Monday, February 24, 2020

A bonus.

The spreading pandemic could stop intolerant leftie mobs being organised to flog climate change witchcraft and TDS.  The thought of catching the Wuhan Flu might put a few activists off their game.

Shouldn't see too much activity in the near future from the likes of TDS afflicted Antifa sh*t-stirrers.  And not so much of St. Greta of late now that deep winter has engulfed northern latitudes.

A definite bonus.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Updated - "Lucid thinking" in the Far North...

We have to work with the Far North District Council so they can demonstrate that they’re worthy of keeping their current duties.

Looks like Winston 1st's mob enforcer will be around shortly if the FNDC doesn't pay the appropriate taniwha tax.  Another council about to be replaced?

a genuine crisis situation...

... have been working with a host of local landowners, and being the North, not surprisingly it is the local hapū. Much to my surprise they are showing lucid thinking

Always a crisis!  I'm sure the local landowners will be "lucidly" salivating at the thought of a certain Mr Jones running around with the bulk of the $3Bn of Winnie's slush fund unspent, looking for a home before the upcoming election.  A parched electorate might just allow any amount of koha and/or un-elected governance for a drop of water.

Lake Omapere is a Māori-owned lake, a large body of water near Kaikohe. There is also a huge aquifer near Kaitaia in a block of land called Sweetwater, underneath the old Landcorp Farm also owned by the local iwi. So everyone realises that they have to work together because, quite frankly, the owners of these nearby water bodies have members who are huge percentages of the local population.
I understand that ratepayers have previously negated the added rates of a taniwha tax to access such water bodies.  Lake Omapere is often polluted from algal blooms, whilst the newly formed avocado orchards on the narrow peninsula north of Kaitaia will probably drain the underlying Sweetwater aquifer long term eventually filling it with a saline solution from the Tasman Sea and the Pacific.  And then Northland will be dry.

Water, water, every where,
Nor any drop to drink.

The Rime of the Ancyent Marinere
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Update: - The threats continue

However, he lamented how the Far North District Council was having issues gaining access to both water sources, and wished to deliver a "clear message" to Te Rarawa and Ngāpuhi.
"If you can't act in a neighbourly fashion to deliver services to your communities, then it is time for the leaders of these iwi to hang up their egotistical spurs and do something else," Minister Jones said.

"The communities will be repelled if mana-munching gets in the way of delivering water to Kaitaia and Kaikohe."

I never thought I'd hear this from a politician, much less a 'retail' one.  About time the political leaders of such communities called out the rampant local tribalism and nepotism.

Shows that Winnie is desperate to retain a foothold up north, but he'll have a hard time.  The would be thieves can't even agree on the bigger future pot of gold, 'Maranga Mai'.