Monday, June 30, 2014

"Once you can fake sincerity you’ve got it made"

Key has never looked sincere ... clearly a ploy that has so far worked very well with a hell of a lot of other people

John Key has changed the National Party’s political foundation from Conservative to Progressive

More on "Communism by stealth" from the conservative Redbaiter whose views often hit the nail for me.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Basic Faultfinding


Simple when you know how.

Driving and texting?

Well done VW.


A different view of JafaLand.


Dolphin baiting...

Does anyone know what dolphins eat?

I’ve got my long line ready, complete with 55 hooks, but just not sure what bait I need to use…

Definitely question of the day!

Only got yourself to blame Mr Key

Prime Minister John Key has delivered a sobering message to National Party faithful, warning that defeat is a very real prospect in September

we could easily find ourselves on the Opposition benches - that is the reality

Only got yourself Mr Key to blame as your party ditched long held principles for popularity at the polls. Like pandering to natives with racist apartheid policies and continuing with Labour's socialist policies like Working For Welfare.

Defeat would drive home the message that a party with family friendly conservative values is required.  Not the progressive liberal populist policies being implemented for continued power at any price.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

You can do your own

Do yours here...

Labour campaign distraction not going to end well

Millionaire businessman Donghua Liu has hired a high-profile Queen's Counsel to deal with any legal action from the Labour Party

Oh Dear, now it is legal teams at 20 paces, nothing like hiring a QC for keeping such matters in the news.

Earlier this week, the Labour Party leader said he was looking for an apology and looking at his "options"

Mr Cunliffe said the clarification vindicated the position taken by Labour to "challenge him and those reporting on the claim to produce the evidence"

Looking for utu does not make the fact that there have been dodgy donation transactions.  Labour would have done well to take the hit and shut up, but their main man, possibly the only one in the Party, has taken to digging a deeper hole.

This is mere opening shots of the election campaign, a well aimed incendiary distracting Labour.  And irrespective of validity, mud sticks, while both sides of the political divide appear to have been less than transparent with accounting for donations.  The sooner that all donations have to be openly accounted for, removing any question of corruption, the better for NZ politics, but that is another issue.

Labour Party general secretary Tim Barnett confirmed that a lawyer for the party had contacted Liu's legal counsel but was yet to receive a substantive reply

Mr Davison ... confirmed a letter from Labour's lawyer had been considered and responded to.

"Now we are waiting for a response."

Already agreeing to disagree after opening exchanges. More popcorn needed as we await the next lobbed missile.

This will not end well for some.  I suspect the donor will not be harmed as he will have records to divulge via a legal team, drip feeding them during the campaign. 

Again, Labour will remain in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Labour keen to lift scabs for votes

Labour will take a fresh look at foreshore and seabed legislation after winning the general election

Cunliffe told ... Whangarei he thought Labour would today admit it was wrong with its foreshore and seabed laws denying court challenges

The desperation for votes from the native quarter is strong.  Scratching the just healed scab of that recently settled legislation will only raise the ire of voters in other quarters.  The coast must remain in Crown hands without native ticket clippers controlling beach access.

Their mantra of "Offer any bribe for votes" continues elsewhere.

Cunliffe said a new Labour Government would raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour before Christmas and boost it again next April.

Within its first 100 days in office Labour would dump legislation allowing employers 90 days to fire new staff, banning smoko breaks, removing protection for contract workers and other controversial measures.

More scabs to be lifted for votes and expose the festering divisive politics underneath.

God help us.  Unfortunately, like their two MP's that saw reason crossing the floor last night, Labour has a continuing problem with scabs.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

No taxpayer stiffed for the challenge

Team New Zealand has released a statement this afternoon confirming it will challenge for the 35th America's Cup

the team had secured sufficient private funding and sponsorship to be able to commit to a challenge without having to ask for Government funding

Funny how a week or so ago TNZ needed more of my taxes or Da Boss on $2M pa would be joining the dole queue at a local WINZ.

That's how it should be done.  Always.

Council is told to get stuffed by ratepayers on extra spending

An artist's impression of the proposed Hundertwasser Arts Centre that has now been dropped.

Whangarei's controversial Hundertwasser Arts Centre project is dead in the water after councillors today voted to drop the plan.

vote has put an end to the project after it was first put forward in 1993, then resurrected in 2008

survey carried out by the council found 53 per cent of respondents opposed HAC

Well done ratepayers.  High time council was told where to stick their overpriced underutilised arty-farty centre.

Twisting the knife

The saga of the jilted donor continues as the knife is twisted further.

Today, Liu said: "I did say I made a contribution of close to $100,000 and that is my closing comment in my statement...that is how much I believe I have donated in total to Labour and some of their MPs during their last term in Government."
That'll teach the would be power brokers over at Liarbour to be economical with the truth and ratf**k their donors.

His confirmation of the total sum of $100,000 will still leave Labour with a headache as it searches records for donations and the links between senior MPs and the wealthy businessman

An IRD/SFO audit could sort this out quick smart. 

I'd suspect it will not be the donor that ends up splattered with egg.