Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Far North councils ready to waste ratepayers hard earnt taxes

Far North District Council and Northland Regional Council are set to oppose the coalition Government’s signalled changes to Māori wards

The FNDC Mayor, not content with recent 35% rates increases, is going to try it on to retain wards for natives.  Wards that require a quantum to get selected and are not available to the general populace.

The regional council is likely to oppose signalled Local Electoral Act changes on the basis Māori constituencies were not raced-based selections but a “Te Tiriti/Treaty outcome appropriate to deliver equity”

The regional council is in la-la land trying to sell the 'not race-based selections'.  Most see the selections as racist. 

No doubt, like myself, more than few New Zealand ratepayers look forward to the upcoming binding polls to remove all race based wards in every council.

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Well, that worked...

Dubai recently turned into a lake during a somewhat unexpected 24 hour downpour of over a year's worth of pluvium.

Some are reporting that there was a 6x run cloud-seeding op conducted on the hours prior.  A great conspiracy theory?

If not so, it worked.  Man can control climate change the weather.

Tuesday, April 09, 2024

NZ frigate to back Philippines?

Today from over the ditch as things heat up in the 'benign' socialist paradise of the South China Sea.

China’s strategy is to escalate until its adversaries give up, so beating the war drums is intended to cause them to back off

Awaiting Luxon to emphatically back our traditional allies.  Or did he sell us down the river last at last week's visit by the envoy from the Dragon Empire?

Still waiting. For God's sake get off the fence and man up!

The imminent WWIII will truly be bloodletting on a global scale.

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Monday, April 01, 2024

NZTA to give monthly updates on Brynderwyn bypass

Simeon Brown, a LabourLite MP, suggested the other day that the Brynderwyns might be bypassed in 10 years or so.

I live in hope that this project will complete much sooner removing the bottleneck that often strangles upper North Island businesses.

And just in from NZTA on this auspicious day of April the 1st... 

We are going to provide monthly updates of progress on this nationally significant roading project.  Complete with maps, fly-by videos, detailed technical reports and other information as might be required.  Every month, without fail for 120 months or so.  

The project purchaser's, the long-suffering New Zealand taxpayer, will also see finely detailed expense accounts showing who's shagging who and which taniwhas might have been diverted from making an appearance with copious brownmail koha.  

As part their contracts, these financials will include the minutiae of payments with reasons made to so-called consultants and local government bureaucrats troughing in or holding up assisting the project with their mostly exorbitant fees.


Back to reality.  

If not, why not Simeon?  It is only 120 or so reports easily produced by all parties in this computer age.