of real New Zealanders, not the baying Aotearoan leftie socialist mob, he's got a fence firmly jammed up where the sun doesn't shine over this one, having a bob each way  awaiting the next focus poll. 

Friday, September 04, 2015

New road-repair plan from Brown includes higher gas taxes, vehicle fees

proposal would provide $3.6 billion annually for transportation and includes a new $65 fee for vehicle owners, an 11-cent increase in the diesel tax and a 6-cent hike to the gas tax

would direct $400 million of the funding for local governments toward transit programs like buses and trains

Like the proposal from Mr Brown?  More taxes sets your heart racing?  Yes please!

The public voting for socialists like Mr Key and Mr Brown thoroughly deserve every extra tax coming their way.  

Just do not tell Len.

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Is your council infested with eco advisers?

An initiative to create safe and healthy rental houses in Auckland is achieving great success

landlords receive a free assessment by an Auckland Council eco advisor and a report recommending potential improvements

One wonders how many of these 'eco advisers' infest the Auckland Council?

No doubt on a six figure rate with a suitably emblazoned eco vehicle, living large justifying their existence on the ratepayer dime. 

Doing something that landlords already pay their rental agents to inspect and check on a regular basis without clipboard wielding ticket clipping bureaucrats getting in the way of their rental business.

It doesn't end there, as they say, there's more!  An eco adviser is coming to your rental soon.

Tenants receive advice on how to keep their house warmer and drier

initiative is now being adopted by other local boards around Auckland

Tenants probably get to know about simpler things like keeping windows open for good airflow.  Apparently stops the mould, but from recent pimped reports on mouldy houses in the media, tenants and common sense are a world apart.

I suppose in Len's world class most liveable city, leaving a window open is an invite to be burgled. 

And an army of eco whatevers are required to save the unwashed from themselves.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

The only choice. [updated]

God save the Queen!


Whilst the traitors on social media spout their reasons to ditch our blue flag for one of four rags, I wonder if John Boy considered the need to change the Naval White Ensign?  At least the white feathers on three of the rag options would not show on a white background.

(pics flogged from Wikipedia)

Thursday, August 06, 2015

The deluded: 'not a Maori land rights issue'

A Manurewa property owner who has not paid her rates in five years faces losing her house in a court-ordered mortgagee sale for the sake of an $11,700 debt.

But the unrepentant owner is refusing to back down, saying she does not recognise Auckland Council's authority and her property is not for sale.
The house is not their house to take. I own the house which is fully paid for.

Never thought I'd say this about a council.  I heartily applaud the council for having the guts to make a few examples of these free loaders in forcing sales to pay outstanding rates.

she could afford to pay the outstanding rates, she refused to do so. The issue was not a Maori land rights issue "as such". "It's got everything to do with the rights of people all over."

Ms Marsh, who works for KiwiRail, told the Herald she had paid her rates to the rightful landowner - Arikinui o Tuhoe - and she refused to recognise the council's authority over the land.

Eh?  Who the f**k are these supposed rightful landowners?   To me it just looks like another of the deluded pushing the sovereignty barrow.   Sell the asbestos ridden 1950s fibre cement property to clear the freeloader's rates debt.

Now all that is needed now to make my day is for Mr Key to settle the false interpretations the deluded have over who holds sovereignty in New Zealand.  Unfortunately that will never happen whilst Tinkerbell is in his pay.

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

At least someone's trying

King Willem-Alexander delivered a message to the Dutch people from the government in a nationally televised address: the welfare state of the 20th century is gone. In its place a “participation society” is emerging, in which people must take responsibility for their own future and create their own social and financial safety nets, with less help from the national government.

That's bound to upset a few of the entitled.  I wonder if the New Zealand government would have the balls.


Over the past couple of days, we've begun to hear in the courts how a Westie gang associate was slotted with a sickle or a billhook apparently dropping him instantly.  Some might say no great loss, only another gang on gang violent episode with an not unexpected outcome.

Recently we've also witnessed an in your face bike ride of gang members.   Supposedly in memory of the said member. Whichever way you look at it,  patched gang members are out and out criminals having gained their patch through vile and violent crime.

Then we have this.

a gang want to provide nourishment for kids in need across the country

they fill a social need that wasn't being catered for adequately- hungry kids in schools

Really?  Again, "Won't somebody think of the children?". 

Probably most of the kids are hungry because their parents are doped up buying drugs from the same gangs.  I fail to see why there are supposedly hungry kids in New Zealand when their parents get all manner of welfare to ensure the rugrats are adequately funded for food and school.

In my view, the community and government agencies should not be endorsing these criminal thugs through children in any way shape or form.

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Cecil had it coming

Offending the moral sensibilities of liberals.

HT Maggie's Farm 


Monday, August 03, 2015

The Fencing Act will require an upgrade...

every home will have a drone

You're going to use a drone to do rooftop inspections

I eagerly await the next tree hugging greenie looking for evidence of dirty dairying raping the environment or me buggering fetid swamps on my farm.  

No doubt the modern feral (or regional council inspector) will have a personal  drone for that over the farm fence leering and lurking.  And like any other noxious pest, a drone will be blasted out of the sky with 12g buckshot.

I see an opening for an entrepreneur,  a drone patrolling my perimeter fenceline using a GPS mapped run and capable of delivering the necessary fatal blow to other intruding drones 24x7.  The Fencing Act will require modernising.

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Another uneconomic rail line up for closure

there are three potential paths for the company under consideration – some arrangement that would allow us to trade on, some kind of controlled sell-down, or liquidation

Solid Energy has been badly hit by falling international coal prices and has shed hundreds of jobs during the last two years

Solid Energy rails coal for export across the Southern Alps to the VoD port.

I'd suspect that export coal is the only thing keeping that line open, so if Solid Energy shuts up shop,  the trans-alpine rail route will also become uneconomic and close. 

Also anything that routs unionised viper nests in the many mines and associated industries, particularly on the union infested West Coast, has to be ultimately good for NZ Inc.


Friday, July 31, 2015

Another dud judge wreaks havoc on the victim's family

starting point for sentencing at seven and a half years in prison

took into account the teen's youth

settled on a sentence of six years imprisonment with a minimum non-parole period of three years and three months

The Crown were seeking a starting point of 10 years imprisonment for the teenager

There is something seriously wrong with our judiciary.  They don't have the balls to impose maximum sentences with zero parole.  It appears that this judge is just another dud judge.

Criminals in my book forfeit all rights upon commission of the crime.  Maximum sentences are the only option, lock them up and forget parole.  Life means life, no exceptions or parole.  Home D is just a holiday joke.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I'm sure that'll end well!

Conservative Party leader Colin Craig has come out firing, accusing the "dirty politics brigade" of a conspiracy to destroy his reputation

Craig let rip at individuals he claimed were manipulating politics. 

He announced he would be launching defamation action against Jordan Williams, John Stringer and Whaleoil blogger Cameron Slater. 

He is seeking damages of $300,000 from Williams, $600,000 from Stringer and $650,000 from Slater.

Although not technically the same, the Streisand Effect comes to mind. I'm sure that any defamation proceedings will end well for young Colin.  In his mind anyway.   With minimal damage to Colin's political career. 

But somehow I get the feeling it's going to be a long and very public goodbye for the Colin Craig Conservative Party.   Time to order much popcorn and await the entertainment.

Repeaters: Trained and skilled ... [corrected]

340,000 cubic metres, or six truckloads of pig poo

340,000m3?  I think not, more like 340,000 litres or 34m3 340m3. [corrected]

Given that the average truck carries 8-10m3 and pig poo does not have the density of uranium, I think the trained and skilled repeater is telling porkies.

Friday, July 03, 2015

"Bring the guilty bastard in"

Iwi leader Sonny Tau has been charged after being caught at Invercargill airport carrying dead kereru

Weeks later, Mr Plod catches up with the esteemed Mr Tau, purveyor of the finest wood pigeon to be had in the Land of the Long White Cloud for allegedy having five birds on his person.  Only trouble such birds are totally protected in New Zealand.
a mistake, which I deeply regret

No doubt only regrettable when caught and a charge is in the offing.

a fully protected species and cannot be taken or held without authorisation under the Wildlife Act

The beak will already be soaking a bus ticket in tea whilst listening out for mitigating circumstance. 

Others looking for a lynching would suggest "Bring the guilty bastard in" going by the tone of most commentary on social media.

Herald and Stuff

Friday, June 26, 2015

You can take the man out of the cave...

Social media comments from whanau, fans and friends have called for his body to be brought closer to his family in New Zealand, in accordance with Maori tikanga

I wondered if New Zealand's body snatchers have booked a flight to Perth as you read this?  After all, they have form.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Why not the Police?

Department of Conservation is investigating allegations that Ngapuhi chairman Sonny Tau tried to smuggle native birds on a flight up the length of the country under his jacket

Eh?  Why is DOC involved other than being an adviser?   Mr Plod should be prosecuting this case of "one rule for me and another for you" with some haste.

"the Government needs to take real action"


The immediate action required is to lock these loons up after dousing them with a fire hose.

Followed by declaring Greenpeace a terrorist organisation in New Zealand.  And then locking up any that support such criminals.

"2015? That's seven years from now. Could it really be that bad?"

Seven years ago the ABC was hyperventilating.

Are we living in the last century of our civilization?

Now unfortunately the awful truth has been revealed.

Seven years later, the network has quietly ignored its horribly inaccurate predictions about 2015.

When it comes to global warming claims, apparently results don't matter for ABC.

From the some might say now thoroughly discredited advisor on GoreBull:

JAMES HANSEN (NASA/AL GORE SCIENCE ADVISOR): We can see what the prospects are and we can see that we could solve the problem but we're not doing it.

from here

HT JoNova via Niche Modeling

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Picking at scabs on 90 Mile beach

A governance board made up of iwi and council representatives will "open up a huge can of worms" when it takes over management of Ninety Mile Beach

I can see huge repercussions. It will open up a huge can of worms and the rest of New Zealand will sit back and watch

The scab of the Foreshore and Seabed is being picked at yet again as locals look to charge for access to the beach. When the local troughers get control closing the beach remains an option.

There'll be no help from the Nats - after all it was Key and his bent government that implemented the abortion that is the F&S.  It is about to re-surface.

Len, this is what world class looks like

400,000 passengers per day!  That's some utilisation of assets. 

Can't see that ever happening in Lyin' Len's toy train set staffed by overpaid underworked unionised stiffs.

FFS files: TAIC embarks on 18 month enquiry

Direct from the "You've got to be joking" files.

An investigation into the nationwide radar outage that disrupted more than 160 flights is expected to take around 18 months, the Transport Accident Investigation Commission says

A team of three investigators has begun the initial evidence gathering, working with the Airways Corporation and Civil Aviation Authority

The Commission aimed for an average inquiry duration of 18 months

FFS!  18 months to find out that a server or router fell over yesterday without any redundancy? 

Whatever was fixed (or more likely replaced) yesterday by 1600 was the root cause.  Probably was only a case of powering down and restarting some miniscule piece of hardware.  All that needs doing now is to build in some redundancy.

Nothing but jobs for the boys.

Repeating history ignores nature as the government doles out corporate welfare

Over the weekend we witnessed another weather event flooding various towns and houses.  No doubt in the minds of some it will be a "weather bomb" due to the relentless onslaught of "climate change" caused by all that carbon being released to maintain my lounge at "toasty".  But I digress.

residents in Whangaehu Village, Manawatu, lost everything as a rampaging Whangaehu River flooded their homes

As history repeats, one wonders when will councils stop issuing consents for low lying housing?   The outcomes of such events are well recorded in New Zealand.  All that nice flat land in between the hills exists only because of violent flooding.  Yets councils still let people live there.

At a Whangaehu Beach Rd farm Guy announced the Government would be contributing another $100,000 towards flood relief for farmers in the area

Meanwhile, the government continues to dole out corporate welfare.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

NZTA soon to have warning flags for vehicles

The speed limit on a section of State Highway 10 near Kerikeri will be dropped from 100km/h to 80km/h in a bid to reduce serious crashes

Yet another Northland road has its speed limit reduced.

On September 28, 2013, two young women were badly injured when the modified car they were passengers in rammed a car which had stopped at the scene of an earlier accident. A crash investigator put the car's minimum speed at 157-168km/h

Because some irresponsible tosser was doing near the real ton the rest of us mostly law abiding drivers will suffer.

Northland roads are still in such a state with seal breaking up all over the place, large potholes everywhere.   Piecemeal patchwork repairs, poor level of finish and lumpy seal overlaps, I've seen them doing the same job multiple times over the past few years.   Approaches to bridges are something else, they've got a degree in making ski jumps for those.  All designed to bugger your wheel alignment.

I know, I drove SH1 from near Kaitaia southward over the weekend during that foul weather towing a trailer.  Double speed wipers for three hours heading toward Jafaland, playing pothole and surface water pond dodgems in the late afternoon gloom and into the dark.

You're looking just to get up to full speed again, then some NZTA / local council desk jockey has imposed another "temporary" speed restriction on your previously open road.  Never fixing the root cause of poorly finished roads and poor design. Temporary might be good for road works of a few weeks, not years as below.

Just going into Whangarei - these speed signs have been marked "Temporary" for years.  A sudden drop from 80 to 50Km/h.  Like the long unrepaired dip in the road at the rail level crossing a few metres down the road.  So long unrepaired they've had time to erect warning signs.

And the last overtaking lane in Lyin' Len's territory heading north has had temporary road works being done on it for nigh on three years.  It's the only northward overtaking spot for miles either side, you keep up with the traffic looking to possibly pass only to find that Len's roading repair funding doesn't extend that far north and there is still no overtaking after years of "temporary".

I get the feeling that the deskbound "road safety" wankers at NZTA will not be happy till all vehicles are preceded by a man with a flag.

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Local government increasingly desperate to implement unelected race based representation

Wellington and Northland will not be reorganised into "super cities"

Local Government Commission needs to pay attention to the vast majority of submitters who opposed the super-city idea

Local Government Commission decided not to proceed with its draft proposals for single councils in Northland and Wellington

That is great news!  Yet Hawkes Bay ratepayers are still marching forward lockstep to higher rates and less democracy.

Meanwhile the Local Government Commission is still hounding ratepayers to succumb to unelected race based added extras at the trough.

Local Government Commission ... would return to those communities to work with them and seek to develop other options to address the challenges

(Northland) regional council also felt any final proposal should have included a wider range of options for Maori representation and decision-making

Apartheid NZ coming right up!  It will be added to your rates bill, no matter what boxes you tick.  And the Nats will enable the process whilst pandering to the native elite for votes.

National to support property rights?

It's important ... to ensure that affected consumers who wish to connect to this world-class service can do so in a timely and straightforward manner

National supporting property rights? 

Business, Innovation and Employment Ministry acknowledged the proposals would impact "the rights that owners have over their property"

Not likely, like all parties on the left, property rights mean nothing.

Government is to bribe thieving blackmailers

Government is seeking a "workable solution" with Ngati Whatua over plans to develop huge tracts of land in Auckland

A "workable solution"?  In other words a bribe using my hard earnt tax money. 

I live in hope one day a real right wing Government will deal these thieving blackmailers.  Unfortunately Labour-Lite is shifting so far left even Winston looks good

Monday, June 08, 2015

Cop suggests burglar decides wisely

How cops should be.  Not like the hand wringers we have in New Zealand.

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Unions trying to bugger the TPP from both ends

For decades, labor unions have floated the Democratic Party with massive contributions (based on money taken out of the paychecks of members who are forced to join as a condition of employment) and donations of manpower, expecially useful in get-out-the-vote efforts.

The AFL-CIO, along with some public sector unions, announced a campaign finance freeze in March. Unions hoped the threat of withholding contributions would scare Democratic lawmakers out of supporting President Barack Obama’s Trade Promotion Authority, or “fast track,” to negotiate the Trans-Pacific Partnership — a trade agreement labor groups say would hurt manufacturing jobs in the U.S.

The freeze is across the board, intended to punish the party as a whole, not individual members.

Naturally, there are howls of protest.  Just like here in New Zealand from the left, particularly the unions supporting Labour.
Democrats are beginning to lose trust in unions coming through with campaign contributions at all

Long may the freeze continue as unions rank well below "Wall Street, blacks, Hispanics, feminists, and gays" in the Democrat feeding chain.

Comment of the day

Past any conversation, such as when I wiped her bum, “What a bloody nuisance I turned out to be.”

She sat there confused and very distressed. More drugs to keep her dopey. Past “getting” any little jokes.

Would I finish her today (if I could)? Well, she didn’t seem too bad today. She could feed herself nicely but weighted nothing, reminded me of a bird that had flown into a window pane. Kaput. Counting, “One, Two, Three…”

But still, she was my mum, and I loved her. And Dad didn’t see there was anything wrong with her. He was even older, ninety-something.

No, leave it till tomorrow…

Taken from a series of comments over at KB by a Dennis Horne, it is the best commentary against this sudden desire for voluntary euthanasia I've seen.

For those so called libertarians amongst us that wish to change the law he tells exactly how it is.  As it is said, don't knock it till you've been there.

One day it might be you sitting there having to make that decision for someone loved.

It's gotta to be doubly good for ya all!

the best data can get adjusted the most, to make it more like the bad data, then it can count for more

This is Double-Good-Science!

The 'scientists' at NOAA 'adjusted' the buoy data deliberately adding a weighting to good data to make it fit the bad data supporting the global warmist mantra.

It's gotta to be doubly good for ya all!

Read all about it here along with the other ways the data was fiddled to meet the Gorebull outcomes with a 'global warming pause'.

Friday, June 05, 2015

Great news: Drill it, Mine it, sell it!

Environmental Protection Authority has granted a marine consent to Shell Todd Oil Services for the offshore Taranaki Maui gas field for another 35 years

Great news!  That should keep us warm for a while.

total revenue from the Maui field over the next 15 years could top $8 billion

As usual there's a few rabid loons that don't want to stay warm.

Climate Justice Taranaki spokesman Urs Signer said the EPA's decision was a disappointment.

"Disappointment is probably an understatement. It's a sad day for the environment and it's a sad day for the Taranaki coast, that we're going down a path of destruction rather than solution," he said.

Should be certified and locked up.  Drill it, mine it and sell it!

What I did wonder about was how much koha was paid to get the consent?  The local natives should talk to their northern anti-everything cousins about selling their souls for oil dollars.  Obviously no climate change imminent in the 'Naki around Mt Egmont. 

Staying warm has to be good for you.

No to changing the law [update]

With the sad passing of Ms Seales today and the subsequent judicial ruling in the negative, it has served to stir strong emotions nationwide re legalising voluntary euthanasia.

We as a family just recently farewelled our oldest and last of that generation parent in her early nineties.  A good innings, but her time was up as she often told us.  Do not resuscitate was her order well prior to her decline.  Witnessing her decline from fit and healthy a year or so ago to her passing was very difficult.

She had been living independently but a fall with a hip replacement was a trigger for mild dementia and the longer term inability to do anything for herself ended in hospital care in the local rest home.

The hospital and rest home staff were nothing less than fantastic, keeping her dignity and comfort at the forefront at all times.  For that I thank them.

Which now brings us to today's ruling.  Like Ms Seales, one that I deeply thought about, whilst sitting with my mother in law.  Something that she even talked about.  Ms Seales chose to actually do something about it using her legal skills.

Maybe there could be a different way rather than waiting.  One thing I thought about, if it were legalised , was would any of the doctor or nursing staff would be willing to administer the extra dose to hasten the inevitable?  Their job is the care and comfort of their charges, which they do admirably, knowing that the time will eventually come.  To be saddled with the task of delivering a final shot is too much.

For me I think today's ruling is correct and nothing will change that view.

HT: Ele at Homepaddock feels the same way

Update:  Dennis Horne commenter at KB says it better in a series of comments starting here.

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Little Red Hen - 2015 version

"Who will help me plant my wheat?" asked the little red hen.

"Not I," said the cow.

"Not I," said the duck.

"Not I," said the pig.

"Not I," said the goose.

"Then I will do it by myself." She planted her crop and the wheat grew and ripened.

"Who will help me reap my wheat?" asked the little red hen.

"Not I," said the duck.

"Out of my classification," said the pig.

"I'd lose my seniority," said the cow.

"I'd lose my unemployment compensation," said the goose.

"Then I will do it by myself," said the little red hen, and so she did.

"Who will help me bake the bread?" asked the little red hen.

"That would be overtime for me," said the cow.

"I'd lose my welfare benefits," said the duck.

"I'm a dropout and never learned how," said the pig.

"If I'm to be the only helper, that's discrimination," said the goose.

"Then I will do it by myself," said the little red hen.

She baked five loaves and held them up for all of her neighbors to see. They wanted some and, in fact, demanded a share but the little red hen said, "No, I shall eat all five loaves."

"Excess profits!" cried the cow. (Nancy Pelosi)

"Capitalist leech!" screamed the duck. (Barbara Boxer)

"I demand equal rights!" yelled the goose. (Jesse Jackson)

The pig just grunted in disdain. (Harry Reid)

And they all painted 'Unfair!' picket signs and marched around and around the little red hen, shouting obscenities.

Then farmer Obama came. He said to the little red hen, "You must not be so greedy."

"But I earned the bread," said the little red hen.

"Exactly," said Barack the farmer. "That is what makes our free enterprise system so wonderful. Anyone in the barnyard can earn as much as he wants. But under our modern government regulations, the productive workers must divide the fruits of their labor with those who are lazy and idle."

And they all lived happily ever after, including the little red hen, who smiled and clucked, "I am grateful, for now I truly understand."

But her neighbors became quite disappointed in her. She never again baked bread because she joined the 'party' and got her bread free. And all the Democrats smiled. 'Fairness' had been established.

Individual initiative had died but nobody noticed; perhaps no one cared so long as there was free bread that 'the rich' were paying for.

Sounds just like the NZ left with their over inflated sense of entitlement.

via Woodsterman

Labour's education policies have ruined the core maths skills of a generation of children

Maths performance ... late-1990s ... has been in decline since then

then Minister of Education Trevor Mallard of the Labour-led government rolled out the Numeracy Project

the Numeracy Project has returned little benefit at substantial cost

Dumbing down future Labour voters comes at a generational cost.   Modern NZ rugrats and their teachers cannot count or utilise core math that are required lifelong skillsets. 

A report every parent that cares about their kids core math skills should read.

HT: from here via Kiwiblog

Harnessing energy from your greens

Maybe we could use a mangrove swamp or two and harness the energy from the plants on an incoming salt water tide.  Even better, plant a rabid greenie or two in the same fetid swamp.  Both are useless, one chokes our harbours, the other chokes our Parliament and airwaves.

Talking of useless, here in NZ this idea would probably never fly, as there's more than likely to a taniwha that needs its palm greasing with a bribe. 

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Engineering at its best - #1.

Engineering at its best - #1.

Monday, June 01, 2015

Labour: Always accentuating the negative

From the 'fresh face' of Labour:

Government plans to issue social service bonds have come under fire from Labour's health spokesperson

Annette King said the Department of Internal Affairs has warned against the idea

Annette King stated bankrolling mental health work with private investors was a disaster in the making

So typical, no alternative offered, just negatives.  Yet those on the left wonder why people have switched off?   I'd say always accentuating the negative just switches the missing million voters off.

Sounds like a great idea though these social bonds.

Something else I noticed in the article;

Their own officials said there are very real difficulties in assessing what projects have potential to deliver net benefits for the government, and even greater difficulty in evaluating if they've been successful

Now, where have I heard that before?  Sounds like the very job description of a certain native health programme endorsed by pandering Nats for votes.

One which New Zealand's head auditor found to be dodgy, of questionable benefit, outcomes unable to be explained or quantified, but one which the Nats have today given the lead protagonist a gong for the votes of his racist party. 

HT: Lindsay Mitchell post

Monday, May 25, 2015

Lycra maggot runs red and gets creamed

National scum MP tries to jump ship

ACTs Brash:   whether National's Pakuranga MP Maurice Williamson could join the party

ACT rightly unanimously rejected him, not wanting a failed pollie willing to ditch principle for personal interests near their party.  The MP for vested interests in Pakuranga has already shown a penchant for supporting far left family wrecking causes, so jumping ship is not unexpected.

One might ask whether he should be an MP at all.   As an aside, with the Natz having moved so far left, all their MPs should be asked whether they uphold long held stated National principles.

But the nice Mr Key has it covered.  Head in the sand, he says:-

he is still a dedicated member of the caucus and there is no concern

Time will tell, especially when he will be loudly reminded of those words, should a bye-election occur in the near future.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Lying Nats splitting hairs on definition

Tax: to require someone to pay a tax on (something)

Levy: an amount of money that must be paid and that is collected by a government or other authority

At the previous election:

this is what you said – no new taxes

and this week:

we’ve got two taxes in a week

National politicians lying to the electorate.  Confirming a politicians place in the gutter.

Taking a leaf out of Tony's book

EU leaders look ready to take the fight to the smugglers of migrants from North Africa by deploying naval forces to destroy their boats and disrupt their criminal network

At last, some action in the Med to stop the influx of criminal people trafficking.  Tony Abbott has shown the way to deal with these criminals, other governments are following.

Another Chinese Icarus flies too close the sun

The company, which the previous day had been worth about $40 billion, had lost almost half its value before regulators stepped in and halted trading

How to crash and burn.  Another Chinese Icarus spooks investors with dodgy financials.

Wonder if Lying Len has seen the picture for Jafaland?

A geotag map of Sydney.  Shows the ferries in red and where people actually go.  Taken from ten years of geotagged picture data.

Wonder if Lying Len has seen the one for Jafaland?  Would bet that noone wishes to go to Britomart or South Auckland.  Probably North Shore and beyond as well as anywhere south of the Bombays.

Friday, May 22, 2015

I'll still never watch TV3

I still will never watch TV3 by choice.

Even with New Zealand's greatest Mazda salesman being pushed out of his timeslot with a long overdue DCM.

Not pushed he says? The real world which can pick leftist media scum from miles, knows his card has long been marked for termination.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

"possible uninformed public backlash"

Maori leaders have mounted a bid for effective ownership ... of the country's freshwater.

This would allow them ... to onsell it to those who need water for irrigation, hydropower and other commercial uses

a partner in Chen Palmer, warned of a possible uninformed public backlash in light of the controversy over the Foreshore and seabed issue

Damned right there'll be public backlash.  And it won't be uninformed as the natives try to claim freshwater in New Zealand for theirs to tax in perpetuity.

If only the Nats had put these "partnership" issues to bed when they had political capital to expend.

See where pandering to the racist apartheid Maori Party for votes gets you Mr Key?

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Vile Labour scum wants to risk NZ troops

Labour has attacked the degree of secrecy about the preparation of a New Zealand troop deployment to Iraq

Goff said the level of secrecy was unprecedented

He who will always be remembered with disgust that he and the she-beast spat on returning troops post Vietnam now has the gall to expose our current troops going to Iraq.  Absolutely vile scum!

We knew that when New Zealand soldiers went there they were not liable to be arrested by the local authorities and charged with things under local law but that they would be subject to New Zealand and military law

Bollocks! Nothing has changed, NZ military personnel have always known that they are liable under both local laws when overseas and also in parallel, NZ military law.  

 Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee said he had a "satisfactory agreement" with the Iraqi Government on legal protections for New Zealand troops on deployment, he said he would not be releasing it for security reasons.

At least the government has the correct response.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Back to normal tomorrow? [updated]

Thank God the cricket will be all over tomorrow bar the endless post mortems.

There are other things to do rather than listen to never ending commentary on boys chasing a ball.

Some normalcy may return to New Zealand.


Apparently the tossers snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.  Losers.  The nation will be in mourning.

Now wouldn't that be just desserts for the politically unscrupulous

Angry Andy, a unionist long known to be devoid of any scruples, sought to throw the bye-election by telling his electorate to ignore his token candidate and vote for Winnie.  Hypocritical Labour voters previously willing to slam 'cups of tea for Epsom' willingly lapped up the ploy.

Supposedly a strategic vote to send the evil Mr Key a message.  In doing so he probably has killed Labour stone dead as well as the greenie vote.  The next polls will tell.

Winston First has just pulled a swifty on the leftoids, taking both Labour and tree hugger votes.  Winnie, ever the opportunist, always to the right of centre, will go where the real power is and that is working with the government of the day.

Winston First will work with the lefties arch-nemesis, the evil Natz.  Together the two will now enjoy a massive 70 seat or so majority.  First on the block, the RMA.

The rabid leftie ferals never saw that coming as oblivion beckons.  And Mr Key may be eating heaps of humble pie as he chases Winston.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Not many dopeheads in Northland

With 98% of the by-election count in, less than 100 have voted for legalising dope.

And 1300 or so couldn't bring themselves to hold their noses by ditching Labour and ticking Winnie.

The Natz have been given the message.  How to turn a near 10,000 majority into a 4,000 loss in barely 3 months since the general election.  Maybe the tossers that are the Natz will take heed and revert to their long held principles, instead of being Labour-Lite.

Looks like Winston is the new MP for Northland.  Fun times ahead as Winnie will no doubt daily reinforce the message for the Natz that ignoring the regions is at your peril.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

This is what cojones are for.

It is a couple of 17-year-old idiots who chose to knowingly breach a crystal clear code of conduct, I am sure they are at heart good young men, but their parents need to let them absorb the consequences.

A real headmaster.  With cojones.

criticising their parents' action in taking the school to court as "inexcusable, infantile and reprehensible"

Meanwhile the fathers are made to look like the right tossers they've proven themselves to be.

Another dingo without cojones

Cotton On appears to have backed away from plans to strip workers at its Auckland distribution centre of their tea breaks

Another company succumbs to vile unionist hysterics via the Twatterati.  No cojones on that dingo.

Gemini: A lifetime ago...

On March 23, 1965, America launched the first two-man Gemini flight designed to bridge the Mercury missions and the upcoming Apollo flights to the moon. 

Before the program ended with the splashdown of Gemini XII on Nov. 15, 1966, NASA had learned a lot it would need to know to send men to the moon in 1969. 

Spacewalking, docking, maneuvering and working as a team in space all happened first in Gemini spaceships.

50 years today the story toward man's greatest step in space started.  A lifetime ago we watched in awe on the goggle box.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

NZ rebuild in VoD is an embarrassment compared to Vanuatu

Just on Te News, the good people of Vanuatu were shown getting on with their rebuild a couple of days after the cyclone.  No cavalry required or likely to turn up other than immediate aid like food and water.

Not a council bureaucrat in sight anywhere.  No CERA stymieing your rebuild.  No planning required, just getting on with it, no doubt learning how to do things slightly better.

Meanwhile in the VoD the now four year embarrassment that is the rebuild continues apace.

Snickers gets stuck into Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson suspended: Snickers reaction is the best yet

Very good!

Monday, March 16, 2015

'Choo Choo' Len will be wetting himself

Transport Minister Simon Bridges has confirmed a rail option will be part of an alternative Waitemata Harbour crossing that he says will "future-proof" the proposal.

Bridges said the move was necessary because of the rapid growth in Auckland over the next 20 years

The business case will look at a range of public transport options, including heavy rail. NZTA and Auckland Transport will be working together on this part of the project, including any necessary route protection for public transport.

Somehow I don't think the Government will be stumping up for Len's wet dream toy train set, but he'll be wetting himself.  He won't get his city loop but a through rail.  Might as well utilise the big drill we've brought and paid for at Pt Chev.

Useful long term, possibly heavy rail all the way to a new port at Whangarei and linked directly to Tauranga.  Now that is worth spending big money on.  At least this option gets rail onto the North Shore.

The Government has just endorsed rail in JafaLand

The extra perks do not cease when fired

The Vet at No Minister supporting his beloved underpaid Natz:

And please, let no-one that MPs are well paid.   A back bench MP is paid about as much as a mid ranking Lieutenant Colonel equivalent in the military or a Deputy Principal in medium size secondary school.    Many MP's would take a salary cut on being elected.      They are not well remunerated by any stretch of the imagination and those who would argue otherwise are saying much about their own level of competence. 

Really?  Most we've seen elected recently get a massive boost in base pay with zero skills brought to the table.  They then get a large slot at the trough with utterly obscene extra perks on travel, accommodation and superannuation.

The problem is that the scum that infest Parliament think because they're doing the Lord's work that they are still entitled to the never ending list of perks when they're eventually fired.

Cyclone? What high winds?

Was there a cyclone somewhere?

Flat calm round these parts last night as in wee small hours ex-Tropical Storm Pam stalled on its march southward past East Cape. 

Mind you, probably dodged a bullet on high winds (100km/hr is normal here near the Ruahines) but will be lost in easterly clag backed up against the hills for a day or so.

Tanks are full, a few days of drizzle will kick off some late autumn growth.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Absolute scum: Why MPs are reviled

A proposal to nearly double the international travel allowance of former MPs has been "slipped in under the radar"

for former MPs who qualified for the perk, it would increase the maximum rebate to around $20,000 a year

Absolute scum. 

Labour MP Annette King said the law change ... had nothing to do with former MPs "trying to grab something."

One of the turkeys voting for more of the same. And they wonder why MPs are reviled.

Fossil fuel nirvana for non-believer warmists

That fossil fuels are finite is a red herring

It is an ironic truth that no nonrenewable resource has ever run dry, while renewable resources—whales, cod, forests, passenger pigeons—have frequently done so.

Explained in detail for the non-believer warmists that infest the left.

the shale revolution has yet to go global. When it does, oil and gas in tight rock formations will give the world ample supplies of hydrocarbons for decades, if not centuries. Lurking in the wings for later technological breakthroughs is methane hydrate, a seafloor source of gas that exceeds in quantity all the world’s coal, oil and gas put together.

After fracking, I look forward the harvest of some hydrates to warm the Arctic.

3.2.1. - I can hear the screaming from here

A very questionable picture of the young lass from the screenshot a few minutes ago. 

I can hear the screams of the PC Feminazis about to roast the Ferald from here.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Titirangi NIMBY assists in decimation of local natives

Ms Bonar said she cut down a protected karaka tree because its poisonous berries killed her dog

Oh, the irony.  Whilst assisting in the invasion of the neighbour's private property to save young Titirangi natives weeds, she admits to cutting down native trees.  
It wasn't an old tree, it was a young tree, and it had poisonous berries and our dog was poisoned
The fruit is widely known as very poisonous to stock and animals, but it killed her sodding mutt is the excuse.  From DOC ...

... the kererū is under threat, so too are our native trees which depend on the kererū as a seed disperser. Fruit is its favourite food, and trees such as the karaka, taraire, tawa, miro and others depend on the kererū to carry their seeds to new areas of forest. The bird's extinction would be a disaster for our forests.

Only one problem.  Karaka seed being so big are only spread by one bird, the native kereru or wood pigeon which happens to have dire numbers in the cities.  So by chopping the fruiting karaka tree, she is accelerating the demise of keruru and in turn the neighbour's forest.
We're not talking about a 500-year-old kauri. I mean, it's completely different. I actually don't see the connection to what we're dealing with next door.

Bonar said she went through a "considered process" when felling the karaka tree

An own goal by the rabid NIMBY.  The hypocrisy is really strong with this one.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Developers stiffed by local NIMBYs

Protest organiser Aprilanne Bonar: 

"This goes part way to achieving the outcome we require"

A local NIMBY of the worst type it would seem.  One who appears to be a director of a local tearooms, a design business and seems to live across the gully from the trees in question.  So close in fact that via Google Maps the given company address of 12 Paturoa Rd almost backs onto 40/42 Paturoa Rd.  Below is a marked up street view screen grab.  As mentioned on WOBH, no wonder she can 'watch' the trees in question.

NIMBYism of the worst kind when your immediate neighbours are willing to go feral green to keep their own backyard bush views.  And really ugly that ignoring the developer's legally consented property rights was fully supported by council, Labour and greenie reps, as well as high ranking government MPs. 

So much for democracy and a sense of community in Titirangi. 

I'd be testing my noisy chainsaw regularly on the roadside in the wee small hours for months to come in Paturoa Rd.  Something to do the next time I'm passing through JafaLand.

Take a close look at best piece of road seal north of Puhoi

The temporary bypass of the slip at Maromaku. Photo / Michael Cunningham

For the last 9 months this approx 200m temporary piece of asphalt in the above pic has been the smoothest surface anywhere on SH1 north of about Puhoi.   I know, I've travelled it about 20 times so far in the last year, including when the cyclone went through.  Northlands roads were shocking before the cyclone last winter and remain rooted.

The rest of the roads, particularly north of the Brynderwyns are one continuous road works with no end in sight.   Thousands of small patchworked repairs with resultant  hideous overlaps onto previous failed repairs, loose stone chips everywhere.  Lumps and bumps on grades immediately approaching bridges and culverts remain a specialty of Northland road repair gangs.

Mind you, the SH1 Taupo road crews come a close second.  When you're doing 2000km round trips over a week or so, it is very noticeable where your roading dollar is not being spent on SH1 and SH2.

But well done that farmer who saved the day with his land adjacent to the washout on SH1 above.

And now they're about to rip it up.

Tree owners cave in to eco-terrorists

We have a clear focus on protecting kauri particularly in areas such as the Waitakeres, but in this case a resource consent was lawfully applied for and granted and that decision must stand

Good, some hope but the two-faced mayor continues the pressure so he looks the hero.

last night the council was working with the property owner to consider other options and "another way forward"

Absolutely makes me sick to the core.   The owners then caved in to the eco-terrorist pressures.

Property rights mean nothing in New Zealand when you have feral greenie loons and NIMBYs leering over your fence ever ready to break the laws of the land and the revenue gathering Mr Plod not willing to enforce those laws.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Government pressuring mayor to ignore property rights

I think the number of protesters indicates that there is significant community interest, but ultimately that is a decision for the Council.

Well I encouraged the mayor and said, look, there is significant concern, the Government's spending $25 million on trying to protect kauri trees.

Our preference would be if a way could be found to save this tree, but the regulatory tools rest with the Council.

It was a constructive meeting with the mayor - I expressed to him some of the concerns people have over the loss of this kauri tree. He indicated to me that he wanted to get back to Auckland and look at the options.

They might have to revise their position.

The Government cannot stand the heat in the kitchen.  We know which way Lying len will flop when his tree hugging leftie mates come calling. 

Property rights in New Zealand are about to be confirmed as non-existent, but then most real New Zealanders already knew that.