Monday, June 26, 2017

Stuff: In dire need of a sub-editor that can spell

For example:

Land owners object to Hikuai cycleway being built on flood plane 

It is obvious that their current editor is plainly not on the plane.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Digging deeper holes late on a Friday night

Labour continues digging in deep holes on a Friday night.  It is suggested that bad news should be released late in the business week but this is ridiculous.

Just when you thought #Slavegate couldn't get any worse, there is now a mystery donor of unknown name.

Politics of hatred and envy always surface with leftie scum. And you will be taxed.

Never simmering far from the surface, leftie scum get the hat trick in one.

A current Labour candidate fresh from Maharey's Indoctrination Skool goes for the holy grail of politics of hatred and envy along with the prospect of future taxation.

So that's capital gains. They're not [so much] in the business of providing retirement accommodation as much as in the business of earning capital gains.

The politics of hatred.  That is the eternal hatred of companies run by rich pricks who have organised their businesses to take 'advantage' of taxation rules.

For wage and salary earners, all our income gets taxed but capital gains are earned over a time and they don't get taxed. It's all perfectly legal but what's legal is not necessarily fair

The politics of envy.  They dog-whistle that Labour would make things 'fairer' for workers.  We'll see how that works out as the so called living wage closes small businesses.  And stop hiring leftie scum.

The issue is whether we should be taxing capital gains

Thirdly, there's always the threat of future taxation.  Never ever forget that - they're Labour.  Leftie scum looking to lift the hard earned contents of your wallet so some Labour supporting feral waster can live large on the dole.