Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Luxon confirms National's place on the fence [update]

Like Maureen Pugh a few weeks ago, another National MP has apparently swerved from the party lane.

And 'Te Reo' Luxon from Marketing, ever chasing non-votes from lefties, firmly places National back on the centre fence of the left lanes. 

One of these days I sincerely hope that someone in a right-leaning party, with principles not for sale, will uplift the baton and deal to the uppity rent-seeking race-baiting grifters that infest New Zealand chasing co-governance and apartheid via separatism.

On a side note, there must be an election soon as Winston was seen recently performing his triennial rendition of Lazarus.  How timely, being just post-Easter!  And his sidekick, 'Tugger' Jones has had a recent outing.

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Thursday, April 13, 2023

Co-governance via tribal control confirmed, it's business as usual

Chippy, our esteemed PM, has this morning renamed 3-waters to 10-waters or something similar.  

Supposedly to stop the vitriol re 3-waters stealing long paid for ratepayer assets and using them as centralised government  assets to borrow heavily against whilst contuing to stiff long suffering ratepayers for the repayments via increased taxes.

Meanwhile the most despised part of the exercise being co-governance arrangements by unelected tribal persons giving them 50% control and veto rights remains untouched.  At least the race-based partnership is now out in the open, showing that the Maori caucus pulls the strings.  Chippy has firmly staked Labour's re-election chances on that.  And we now see as confirmed that the imaginary ToW partnership with the unelected tribal cohort.

The Opposition's 'Te Reo' Luxon offers zero resistance to this tribal coup.  ACT is just as bad. 

Confirmed, business as usual in racially corrupt New Zealand.