Friday, November 30, 2007

Bully boy to face beak on Monday

Bully boy MP Trev Mallard is to face a judge on Monday, to be prove why he should not be locked up.

The private prosecution is opposing bail and this could see the MP locked up from there. Police declined to prosecute and the matter has been festering since day one.

He is in good company - he might join another of his cohorts in being in the dock in recent times. If he turns up at all, probably thinks he is above the law. Three MPs in a week in court, two from Liarbour and one proven thief from Act. Good publicity for a corrupt government.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Another goes belly up

Capital and Merchant have just called in the receivers.

Guess they won't be paying for prime time news updates anymore with your money.


Hlo Grnt, Ur # 1 fan cllng

The self proclaimed 'mistress of the text message' has been carpeted by the British Press for texting during HM The Queen's opening speech at the latest CHOGM talkfest out in the colonies. One does just does not do these things when HM is present, you know. Must have been sod all else happening on a slow news day and attacking a would be republican is always fair game...

But really, she probably had near heart failure when the latest poll came out and she was texting her old mate from ValeNZia to see what advice he had for when the chips are down.

That's what we've always been working towards in the hope common sense would prevail

he would have texted back.

Yes! That would work well with the new 'law of common sense' recently espoused by her cohort in the bearpit. In a vein similar to that of ramming s59 through against the wishes of 85% of the sheeple, she would continue to push the EFB through against the wishes of the 'vehement fringe'.

Oh, for some common sense in these matters!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Own goal by Judge

Lindsay Mitchell discusses the own goal scored by the head honcho down at the bureaucracy that is the Yoof Court.
About 38 per cent of all police apprehensions of youth offenders now resulted in diversion, compared to 55 per cent two years ago.
Along with
"This is a great provision," he said. "There's no other youth justice system in the world that has a provision like that ... that instructs authorities: don't charge."

Linsday rightly suggests the answer is
Try rephrasing it. New Zealand bends over backwards to avoid holding young thugs and thieves to account.

My view is that use of diversion is dropping, as noted in the article, because of the increasing violent nature of iced up yooves who do not show any regard for life limb or property. From the Police
"the changing face of youth offending, which appears ... to be more violent".

The Police have obviously got the message from Joe Public loud and clear, no diversion, present them to the courts for weighing off. Diversion is a once only option and the 38% reflects that those being caught are repeat offenders who do warrant being held to account.

One can only wonder when the judiciary might do the same and properly lock these thugs up, without parole. Community sentences are not an option.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tasers - To be or not to be?

PC Plod yells "Stop Police!"

2x choices, with escalating options. These should be simple for the crim to consider.

Choice 1:
Stop, offer no resistance. Most law abiding citizens might hopefully follow this path.

Choice 2:
Option a. Offer resistance / flight - K9 / pepper spray / warning shot between the eyes
Option b.
Offer resistance / flight - K9 / pepper spray / electric shock therapy with taser / warning shot between the eyes

What is so difficult? Who needs tasers? A waste of time, the crim might die anyway and then Mr Plod would be done for inhumanely administering torture.

A direct warning shot is the efficient way to go. Next crim please.

They were nothing but terrorists

After reading the whole 155 page document last night, not that my memory allows me to retain much of the detail, I agree with the summary given by Adolf here.

Definitely not a stroll in the bush, these guys were were nothing but terrorists, on a mission to takeover New Zealand.

Like Adolf suggests, Te Quaeda and their associated band of outright fringe nutters will continue operations in their ill-conceived quest for the fantasy utopia of Aotearoa. They will now be more covert, not so electronically naive and do more damage when they strike.

Cheers Liarbour for getting the anti-terrorist laws so wrong.

Seems there were 156 pages - the page at p144 is missing.

Crays an EFB donation?

The recently highlighted issue of a would be donor giving an OTT gift of crays to a political party and the Electoral Commission's freezer not being big enough, has been remedied, so as to become a non-issue.

Not by changing the EFB, as, but by the IRD getting h
ard on the interpretation of the definition of a donation.
A department spokesman confirmed that a "donation" had to be a "gift of money" of $5 or more

Charity dinners are now banned as tax deductions in whole, unless the donation component is specified on the ticket. Seems that these mutual admiration celebrity roasts are receiving services, so rightly, no deduction.


The inquiry over the Curran saga will not be widened to cover smears made by bully boy Mallard on the competence of the messenger.

'True to form' suggests Mr Key with
The moment someone speaks out, Labour tries to undermine them and belittle them instead of asking themselves the hard questions about whether they've stepped over the line

A predictable result, the bullying will continue.

Monday, November 26, 2007

"It's only a racket if you are not in it"

A commenter over at Lindsay Mitchell's blog suggests the problem the right is experiencing with the EFB is
it's only a racket if you are not in it

Lindsay ably discusses the perspectives from both sides.

From Liarbour's side of the fence the perspective is that
'buying the election' means people spending their own money to influence how other people vote
She suggests that the perspective of those opposing the EFB should be
its lapdogs are 'stealing' them
I couldn't agree more. It is high time that those opposing the EFB reversed the language of spin, as Ms Curran's expose on doublespeak suggested and threw the spin back at Liabour with all the negative connotation deserved.

The commenter is right on the button, with all those on benefits being on the game.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Johnny Howard loses

God help Oz, another country joins the socialists.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Rickards gives up

As previously blogged, no matter how despicable people consider the alleged actions of the person being groomed for a racially motivated position, he remains a free man.

The allegations remain only that, twice he faced a jury and twice he remained unconvicted. Some people are so vindictive that they longed for the internal inquiry, out of the public eye, so they could have closure when he got fired. No wonder he got so hot under collar after the last proceedings and maybe said a few things that shouldn't have been said. The fact the NZ Police then attempted to throw the fish and chip 'conduct unbecoming' at him for that is more despicable. The man is still innocent, although the reactions of many, including fellow bloggers, suggest not.

I suspect that he has been handsomely paid out, on top of his super, under Liabour directives to make the problem go away. A win to him, not only he keeps his super, he also gets the golden handshake cake. He had no other alternative, when the top brass made it abundantly clear that the witchhunt was on, they would get him irrespective of his proven innocence.

Cornered, I say and a extremely poor example of the system standing up for someone presumed innocent until proven guilty. Never had a chance of him ever getting a fair hearing. Internally, on paper it would have been fair, but when the hierarchy has marked your card, the door is the only option. They never rest.

So, Mr Rickards has resigned and given up. For the rest of the
would-be lynch mob, it is nice to know that any innocent party in New Zealand will enjoy your backing.

Mr Rickards has done a radio interview with Willie Jackson, which has been stopped for legal reasons this morning. Verbal summary suggests he resigned for family reasons. At least someone else in the media suspects that all is not well with the internal processes utilised by the Police to get rid of him.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Need I say more?

MSM goes for sales

As usual the MSM garners sales with the most gruesome headlines it can dream up here and here. I am sure there are more.

Excuse me, a detail you seem to be missing is that from where I sit, the 'victim' Mr Aaron Chan was MURDERED by a road raged thug or thugs.

The pursuit of a dollar knows no bounds.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

How a protest march should be done

After seeing the TV coverage of the march against the EFB in Queen Street last night, I could not help noticing that would it be nice if all protests were similarly peaceful and non-threatening. It looked like a wholesome family stroll to check out where ex-mare Dick spent all that money on those pavers.

Nice organisation guys, well done John Boscawen for providing a consistent message platform via the pre-printed placards and please accept my condolences on your father in your recent bereavement. I look forward to seeing Whale Oil Medias' presentations when i can get onto a broadband machine in town.

Certainly not like the camouflaged haters and wreckers we have witnessed of late on other protests. Yes, they were too cowardly to show their faces and set out to present an intimidatory presence. I personally witnessed the previous one about the seabed passing through a small town in Tararua, never have I seen such a motley crew of camouflaged and menacing thugs.

Also, so not like the rowdy union rent-a-mob who showed up recently at the Liabour talkfest and openly offered violence for all to see on camera as their solution. Still, it's what their leaders do, why should the rabble do otherwise? All those type of actions do is garner even less support for their cause.

I hope the other proposed marches against the EFB are as orderly and well attended. One might also hope that a few more MP's would show their faces at the other marches and provide their input.

I note that the curse of H1 attending sporting fixtures was, as I predicted earlier in the week, proven yet again. Like this comment at Whale Oil, I and the wife had a similar reaction to seeing H1 and her maid (man in drag?) in the crowd during a channel-flick to check out the scoreline. Put me right off my evening. Why TV crews have to show such persons, I do not know. They do not add anything to the game in hand.

It was good to see our team actually knew confidently the words to the English (correct and proper version) version of New Zealand's anthem and Frankie Stevens provided a good sound, not choking on his job like the players.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Violent means to an reach an end is unacceptable

Not PC discusses the people who miserably failed the litmus test using a quote from Ayn Rand.

Ayn Rand makes the point as clear as it can be:
One does not and cannot "negotiate" with brutality, nor give it the benefit of the doubt. The moral absolute should be: if and when, in any dispute, one side initiates the use of physical force, that side is wrong—and no consideration or discussion of the issues is necessary or appropriate.
Clear enough for you?

As I said yesterday
Violence in New Zealand politics in any shape or form is unacceptable, pity poorly drafted laws let the Police down.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Must be really dry in Oz

A a decade of being drier than a jumbucks' backside over there in Oz, the brewers are becoming really efficient in reducing water wastage. Anything that doesn't touch the beer is washed with recycled water. High efficiences of usage are being achieved and setting standards for world plants. Even Coke is doing well in the drive to save water.

Shades of Zimbabwe?

Bugged conversations recorded talk of plans for urban and rural warfare, of killing police, removing Pakeha farmers, assassinating politicians and committing actions so brutal that the public would think al Qaeda was responsible

We now know it is only Te Quaeda, but I particularly took an interest when I saw that a land grab from white farmers was intended.

As Mugabes' six-year campaign seizing white-owned farms continues, I suspect our homegrown terrorists have not thought a land grab through. The results over in what used to be Rhodesia, have given
hyper-inflation of 1100% or worse, economic ruin and general starvation of the populace, since the land grab started. Now they are asking for white farmers to come back and fix the problems.

While an initial knockout blow of anybody and everybody perceived to hold power or resistant to the cause, by Te Quaeda might rouse the rabble, in the long term anarchy and despondency will set in, as in Zimbabwe, to the detriment of all. All our farm machinery and a lot of other rural inputs come from overseas. Now I suspect overseas interests would have second thoughts about providing funds to a goverment which usurps power by violence.

Not good idea all round.

Top Timing

Mr Plod has just released a report that a covert op completed this morning, arresting 13 people while supposedly looking for meth, dope and guns.

Another pistol and ammo were found, top timing, considering the events of the day and that the searches were in Levin, PN and Wanganui.

Mr Plod seems very pro-active of late arresting crims all over the show - maybe the message has finally got through that Joe Public needs to see continued and effective value for their law and order tax dollar.

Maori Party wants evidence destroyed

The separatist organ that is the Maori Party seems to be suggesting that the outwardly pretty damning evidence published this morning in the Dominion Post about the alleged terrorists is to hot too handle and that any evidence should have been ditched when bail was granted without TSA charges.

The lawyer for Tama Iti, usually stridently vocal, in any media that cares to listen, in such matters, says
My comments will be left to the courts to determine. I've already made some representations to the courts
Her apparent calm in these matters is noted, maybe she is losing her edge and is chasing the legal aid dollar these days.

Not so quiet is her legal cohort over at the VUSA the other day. He definitely is pushing the separatist, we have been wronged barrow as always. Talks of 'the long struggle ahead', 'colonisation', 'recent acts are racist acts', 'no faith in the Law Commission review', 'sovereignity' and other topics such as a 'new constitution'. All here. The hell bent mission for separatism these two have long taken upon themselves remains based on a suspect interpretation of the Treaty. Their actions should be reviewed by a Law Commission.

MP Shane Jones is not so forgiving, calling Tama the self appointed 'King of Tuhoe' and suggesting

I think there's something more disturbing that I am hoping the media will turn its attention to. I rather suspect that a lot of the characters mixed up in this rubbish up in Tuhoe and various other parts are using the cloak of Maoriness to disguise and obscure criminality and soon as the cops round the buggers up and treat them as criminals the better.
Now if there are people on P, doing drugs, screaming around with guns breaking the law in terms of arms control then they should face the full force of it cause there is a lot of kaumata Tuhoe want to get on with life, solve the historical grievances, and they are being eclipsed by the self-appointed king of Tuhoe Tame Iti and a number of people who appear to me to be criminals as opposed to genuine dissenters.

That lot above, from Shane, is the first bit of sense I have seen on this whole matter and it came from a Labour MP.

He also had a little dig at the locals (was the sub-editor also on electric puha with the spell checker?)
I guess as the chair of our Maori Caucus the thing that we always struggled with, mate, was we just couldn't get our heads around that there was a conspiracy well-oiled, well-calculated to mame and murder and overcome the nation state from Tanneata. My experience of the place was people wouldn't have got up early enough to pull off such a stunt.

Mr Plod having last say on haters and wreckers

TV1 reports on the midday doom and gloom that Mr Plod has slowed down the haters and wreckers supporting terrorism while they march to the home of corrupt government. Seems there is a 8-9Km backup in traffic, just what Joe Average likes when trying go about his lawful daily business. How to win friends...

The TV1 reporter did not know why cars had been pulled over after leaving Levin. Maybe she should read some online papers. It was reported here this morning.
police stopped the driver of one of the cars just north of Paraparaumu because he was driving on the wrong side of the road."Officers spoke to people involved at the scene, and the driver will be issued with a traffic summons

Those pulled over seemed to get seriously septic at the coppers, but it is good to see Mr Plod is applying some laws.

Also good to see that these terrorist supporters are getting little attention from the corrupt government and a forecast south westerly gale this afternoon can only serve as a good dispersal tool. I suppose the usual suspects such as Locke, Minto and the Maori Party will be there to greet would be violent separatist supporters of terrorism.

Violence in New Zealand politics in any shape or form is unacceptable, pity poorly drafted laws let the Police down.

Seems SW gale came to nought, so some stirrers went for a waddle up to see if they could take their message of hatred and separatism to Mr Broad up at Keystone Cops HQ. Like the MPs, seems he did not want to meet and greet, but sent his finest 4 deep with batons out the front to keep the rent a mob rabble at bay. They buggered off back to the big round outhouse shortly later.

A lone protestor carrying a placard supporting Mr Plod was allowed to make her point. Good on her.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mrs Bouquet turns up at Why Cat O

Lindsay Mitchell rightly reports that some staff at Why Cat O uni are getting all precious over how plebs pronounce the name of the area. Initial report at Stuff here.

Get real - If Why Cat O is how the general populace have pronounced it for 150 years or longer, it must be right. After all, languages were not written, but verbal and common pronounciations reflect the phonetic sounds. Just because someone decides Mon Gere is the way to say the name of a possibly French suburb in JafaLand does not mean all should now pronounce Mangere that way.

Similarly, there are no places such as Tuppo, Te Ah Mahru, Oh Are Mahru, Fongarei or Fonaganui, particularly as some weathergirls force upon the populace at times. Parra Param is where the rattler used to stop and will always be so.

Also, since the well justified recent raids into alleged terrorist country, there seem to be a hell of lot New Zealanders openly forsaking their birth country for some fantasy land called Aotearoa. Nowhere on my New Zealand passport does it suggest that this land exists. There must be a law somewhere for persons that forsake their birth country.

Mrs Bouquet remains the ultimate reference on this academic madness wasting my tax dollars.

Guess I'm not going to Peking

Peking / Beijing or whatever they call it today - I will not be allowed to attend the Five Ring Circus and witness the cleansing of the local neighbourhoods.

Anyway, no great loss, was not overly impressed with Shanghai as a good run in '87. Also who needs to breathe in smog all day?

Seems I might be persona non grata according to this list from HalfDone here.

Had a quick squiz over the 47 point list and I am stuffed. Mainly on a lack of political allegiance to Dear Leader over there. Not only they are polluting the planet as quick as they can use our coal, they want to stop any foreigners, with money to burn in their wallets, who show the cojones to speak out over their horrendous methods.

Speaking of Dear Leader, I see the Aussies are going to win the Netball - you see her indoors turned up last night and now the NZ team is cursed. Just like every other sport she has attended of late.

Also looking forward, I suppose our dear Leader will be scrutinising the list closely for clauses to include in the EFB to list persons and groups that will need registration. Kill the Bill!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Parents to be licenced

Not PC discusses the ever increasing lunacy coming from MP Chris Carter of "I stuffed up at Whangamata" notoriety and his predecessor over here.

Seems that creches at Sunday schools, where rug-rats of more than three in number gather, whilst their parents are God-bothering down the hallway, will require to be fully licenced as a caregiving facility. This madness has already been enforced at local gyms.

Not PC rightly argues that the logical conclusion is that parents will be next - if you have 3 or more kids, you will require to be licenced as a caregiver. He takes this further with this
God help those families with three or more children; they'll have to go into care while Mum does three years training to qualify as a parent.

They are never going to stop.

ever looking to expand and perpetuate the welfare bureaucracy.

I agree with the Libertarians on this cause: Government, get the hell out of parents lives!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Did the Police get it right?

90% of 22,000 New Zealanders think so and I agree.

80% of near 15,000 here at Stuff think the same.

Whilst unscientific, these polls strongly suggest they got it right. Pity the law let them down.

99.95% of the time we are right

After a supposedly minimum security scrot walked free from from a work detail the other day down in the beltway, we have found out he was a convicted axe murderer of some notoriety.

Common sense, which any at the establishment have ever exhibited publicy, suggests that this mongrel would require a higher security classification.

A Corrections spin doctor fronted the news tonight and suggested that
We're confident that in 99.5% of cases we're right

With a recently well publicised total muster of criminals, that have to be locked away fom society under 100% supervision for very good reasons, put at near 9000, a figure like that means that there are probably 90 cases where Corrections has not got it right. They confirm it is even worse than suspected at 140 cases.

100% is the only figure I want to see, Corrections.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Value for money?

A $295,000,000.00 project to move 2000 commuters a day over the buckling bridge is about to complete, removing 500 cars a day, we are told.

This seems a hell of lot of money to shift a few, so I did some quick calcs. 2000 people / 500 cars is 4 per car. $295m / 2000 is $147,500.00 per person.

Alternatively, $295M / 500 cars is $590,000.00 per car replaced.

Now that is hardly what I might call cost effective. More like another project to implant a brass plaque upon for some council wallah. Poor, Poor ratepayers!

Tax Cuts date set in concrete

Fran O'Sullivan does the numbers on when tax cuts election bribes will be implemented next year.

Seems that the initial bribes will be implemented 1 Sep 2008, so as to kneecap, whilst utilising the services of the Treasury, to 'run the ruler' over
any Nat offerings.

What's the betting that initial Liarbour offer will be miniscule, affecting only the low end of earners, their voters, with promises of a golden age of cuts somewhere post-election?
Also, like in the Oz promised cuts, tied to the future economic performance of
chewing gum?

Threatened species

As predicted a short time ago, it did not take long. After being told what's what at the start of the week, the masses sucking on the ratepayer teat have, the very next day, called in the union, who are now bleating that the new broom is too stiff.

Seems that they do not like having the thought of actually being employed to deliver something other than
Staff at the Far North council are deeply disappointed that Mr Brown has begun his Mayoralty by insulting and threatening them without any

Now where is the threat in being told to
never threaten, insult, infuriate or demonise ratepayers

God forbid, a council might actually provide a cost effective deliverable such as service.

Cartoon from Stuff / Northland / Frank Greenall

Upping the ante

An MP who has admitted the crime, but so far escaped any real censure and does not have the wherewithall to resign as a true gentleman defending honour might, is about to be dragged down from the dizzy heights of being above the law to that of mere mortals.

The number cruncher from Wellington is desperate that he made an example of and has had summons issued, to be served today.