Saturday, October 04, 2014

Another treehugging feral from the list scum makes it to the trough

The final count is in.  Labour's officially no longer a 24% loser. 

Labour's vote increased slightly from 24.69 per cent to 25.13 per cent

25% is still 5/8ths of SFA.  Losers.

In other news, another tree hugging feral scum list watermelon makes it back into the trough at the expense of an absolute Nat majority.  Pity it couldn't have been something better for the country like union scum or Mr Moa from Labour losing their seat.

List MP Steffan Browning will return to Parliament
National Party can no longer govern alone as the final election results left them with one fewer seat than on election night.
National's failure to win an outright majority means it will have to depend on either the Act Party, United Future or the Maori Party to get its bills and budgets passed.

Now the Nats have no mandate, they will be chasing votes from United, Act and the racist Maori Party.  Standby to be shafted with more unwanted culture as Key panders to the one man parties.

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