Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Her indoors emigrating to Oz?

Her indoors is off to Oz this week for a formal training session in how to improve her ratings.

The official line is to natter
about things which are important to New Zealand

but I suspect 'Where to from 20% or less?' might be the real issue.

As was previously suspected, it seems the meeting of minds late last year was only a jolly to be able to say that she was the first elected female PM anywhere in the world to meet Krudd.

Unfortunately, she will be back. One could only ever wish to see such a headline.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Will she, won't she?

Most of the polls suggest that fast progress is being made by her indoors toward a visit by a 'tall, dark man' in the near future.

Sooner, rather than later? Not sooner in her mind, for by her own admission she has 'tonnes of ideas' to force down our throats. I suspect, something like ideological bribes to buy her way back into power in a few months.

Some will never give in till actually defeated. Her 2IC offsider will never consider defeat till it actually happens. So zealous in his ways is he, that he will have be forcibly removed kicking and screaming, probably never having delivered a tax cut to a 'rich prick'. Others have seen what has been writ in the polls and like rats, are fast abandoning the red ship.

Some like fearless Phil are re-arranging the chairs, clearing the decks just in case her indoors does take note of what is writ large and resigns. Mind you, Phil will have to watch his back, the other contender from the West is suspected to be a young pretender hell bent on the top job.

Two shows of her going gracefully, for, like the misguided 2IC, she will fight to the last. Oh, the full script of this upcoming entertainment with all its delicious twists and turns is yet to be revealed.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Two ticks or two fingers?

45000 sheeple can't be too bad to help fund big election fights. As the party apparatchik, the EPMU is an integral part of the corrupt red party machinery. In the party constitution it seems the union is named as an affiliate and thus Liarbour is totally infested with the unionised at all levels.

But the union wants their cake to eat also. Seems that under the sinister freedom of speech killing legislation that is the EFA, they are legally excluded from freely making comment on matters deemed to be so necessary to steal another election. They need to register, like all others, as a third party, to spend megabucks on why two ticks is going to be good for you (and them).

This article looks at the issues and buried deep within is this.
The law needs to return to parliament to be amended to make clear that the New Zealand trade union movement is allowed to be properly involved in our elections.

Like hell! Why should parasitic unions be given an exemption not enjoyed by other third parties? You agreed to the rushed unecessary legislation in an effort to favour the corrupt incumbents, now play by those rules like all others.

Two ticks? Two fingers more like it.

Full of self import

The vociferous native warbler has really got up my nose this week with her comments.

Full of being "God's Gift" to all those who vocalise for a living, she suggested that another is not even in one's same league.
She's not in my world, she's never been in it at all.

hey are all fake singers, they sing with a microphone.

People call them up and coming but they never last.

Really? More, like you have in the past and also your mate Howie opined a while back, you truly show what you are. Ten blocks up yourself. What is it with people like you that feel the raw urge to talk down to the masses?

To quote yourself 'You are nothing.'

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The boil is being lanced

The festering pustule that is Liabour and its' coalition of the willing bauble takers that has infested the NZ political landscape for nine long years is being lanced as I write.

The donor scandal just gets worse by the hour. Rich prick pot, this is kettle. How is your glasshouse?

Seems Winnie is fair pissed, he has been seriously upstaged by his party Prez and a right wing blogger. Also the alleged donor. An outright denial from any party would clear the air, but neither will cede.

Rivetting stuff. More entertainment to follow. Next to complete the cure - an election shortly?


the party had had many such loans from its own rich branches

Emphasis mine. Just how many are there?

Look what crawled out from under

As Mr Plod marches ever so slowly toward actioning the U16 (or was it U17), now U19 terrorists day in court, it is obvious that some are covering their backsides and dobbing in their associates. So the associate terrorists get promptly arrested.

Someone supplied the terrorism paraphernalia, especially the weapons and Mr Plod does not muck around when weapons are involved. 'Intimidatory and unnecessary' actions are so necessary when dealing with unknown quantities of weapons - just ask this nutter.

Not so, says this legal eagle, well hidden of late. Ever eager to milk the victimhood card as he has been want to do in the past, now vocalising that Mr Plod has learnt nothing and there is room for more compo to extracted. Obviously looking for a new cause, after a QC took some of his potential clients.

I have no doubt the number will rise, as more become marked as terrorist associates in these cases. Pity Labour got the laws so functionally wrong.

Cosgrove really wanted to beat kids

As a Minister who helped, no doubt under instructions from her indoors that she currently will not be able to remember, make the anti-discipline S59 law last year, we now find that really Clayton wanted the beat the living daylights out of those kids.

Well that's what the headline screams, but when you read a little further, the comment is actually attributed to someone else.

So much for balanced reporting.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What goes round...

As the stench of corruption further envelopes a government in its' death throes, Mrs Makepeace at 1742 sums it all up, whilst looking for a writer of some repute to investigate much further.
Indeed deliciously ironic.

- rich pricks
- hidden agendas
- explosive revelations about a range of possible breaches of election finance laws and parliamentary spending rules that [ ... ] has kept quiet while it has attacked other parties on these issue
- deceptive and unethical activities
- cash for honours
- ...

Speaking of which, where is that dear sweet young Master Hager?

Goodness, his journalistic fervour and trenchant insights into corruption at the highest level would find ample grace and favour with the public right now...

Oh, how the Wheel of Fortune turns...

Yanking the chain

While we live largely shielded from the day to day storms that rage in the larger economic markets of the world, sometimes we are not isolated from their effects.

Faced with the level in the bribe pot dramatically reducing over a couple of months, at such a rapid rate, like the most water supplies of late, him indoors has now taken to cancelling speeches to the unwashed because
the minister was not feeling well and would deliver the address at a later date

More like, with diminishing returns on the Super fund and negative returns on Kiwisaver funds, the bribes that could have been offered to punters whilst promoting budgetary perfection are not so likely. Yes, the song sheet is changing fast. Tax cuts, forget them, they are the $1.5 billion plus buffer. The bribes that must be offered, so necessary to be re-elected, are first inline, just like diplomatic offerings to this resident in a certain principality.

Ever pessimistic, like the half-empty bribe pot,
funding for pledges have to come from somewhere. I expect nothing less than a repeat 'Mother of all budgets' next year for the necessary correction.

Yes, Mr Cullen, stop yanking the chain on your yo-yo, I know you will do anything to stop paying a single cent in a tax cut.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

15? Or is it 16?

Another finance company is on its' way.

So many, so few left.

And the government wants to be lender of last resort to a sub-Prime market? Next failure will be NZ Inc as the dreaded 'R' word reaches out to strangle us.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The blame game

Now that good ole NZ now has an international record of terrorism and now, hijackings, the blame game has started.

As usual, Winston First is dog-whistling for votes, tactfully indirectly associating immigrants with crimes. So Don was right.
We have homegrown people with long records. Why do we need to import them?

New Zealand was seen as a "soft touch" by people trying to immigrate

More than that... it's seen as plain stupid. It's a massive drain on the ratepayers of New Zealand

New Zealanders need to understand, they are just buying themselves serious problems if they don't act. I want to see the same rules that are applied by nearly every other country.

Peters said it was unfortunate that the actions of some refugees caused others to be "tarred with the same brush".

That's a human reaction and I blame the authorities.

Yes Winnie, just the topic you need to get votes. And what follow up did you do since the issue was first raised? Is this Orewa III?

Meanwhile a cornered government on TV1 last night suggested the whole issue arose because the said nutter hellbent on hijack jihad was imported on someone else's' watch. Nothing to see, move along.

The price of air travel just got a whole lot dearer in NZ.

Yes Sir! Another job for the bureaucracy

The Thom family, resident in their house for a long time, yesterday single handedly have given Nanny over at local government an excuse for more regulation and interference in our lives.

Nothing about a lack of maintenance and personal responsibility.

Just like swimming pool regs and inspections, coming to a view near you, an Inspectorate of Balconies.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Picking the scab

Well, here we are again, another year and the same issues are being raised.

All the usual suspects are in their respective corners, some to use the day for protest, most to have a nice holiday for they care not about the politics at play.

And the politics have been out to the forefront this election year. Interesting that Tame and his Tuhoe cohorts, who never apparently signed the treaty, but want independent sovereignty, have decided to use Waitangi for a day to get their message across.

Her indoors and the PM in waiting went their respective ways, she looking for a 'bit of dignity', he to mix and mingle while still getting his message through. I think the win definitely goes to him, his presence and willingness to front earns heaps of kudos.

We continue to flagellate ourselves over this supposed National day, it has always been marked as the day of protest and will never be anything but to me. The same topics are discussed every year, votes are traded, little positive action results. The staunch activists of 30 years ago are now quiet. Some years have more 'entertainment' value than others, but it is certainly not a day to feel good about being a Kiwi.

Where things progress from here is uncharted, but I for one think of today as nothing to celebrate and
will always liken it to picking a scab.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Excuse me?

A talkfest is underway on how to waste rates in Orklund this week and I do not hold much hope for any progress. Especially when I see comments like this
The really interesting issue for me is that we haven't fully quantified the problem and fully identified what it is that Wellington is hoping to achieve by the [commission]. We are still not grasping the real issue...

Interesting that a councillor elected on a red ticket is working on the premise that any final outcome needs to match what Liarbour deems needs to be achieved. Why bother?

This confirms the suspected MO, that the commission is just being an excuse to head off livid ratepayers in an election year.

Here's my view of some extremely quantifiable bits to help her on her way
  • Rates are too high
  • Bureaucracy at local government is rampant
  • 8 councils to run one city is not on
  • Between council turf wars
  • Infrastructure massively underfunded
  • Councils playing social engineers
  • Cost plus regime for ratepayers using services they have already paid for
and the fix
  • Major infrastructure should be fully funded from central government
  • One council to run the whole city, ending parochial wars
  • Wield a knife in the bureaucracy
  • Gut social engineering and public transport from local government
  • Arterial roading to be fully funded from central government
  • Council to stick to managing parks, local roads, local water/sewerage, rubbish collection
  • Ditch all rates input into sports stadia and the like
  • Stop the twin-cities waste of rates
  • One set of rules for all cultures
  • No second airport
Unfortunately, I suspect my grandchildren will be having this same discussion. It has been going on for 4 decades that I know of and still has not been addresssed.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Common sense prevails

As previously discussed, the Minister of Plods has finally applied her much touted 'law of common sense' and directed Legal Services withdraw the invoice for legal aid received whilst enduring the inquest on the murder of her partner.

Obviously, there are votes to be had here and political expediency is the ultimate motivator for a morally bankrupt government on the ropes.

Seems those running KBB see it very differently in that only victims defined as poor should be eligible for legal aid and rich pricks should be billed forthwith.

I totally disagree. I firmly believe, irrespective of cost, any victim, regardless of net worth, should receive full legal aid without any question. Any other decision or implication is a total loss of common sense.

Yes, the damage has been done, this matter should have never arisen.

Extended Liarbour to register

The largest conglomeration of stirrers in the country, the extended Liarbour party, is to register under the EFA.

Now, I just wonder what half-truths and other snippets of information that I and maybe you, need to know from such oxygen-thieves in an election year?

Can I expect the Extended Tree Hugger Inc mob over at Forest and Bird will have a message for me also? I have noticed that they have suddenly appeared post Christmas in my face in the media. There must be an election somehere.

Spinning like a top

Eager to please her indoors, on her very first day, the newly placed Liarbour incumbent in Dunners South is spinning for all she is worth.

Seems her take on the reasons for her employment were very different from mine gathered at the water cooler.

Alas, perception is everything.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Substance and style on the merry go round

As a 'child of the revolution', over at the echo chamber for Liarbour's talking points, the new red contestant for Hunua, JC himself has been doing analysis of Dear Leader's substance and style. Not much of either has been apparent of late from her indoors, just as always being negative and extremely economical with the truth.

If the public don’t know what politicians stand for and what their real agenda is, then the public stands to feel deeply betrayed when the truth comes out

Seems all current crime is a direct result of 'the mother of all budgets' which showed the long overdue financial restraint on all, including dole bludgers. Guess who caused that budget all those years ago? Damn right, drastic action was a necessary move. Seems Liarbour was in the game of purchasing elections then as now.

This morning, Fran O'Sullivan reminds us very clearly why that budget was delivered as the then Deputy PM in cahoots with with the rest of the Cabinet to hide the fact that the BNZ was about to go belly up and the economy was like $4bn short. Something which the Liarbour liars at the helm were so desperate to hide from the public for weeks whilst an election battle raged.

First thing the newly elected Nats knew about the dreaded 'R' word was the next day when they were quickly informed that the cupboard was indeed barren, hence the ensuing budget. Quick action was needed to get NZ back on track in growth mode.

Ironically Clark is now the political beneficiary of Richardson's tough calls

So the next time the echo chamber wishes paint an airbrushed picture of substance and style, could I suggest that the whole truth is told.

As then, I suspect drastic action will be needed this time again and I look forward to the knife again being wielded savagely in the bureaucracy trough.

What goes round...