Sunday, April 29, 2018

LabourLite jumps the shark

National leader Simon Bridges has pledged his party will have a strong environmental focus

LabourLite has been slurping the Koolaid, jumps a shark moving to the far left by promoting more of the climate change scam.

And these pricks wonder why they're called LabourLite and haemorrhage votes.

New Zealand needs a party on the right willing to take action unwinding this nonsense.  LabourLite, ACT or 'BlueGreens' are definitely not the answer.

Monday, April 02, 2018

It's your lucky day! [UPDATE 1]

[Update 1]  140+ Km up and decreasing, re-entry starts at 100 Km up. 75 mins till re-entry starts. Looks like somewhere in south Pacific toward Cape Horn (passes well north of NZ).

Well it could be... (website overloaded)

A heavenly body is to drop in within the next few hours.  Coming to a place near you. All 8.5 tonnes of it!