Thursday, November 27, 2014

Monday, November 24, 2014

Fire Service: Landlords will be required to wipe tenants arses

It is not a legal requirement for private landlords to install smoke alarms inside rental properties. But Fire Service fire investigation and arson reduction manager Peter Wilding is pushing for that to change. He is writing a paper which calls for changes to the Tenancy Act, making it compulsory for rental properties to have smoke alarms installed and maintained.

Really?  Why not go the whole hog?  With clipboard wielders like Mr Wilding, landlords might as well reside with the tenants to tend to their every other need such as holding the toilet paper and wiping their arses as required.

Building and Housing Minister Nick Smith said he was "more favourably disposed" to landlords being responsible for providing smoke alarms but tenants being responsible for their maintenance

At least the current government shows some common sense.  As for the feckless that rent and thus have no skin in the ownership game, getting tenants to be responsible whilst pissed and doped to the eyeballs will never happen.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Business as usual for lefties undermining NZ Inc

Controversial "temporary" terror law changes to crack down on suspected foreign fighters will come before Parliament this week ... a leaked draft reveals

Not likely to be leaked by those on the right.

Greens are also unlikely to support the legislation ... Co-leader Russel Norman is deeply concerned

Looks like the left doing what it does best, white anting and undermining the security of New Zealand.

He's got to now be stood down

Will this newly crowned leftie stiff will be so eager to call for an investigation to find out which one of their own leaked the draft?

I thought not, as is the normal leftard MO, "for the public good" wins.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

NZ Horrid: Showing their sheer lack of editorial skill as they segue to MSM oblivion

From today's Horrid:

As an anti-theft deterrent, ignition locks are normally secured to the steering column with tamper proof or sheer bolts.

Today's motoring correspondent might be better reporting on wearing sheer nylon rather than steering column shear bolts.


Once upon a time you could rely on the Herald not to utilise phonetic spelling of words. 

Today's examples are all too common displaying their sheer lack of editorial skill as they segue to MSM oblivion.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Stiffing the NZ Taxpayer: A modern teacher's CV...

In a new decision, the Employment Relations Authority says that teachers who fall pregnant while on maternity leave are entitled to take a further 24 months maternity leave without returning to work

The authority also found that in these cases the teacher would be eligible for another six weeks' maternity allowance

Which brings us to the modern teacher's CV...

  • High school to say age 17
  • Wimmin's Indoctrination Studies aka Teachers College.
  • About 21: First job for few months
  • 21-23: Get pregnant, stiff employer / taxpayer for paid parental leave complete with 24 month job holiday
  • 23-25: Pregnant again, stiff employer / taxpayer for more paid parental leave complete with another 24 month job holiday 
  • 25-27: Pregnant again, stiff employer / taxpayer for more paid parental leave complete with another 24 month job holiday
  • Repeat biennial breeding cycle and rinse taxpayer whilst original employer must hold opening for "employee"

'Effing unbelievable!   Just so wrong on many levels. 
The law of unintended consequence as those with zero work experience, are being paid to breed at my expense

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Natives to close 90 mile beach

Far North iwi say they plan to limit access to Ninety Mile Beach for cars and tour buses after their Treaty agreement is passed into law

That didn't take long!  That's what comes of pandering to the racist party.

it did not want to "disrupt the local life and use of the beach too much"

there definitely will be changes around vehicular access

Read that as "Free entry for the bros, another beach entry tax coming right up for the evil colonisers."

Sunday, November 02, 2014

What is the matter with these pricks?

it's about proving that over a period of time you've got a commitment to the crime

not a piece of property used to "facilitate or assist the commission of a crime"

A gang patch is only earned through serious crime.  It is nothing but a potent symbol of intimidation. 

I always thought the law was clear: Get caught doing crime, lose your patch.  End of.

A District Court judge's innovative attempt to punish a gang member by ordering he forfeit his patch has been overturned by the High Court

I just don't see a piece of cloth, which is sewn onto a jacket, as being an instrument to enable crime.

A dud High Court Judge and an academic taking liberties with the intended law.  Joe Public wants gangs out of New Zealand, nothing less.

We live in hope

Should Left-wing bloggers just shut up?

If only! Like most I live in hope that the circle jerk of lefties fades into oblivion like Labour, but they're here again having a whinge about being out and out losers.