Saturday, October 11, 2014

Rank stench of green hypocrisy

Calf induction: The business end of getting your late cycling cow back on herd schedule.  Cattle abortion industry by another name.

The treehuggers screamed so much about this obscene practice of induction it is about to be made illegal.

Each year, farmers buy bulls whose job it is to get their cows pregnant.

Nine months later, calves are born, and the cows are given about a month to recover, before the two-month mating window opens up again. Now, occasionally a cow or two gets pregnant a little late.

That puts it out of sync with the rest of the herd, and makes things difficult for the farmer.

They are left with the choice of killing the calf and rebooting the cow's cycle, or killing the cow.

Aborting the calf is cheaper and easier.

former Green MP Sue Kedgley called the practice "inhumane and cruel"

All in, works for the loonies worldview as part of their endless 'dirty dairying' crusade.  But probably good they stood up for the welfare of cattle.

Now to another obscene "induction" industry closer to our species.  Indeed an equally foul practice, but one that the same treehuggers have long and loudly supported.

She never mentioned whether human induction was "inhumane and cruel". Nor did she talk about the need to get human induction drugs off the market.

She didn't talk about the duty of care all doctors have towards human life, and how they must surely be in breech of that as they snuff out little lives day after day in human induction clinics.

What Kedgley had done, a year before, was give a speech advocating human induction, saying "it's incredible that abortion is still such a contentious and divisive issue"

The putrid stench of rank greenie hypocrisy is strong.

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