Monday, September 30, 2013

Skimming the Jafaland electoral dross

Below is my cut for skimming the dross as offered in the main Jafaland election.

Name Pros Cons
Berry, Stephen Male Wants to double dip by also standing in wards, Libertarian
Bright, Penny   Female, barking mad
Brown, Len Male Wants to tax the hell out of already over committed ratepayers for his toy train set, leftie
Butler, Jesse Male Unemployed professional student looking to bring his bros to the trough, supports living wage and other leftie socialist
Cheel, Tricia   Female, practices black arts of homeopathy water dilution, looking to double dip in DHB
Duffy, Paul Male Another fanatical adherent of sustainable living
Goode, Matthew Male Away with fairies
Hussey, Emmett Male  
Kruger, Susanna Susara   Female, feral greenie import
Minto, John Male Communist, supports Hone, teacher, unionist
O'Connor, Phil Male,supports anti-abortion  
Palino, John Male, real world business skillset  
Shadbolt, Rueben Male Trading on his old man's name
Unasa, Uesifili Male  
Vermunt, Annalucia   Female
Willmott, David Male  
Young, Wayne Male  

Simple when you know how to skim the dross.  I see Mr Palino appears to be the stand out offering.

I shall weed the other would be troughers at local board level in a similar manner.  Anything female or left of centre gilded offerings like Future West and particularly any rabid greenies will be firstly culled.

May the best man win.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Spring: Forward

Old, but I like it.

Absolutely not!

he understands why New Zealanders turned on him after he quit Team NZ for big-spending Alinghi.

Coutts suggested the issue is now something of a historical point and that the public might have moved on.

 ''It was big news at the time, but I think people have moved on. I don't actually blame people for having certain views," he said.

''I've got to admit I don't spend a lot of time thinking about it these days."

I've got news for you Mr Traitor.  Real Kiwis do not abandon their country. Ever.  Some of us will never forget what you did.

is moving back home and refuses to rule out a return to Team New Zealand

As well as being forever tarred with the stain of being the leader of a team of cheats which never said sorry for bringing the world's greatest sport into disrepute, the traitor is now looking for a hometown parade and ultimately a job.  Both of which I hope he never gets.

You can bugger off and I hope you're happy with your thirty pieces of silver.

Dot Com funding the Traitor's team.  Now there's a sinking idea.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Barker: "We let NZ down"

No, you will never win against those who cheat.

Len Brown: Not core business - creates fire hazard

Yesterday, Mr Brewer mocked Mayor Brown pushing through support for the $30 million whitewater rafting facility in Manukau City, while treating berm cutting as "no longer core council business".

So Jafaland is set to burn this coming summer with knee high tinder dry grass on the berms.  And ratepayers will pay indirectly via increased insurance premiums for more Fire Service callouts.

Saving minor dollars from a 10year budget of $58bn for his train to nowhere.  Time to get rid of him.

Indonesians crying a river

This is additional burden for Indonesia. We could've just let them sail to Australia, but no, we respect Australia's wishes. "This is a dilemma. If we don't save them, then everyone will be blaming us for not respecting human rights ... But if we let them [sail to Australia] then Australia would be yelling at us why we let them go.

Obviously don't like doing what should have been done years ago.  Stop the illegal immigrants at Indonesian borders, instead of sliding the problem onto Australia.  Stop crying Indons, get on with your job as our neighbours.

I await New Zealand adopting the same policy as Australia, ie turn them back. Unfortunately we all know what will happen - a boat load of illegals will turn up off our coast and pull the plug yelling 'Mayday'.  Yes the lefties will then have a real 'May Day' screaming about the cruel heartless Nats not offering every accommodation and handout to the 'asylum seekers'.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

NZ Chokes [updated]

The cheating traitor has held onto the Auld Mug.


At least I won't have to listen to that aging lefty sing an overworked 'Loyal' yet again, but a different fat lady's song.

Phase III begins today

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Double Nightmare

Day whatever update [updated]


The traitor's boat gives NZ a masterclass in how to piss away $36M NZD.

UPDATE: 1118 hours

The past three days in San Francisco have featured winds too unstable for racing, fresh winds for two races on Sunday, and one race yesterday in winds that were too light to complete two races. Today, it’s yet another scenario with the wind forecast to gust to 25 knots or stronger.

“We’re back more to the San Francisco that we all expected, a building southwest breeze,” said Regatta Director Iain Murray. “Already there’s 15-16 knots on the racecourse, so the breeze has signaled its intentions early. We’re expecting it to keep building through the day.

“We have strong limits today, 24.7 knots for Race 1 and 24.1 knots for Race 2, so lots of current assist,” Murray continued. “We’re concerned about getting the second race away because of the wind limit. There’s a lot of wind forecast.”

And our geriatric grinder is back on board today.

The question is will I turn the telly off again before they get to the first mark?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Telly turned off

Barker has lost this race already.

Race update

“You’ve all been outside and noticed the wind coming from the east. That’s not a good start,” said Regatta Director Iain Murray at his morning briefing. “The forecast is essentially light and variable, magnificent for water skiing. We expect the wind to come from the southwest, it’s a matter of when it happens.

“We’ve got varying forecasts,” Murray said. “The lower end is 9-10 knots at the start up to 14 knots at the finish, and maybe 18 knots towards the end of what would be the second race. It’s a promising day, just a matter of whether it gets going early enough.”

That forecast does not look good.

Emmerson senses blood in the water

Today in AC history as desperation sets in

Today in America’s Cup history
Historian Hamish Ross looks recalls the advent of the nationality rule during the 1980 America’s Cup season off Newport, R.I.

1980, Race 4, Australia vs. Freedom – Freedom wins by 4:48. Skipper Dennis Conner takes the New York Yacht Club to match point at 3-1 in the 24th America’s Cup Match.

After an American sailor, tactician Andy ,Rose had sailed with an Australian challenger during the 1977 America’s Cup season, the rules regarding the nationality of crew and designers were first implemented by the New York Yacht Club on July 15, 1980, prior to the 1980 match, but to take effect after 1980. Designers and crew were thereafter required by a new Trustee Interpretative Resolution to be nationals of the country of the respective competing yacht club. Immediately, issues arose as to what constituted a “national” of a country and with the Defender seeking to access foreign design talent, the new nationality rule was soon undermined by an amending Trustee Interpretative Resolution on March 9, 1982, permitting nationality to be attained by holding a passport, having domicile, or by having a principal place of residence in the country concerned for a period (usually about 18 months to two years) before the match. The rule was now easily, if sometimes expensively, satisfied by designers and crew renting a residence in a country as from a fixed date. The advent of almost fully professional crews after 1987 put more pressure on the new nationality rules as more mobile professional sailors and designers sought to take up America’s Cup opportunities across national boundaries.

The designer and sailor nationality rules were abolished after the 2003 match, after the rules had lost credibility and only added an additional expense for competitors. The America’s Cup then returned to the position in which it was prior to 1983, when there were no restrictions on the nationality of crew or designers.

Historically, America had engaged six English sailors and an English pilot to win the Cup in 1851, and American defenders routinely used Scandinavian crews. Use of an all-American crew on Defender was headline news in 1895. Early challengers engaged local pilots to help them navigate the tides and shoals of New York Harbour.

The issue of crew nationality remains alive in many quarters in a search for balance between a representative national team to promote national public support, and encouraging new countries to enter the America’s Cup competition by making accessible skills and experience necessary to compete effectively. At present, a competitor has the discretion as to whether or not they engage nationals as their designers and crews, but a defender and its challenger of record have the freedom to mutually consent to crew and designer nationality rules as part of their mutually agreed terms for their forthcoming match. It would take a change to the Deed of Gift if a rule were to apply to all future matches.

If you want to know about the actual race Dance of the Desperates, look here or watch it yourself.

Monday, September 23, 2013

America's Cup: Phase III coming right up

We believe we can win this, and we've got a wave of momentum now getting bigger every day

Mark my words.  When the mouthy Dingo gets to 7 races and Deano (hopefully) takes the mug off him, Phase III of America's Cup will ensue.

Yes, this regatta will be settled in a courtroom as Larry will not give it all away without a fight over the two penalty points.

Come on Deano - get the box ticked! [updated]


 Someone tell me if they win that bloody mug!  I've turned the telly off.  If they do win, it will be replayed, every second of it over and over.

UPDATE: 1105 hours
Abundant sunshine has replaced the deluge of yesterday and the wind looks to be very favorable for two races, if necessary, on Race Day 12 (Day 16 overall) of the 34th America’s Cup.

“It’s going to be a building breeze all day,” said Regatta Director Iain Murray. “Right now we’re in a transition period between the northwest gradient to the southwest; there’s light wind on the course but it’s coming around to the west, which we need it to do.”

Yesterday’s scheduled Races 14 and 15 were postponed to today because of a southerly wind that was well off the desired axis around 230 degrees. That direction should come true early in the afternoon, although it might be light at the scheduled 1315 start or Race 14.

“We’re keen to see how much wind we’ll have at scheduled start time of 1315,” Murray said. “Hopefully it’ll be more than 10 knots; we could see upwards of 20 knots if we get through to the end of the day.”

The tide is flooding (coming into the Bay) all day, so the wind limits have been increased to 24.4 knots for Race 14 and 23.3 knots for Race 15. ORACLE TEAM USA will have port tack in prestart maneuvers for both races.

“The signs are positive for a great day,” said Murray.

Another day.  Day 12 in fact, they've sorted their days out.

Looking good.  Come on Deano, lets see that traitor and his boss off.  Get the job done first up today, tick the box 'Been there, Done that'.  Show them that money cannot buy the trophy and above all, cheats never prosper.

Hopefully for you there's a gong lurking in New Year's Honours.  And one for your geriatric grinder, he's done more for NZ sport than that other young pretender has ever done.

And it is high time the Labour MP rorting the taxpayer on his final junket to watch the race was brought home to face his peers in Parliament.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Day 12 or is it Day 11? [update III - TOMORROW]


POSTPONED - Tomorrow's another day.


1430 local time attempt kickoff  - 0930 NZDST

The race committee has pushed the start time back to 1430 in the interest of letting the wind settle down. The committee would like to see a direction of 230 degrees across the racecourse. As regatta director Iain Murray intimated this morning, this is far too important a race to have a skewed racecourse.


1400 local time attempt kickoff  - 0900 NZDST

UPDATE: 1115 hours
It never rains in California, unless the America’s Cup is in town. San Francisco is awash this morning in the first significant rainfall since perhaps February. For ORACLE TEAM USA and Emirates Team New Zealand, this is problematic because of the southerly wind direction, which is skewed about 90 degrees from the racecourse for the 34th America’s Cup.
“Where we’re at is the front is on top of us, it’s raining, light and variable wind, and the little wind that we have is out of the south, which would provide a reaching course up and down our city front racecourse,” said Regatta Director Iain Murray.

“We have varying opinions of when it will pass, but our most optimistic is the front will pass and the breeze will return to southwest around 1330. So we’re likely to have a delay while we wait for the wind to switch. We may not get a race in today or we may get one race, but we probably won’t get two races in. It’s just something we have to wait out. When the breeze shifts we expect 15 knots,” Murray said.

More updates to come.

Is today the day?  Touch and go, nothing else to do - its precipitating solidly round these parts.  Got drenched @ 0600 putting the bovine mowers on the long acre.  Time to ferret around in the bottom of that wood shed and use some more carbon credits.

ps link says Day 12, text says Day 11...

Friday, September 20, 2013

Bugger! [update]

But hey there is a silver lining.  At them requiring 7 6 straight wins to uplift the mug vs our 1, the odds may be slightly stacked in our favour.

Never one to count chickens, I await the fat lady's song.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

America's Cup Update

UPDATE: 1100 hours

Regatta Director Iain Murray expressed confidence at his morning briefing that the conditions would be suitable for racing today, despite another day of strong ebb (outgoing) tide.

“Our intel tells us around 15 knots for first race and 16-17, maybe 18 for the second race,” said Murray. “Once again, a strong ebb tide today increasing as day goes on: -2 for the first race so a 21-knot limit, and -3 for the second race, so a 20-knot limit. Once again we have a convergence of wind and current, but the forecast looks ok and we feel confident.”

Is this the day the traitor gets fired?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Granny once again proves the need for an editor worth his salt

Govt rolls out cheap whitewear scheme in South Island

Need I say more?

The ultimate cost of selling your soul to the highest bidder

Oracle boss Russell Coutts has admitted he faces being sacked by syndicate backer Larry Ellison unless he can oversee the greatest comeback in America's Cup history.

The American media have turned their attention to potential consequences if the cup sails away to Auckland.

And they haven't had to look far. 

A traitor is about to rue taking thirty pieces of silver.

Steeped in seafaring culture, the Kiwis would tell you: Time heals all wounds - but not that one.

Having long ago made your choice, Kiwis will never forget.

America's Cup Update

UPDATE: 1200 hours
The two crews want to go to the racecourse so Regatta Director Iain Murray will send them out. Wind reports from Regardless indicate the wind is blowing around the Race 11 limit of 20.1 knots. Race 11 is scheduled to start at 1315.

I don't think this will last long, but they might get one race in

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

If you have to measure it, throw it back

Snapper bag limits in the country's most popular fishery will be reduced from nine to seven, and the minimum legal size increased from 27cms to 30cms from October 1.

As always, if you have to measure it, throw it back, it's too small.  Might do the Snapper 1 fishery some good.

Unfortunately won't stop natives plundering undersized fish and exceeding allowances via their un-policed customary take. 

And as for the commercial pillagers of undersized fish, nothing will stop them.

Create some clean green cycleways

There are close to 160,000 toxic sites in Australia

at the very least they should keep away from old railway lines, which are poisoned with herbicides and pesticides that include arsenic

The main message for Australians is to be aware of the danger of toxic substances in the air and to be aware that contaminants are present where ever there are old railway tracks

They could always clean them up by doing what NZ did to all those miles of contaminated railway ballast. 

Turn them into "shovel ready" make work schemes cycleways that the nice Mr Key promoted heavily near the beginning of his 'evil' reign. 

I'd bet there was zero testing of the ballast for DDT residues and the like prior to its new 'clean green' usage.  I see a good job in testing for a DOC bludger to pursue something useful.  Hell, maybe even the most recently discarded lines like Gisborne-Napier and the union infested Hillside workshops could be tested.

[update II] Parbuckling extraordinaire!

Ancient technique for heavy loads.  Amazing!   10 degrees lift of 114,000 tonnes shown above.

Live footage shows it's lifted about 30 degrees now at 0800 NZDST.

[update 1215 NZDST]

Currently at about 40 degrees lift, still about 30 degrees till it's upright.

[update 1345 NZDST]

Currently at about 10 degrees till it's upright.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Buggered if you do and buggered if you don't

One minute:

Pumping ozone wreckers into the sky will apparently keep the hole open, so if you fail to fry in a wave of carcinogenic UV radiation, you'll drown as the tidal wave from melting Antarctic ice inundates your favourite Kiwi beach.

Nek Minnit:

Having removed the ozone f**kers, the hole will self repair and is forecast to close, apparently beause of heat trapping, you'll still drown as the tidal wave from melting Antarctic ice inundates your favourite Kiwi beach.

Come on you pricks in academia, let's have some settled science on these natural phenomena!

Today In America's Cup History

September 15 is notable for six instances in America’s Cup history:
  • 1887: Volunteer is selected by the New York Yacht Club as the defender yacht to meet Scots challenger Thistle. Thistle was designed by Scotsman George Lennox Watson, whose reputation as a revolutionary and highly successful designer was well known in America where his yachts were winning regatta after regatta, putting considerable fear into the NYYC that the Cup was at risk. Thistle’s challenge resulted in the Deed of Gift to be re-written after the match and it remains the document governing racing for the America’s Cup today.
  • 1930, Race 2, Shamrock V vs. EnterpriseEnterprise wins by 9:34. Shamrock V was Sir Thomas Lipton’s last challenge for the Americas Cup and the first match between yachts built to a class rule, removing a long standing complaint of injustice from the challenger, which had to build a yacht capable of withstanding an oceanic voyage to the venue, while the defender could build a lightweight defender yacht.
  • 1962, Race 1, Gretel vs. WeatherlyWeatherly wins by 3:43. The first non-British challenge for the America’s Cup and the first Australian challenge. It would take seven challenges over 21 years of effort for Australia to win the Cup.
  • 1964, Race 1, Sovereign vs. ConstellationConstellation wins by 5:54. Affectionately known as “Connie,” Constellation holds the record for the greatest victory margin during the 12-Meter era, 20:24. It was the 16th and last British challenge in a match for the America’s Cup, which Sovereign lost 4-0 (there were two Canadian challenges in 1876 and 1881).
  • 1970, Race 1, Gretel II vs. IntrepidIntrepid wins by 5:52. Gretel II was Sir Frank Packer’s last challenge for the Cup before he passed the torch to Alan Bond. It was after a controversial protest during this series that Packer memorably announced, “An Australian skipper complaining to the New York Yacht Club Committee is like complaining to his mother-in-law about his wife”
  • 1983, Race 2, Australia II vs. LibertyLiberty wins by 1:33 after Australia II sails into a hole mid-way through the race, to go up 2-0 in the first-to-four series against the highly touted Australia II, and it looked as if the Defender would win again and the old order would continue.
from here

Sunday, September 15, 2013

What a sicko!

No, not Silent T, but this one getting it on in public with his horseless carriage.

And another here, admitting to getting up close and personal with his goat.

Camp Robertson defeated

No, New Zealand is not ready for a homosexual at the helm.

Silent T is named as the new holder of the poisoned chalice that is the Labia Party leadership.


The Stranded has crashed!

America's Cup

At his morning briefing, Regatta Director Iain Murray said that both ORACLE TEAM USA and Emirates Team New Zealand had been issued new rating certificates. Although he didn’t elaborate on the extent of the modifications, one is very clear on the defender’s yacht: a new, shorter bowsprit.

Last ditch efforts on the traitor's boat. Wonder what was done to our boat?

The wind is forecast to be near the top end of the range at 19-23 knots and the second race could bump up against the wind limit. PRO John Craig says, “It’s going to be windy today.”
Compounding the problem is an ebb (outgoing) tide, which reduces the base wind limit of 23 knots. For the first race the wind limit is 21.7 knots and for the second it’s 22.6 knots.

The first race may not be at the wind limit, but I think the crews will experience the roughest water they’ve seen.
Emirates Team New Zealand has port entry in both pre-starts today.

The current weather still could be a show stopper today.

Friday, September 13, 2013

[update II] Racing today?

Maybe not.   Apparently, via Keeping Stock, it is a tad draughty up there today.  Bunch of blouses, get out there and do it.  I want to see them crack the ton.  Harden up and get on with it.

But any way, Phase II of this regatta is upon us.  The real 'contact' sport of this series will now ensue.  I eagerly await the armchair gripping blood sport of a "... he failed to give way / I had right of way ..." scenario on my telly over the few days.

And Phase II will be followed closely by Phase III in a courtroom.

And our esteemed cartoonist has been consulting the Oracle.


Oracle threw that one away.  All over rover, failure by 47 seconds after a very good start by failing to cover the NZ opposition on upwind leg split.

Is there another Sir Ben out there?   I think not.  But have no fear, floggings in the Oracle camp will continue.  I wonder when will the traitor be keelhauled?

[update II]

ETNZ by 66 secs, top race from pre-start to end.  3x to go?  Sun and Mon - all over.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Admission a decisive moment...

A win in the mind is almost as important as a win on the hustings in elections, and Team Labour achieved both yesterday in extraordinary circumstances. 

Conceding they are way off the pace, the battered trio of would-be leaders cried "no more gender baiting" yesterday, and used their wildcard to call off further out of school revelations, firing a courtier,  after earlier being pummelled by their own in tell-all white-anting. 

This is a massive moment in this match. 

All of their fighting talk and hints of a momentum shift after their win on Monday amounted to nothing. 

There mightn't be a more psychological game in politics than the election of leaders - certainly not on Labour's rose tinted planet. 

It's a cloak and dagger contest in every faction. But this is an embarrassingly public admission by a team on the back foot. 

Team National will cherish this. They won't be crowing publicly but they know they have delivered a hammer blow. 

Labour are down - and it's hard to see how they are going to get back up.

Silent T admitted as much after consulting with the party entrails and telling the umpires they were heading away for a rethink.

It doesn't look like there's any tool left in the box for Labour to fix their leadership issues.

And is there a toolbox to fix the demoralisation that must be infectious in their camp now? No.

Smashed by bans, fines and leaks left right and centre, they have now had it slammed home to them that they have a vessel that is vastly inferior to the National ship of state when it comes to leadership. 

Slightly paraphrased.

Yes, yesterday's admission that "Labour is unfit to govern" is decisive.

The original text can be viewed here.

Meet Mr Lorem Ipsum and others from WTF on the new IPhone

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Confirming what we all know

Labour is unfit for government

Straight from the horse's mouth.  Shane's mouth that is.

Sensitive wee souls

David Cunliffe has stood down campaign member Jenny Michie after comments she made about the sexuality of fellow Labour leadership contender Grant Robertson

Silent T needs to man up with a massive dose of reality.  It doesn't matter how well he hides internal party disunity, or how many laws are passed legislating base practices into the mainstream, Waitakere Man has morals below which he will not stoop.

would be naive to think that Robertson's sexuality would have no impact on voters

How true.  One of those defining gold standards for families which should not be crossed is homosexuality, which your Michie correctly addressed.  And now you've fired her for noting it.  I suppose "Gaggle of gays' O'Connor is also on notice?

If the party cannot handle the topic now, how are Labour sensitive wee souls going to deal with at Election 2014?

Monday, September 09, 2013

That'll be why...

That will be why the Yanks are so fervently anti-Huawei. 

  • US and British intelligence agencies have successfully cracked much of the online encryption relied upon by hundreds of millions of people

The NSA didn't like the idea that a ChiCom might not be aligned to their 'values' of over-arching spying via the Internet.  Alternatively, maybe Huawei's encryption is unbreakable.

Sunday, September 08, 2013

[update III] 34th America's Cup: NZ 3 : Traitor 1

A convincing first race win, 8 to go to stick it to the traitor.

#2 race NZ by 52 seconds.

A great day for New Zealand.  Not only does ETNZ look like they've got the goods to deliver another Cup, it is topped off knowing the left was routed in Oz.

#3 race NZ by 28 seconds.  Behind at first mark by 18 secs. after incurring pre-start penalty. Great overtaking upwind by Kiwis on upwind leg with a dinghy-type roll tack on top of the Yanks, then powering away with the advantage. Being boxed in on the boundary line on a flood tide had the potential for serious loss, but Barker demonstrated to Spithill a masterclass in tacking.  Soundly whipped, having made up 46 secs from first mark.

#4 race Yanks by 8 seconds.  Well sailed by Yanks, has Barker lost his edge?  Didn't appear aggressive enough to me.

Friday, September 06, 2013

Idyllic South Pacific country on an Odyssey to emulate 100% Pure Greek

Greece's largest labor union warned that it expects unemployment to remain higher than pre-crisis levels for another 20 years

demanded ... the government to reverse minimum wage cuts imposed last year

are angry at the continued firings, the mass unemployment, and the thousands of households being into poverty and desperation

Sounds too far-fetched to be true?  Not so.  In New Zealand those on the left will put us on that course.  They will quickly bankrupt this country in their quest for socialist nirvana of unlimited handouts for the entitled and their workshy voting public. 

a government campaign of mass firings and mandatory job transfers in the public sector

We will be in Thessaloniki to express our rage at what is being done to Greek society

Unionists and other socialist ratbags are stirring the pot again in Greece, as always looking for someone other than themselves to blame.  I guess in 20 years years time they'll be thanking today's filthy capitalists and other rich pricks who have said 'Enough!'.

Coming real soon to your idyllic South Pacific paradise as the Three Amigos on their socialist Odyssey for leadership spray all manner of bribes in return for your vote.

Yes, Dear Readers, a live 100% Pure Greek Odyssey similar to the above will be soon be playing out in our neck of the woods if any leftie thieves get near our Treasury benches.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Universal Welfare the latest brainfart from the left!

every individual has the same unconditional right – to a basic income sufficient for them to live in dignity
Effing unbelievable!  The Stranded Left (tm) wants the productive to hand out a "universal benefit" to entice their typical voter.  Unconditional right???  Get stuffed, you only earn that by working.  As did the current crop of pensioners on NZ Super.

As if there is not every welfare convenience in endless handouts and supplements presently thrown at  bludging workshy lefties.
has been a policy plank of various minor political parties, such as Social Credit

 Greens have discussed a UBI as part of welfare and economic policy development

Gareth Morgan has been an advocate

Say no more, thank God none of these has beens currently have any real power although I do fear the feral left increasing their margin.  Their view is that once imbued with a lot more of my dime, some might actually get off their arses contribute to being productive and pay nett taxes.

Like Working For Welfare, another uncosted vote buying bribe from the left desperate to be noticed.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

[update II] Not only a traitor to NZ, now confirmed cheats on the team

Oracle will start the America's Cup on -2 points and the team were fined $250,000 as penalty for cheating during AC World Series.

Oracle wing trimmer Dirk de Ridder has been banned from taking any part in the America's Cup, while Kiwi Matt Mitchell banned for four races.

Here, more to come.  Well done that jury.

The traitor cannot bring himself to say 'sorry' to the global yachting fraternity.

a telling line from Oracle chief executive Russell Coutts that hinted at the biggest impact the cheating scandal has had on the team

subsequent investigations and jury hearings had been "hugely distracting", with the team losing days on the water at a critical time as they dealt with the case

the month-long case has proved a huge disruption to Oracle's two-boat testing programme

For him, as we have long known, it has always been about the money. Actions do speak louder.  How he ever got a gong I'll never know.

[update II]

we're the underdogs

No you're not.  Spare me the river of crocodile tears, no matter how you spin it, your team cheated in the elite world of America's Cup yacht racing.  You deserve everything coming your way.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

A lunatics parting shot?

Micro$oft shares used to be one of the world's bluest of blue chips and worth a dollar or two.

Then the #1 retired for a life of philanthropy. And they got a new CEO.

Full of stage managed bluster, he presided over a decade of less than stellar performance.    Share price tanked, to wallow with the rest of the tech minnows.

Recently he announces his imminent resignation.  Well, not quite imminent.  A year down track.  'At last!' the market says, share price rockets.

Now another hare brained idea from the Chief Lunatic Architect at Microsoft.  One wonders if the 'Midas' touch of Ballmer will help or the once famous cellphone pioneer Nokia will suffer fading into slow oblivion as another tech has-been that was blessed with M$.

Time will tell.

Teacher's Council: This is how it should be

The Auckland lawyer's name has now been removed from the register of lawyers, which means she is no longer allowed to offer legal services or describe herself as a lawyer, barrister or solicitor.

Law Society spokesman Geoff Adlam confirmed the Society had declined to issue Murray with a new practising certificate. 

He said her name was removed from the register this morning.

Named, shamed, convicted and de-registered.  Quick smart, no name suppression whilst the powers that be dither around like dickheads.

For the teacher's council, nothing less will do.

Monday, September 02, 2013

And the answer is...

Do you support the Government selling up to 49 per cent of Meridian Energy, Mighty River Power, Genesis Power, Solid Energy and Air New Zealand?


No need for an expensive Tosser-Initiated-Referendum.

But I do wonder how many trees gave their all for the sanctimonious greenie hypocrites to get their petition.  We already know it cost me as a taxpayer heaps.

That reminds me, must have a squiz at the current price of MRP.  After the economic sabotage by Red Russel, it can only go up!