Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tropical weather we're having

2.2 degrees outside. Plummeted 4 degrees in half an hour, still falling. Can't make it's mind whether to snow or hail here at 320m / 40S.

Think we're in for a cold afternoon.

Time to light the fire and maybe a nana nap whilst I ponder global warming and the like. Definitely snowing right now, but not settling. 1 minute later, now can see blue sky towards PN. Come on weather, make your mind up!

Update: 1315 - temperature rising again - lots of blue sky - looks like it was the back edge of a black front heading towards Wiberia on the Central Plateau.

'Allo, 'Allo, 'Allo! What's going one 'ere, then?

Another 'celebrity' on his way home from early 'church' on a Sunday morn gets to blow into the bag.

Doing themselves and sport great favours. Little wonder the hierarchy is keeping quiet. I wonder who else was pissing up with him and was it sanctioned by those up the chain?

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Take that Sue Bradford.

Even your own party members are disgusted with the farce of anti-smacking.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Gypsy Weekend

Well, not quite. But for some it will be what is known as 'gypsy weekend' where farmers, farmhands, sharemilkers etc play musical chairs between farms and employers. For those that don't know, 1st June is typically the dairy farm business handover date in NZ.

Probably 600+ ($7m plus worth?) very pregnant heifers were walked past my place this fine morning on their way to greener winter pastures 2Km up the road.

An absolutely fine day. Long may our primary producers continue producing food for 55x NZ's population and Greeny loons keep their nose out of their business.

Gelato? Sorbet?

WTF? Don't even sound like ice cream.

Nice to see Tip Top Plain Vanilla is still up there with number one.

Give me a Tip Top Hokey Pokey or Boysenberry double cone any day.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

No more money

A timely reminder on this budget day for five local towns and districts around the Wairarapa electorate.

10% increases proposed for Waipawa ratepayers.
16% increases proposed for Waipukurau ratepayers.
9% increases proposed for Tararua ratepayers to be followed by similar increases for the next two years.
5.3% increases proposed for Masterton ratepayers, followed by 11.8%, 13.3% and 13.3%.
20.1% increases proposed for Southern Wairarapa ratepayers.

Nice one councils. Where will this extra dosh come from? You and me borrowing it, readers.

Patently evident that the local councils have not heeded the fact there is a global recession, blithely continuing spending up large.

Today's budget has been prepared against a backdrop of global and domestic conditions considered unthinkable - even by the most pessimistic forecasters - just one year ago. Just about every unlikely event has occurred and every worst case scenario has become reality.

We are now in our 6th quarter of recession.

Not so at the local councils with their focus on low quality spend. Just charge the working stiff more. Like Tararua District council which is about to increase its building consents by 100% plus. Criminal. Such charges should be fronted to the Commerce Commission.

$50 billion dollars will disappear from NZ's income. If our mayors continue to spend more than they collect, borrowing against the equity in your property is the only way they will raise the difference. Fancy taking on more household debt now to gold plate your footpaths?

Borrowing now and hoping that the next council gets it right is not an option.

Councils need to change the way they do things. Our elected reps need to focus on improving spend with no more money. That step change needs to be permanent. Eliminate low quality spend and poorly delivered services. Looked at the state of your local roads lately?

Whilst some mortgage holders have received gains from lower interest rates, it wasn't expected that councils would gouge those gains.

It is clear that this government values enterprise, rewards personal effort and encourages them to get ahead under their own steam. Our councils should support such an approach, not torpedo it.

HT 'From the House' John Hayes, Wairarapa MP, in the Dannevirke News May 28 2009 (not online).

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

No Californication earthquake

If gay marriage were to pass today, we would have seen the biggest earthquake in our state's history soon after. God doesn't miss around. He did the same with Sodom and Gomorrah, blew them off the map and they were homosexual cities. Thank you California for not letting history repeat itself today.

Posted by jay3777 on May 26, 2009 at 10:32 a.m.)

Top comment as the Supreme Court upholds voters wishes against legalising marriages between men shagging men. Soon to be 9000 quickie divorces to avoid alimony?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Axing limbs with wanton abandon - Long may it continue

The ministry would seem to not find work around Healthy Eating, Healthy Action to be of priority.

Another oxygen thief is kneecapped.
We have benefited from the past nine years, having a very supportive government who wished to make some social change.

Read that as 'I have been paid well over the odds over the years to justify my existence'.

I could think of many more that should suffer the same fate.

Monday, May 25, 2009

It turned out better than it could've been...

That's rugby, isn't it? It's all good.

Is it hell. Should such thuggish violence occur on the street the perpetrator would be whisked away to jail. But in the name of The Game, it's all good.

Some day in the future violent contact 'sport' will be outlawed not because of some legislation but because it will be no longer socially acceptable to inflict such injuries on fellow players.

How many youth cripples are there in NZ because "It's all good"? Or how many senior ex-players have serious mobility / long term injury issues because of their playing days of yore?

Could be a whole lot better, people. Your thoughts?

Dissing Mr Plod and the bridge

Hundreds of protestors in ignoring the Police on the harbour Bridge have taught their children a valuable life skill.

How to disrespect the Police.

I am sure that single action yesterday will stand them in good stead in their future endeavours. The parents involved deserve everything that will come their way as they try reign in upcoming teens with their now non-existent parental authority.

Over the past few days I have also witnessed just how dishonest Kiwis in general have become as the debate over the $10M thieves has ensued. Still that's what nine years of handout mentality gives people.

I suppose today we will witness another dissing of authority as the march for undemocratic representation takes place, stopping the Queen City. The unemployed haters and wreckers will be obvious while most working stiffs are head down working their way out of a recession.

Aptly named I thought. A march known as IHI. Like the Nippon clippons on the harbour bridge that were years ago built by IHI (Ishikawa Heavy Industries?), the unemployed ferals that will march today will be looking to clip on to democratic representation using racism as their primary tool.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Measuring the state of the economy

When they came to fix them, they drew white lines along the side of the pavement through the middle of some of the holes.

Then they only filled in half the holes and when we asked, they said their department was not responsible for the other half.

Council wallahs fill half a pothole because doing the other half may incur future liability. I kid you not.

Not to say that their job would be on the line if they did a 100% job first time.

Something about the state of local roads reflecting the true state of the economy springs to mind.

As an aside, this week I witnessed the local Tararua District Council / LTSA waterblasting two 18" wide wheel tracks per lane on recently laid seal through the main part of Dannevegas town to improve grip. Even waterblasted right across a pothole which only made the hole bigger.

Pity they didn't lay a seal with decent grip initially. And repair the pothole, which was from a council dig up days earlier. Yes, it still is getting bigger, but it is the weekend.

Still the waterblasting will keep council wallahs in a regular job. I wonder when the next reseal will occur. A couple of waterblasts should lift all the recent seal / unbed any stone chip. Still another wallah will 'repair' the current potholes by marking them with white paint. It really works - they come back bi-annually to refresh the paint.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Laws has massive win over where to stick 'H'

The results are in.

Which spelling would you prefer for our city and district?




Yet again the locals make their feelings known about PC cultural claptrap.

Last stand

Mayors were probably more concerned about selfish patch protection than Maori representation

Dickheads continuing to waste ratepayer taxes on lost causes.

All lined up like ducks...

Monday, May 18, 2009

Don't buy an extended warranty

A total waste of time paying through the nose for an 'extended warranty' on computers. Just a means for retailers to line their pockets with this ruling.
Dell should have picked up the bill for repairs to a computer that broke down after five years

So implies the Disputes Tribunal under the Consumer Guarantees Act.
five years was a reasonable time to expect a computer to last.

Under the Consumer Guarantees Act, consumer goods are required to last for a "reasonable period", regardless of warranties.

Most computers are sold with a 1 year back to base warranty. The tribunal suggests a fair use period for a machine such as a computer is 5 years.
Consumer NZ adviser Paul Doocey agrees the ruling does not set a legal precedent but says suppliers need to do better at carrying out their obligations under the act.

Others suggest it is not a legal ruling. I would think now the precedent has been set, it will become so. 5 years seems reasonable for such electronic devices.

Hence my recommendation is two fingers to extended warranties.

Pressure off now

What a day does for politics in NZ.

A week from hell and only on Saturday we were looking at a drawn out exercise over the filibustered super city bill that could have stretched all the way to Budget day.

Now we have two circuit breaker topics that force us to take our eyes off the eight ball. Simon Power's kite flying over juries and that scarlet woman. The left are screaming blue murder, so something has to be right about both issues.
she will remain as long as she can continue to defend the rights of abused children.

One wonders where this might end. Apparently Mr Power might have been less obvious on Q&A that he did not support the woman, but it is good to see the PM get behind the appointment this morning. She knows that the knives are out and she is on notice.

I still get the feeling these are only red herrings or an even bigger trojan horse. I suspect the looming budget will have more juicy topics to sidetrack me. Hell knows, now we have a Tamaki whatever Re-org Bill, we might get some salts of the earth non-elected undemocratic reps suddenly slipped into the supercity with nary a whimper whilst we are sidetracked.

Thought last week killed the honeymoon, the next couple might kill the marriage.

Never ever, ever trust politicians.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

That's all I have to say

Congratulations to Christine Rankin for her statement a few minutes ago on Close Up. Well done girl!

Janet McIntyre desperately tried to continue muck raking.

Layoff and let her get on with the job. We need a thousand more like her.

3G arrives in Dannevegas

After a couple of years of being on GPRS on wireless Vodafone at slightly better than dialup speeds, when I connected a few minutes ago after my nana nap, the Vodem light turned bright blue upon connecting. Usually green for GPRS connections.


Broadband speed at last at home in the rural wops. Been a long wait, finally it is here. Might give Skype a go and see if it works. Hope it is not just a test.

Now off to the pr0n to use up the rest of this months data cap...

Partying at the end of the motorway

Another group of young Kiwis gets their heads stoved in, possibly courtesy of out-of-towners.
The youth gangs are a new thing around here, we haven't had many problems with them before. Waterview is generally a safe place - it's those that come into the area that make trouble. It's quite freaky and I worry about my children.

Maybe Ms Lee was right about criminals looking for trouble at the end of the motorway.

ps For the journo: West Auckland starts at the Whau River south west of Avondale. I think you will find Waterview residents pay rates to employ Mr Banks. No wonder Westies get a bad rap when you journos get off the motorway and get lost in the 'burbs.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Chameleon Cunners shows his true colours

Every man and his dog is having a crack at candidate Lee. It's all about colour this bye-election. Liarbour has made it so.
MP David Cunliffe said Ms Lee was: "worrying about brown people coming up your motorway and invading the good white suburbs of Mt Albert".

After the chemist earlier in the week opining for a white only clientele, any change in colour in this backwater suburb would be welcomed. Far too much red has infested that area for too long for my liking.

Who knows? A blue rinse on the day would be welcomed.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

1000 words

From the Times.

A small test for Mother's Day

None so blind...? Not seeing the dragon-in-law in the best light?

Stress test your colour perception.

23 was all I could muster before my eyes glazed over.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Reflection time

MacDoctor summarises reactions to events in Napier and calls for some calm reflection. The events have caused me serious disquiet.

I definitely do agree that the initial reaction was not that of a sane person. The dead tree press and TV remains in the gutter peddling anything that gets a tear for the ratings. As for the anti-gun lobby, I expect nothing less from politicians needing to press buttons.

But the reaction of so called Libertarians is hideously worse in my view. So far off this planet with their twisted reasoning, little wonder they remain on the fringe of voter realms.

I still say there has to be better ways of resolving such incidents in a much shorter timeframe without further violence.

Tourist hot spot

Seen in Cochin, India.

Friday, May 08, 2009

35 48 51 Hours - updated

Reports are in that the Napier siege may be over.

A traumatic 35 hours for all those involved.

With all the modern technology and weaponry available these days surely there are more effective ways to resolve such issues. Was that a real LAV?

Still going at 48 plus hours.
"The man has not been shot at by police."

The spin starts. A press conference has been called.

Over at 51 hours.

As I said before there has to be a better way than taking this long to rout 1 person holding a city to ransom. Procedures must change after this episode.

Seriously disgruntled ratepayers

He said it was not a matter of "rushing into it" for the convenience of the ORC or the Dunedin City Council.

"This is a serious matter. There has been a serious travesty of justice. The ORC is looking at rampant spending, which is setting a precedent which cannot be accepted by the community."

The Otago Regional Council is shortly to be taken to task in a full court hearing over the Dunners stadium by a seriously disgruntled ratepayer.

Justice French said no hearing could proceed until Mr Walker filed an undertaking of damages, a mandatory document which said he agreed to pay damages [costs] if his court case failed.

Mr Walker said he had been to an ATM on his way to court and was satisfied there was enough in his family's working account to meet damages.

"I know what I am up against. I understand completely."

Trouble for council looms. This one is not your usual ratepaying stiff who doesn't have two shekels to rub together and is heartily sick of funding local government. This one is a millionaire who is standing up for all ratepayers over the crooked back door deals done in the name of ratepayers.

This case could be very expensive for him if he loses, but should it go the other way, has the potential to seriously curb the exorbitant spending of ratepayer taxes on questionable pet projects as witnessed daily in local government fiefdoms throughout New Zealand.

That has to be good for all ratepayers. I will watching this case with much interest.

And while on the subject of seriously disgruntled ratepayers, here's a letter from one.
"Dear Sir.

It was your lousey (sic) council that (expletive) up my development at Glenorchy (Lochburn) by slamming on a huge sewerage bond - (expletive) the deal, you did ! Then when the mortgagees (sic) took possession and sold the sections up you (expletive) released the bond for them.

"Hypocritical (expletive) you are ! Which one of you dirty mongrels took the backhander . . . (deleted); Well, as a consequence of your unfair, unjust and general (expletive) behaviour, you sent me bankrupt.

"So you now have my bankrupcy (sic) number and you can now go . . . (deleted) . . . because I am not paying this lousey (sic) little account.

"Yours, in utter disgust . . .

"PS: you are a . . . (deleted) . . . Fry in hell (deleted)".

I'm sure most ratepayers feel like that at times, but slightly less expressive. As for the 'not a kernel of truth', I suspect the root cause would be the council.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Bula, Hone!

Just what Bananarama needs. A tongue lashing from a fellow islander to inflame calm the situation.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Contest over, mercenary picked

Now that the Clark faction has been stuffed and mounted in Mt Albert, there is only one choice for the Nats. Guess Megs mummy dearest will have definitely have her nose out of joint.

Dare I say it, Melissa Lee would seem to have in the bag. A female none the less. On no other grounds than to specifically counter the mono-gender others have on offer.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

The real reason why Doone was fired

I hit 134km/h before a firm but polite traffic cop restored me to my senses.

Vindictive prick comes to mind.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Please Keep Off The Grass

A Royal week!
The couple did not care who was looking and just kept going as if they were in their own bedroom.

They even ignored the Please Keep Off The Grass signs.

As some nutter kills five trying to run over the Dutch Queen, one couple have been at it in broad daylight on the lawn at Windsor Castle whilst HM 'was in residence'.

Gurkhas win right to enter UK

Mr Brown's mishandling of the Gurkhas' right to residence tells us much about the shortcomings of his leadership.

Its priorities are warped.

It provides succour to those whom we owe nothing, while starving our extended family.

It still believes that spin is an effective tool.

It is fundamentally unpatriotic.

Worst of all, it is spectacularly inept; in need of adult supervision.

It cannot be trusted even with small change.

Gordon brown did everything possible to defeat the motion. He lost 267-264.
Mr Clegg was right.

The stink from moral gangrene is sickening.

A government in dire straights as he loses control. Betrayal of the highest order.