Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Another Global Warmist lie exposed

Tropical forests are growing faster than scientists thought due to rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere

Amazon are essential for soaking up excess greenhouse gases, and play a far greater role than had been previously realised 

Seems nature is good at doing what it does best.

What we've had up till this paper was a theory of carbon dioxide fertilisation based on phenomena at the microscopic scale and observations at the global scale that appeared to contradict those phenomena 

Don't we know it.  The planet is infested with Global Warmists preaching doom and gloom with their tunnel vision always ever ready to fleece my wallet.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Wild Oats XI does it again

Wild Oats XI has just taken her record 8th line honours a few minutes ago in the Sydney - Hobart yacht race.  Has been sailing consistently about half a knot faster than #2 for the last day.

Not bad when the second boat is the race favourite Yankee boat Comanche which is 10 miles off the pace, the fleet has 130 miles plus to go and most of it is still crossing the notorious Bass Strait.


ps: for those that noticed, the post earlier today was an absolute cockup. In holiday mode.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Really? Another sister pimps the poor

A picture of a Struggle Street heifer that looks like she spends more than a few hours at the trough whilst affording to colour to her thatch accompanies the story in which she pimps the poor in today's bleeding heart sob piece from the MSM.

Some people will ask me how I can afford my tattoos, colour my hair, afford the internet or cellphone ... a diploma in social services

Can't afford to make ends meet?  Really?

I'd say another one of the leftie sisters of the wimmin-hood crying wolf , but then I'm a heartless bastard who believes in personal responsibility.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Victimising filthy drug dealers

  • had told the dealer to stop supplying drugs to the brother of a friend of his
  • dealer kept on supplying
  • man had persisted in selling drugs ... even after being warned off

Another dealer of drugs requiring an effective message to be delivered.  Something Mr Plod and the Judiciary continually fails to effectively provide.

went to the man's house, dragged him out his front door and gave him a hiding

Good.  A strong anti-drug message was delivered.  Unfortunately said deliverer of the requisite message has been arrested and jailed for breaking a few bones.

I'd say the message was properly and effectively delivered in the only way filthy peddlers of drugs would understand.  Lead ventilation by Mr Plod would be preferred in my book.

There is something seriously wrong with our sick society when the drug dealers are classed as victims!

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Really? Darwin nominee cashes up

Moses Tohu died after slipping and falling five metres from AE Fun Park's flying fox about 5.30pm on Friday

Tragic at first look.

Then we see:

  • Park management claimed he had been using the flying fox without permission from staff
  • had spent an enjoyable day at the venue with colleagues attending a Christmas party (no mention of alcohol)
  • arrived "as a spectator only"
  • that the flying fox was not intended to be in operation at the time of the incident
  • flying fox had been secured and the deceased had not been authorised to access it, or provided with access by park staff
  • mourning family members who called him "Uncle Mo" and questioned where his harness had been

A grieving family want explanations after a tragic workplace Christmas-party death at an adventure park in Northland


Read: The adventure park is about to be stiffed with fines and more cotton-wool regulations as the family looks for koha to assuage their grief.

park has strict operating rules and procedures for the flying fox and all other park activities to ensure customer safety

We do not believe this incident would have occurred under normal operation of the equipment

I'd say another Darwin Award nominee has just left this planet.

Friday, December 05, 2014

Revenue gatherers do not trust modern electronics

Police will not accept GPS speed readings to contest speeding fines

GPS devices were not a certified method of tracking speed

Luddites.  I'd suspect half a dozen satellites triangulating my speeding car might be just as accurate, if not much better, as their standalone revenue gathering tools.

And I suspect that Mr Plod's revenue gatherers would readily shop you in a court of law with similar 'uncalibrated' electronic data taken from your vehicle's engine management / navigation systems if there was a chance of prosecution.

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Time for dairy farmers to start puckering

A little bird has suggested to me that the imminent announcement re dairy payout could be preceded with a 3.  Scaremonger!

With numbers like that, bet there's more than a few with puckering sphincters.  Does not cover operational costs, let alone any thought of debt servicing.

Also a number like that would knock the stuffing out of any recovery NZ Inc was looking at.  Looking on the bright side, 'Tis the season to be jolly!

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

The modern engineer:

The modern engineer is ever ready to reap the kudos from shiny-arsed bureaucrats...

"It's a great piece of infrastructure - innovative and great to look at. It's a piece of functioning art."

An art installation?  Must be OK then.

Meanwhile in other news...

awards come hot on the heels of council reissuing a warning to boaties the Te Matau a Pohe bridge may be closed for periods days over 26C, as steel expansion means it could potentially jam.

Because it was such an innovative piece of infrastructure, it was possible engineers were going to encounter the occasional glitch such as steel expansion in hot weather

Eh?  Steel expands in hot weather?

In the real world would you happily pay for such so called engineers designing your roadway?  I think not!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Monday, November 24, 2014

Fire Service: Landlords will be required to wipe tenants arses

It is not a legal requirement for private landlords to install smoke alarms inside rental properties. But Fire Service fire investigation and arson reduction manager Peter Wilding is pushing for that to change. He is writing a paper which calls for changes to the Tenancy Act, making it compulsory for rental properties to have smoke alarms installed and maintained.

Really?  Why not go the whole hog?  With clipboard wielders like Mr Wilding, landlords might as well reside with the tenants to tend to their every other need such as holding the toilet paper and wiping their arses as required.

Building and Housing Minister Nick Smith said he was "more favourably disposed" to landlords being responsible for providing smoke alarms but tenants being responsible for their maintenance

At least the current government shows some common sense.  As for the feckless that rent and thus have no skin in the ownership game, getting tenants to be responsible whilst pissed and doped to the eyeballs will never happen.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Business as usual for lefties undermining NZ Inc

Controversial "temporary" terror law changes to crack down on suspected foreign fighters will come before Parliament this week ... a leaked draft reveals

Not likely to be leaked by those on the right.

Greens are also unlikely to support the legislation ... Co-leader Russel Norman is deeply concerned

Looks like the left doing what it does best, white anting and undermining the security of New Zealand.

He's got to now be stood down

Will this newly crowned leftie stiff will be so eager to call for an investigation to find out which one of their own leaked the draft?

I thought not, as is the normal leftard MO, "for the public good" wins.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

NZ Horrid: Showing their sheer lack of editorial skill as they segue to MSM oblivion

From today's Horrid:

As an anti-theft deterrent, ignition locks are normally secured to the steering column with tamper proof or sheer bolts.

Today's motoring correspondent might be better reporting on wearing sheer nylon rather than steering column shear bolts.


Once upon a time you could rely on the Herald not to utilise phonetic spelling of words. 

Today's examples are all too common displaying their sheer lack of editorial skill as they segue to MSM oblivion.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Stiffing the NZ Taxpayer: A modern teacher's CV...

In a new decision, the Employment Relations Authority says that teachers who fall pregnant while on maternity leave are entitled to take a further 24 months maternity leave without returning to work

The authority also found that in these cases the teacher would be eligible for another six weeks' maternity allowance

Which brings us to the modern teacher's CV...

  • High school to say age 17
  • Wimmin's Indoctrination Studies aka Teachers College.
  • About 21: First job for few months
  • 21-23: Get pregnant, stiff employer / taxpayer for paid parental leave complete with 24 month job holiday
  • 23-25: Pregnant again, stiff employer / taxpayer for more paid parental leave complete with another 24 month job holiday 
  • 25-27: Pregnant again, stiff employer / taxpayer for more paid parental leave complete with another 24 month job holiday
  • Repeat biennial breeding cycle and rinse taxpayer whilst original employer must hold opening for "employee"

'Effing unbelievable!   Just so wrong on many levels. 
The law of unintended consequence as those with zero work experience, are being paid to breed at my expense

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Natives to close 90 mile beach

Far North iwi say they plan to limit access to Ninety Mile Beach for cars and tour buses after their Treaty agreement is passed into law

That didn't take long!  That's what comes of pandering to the racist party.

it did not want to "disrupt the local life and use of the beach too much"

there definitely will be changes around vehicular access

Read that as "Free entry for the bros, another beach entry tax coming right up for the evil colonisers."

Sunday, November 02, 2014

What is the matter with these pricks?

it's about proving that over a period of time you've got a commitment to the crime

not a piece of property used to "facilitate or assist the commission of a crime"

A gang patch is only earned through serious crime.  It is nothing but a potent symbol of intimidation. 

I always thought the law was clear: Get caught doing crime, lose your patch.  End of.

A District Court judge's innovative attempt to punish a gang member by ordering he forfeit his patch has been overturned by the High Court

I just don't see a piece of cloth, which is sewn onto a jacket, as being an instrument to enable crime.

A dud High Court Judge and an academic taking liberties with the intended law.  Joe Public wants gangs out of New Zealand, nothing less.

We live in hope

Should Left-wing bloggers just shut up?

If only! Like most I live in hope that the circle jerk of lefties fades into oblivion like Labour, but they're here again having a whinge about being out and out losers.

Friday, October 31, 2014

How to ruin your brand

Continuing today's theme, the hits keep coming.

Apple CEO: I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me

First thought, how to ruin a brand.

We'll continue to fight for our values

Values I'd wager that would cause a lot of people to be looking to never buy Apple again.

MP wants queer convictions wiped

there were 879 convictions, including sodomy with another man aged over 16, committing an indecent act with another man, and "keeping place of resort for homosexual acts"

That was the law at the time, unfortunately changed by the progressives that infest our legislature.

"Anything that society can do to say, ‘we were wrong . . .' is something that can make their final years a little better."

Absolutely not. These criminals want their rap sheet wiped so they can hide their long held perversions.

Many of those who were convicted had their lives destroyed

Rightly so, boy-buggering priests spring to mind.  Won't someone think of the victims in such cases?

In my view, homosexuality is a gross perversion which should still be a criminal act.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Green MP promotes antidote to Ebola: 0.625 of SFA

Green MP Steffan Browning ... signed a petition ... which calls on the World Health Organisation (WHO) to "End the suffering of the Ebola crisis. Test and distribute homeopathy as quickly as possible to contain the outbreaks."

I just can't stop laughing.  It hurts.

What should be the dilution strength for an effective anti-Ebola potion?  I'd suggest about a million-millionth of 5/8ths of SFA. To be tested on the treehuggers that abound on Planet Green.

Long suspected to be in another world, this greenie outburst really takes the cake

Friday, October 17, 2014

Bogeyman scaremongering with dire warnings [updated]

FBI Director James Comey has warned in stark terms against the push by technology companies to encrypt smartphone data and operating systems

We have the legal authority to intercept and access communications from information pursuant to court order, but we often lack the technical ability to do so

The bogeyman makes dire warnings. The dicks are afraid that Joe Public has had enough of the FBI trawling their daily lives.  You might have the legal right, but you certainly ain't using those rights for public good. Encryption will put the NSA spooks and traitors like Assange, Snowden, Hager out of a job.  IMHO, that is good.

The baddies will already be encrypted to the max if they've any sense.

he could not cite particular instances in which someone was rescued from danger who wouldn't have been had law enforcement been blocked from that information ... cited access to cell phone data aided in a criminal investigation

"Logic tells me there are going to be cases like that,"

Really?  I'd say your logic is nothing but scaremongering.

A footnote: After the massive data breaches of late, which only reinforce nothing in plain text is secure on a network, everything stored online should be encrypted at source, decrypted at point of usage.


Mr Aardvark feels the same way.  You can stick your "for the public good".

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

WTF? Key's arrogance astounds.

New Zealanders are likely to get their first vote on a new national flag at the end of next year, Prime Minister John Key says

WTF?  Arrogant prick is buying a fight.  There's nothing wrong with the current flag.  You've really got to wonder why he wants to ditch it.  The alternatives on offer are nothing but sporting or separatist rags.  His fetish of changing the nation's flag is sickening.

I suppose with his endless pandering to the native vote, nek minit he'll be signing off the supposed treaty partnership in a written constitution.  The flag change is a prelude to the main event of handing the country back to the separatists.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Another Labour loser tosses in the towel

David Cunliffe has pulled out of the race to be Labour's new leader

Cunliffe was forced by his caucus to resign after last month's election drubbing

Another Labour loser. The remaining candidates will fare no better.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Time for an OIA on underhanded dirty tactics by councils

Mr Nager's manager at the Northland Regional Council, Tess Dacre, learnt he had been in contact with Mr Pope and asked him for copies of the text messages. Mr Pope obliged, treating it as a request under the Official Information Act.

Mr Nager said he found out the NRC had obtained his text messages when he requested his personnel file.

"I thought, 'What's this?' I gave my ex-boss a call and it all unfolded from there. They (NRC) got my messages off someone else's phone. That's really underhanded. You don't expect that degree of snooping. I don't know what they were hoping to find."

Definitely underhanded tactics from the council overlords.  Even the toothless watchdog said so.

the Privacy Commissioner, who has ruled that the council breached the Privacy Act when it accessed text messages sent by Mr Nager in the days following the attack

Country wide, I wonder how many any other OIA "give us the dirt" requests have been made by one council of another local government entity in their quest to always show who's in control.  Must be a good topic for an OIA and would wager it could unearth extensive underhanded dirty politicking in the halls of local government. 

Anyone up for an OIA?

Rank stench of green hypocrisy

Calf induction: The business end of getting your late cycling cow back on herd schedule.  Cattle abortion industry by another name.

The treehuggers screamed so much about this obscene practice of induction it is about to be made illegal.

Each year, farmers buy bulls whose job it is to get their cows pregnant.

Nine months later, calves are born, and the cows are given about a month to recover, before the two-month mating window opens up again. Now, occasionally a cow or two gets pregnant a little late.

That puts it out of sync with the rest of the herd, and makes things difficult for the farmer.

They are left with the choice of killing the calf and rebooting the cow's cycle, or killing the cow.

Aborting the calf is cheaper and easier.

former Green MP Sue Kedgley called the practice "inhumane and cruel"

All in, works for the loonies worldview as part of their endless 'dirty dairying' crusade.  But probably good they stood up for the welfare of cattle.

Now to another obscene "induction" industry closer to our species.  Indeed an equally foul practice, but one that the same treehuggers have long and loudly supported.

She never mentioned whether human induction was "inhumane and cruel". Nor did she talk about the need to get human induction drugs off the market.

She didn't talk about the duty of care all doctors have towards human life, and how they must surely be in breech of that as they snuff out little lives day after day in human induction clinics.

What Kedgley had done, a year before, was give a speech advocating human induction, saying "it's incredible that abortion is still such a contentious and divisive issue"

The putrid stench of rank greenie hypocrisy is strong.

Monday, October 06, 2014

Cafe owner apologises, relinquishes man card

As per normal, someone is offended.

"Oscar Pistorius was super keen to get a new bathroom door, but his girlfriend was dead against it," ran the joke printed on receipts from Wednesday until complaints started flooding in yesterday

What really gets up my nose is the number of males that do something, then apologise and retract 5 minutes later when someone calls them out in social media.  Twatter and Facebook are nothing but a platform for the permanently offended. 

If you're gutsy enough to do it initially, real men would have the cojones to tell the offended to f**k off.  He's proved himself to be more likely a 'metro man' Labour voter type used to having to apologise for being a man. 

Needs to harden up!

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Key: More of the same old

National had agreed to work with the Maori Party on a range of priority areas including Whanau Ora, the Ministerial Committee on Poverty and Maori economic and regional development.

Key said there was no effective difference between the new Maori Development portfolio and the old Maori Affairs one

Re-arranging the deck chairs in name only, we're in for more of the same old, never one to grasp the nettle.

Ever desperate to retain control at any cost, especially since he now does not have a majority, Key agrees to continue pandering to the racist vote. 

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Another treehugging feral from the list scum makes it to the trough

The final count is in.  Labour's officially no longer a 24% loser. 

Labour's vote increased slightly from 24.69 per cent to 25.13 per cent

25% is still 5/8ths of SFA.  Losers.

In other news, another tree hugging feral scum list watermelon makes it back into the trough at the expense of an absolute Nat majority.  Pity it couldn't have been something better for the country like union scum or Mr Moa from Labour losing their seat.

List MP Steffan Browning will return to Parliament
National Party can no longer govern alone as the final election results left them with one fewer seat than on election night.
National's failure to win an outright majority means it will have to depend on either the Act Party, United Future or the Maori Party to get its bills and budgets passed.

Now the Nats have no mandate, they will be chasing votes from United, Act and the racist Maori Party.  Standby to be shafted with more unwanted culture as Key panders to the one man parties.

Special rates from local government if you're a native trougher

With various councils around the bazaars usurping democracy by installing dozens of unelected troughers by virtue of their skin colour, some in the populace can now get special rates for their land.

future rates had been set at a level that allowed for the land's long-term productivity without being a burden

Nice one.  If your land is deemed to have poor productivity, this council will rate such land lower.  Only one catch - you've got to have unproductive land.  Oh and the right skin tone.

Mr Carter said he and council staff had negotiated that outcome by the legitimate use of council policies and the Local Government Rating Act 2002.

There are no losers in this situation, only winners, within the law and with co-operation from all parties involved.

No losers?  Bollocks!  I read that they've only fronted the current years rates, not arrears and now it appears you've established a race based precedent. I guess some rates are better than none, as is current on most native land.

As my rates are always a burden of governmental waste, I look forward to my totally unproductive acres being being zero rated by my local government tsars in the future.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

And, in the red corner...

ABC wins!

Goff, Shearer, now Cunliffe.  Another Labour loser joins the ranks of has been leftie wannabes.  The list grows, who will be the next to sup from the poisoned cup?  

But at least now we'll get to see the real blood sport entertainment as the queers take on the unions.  Handbags at 20 paces!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Labour Party policies left much to be desired


1. $60 a week baby bonus - where did this help families that are having a tough time now? It didn't, it's a stupid idea.
2. Raising minimum wage twice in the coming year - another stupid idea. Why on earth would you raise something that should be seen as entry level only?
3. Doubling paid parental leave - something that is not as popular as some would have us believe. The taxpayer should not be paying for this.
4. Handing more money to those on benefits - the benefit system is fairly generous and handing out even more money is not the way to stop people staying on benefits for life.
5. Capital gains tax - no problem with that if the family home is left out of the equation, but if someone inherits their family's primary residence, this should also be tax free. My children shouldn't have to be taxed on what I leave to them.
6. Raising superannuation age - why on earth pick on the elderly when so many youth are unemployed? Fix unemployment first.
7. Focussing too much on gender selection, gay rights etc - mainstream NZ are not interested.

Suggested fixes:

1. Leave David Cunliffe where he is - changing leaders all the time is not a good look.
2. Go back to core principles such as fairness in everything, not just wanting to tax the better off to give to those that choose their lifestyle of not working.
3. Tax free threshold of at least $10,000 instead of tax cuts.
Tax cuts only benefit the wealthy. A tax free threshold, which could steadily rise over time, benefits everyone the same - the poorer people will benefit and the wealthy will save it. It's a win win all round.
4. Do not raise minimum wage. Instead, reinstate service allowances like we used to have years ago, where the longer you stayed at a job the higher your wage was.
There is no point raising minimum wage for entry level jobs, it should not be a career choice. But if you keep putting it up you must also raise everybody else's salaries accordingly, to be fair.
5. I do agree with National's policies on beneficiaries and state housing. We shouldn't accept these people for life in a house or on a benefit.
6. Stop focussing on gender issues, mainstream New Zealand does not care about this.
I note Louise Wall moaning about losing votes because of her gay marriage bill and she is right on the money with that. New Zealanders wanted a referendum on that, nothing more, yet were denied and she has paid the price for arrogance.
7. Stop pandering to those in society who do not get out and vote. That was a big mistake this time. All those handouts you were offering were for those that are too lazy to go and vote, so what a waste of time that was.

8. Keep away from the Greens - sorry, but they will turn New Zealand back a century or two - they did not help you last time.

Damned right about the treehuggers!  They are the kiss of death for any party looking for a coalition partner.

The rest is common sense, which those that actually voted appear to have in spades rejecting Labour's bribes.  As at #7, stop trying to bribe the indolent bludgers, they will not get off their arses to vote.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A fog of arseholes

what the figures very definitely do not show is all the many tens of thousands of projects, plans or developments, that never even get off –or even on to -- the drawing board because everybody who would be involved knows the planners will never, ever allow them.  

These projects are simply stillborn, never to see either the light of day, nor the fog of a self-interested statistical analysis.

These would-be developments are simply unseen, unmeasured and unbuilt, unlike the few projects that do slip through the planners’ net, about which they crow as if they themselves were responsible.


The erudite Mr Cresswell sees through a fog of arseholes and notes the Town Planning Turkeys will not be voting for an early Christmas.


Basics of finance is beyond Gen Y

Generation Y have rapidly declining prospects of owning a home.

are borrowing up a storm on the likes of personal loans and credit cards

Blinged up to the eyeballs on maxed out credit cards whilst living in six-figure households and still complaining?  The entitled looking for more government support via my wallet?  Well, you can p*ss off!

Your supposed poverty of housing is self inflicted.  Somewhere along the line the stark choice is:  Bling or a house?

They want to try living on spaghetti and baked beans for a couple of years after buying their first house whilst servicing a 20% second mortgage as most of your property owning rich prick parents did a generation or more ago.  It's hard going, but it does work long term and you too will be one day a rich prick.

Albert Einstein: ''the most powerful force in the universe''... ''he who understands it, earns it ... he who doesn't ... pays it.''

And then we have this piece of financial wizardry seemingly unknown to today's generation.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

NZ made the right decision

David Cunliffe is now in an all-out war with with his caucus. At an extraordinary press conference at Parliament this morning, the Labour leader insisted he would not step aside as leader

reiterated his desire for a leadership primary - but refused to acknowledge that the only way such a primary could be triggered was for the caucus to deliver a vote of no confidence in him

a train wreck

Whilst these clowns knife each other to see if they've got the guts to roll him, New Zealand can rejoice that the Right decision was made last Saturday.

How to hand in your notice...

Since I'm now awake: Quake report [update]

5.5, 24KM down at Pongaroa, widely felt Auckland to Invercargill about 40 minutes ago.  [GNS has now removed the outlier reports]

A good solid hit, fairly good shake, no obvious damage.

As normal, all the reporters at Stuff and Te Herald asleep. [finally on the job nearly 4 hours later]

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Right is good news for the economy

The NZX50 index was up 1.27 per cent at 5247.09 just after 11am. 

Post election not even lunchtime, excellent news, mainly due to the envy taxes the thieving left wanted to impose on power generators not materialising.

And now this later today;

Aucklanders reportedly flocked to open homes on Sunday, surer of their spending power post-election.

Let the good news keep coming.

You've got to wonder how the rabid left ever gets a country to move forward when their punitive policies do nothing but put NZ Inc on the back foot from day one.

Unfortunately it is only 1000 days (give or take a few) till the left would offer more bribes using my hard earnt money for bludgers to do nothing but wreck the economy.

The blood sport starts today

Less than 24 hours after Labour's historic drubbing at the polls and the knives were already out, with the party's MPs scrambling yesterday to mount a challenge to oust embattled leader David Cunliffe.

Senior MPs are angry at Mr Cunliffe's apparent lack of repentance for Labour's dismal result in his concession speech when he appeared to avoid taking blame, and instead used it to launch his own re-election bid.

I look forward to a high body count.  Meanwhile over here,

Ill-discipline, mini-scandals and Kim Dotcom's silence during The Moment of Truth damaged Internet-Mana's vote and may yet see the end of the Internet Party, leader Laila Harre says.

The result puts the future of the Internet Party in doubt.

Ms Harre said it was "extremely difficult" to grow a party without MPs.

Asked if this was the end of the party, she said: "I don't know ... The electoral environment for new parties is extremely hostile and very favourable to the incumbents."

The floor will be awash with blood.  Wonder when her running mate is going to front and acknowledge his defeat?

Memo to oneself:
Get out the popcorn, pull up a comfy chair and prepare to be entertained.   The internecine fighting will be epic.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

An ABC win

The union factions and machinations that placed him as leader have reaped a political whirlwind of fire.  None of their people made it via the backdoor list vote.  Anything that reduces the union effect makes me happy.  I await the NZEI and PPTA statements post election re the sky is falling.

At 24% the ABC faction won on the day, having successfully kneecapped their beloved party. 

And wasn't it delicious to see the German's paid lapdog trying to get her party's message across when interviewed.  Not willing to speak ill of her employer, but wishing to fan the flames for a phoenix like result in three years time, she was real keen to change the on camera message.  At least her employer was gracious in defeat.

Speaking of being gracious, the other player in the iMP fiasco reacted otherwise when confronted with the finality of his total loss.  No doubt his ilk (and the likes of the Popata bros) will unleash in your face hikois from hell on the country for the next three years.  I'm sure that will further endear his team of modern day terrorist activists and henchmen to future voters.

At least we've still got GST on our fruit and vege, keeping a level tax base that works without exemption favours.  No reversals of employment laws, no envy taxes and best of all, no Cold Granny Tax.

And the tree-hugging swivel-eyed feral loons that make up the watermelons have been kept on their leash out of government yet again.  One day they'll note that New Zealand Inc does not want or need more socialism, envy taxes or blatant communism.  If only they'd stuck to their knitting.

The sun is trying to rise round these parts, well done the ABC team that has made these next three years a pleasure to look forward to. 

Now for the nice Mr Key to deal to the RMA and employment laws.  Quickly followed by cutting welfare to the bone.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Bugger the numbers, I'm so over electile dysfunction!

That's it!  Election 2014 is over and I'm suffering electile dysfunction. 

But hey, I'm still PM.

Now the horse trading begins.

Anyway, it's been a foul day here weather wise and likely to be that way till Tuesday looking at the forecast.

On Te One, just heard that the wife of the anointed one who lives in the leafy burbs of Herne Bay, is now to be known as "Car-Inn".  God help us.

Friday, September 19, 2014

May the best man win

Three possible contenders to form the next government.   One wears a blue tie, one a red scarf and one wears green.

I apologise for being a man

Well that's the red one off the podium.
Not a real man, but a watermelon dingo import, the green one is a rank outsider, highly dependent on how much support for the red one tanks.  It might be close, but on the day both red and green will be losers.

As I said, "May the best man win".

Still unsure where to place your two ticks?  Watch this series.

Dud judge fails to throw away key on career mobster

A gang member with an extensive history of violence has avoided a sentence of preventive detention for the second time.

Robert Winterburn, 47, has spent most of his adult life in jail, with convictions for manslaughter and attempted murder.

When he appeared before Justice Potter in 1997, she warned him that if he ever appeared in court again there would be no option but a sentence of preventive detention.

Warned in 1997, fast forward to 2014 where the Judiciary is awash with softcock judges.

Waipukurau Mongrel Mob member appeared for sentencing on his latest raft of offences before Justice Joe Williams in the High Court at Napier yesterday

offences included rape and threatening to kill

had "the history of a dangerous and violent gangster", but he was reluctant to sentence him to preventive detention

Really?  At 47, he's not going to change or reform.  You should have thrown the key away, instead of in 5 years he'll be back on the streets ready for more crime with nothing to lose.

Arise, Sir Winston

Emmerson nails it.  Again.

Sir Winston?  Come Sunday morning they'll be calling.

Ready to offer the Deputy PM slot along with a knighthood and no doubt in time, an ONZ gong for services to the country (and racing). 

Definitely has a nice ring about that, once again if Winnie has anything to do with it, the country will know it is about to be serviced.

PM calls PM: The air of desperation...

the economics of chaos

Desperation has obviously set in amongst those vying for my two ticks with one sleep to go.

Yours truly took a 30 second or so phone call mid evening from the nice Mr Key.  A party political broadcast none the less, but very nice of him to call personally after his whistle-stop through Dannevegas yesterday.   Or was it the day before?  /sarc

Not one pollie has thus far darkened my doorstep for my vote, long may it continue.  Rural voters in the regions may be sparse requiring some legwork on the part those needing my vote, but it would be nice to see them try occasionally.  Remind me, who was Mr John Hayes?

The gist of the message suggested that I should carefully consider my vote, it was heavily aligned to giving two ticks to those of a dark blue persuasion and not let in the left with their 'economics of chaos'.

A fitting thought indeed, one that cannot be argued otherwise, but unfortunately for Mr Key my two ticks might not be the shade of blue he desperately asks for.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Taking out the trash...

An angry mob in Kiev, Ukraine, frog-marched a member of parliament and literally dumped him in a rubbish bin. 

Now there's an idea I could vote for.

Definitely would give two ticks for each of the 120 thieving wasters that are our current NZ MPs.

  See the video here.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The MEGA reveal: Was that it?

Over hyped for months, the long promised bombshell was a huge MEGA yawn fest on the night.  Even with infamous traitors brought in from afar.

The only enjoyable part is knowing that the leftie conspiracy theorists, iMP racist nutters and watermelon greenie loons hanging on the very outcome will now know they've been had.  And they've done their chances for a game changer at the ballot box next Saturday.  Dot Crim was only looking after himself.

I for one am comfortable knowing that someone is looking out for New Zealand's interests when there are so many these days white-anting NZ Inc from within.


Was intrigued by this;

he further claimed the NSA operates a ''facility'' in Auckland and in the north of the country

I guess he's confirming traffic at Warkworth satellite station is subject to monitoring.  Not unexpected in this world of terrorists and leftie subversives. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

The sooner, the better

The Maori seats in Parliament are in danger of disappearing after the election, Maori Party co-leader Te Ururoa Flavell says

polls show a rise in support for both the Conservative Party and NZ First, which have both campaigned on abolishing the Maori seats

In my opinion, the sooner, the better this country can arrest the headlong rush to apartheid.  The party of racists is not doing well in the polls.

In other news,
On current polling, Labour  - which supports the Maori seats - would be unlikely to be able to form a government without New Zealand First

A diversion, knowing Labour would form a coalition with the Devil himself to gain control next Saturday.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Comments of the day on Labour's CGT...


Labour's dog. With the watermelon Greens.

If it looks like a dog, walks like a dog and barks like a dog, then it's a dog.

That dog looks like it just heard about 

Labour's CGT; the Cold Granny Tax

Comments and pic shamelessly hacked from NZ's #1 Media outlet, a Canon Award holder.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Some traction at last!

The Conservative Party is within a whisker of the 5 per cent threshold in the latest TV3 poll, sitting on 4.7 per cent

At last, starting to get some traction.  Winnie will be having conniptions over Mr 'Chem Trails' as the Conservatives look dead set to overtake. 

A pleasing alternative to the toxic mix of the communist left, the ACT theorists going down the gurgler and those that should be much further right but have a blue fence jammed up their backsides.

May it long continue, a clean result without cups of tea accommodations for votes.

Farmside got a pot of taxpayer gold?

Second time in a week or so, some Farmside junk mail advertising has arrived in my mailbox.

This time, it's an expensive looking A4 solid card thingy.  Same message again, touting their overpriced satellite and wireless products along with how I might win a iPad.

We've had the drab adverts in the junk mail for years.  Still not in the game with their stingy overpriced data caps.

Then this sudden change to flash Harry marketing materials   Gets me wondering about whether a pot of my taxpayer gold has been deposited in their Timaru head office. 

Or maybe they're looking for more market share before they finally go bust.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Removing the dead hand of big government

Mr Presland laments:

As to the companies’ performances:
  • Meridian’s net profit after tax was $229.8 million and a total dividend of 13.01c per share is to be paid.  This includes a special divided of 2c per share from the sale of surplus land. The Government has lost us $163.4 million in dividend payments alone.
  • Mighty River Power announced a net profit of $212 million up on the IPO forecast of $160 million. It paid a dividend of 13.5c per share.  Dividend loss to us, $91.2 million.
  • Genesis Energy announced a net profit after tax of $49.2 million and paid a dividend of 13c per share.  Dividend loss to us, $61.9 million.  There is something unusual about the accounts which I have not yet got my head around.
  • And Air New Zealand had a good year announcing a net profit after tax of $262 million and total dividends of 0.20c per share.  Dividend loss to us, $44.3 million.
So all up in lost dividend alone in the past 12 months we may have missed out on $360.7 million.

Labour's still banging on about partial asset sales, but cannot afford to buy them back having overspent on all the other election bribes.

With numbers like those above, the removal of the cold dead hand of big government is proving a worthwhile exercise.  The power companies now have to perform competitively which forces them all to lift their game and will in the long term lift returns for all shareholders, including the 51% holder NZ Inc.

Pity it was only 49% sales, the government handbrake is still there on a couple of notches.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Vote: 11 Days to go...

Passport please: Our artists' impression of a road border between England and Scotland post-independence

11 days to vote?  You cannot count!

No, not here in the soon to be Democratic Socialist Hellhole of the South Pacific, but in similar antipodean latitudes.

Apparently the rabid NO vote is now on the losing side and threatening border controls in 11 days time.

Spark on lack of porn

The internet mayhem is thought to have been linked to fake or leaked nude celebrity photos...

Spark said it was aware that when people clicked on some celebrity nude snaps, they inadvertently installed the kind of software that created distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks such as this weekend's

Real funny that only Telecom/Spark customers have DDoS issues.  Spark customers must be out and out porn addicts, but it's apparently now fixed.

 All while pure as the driven snow Slingshot, Vodafone and other ISP customers enjoyed their issue free access to porn-free broadband. 

Yeah Right!  Once again, I think the porn ridden Spark needs to fix their hardware.  After all it's been often proven to lack the necessary spark on many an occasion since the introduction of XT and Yahoo Mail.

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Winston has seen the writing on the wall...

was seen today telling the Gold Card holders to beware...

Typical Winnie innuendo, reckoning that the Gold Card cheap off-peak travel is under threat post-election.

His veiled message is loud and clear:
Vote for Winston First if you want to keep your Gold Card

The Winston First internal poll numbers must be really bad.

All those 'wasted votes' going to the new kid on the block.

Friday, September 05, 2014

Electoral bribes for the unhoused

Labour has promised 100,000 houses in the next decade...

Not to beaten Hone has promised tonight 10,000 new state houses a year for 'our people'

20,000 new houses a year, an electoral bribe of ginormous proprtions. 

That's 55 new houses a day for the next 10 years!  And it will cost (back of fag packet calcs) at $400K ea minimum x 200,000 about $80Bn.

Yeah right!

Minor party leaders: Fail, except one

Wasted the last hour watching the minor parties prostituting themselves for votes.

The message I got (except for one) was

We will tax the crap out of you

The only one that gave their party vision clearly was the Conservatives.  Colin was streets ahead of the other would be thieves.

The rest were "you will feed our rugrats, whilst we tax you heaps for the public good".   Guess what?  The bludgers that currently get every handout known to taxpaying man and still want more can get stuffed!   All of them looking to raise more taxes to pay their voters at my expense.

ACT wonders why they languish at 0.1%?  Give us your 30 second party summary - one sentence in, Jamie Whyte starts rubbishing other parties present.  Loser!

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Irony, much?

This is not a 'scandal'
It's a crime, and we should be discussing it as such

You get your knickers in a knot over hacked celeb photos but endorse destroying a government using hacked emails.

Much irony.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ready to throw a brick at the TV

Bleeding heart socialists on telly at present screaming child poverty and how I should give much more to support the entitled poor.

Never mentioning that they're given all manner of handouts, Working For Welfare, accommodation allowances and are generally nett tax consumers whilst not feeding their bloody rugrats before sending them to school.

Where's that bloody brick?


What do great cooks eat when they're home alone?

No wonder one of them blogs that they are 'hungry and frozen'.

WTF?  People eat this crap?  Where's the meat and two vege? 

Well, I deserve something nice

Not a slab of wildebeest in sight in any of those menus.  Absolutely zero protein for me in those offerings, except maybe for the last one that has a few prawns.  Mostly green weeds that need nuking with Roundup and other highly processed crap. 

No doubt more nutrition in the packaging.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Pride cometh before the fall...

Mr. Schmitz says that he set Chancellor Helmut Kohl's credit rating "to zero" after breaking into Germany's credit-rating database.

"Hacking was the greatest fun I ever had," he said. "Nothing is as interesting as being the spy that knows everything. I had the power to put a whole country offline

Krim DotCom confirmed the credit rating hack this arvo at the failed IMP campaign launch, whilst in a previous life he has admitted to the hacking.

IMHO, WhaleDump hacks, Mega, Dirty Politics sources are one and the same.  With  one criminal mastermind behind the lot. 

I'm very self-confident, and people who are very self-confident have a huge ego

One wonders when Mr Plod is going to take him task.
The sooner the better judging by his display of ego today.  Pride cometh before the fall and may it happen well before this dirty election next month.

Labour's GIMP gets their campaign message out to the media...

fresh from Te News tonight at 1800...

You puffed-up little s**t

You know you're all in the dumper by connection

... glove puppets of Cameron Slater and you can all piss off

IMP's media maven Ms Corkery melts down as she tells the media to have sex and travel.   As well as the whole country.  And these tossers want to lead us?

Kim is not giving interviews on WhaleDump today, he'd rather get the campaign message out there

The IMP's Krim DotCom will not be happy as once again sideshow theatrics are the story.

** Labour-GIMP is the newest acronym on the blogs today.
    An alternative is Limp Greens.

Friday, August 22, 2014

What are you waiting for? Get on with it!

Abolishing the Maori seats would rip the country apart and attract "hikois from hell", John Key said

Why not get on with it?  Long overdue, the sooner it happens real New Zealanders can then move on as one people away from stone-age Aotearoa into the modern world.   Forget the few activists that would stir the pot, just make it happen, they will not vote for you anyway.  New Zealand will be better for it.

Any politician showing real spine making this cause a priority will get massive votes. 

Meanwhile the country continues its rush headlong toward apartheid, rewriting history apologising to natives for being long ago on the losing side of a civil war, replete with copious bribes courtesy of the taxpayer.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A resounding NO from guess who?

biggest teacher union has overwhelmingly rejected the Government's $359 million education policy

93 per cent of teachers and principals voted "no confidence" in the policy

Really?  As if there was any other expected outcome from union stiffs.

to start from scratch by genuinely consulting with the profession and parents about how to spend the $359 million

If Johnny Boy gets in again, just take the $400M away.  After all, they've just said they don't need it.

At least the bastards aren't running the country.  Yet.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Greenie logic101

We don't have any bottom lines ...

but we want senior Cabinet positions

Umm, how's that work?  A logic fail in my book.

want to be in a full coalition with Labour and have senior Cabinet positions

Yeah, like that will happen, but I suppose Cunners will offer the treehuggers anything they wish for and more on Sept 21st to establish a toehold. 

Only problem is they firstly have to give those Cabinet positions to the queer and union factions in the Labour Party.   I can well imagine their financial maestro, Mr Parker, will be well impressed having his grass cut, as both parties have spent the total tax take for the next decade and more on bribing their way to the Treasury benches.  And other dinosaurs of Labour (here's looking at Goff, Mallard and King) that have held on for decades to taste sweet victory will want their Cabinet seats guaranteed.

In this week of dirty politicking, the more worrying thing is what dirty deals are Labour and the greenies doing right now?

"I don't mind standing up against the Chinese bastards"

I don't mind standing up against the Chinese bastards

If anybody thinks we should have a national security and defence policy that ignores the threat of a Chinese communist invasion, you're delusional and got rocks in your head

China is controlled by "an aggressive, anti-democratic, totalitarian government. We need to double the size and capacity of our military right now.

Outspoken Australian tycoon Clive Palmer has labelled the Chinese Government "mongrels" who "shoot their own people" in a televised tirade

The billionaire politician, who was elected to Parliament last year as leader of the Palmer United Party also called the Chinese "bastards" who "want to take over this country"

Now there's a guy our resident xenophobe Winston First could take lessons from. 

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said she would tell the Chinese Embassy that "these views are not representative of the Australian Parliament and I don't believe representative of the Australian people."

As expected the minister is doing some grovelling, but I'd suspect Palmer's party will get a few more votes from fair dinkum Aussies.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Really? Sensitive wee petals are offended!

were appalled and horrified by such an ad played during a real-life account of alleged sexual assault, and said it reinforced a "rape culture" in the country

Bloody disgusting seeing a near naked woman pitching condoms in the middle of a harrowing tale ...

I would say a top marketing ploy.  The easily offended are not talking about the dramatised tale of woe but condoms.

Poor sensitive wee petals.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Real scary NZ political landscape

Just been over and did the much touted political quiz at TV1 a couple or three times to test the results. 

A predictable result of being diametrically opposite to the racists at Hone's shop and the watermelon tree hugging communist loons.  Well south of ACT, strongly of the view "What's mine should remain mine, not to be redistributed via envy taxes" and you can keep your nosy face out of my business.

But what is really scary, ACT is the only party well right of centre. (The Conservative Party is not shown for some reason).  The Nats having long ditched their principles think they are safe on the centre fence.  Labour has a long way to go from its unionised far left to return to the centre and win elections.

Have done a number of these type of surveys over the years with same result. 

Harden up, stand on your own two feet no matter what life throws at you and pay your own way.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Bubble of hot air has burst

Shares in the cloud accounting software company were down 6.28 per cent shortly after 1.30pm and trading at $20.15 each.

This is less than half the record price of $44.98 which Xero shares hit in March.

Nice one.  Another IT stock plummets earthward.  Nothing less than I'd expect of a company trying to soar above the poppy field.  IMHO built on clouds of hot air, appearing to be donkey deep in debt for years without making a profit.

I may be wrong, but the stock market has just clipped the wings of the would-be soaring eagle.

It's going to be a good day for Labour. Not!

Labour has plumbed new depths in our latest poll as the election takes an ugly turn after a day rocked by allegations of blackmail, dirty politics

Cunners will be in the news today at 22.5%.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Can't fault that sentiment

Any party that is prepared to form a coalition with the greens is not getting my vote 

Comment of the day.

Cunliffe has ruled out going into a coalition with Internet Mana

Meanwhile the would be saviour of bribe takers will not commit to saying how he intends to include IMP should his party cross the finish line with some numbers.  I suppose the necessary shady deal will be 'not a coalition', like Winston First or the Possum entertains, working outside of government but firmly clamped to the Treasury fundamental orifice.

Now that's out of the way, maybe the Supreme Court ruling will be upheld

The police commissioner has arrived at Te Rewarewa marae to apologise to the people of Tuhoe for armed raids on their community nearly seven years ago.

What an absolute waste of time.  Once again, the law of the land is proven not to apply to certain people.  We're still no closer to having proper laws to deal with domestic terrorists.

But since the Commissioner has been preoccupied apologising to the local terrorists for Mr Plod enforcing the law of the day, maybe he will now find time to apply his staff to the recent Supreme Court ruling on the Tuhoe body snatchers.

I'm not holding my breath over that matter.

WTF files: We'll be wiping their bums next

So, just to be clear: Yes, you do have to supply a form of heating in any house you want to charge rent for. And a three-pin power socket doesn't count, smarty bum. To clarify, it means a fireplace, heat pump or gas heater and a full gas bottle every week.

Now don't panic, you don't have to run over and light the fire every day for them and to be fair you don't even have to supply the firewood. But make no mistake, you do have responsibilities.

WTF?  Since when did providing heating fuel become the responsibility of a landlord?

Call me what you will, but I suppose next we'll be wiping their bums.  And providing the toilet paper.  Would you like me to provide electric blankets for all and daily turn down the duvet?  Sex and travel comes to mind!

Find and pay for your own heater.  If the house comes with alternatives like a fireplace or a fitted heat pump, in my book that's a bonus for the tenant, not something that I as a cruel cold-hearted capitalist landlord should be fuelling out of my pocket.  If you really want me to provide the fuel, just like me arranging your lawnmowing and gardening, you'll pay handsomely for it in extra rent.

The Residential Tenancies Act does not include heating, only means to collect and store water, as well complying with appropriate building, health and safety regs as highlighted below.
45 Landlord's responsibilities
(1) The landlord shall—
  • (a) provide the premises in a reasonable state of cleanliness; and
  • (b) provide and maintain the premises in a reasonable state of repair having regard to the age and character of the premises and the period during which the premises are likely to remain habitable and available for residential purposes; and
  • (c) comply with all requirements in respect of buildings, health, and safety under any enactment so far as they apply to the premises; and
  • (ca) if the premises do not have a reticulated water supply, provide adequate means for the collection and storage of water; and
  • (d) compensate the tenant for any reasonable expenses incurred by the tenant in repairing the premises where—
    • (i) the state of disrepair has arisen otherwise than as a result of a breach of the tenancy agreement by the tenant and is likely to cause injury to persons or property or is otherwise serious and urgent; and
    • (ii) the tenant has given the landlord notice of the state of disrepair or made a reasonable attempt to do so; and
  • (e) take all reasonable steps to ensure that none of the landlord's other tenants causes or permits any interference with the reasonable peace, comfort, or privacy of the tenant in the use of the premises.
(1A) Failure by the landlord to comply with any of paragraphs (a) to (ca) of subsection (1) is declared to be an unlawful act.
(2) The landlord shall not interfere with the supply of gas, electricity, water, telephone services, or other services to the premises, except where the interference is necessary to avoid danger to any person or to enable maintenance or repairs to be carried out.
(2A) A contravention by the landlord of subsection (2) is declared to be an unlawful act.
(3) The provisions of subsection (1) shall apply notwithstanding that the tenant has notice of the state of the premises at the time at which the tenancy agreement is entered into.
(4) Nothing in subsection (1) shall impose upon the landlord any obligation to repair any damage, or compensate the tenant for any want of repair, arising out of any breach by the tenant of any obligation imposed on tenants by section 40.
(5) In this section premises includes facilities.

 A powered 10 amp three pin plug socket will suffice in my book, the tenant can plug in any rated safe electric heater of their choice.  And pay to fuel it.  I might supply such a device, but this is purely optional on my part.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

"The customer is always right..."

S#!t Tradies NEVER Say from Tim Thatcher on Vimeo.


Selfie porn obscenity: Why do they do it?

Must have the New Zealand connection, however obscene, even in a tragic death.

Nothing but obscene selfie porn

Anything for a "Hey, look here! I'm a legend in my own lunchtime" milking that NZ connection.  And the MSM uses it to sell its useless hard copy.

RIP Mr Williams

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Labour's picture doesn't quite match the xenophobia

I wandered over to the Stranded and had a lurk at the leftie cesspit to see how the desperate are faring. Now need to disinfect myself.

 Anyway, desperately looking for traction on anything, they're high on their xenophobic horse about bits of farm dirt being flogged to Asians and use the Lochinver Station as their discussion point. Accompanied with a nice aerial picture of the supposed farm in question, shown below.

Lochinver Farm - Lochinver Farm Homestead

Very nice picture, gum tree lined creek wending its way through the background.  Haven't seen creeks like that when I've passed on SH5.  So typical of an Aussie farm I thought. Aussie farm you say?

Yep, in their haste to publish their xenophobic rant, the bloody drongos at the Stranded have used the aerial picture from a Lochinver Station farmstay in Oz.

Friday, August 08, 2014

Just an empty symbol

To most people, the name Telecom is about landlines

It will never be anything else irrespective of what moniker you give it.  NZPO / Telecom / Chorus / Spark / Skinny will not change the lousy service you delivered over the years.  And continue to deliver.

When you can get ADSL on copper or fibre past my door, only 6KM rural from a DSLAM, then I might believe your spin.  Till then I will never directly give Telecom-Chorus another cent.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Scum landlord renting garage for $170 per week shows up unenforced bylaws

gave birth to a son by caesarean section ... returned to the shed that she has lived in since 2013

$170 a week shed the woman and her children were living in had a wall to partly separate a kitchen bench and an improvised play area from a bed and bassinet

outbuilding was "cold and damp and it's really hard to go to the toilet and do the washing and cooking. It's like, a long time camping for us already. I'm trying to manage things for my kids"

Maybe this is the type of building that wouldn't pass a rental WOF?    You know the extra layer of bureaucracy the left is desperate to add to the workload of real landlords.

But then I thought we had bylaws that prevented outbuildings being used as habitable buildings.  Just another example of unforceable bylaws that need to be struck off the books.

Most likely local council inspectors turning a blind eye to bylaws while the real scum rip off the poor.  Pity this scum landlord wasn't outed in the story.

Capital Gains Tax nag is finally flogged to death

Labour and the Green Party have conceded that a capital gains tax would not be a "panacea" for New Zealand's unaffordable housing crisis.

Well, I never thought I'd hear that from the thieving left.

The two parties seemed initially flummoxed when a questioner at an otherwise friendly election forum organised by the Public Health Association in Auckland this morning noted that having capital gains taxes had not stopped housing price booms in Australia, the US and Britain.

"I don't know why they haven't worked in those countries," said Green health spokesman Kevin Hague.

Labour proposed so many exemptions in its capital gains tax that it would be ineffective.

"Perhaps that's why it's been ineffective in other countries"

We already have an effective capital gains tax.  Ask any property investor or speculator that fails to declare such gains.

The leftie thieves have suddenly realised there is no pot of CGT gold lurking out there to tax the life out of.  Or votes in whipping that dead horse.

"You're f...... joking."

Another dud judge spouts forth and earns the wrath of the father of the murdered boy.

Justice Helen Winkelmann began her sentencing indicating she was going to discharge the boy without conviction.

Dudley's father Brent, who had earlier delivered an emotional victim impact statement​, erupted in disbelief, yelling from the back of the court: "You're  f...... joking."

"You've got to be joking, this guy beat my son to death," he yelled to the judge.

As he was led from the court he yelled "That's justice for you in New Zealand. The law's an ass."

Discharged?  Unbelievable, a bloody joke!

The boy pleaded guilty to assault with intent to injure

an "act of cowardice and brutality"

He was smaller than you and you attacked him from behind

the boy continued the assault even after Stephen was unconscious

"You are a coward and any thoughts of forgiveness are entirely out of the question."

he considered the boy to be "the hand of evil".

The law is indeed an ass, abetted by dud judges.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Another voter bribe offered

New Zealand First's announcement that Route K's $62 million debt could be wiped off the council's balance sheet if it forms part of the Government after the next election will no doubt have city councillors salivating

wants a coalition agreement to include the words: "The designation of Tauranga's Route K road as a fully state-funded state highway and the transfer of any associated council debt to Treasury."

Just another blatant bribe being offered.

INCIS MkIII coming right up

online voting has the potential to enhance the operation of local democracy and offer New Zealanders a more accessible and convenient option to cast their vote

it is essential for us to examine carefully the associated costs, practicalities and most importantly the security of online voting

Remember INCIS?  You're probably still paying for that.

Do you still feel the NOVAPain?  The gummint recently has become an IT expert in pay matters and program design.  I await where that path leads.

Did you know the taxpayer is about to design a new IRD computer system?  Time for a Tui.

And you expect NZ "IT experts" to re-invent the wheel with your vote.  Other jurisdictions overseas have already built and trialled such systems, surely we could tap that expertise?  Not only will it cost taxpayers dearly with huge overruns, it always has the potential to be illegally accessed or tracked.

I say get stuffed.  I do not even trust dealing with any gummint agencies with their single login.  Call me a Luddite or whatever, but I've been too long around computers to know that where there is stored data, it can be illegally traced, tracked, profiled or massaged to give the right result.

ht  KB

Nats third term looking good...

Act leader Jamie Whyte's been caught short once again - this time clueless about Whanau Ora

In an interview on Maori Television's Native Affairs programme last night, Dr Whyte was quizzed on a range of issues, including the role of the Race Relations Commissioner and the Treaty of Waitangi. When the Government's Whanau Ora programme was brought up, he revealed he had no idea what it was.

He's in good company.  Most know it's nothing but a bottomless pit of affirmative action to appease the current coalition racists in the Maori Party.   One without accountability and that needs excising at the earliest opportunity.

"Sorry, I'm showing my ignorance, I don't know what that is," he said.

Unfortunately for his potential senior coalition partner, the left will slay ACT on such matters.

Maybe it's time to have another cup of tea in Epsom and word the junior partner in about rocking the boat.  Or else there'll be no trough for anyone on the right.

Nats third term is looking good.  Not!

Monday, August 04, 2014

More electorate bribes to come

Labour still had a few tricks left up its sleeve with a series of policy announcements planned for the coming weeks

"We've got some surprises in store," Cunliffe said

As if the suite of bribes already offered isn't enough to cripple the economy, Cunners promises more for the faithfull.  Anything to buy votes with pledges that hopefully will never be delivered.

"I'm sure by election day people will enthusiastically be wanting a Labour-led government."

And I'm sure hoping that by election day people will be enthusiastically wanting anything but a Labour-led government

PSA Union scum not waiting for living wage rise

Twelve thousand health workers have voted to strike in what the PSA union says will be the sector's biggest industrial action in a decade

strike action was sparked after workers were offered a 0.7 per cent pay increase, the union said

Unionised scum looking to stir the pot pre-election.  0.7% too much in my book, not waiting for Cunners to give them a living wage.

The sooner unions are permanently culled the better New Zealand workplaces will be.  Mind you, I can see Cunners rating going negative before the election with his union puppeteers carrying on like this.

Friday, August 01, 2014

Darwin award nominee of the day?

A Chinese man has died after he blew up the hospital ward he was on when he decided to smoke a cigarette while undergoing treatment in a high-pressure oxygen chamber

The stupid was strong in this one from here.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Well that's that then

The latest Roy Morgan survey puts Labour at 30 per cent, up 6.5 percentage points on the same poll two weeks ago. National was down 5 percentage points at 46 per cent, its lowest level in the poll since May

One rogue poll and we can say goodbye to wasted opportunity. 

A wasted opportunity you say?   Imagine where New Zealand might be today with minimal welfare and one law for all.  The Nats had it all, but blew it, failing to take an axe to socialism and welfare, borrowing heavily to pay its way.

A healthy lead in three elections but the Nats abandoned long held cherished principles for power at any cost.  All the previous socialist settings are still in place, they added a few of their own as they moved further left and now we will all pay as the multi-headed leftie hydra will take power this time around.

Kiwis deserve everything coming our way.  A full on dose of socialism with the greenie lunatics and racist parties out to the far left will do this country no good.  Get ready for increased rich prick envy taxes along with the massive deadweight of bloated bureaucracy.

Probably not, but maybe the country will learn that middle of the road politics are not the best offering.  The Nats might learn that there has to be a point of difference between the left and the right.  Increased taxes for more socialism and welfare is not the answer.

Personal responsibility is the only way.  I fear for future New Zealanders when most will be living on welfare endlessly taxing those that actually choose to work.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bottom line principle I could vote for

separatism is extraordinarily damaging for this country

will sit in Opposition rather than go into coalition with any "race based" party

we're not going with any party based on race because it is so destructive long term to this country

I like the cut of his jib on those statements alone.  Saying no to Mana and the Maori Party racists.  Unfortunately going on past performances, he or his party will not get my vote.

Should his 5% be needed, I'm sure he'll be off the fence like a robber's dog for the baubles of power.

Egg and a lot of pie.

Labour's slurping from a poisoned well of candidates will have a profound effect post election.  Egg will be splattered across people's faces with the long overdue rout of ancient deadwood and union stiffs as the party tries to reconnect with Waitakere Man. Some remain optimistic, but I'd say their 'A' game is over.

Yesterday the new kid on the block was given his marching orders by Mr Key.  No upfront deal by pulling the East Coast Bays Nat candidate pre-election.  I say good to that, pity he doesn't do that in Epsom and Ohariu.  I say let the voters make the choice, not have it dictated.  And to think power at any cost still would involve Winston First.

Most will paint the Conservative Party as a band of intolerant bigoted right wing single issue Christian crazies like Whale Oil has long done.  I see Emmerson has also jumped on that wagon this morning writing them off.

I sincerely hope that the Conservative Party redoubles its efforts and betters 5%.  If Craig's self funded party crosses the line, they will be better for it, having done it independently on their own terms and truly "Stand for something". If so, egg will be splattered and it will be fun watching a lot of humble pie being eaten. 

Not that I've decided where to place a tick, but 5% of the vote will come with a big slice of humble pie as the current naysayers look to entertain the bloc.  Good on him for keeping both Labour and Nats as options, he has little choice if he wants to waste his money getting into the trough.  Though a definite no for me would be any entertaining of greenie loons and nutters.

Monday, July 28, 2014

At last, a party that appears to stick to stated principles

Conservative Party leader Colin Craig says he'd prefer National incumbent Murray McCully to stand in East Coast Bays, and has taken a shot at the deals National does with the Act and United Future parties

he had never asked for a deal from National

"It would help on one level, in that we wouldn't have to work as hard. But it doesn't give us a sense of independence and being our own party. On balance I think it's better for us, than if National had done something for us."

Great, the new kid on the block appears to be prepared to stick to its stated ideals.  Not that I am saying I would cast my vote their way, but principle is good to see

We used to have a long established principled party on the right before the Nats ditched theirs in favour of popularity at the polls by knifing Mr Brash and started pandering to natives.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Another reason not to vote for tree hugging greenies

Green Party announced plans to immediately ban deep sea drilling around NZ's coast if the Greens form the next government

New Zealand has the potential to be another Norway fuelling its way in the 21st century.  And these sodding tree hugging luddites would put a stop to all of that if you vote for Labour.