Sunday, July 31, 2011

Despatching the ACT corpse

a serious right-wing contender could block Act from winning Epsom, meaning the party would die unless it got to five per cent of the votes

Bring it on!. Somebody needs to do it quickly so I can waste my vote on someone else. Even the inner circle are making unauthorised posts on FB. Probably pissed in charge of a keyboard at that time of the day.

Deliver the ACT corpse some horrendously overdue finality by driving a stake through its dysfunctional heart.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The latest in cultural monsters: The Kapiti Carbuncle

Bodies will be popping up out of the ground

I'm sure, given the appropriate greasing of cultural palms, the Kapiti Carbuncle taniwha will be placated and stiffs will not surface.

Past dealings have proven such mythical monsters are easily placated with copious amounts of taxpayer monies.

If the answer is "Not much", what is the question?

Scientists on all sides of the global warming debate are in general agreement about how much heat is being directly trapped by human emissions of carbon dioxide

Science confirms what some have long thought about the crock that is human induced climate change.

the central premise of alarmist global warming theory is that carbon dioxide emissions should be directly and indirectly trapping a certain amount of heat in the earth's atmosphere and preventing it from escaping into space.

Real-world measurements, however, show far less heat is being trapped in the earth's atmosphere than the alarmist computer models predict, and far more heat is escaping into space than the alarmist computer models predict.

When objective NASA satellite data, reported in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, show a "huge discrepancy" between alarmist climate models and real-world facts, climate scientists, the media and our elected officials would be wise to take notice.

Whether or not they do so will tell us a great deal about how honest the purveyors of global warming alarmism truly are.

Indeed, I have long suspected such purveyors of snakeoil are only there for the money.


Friday, July 29, 2011

How's that shiny new millstone working for you?

It is clear that this information will also impact significantly on projections previously approved for the repayment of stadium debt

Models are currently being reworked and the impact on stadium debt servicing and repayment

How's the 8% rates increase and now unaffordable stadium millstone looking Dunedin ratepayers? No doubt the first of a few councils to go broke over the national game of thuggery. Oh, that's right, you will pay!

And what has changed?

They reflect a time in our history when the parents of a child born out of wedlock were viewed as immoral and their children deemed illegitimate

Absolutely nothing, but those who challenge such things would like the populace to think otherwise. The sole purpose of marriage is procreation by a husband and wife, not entertaining same sex nutters so they might enjoy the fruits of married status.

Rewriting our long established laws to support such fads is wrong in my book.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fence sitting...

Over the past 30 hours or so I've read some pretty vitriolic exchanges resultant of the Norwegian tragedy. It has exposed extremes on both sides of the political spectrum with a hell of a lot of 'they said this, they said that' shouting negatively past each other.

The issues need debate without a screaming match shutting down reasonable response. Both sides are delving into political esoterica with which I as a Joe Bloggs voter cannot hope to ever keep up or argue. I'm entitled to my views as much as yours.

I still think Brevik is a stark raving nutter who has caused a lot of agony and personal tragedy. And his extreme cause will now be at the top of the most wanted lists.

This is not the time for political points scoring from either the left or the right, but for saying these extremes are too far.

Having said that, this blogger will remain on the fence, hopefully a bit more right of centre than some.

... and ChCh will still be using portaloos in the snow...

Japan's Government aims to complete earthquake reconstruction in the next 10 years

most of the rebuilding would be completed in five years

Showing us how to rebuild. Here in New Zealand, in 5 years time, we will still be doing nothing. After almost a year of talking, how's those winter gales today Christchurch?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Extreme Global Warming evidence - 500% increase

The outside temperature at 1030 here has now reached the dizzy height of 2 degrees C. A 500% increase since the 0.4 degrees at 0630.

Global Warming is upon us!

Portending doom...

Homeowners on floating interest rates should quickly look to lock in fixed rates before prices move up in coming months, a leading economist warns

Yeah right. Never again will I listen to these shylocks looking to line their pockets.

After being stiffed by the bank for nigh on two years with the costly difference in rates and the offputting charges to break from fixed, this punter will take his chances staying on floating rates this time.

Anyway the bastards want to pre-load their cake up front with a hideous 'paperwork' fee. How much paperwork is involved in pressing 'P" for Print? Thieving buggers.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

"Yesterday's fish and chips paper"

Today's papers are just tomorrow's fish and chips paper so it doesn't bother me

Another drugged addled role model makes the news for all the wrong reasons. A longtime trainwreck looking for the place to happen is only fit for yesterday's news.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Thank God for safe arrival

The inspiring era that started when I was barely a teenager, had a man on the moon the year I sat (and passed) School Certificate, ended overnight. Thank God for safe arrival from the final mission.

It has been one fascinating ride pushing the limits and boundaries. Bravo Zulu.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hey Vodafilth! [update]

I know the kiddies are on their winter hols watching porn till all hours, but those of us paying exorbitantly per megabyte for data via your at best marginal wireless vodem connection are really suffering and would like some download bandwidth.

Since Monday, the downloads keep freezing, are extremely slow and next to useless as they regularly drop off. The only useful time is early morning when the exhausted kiddies finally hit the sack, but by 0730 the problems start again till after 2200
daily. After hours, there are no issues.

If there was an effective rural wireless alternative, I certainly would not be using Vodafilth.

Must be their time of the month! DPF also sends Vodafilth a shittagram.

Been there, done that with their 'customer service' queues. Well trained on buck passing. Service and VF? You've got to be joking. They email you a satisfaction survey whilst you are still in the queue of the damned!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wait till the natives find out about that!

The name Tuatara was inspired by a modern day New Zealand reptile

I wonder if Mr Shelby has paid the correct amount of koha to salve the conscience of cultural extortionists for the use of the name?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Union scum scraping the bottom

Using the Last Post to make a point during a pay dispute is a new low

the Last Post was played as part of a union campaign at Qantas

Total disrespect. But like all scum on the left, I'd expect nothing more.


A man jailed for breaking into the home of an elderly woman, tying up her and her daughter, has had his minimum non-parole period reduced.

Remorse as a mitigating factor is always being abused. Abused to reduce the time their sorry arses would be in prison.
had his minimum non-parole period reduced to three years and nine months with the Court of Appeal ruling the judge had failed to adequately take in to account an early guilty plea, remorse and the need for offenders to be reintegrated and rehabilitated back into society.

sentenced to seven and a half years in prison with a minimum non-parole period of five years

Once again we see some wet liberal beak usurping justice in favour of the crim.

I long for the re-introduction of the death penalty. The only rehabilitation required for this POS was lead poisoning, followed by reintegration into the community as fertiliser.

FFS, when are the laws going to be changed to get real justice for victims?

Give them an inch...

More separatists taking a mile.

Has Tinkerbelle fixed that anti-terrorist law yet?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Goofy Goff's Gains Tax "Game Changer" Gaffe

Te News Poll tonight.


Definitely a game changer.

Noted that Head of Liarbour MSM Spin, Espiner, took time out to suggest that this did not include CGT. Bollocks, it had been out for a week prior minus the detail.

Attracting negativity

Post Election 2011, bound to lose parties will only have themselves to thank for negative results.

Voters will forever associate Liarbour with redistributive rich prick envy taxes and the evil CGT. Not to mention being in the thrall of unions and greens.

They will always associate ACT as being a bunch of rudderless losers that has a half decent message but exceedingly poor implementation. If they can't sort themselves, what chance of properly controlling New Zealand Inc? There is room for their type, but the vehicle is a write off.

Voters know the likes of the Maori Party, Mana Hone and Winston First are racist. On top of that the first two are separatist tossers in the trough for 'our people'. Ansell was right about them - 'rape whitey for they've got whilst the door is ajar' is their bottom line ethos.

The greenies are a different kettle of fish, forever desperate to be part of any real decision making team. Well known as the source of much red tape and weird ideas such as a totally ignoring property rights, along with their outrageously expensive eco-loonery. God help us if they ever gain any real reins, but unfortunately they infest local government.

Such is the nature of the political beast, all of their own undoing, rightly attracting much negativity which will long last past Nov 26th.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

WARNING: Trojan lurking [Update 1]

A follow up to FairFacts Media's issues with a trojan a couple of weeks ago.

Comment as posted below:

FF, The Trojans are still there. Even though your Nortons is blocking it getting onto your machine, FFM is still dirrrrty.

This post will be long..

I have been infected myself on a number of my own websites and am in the process of cleaning the mess up. I found that the trojan is downloaded in my case (Vista Ulimate) via firefox browser into C:/Program Files/Mozilla FireFox folder as executables and temp files. It also infects C:/Users/**insert your login name here**/App Data,Local.Temp folders. Norton's reports the hit as 'Web Attack: Black Hole ToolKit Website 5'. My attacks took place on 11th/12th overnight NZ time.

Haven't looked at your site using Norton's so maybe a slightly different exploit is on your site. You can see it by looking at your home page, doing a right click/view page source. At the bottom of the html code is a malicious script block about 3-4 lines long. This script will added onto every index.htm, index.html, index.php in your website. Each file will need inspecting and cleaning. If you haven't updated your website code recently, the date change on the date you got infected will be very obvious using ftp.

I have AVG, Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware on my machine. None pick it up upon infection, but SAS will pick the infecting files up upon a full 3 hour scan. The mechanics of acquiring the infection seems to be via unpatched Adobe, Microsoft Office and Java products. You know how we all see those Adobe and Java updates on the taskbar and we ignore them till a better time? Well don't. Do them ASAP.

I suspect you will have similar issues, both on your machine and on your website. I do not really understand how I am getting infected initially, but on clearing some of my websites, the problem there has been gone for 30 hours. There is a whole lot of redirection going on with the exploit which I am still trying to nut out. But by visiting infected sites like FFM, the folders on my machine are still being infected.

Hope this helps, be careful out there.

[Update 1]

The exploit relies on your browser having Javascript enabled. A common setting for those who want enhanced browser features. I have done some more testing and reading. More here and here.

By disabling Javascript, the malicious script tacked into each page of an infected website cannot run and you stay clean. Conversely, enabling Javascript allows the malicious script to run, resulting in initial infection. How the website gets infected remains a mystery.

My infected websites (not PM of NZ at Blogger) download and creates a .mht file in C:\Users\****\AppData\local\Temp folder. This file contains some pix and other code which will be presented to at some future time as the infamous "Your machine is infected, take URGENT action now by clicking here..." security window which you may see occasionally as you flog around the net. A window which is damned difficult to close if you are a Joe Bloggs user. That is the beginning. Multiple .mht files are created as you go from page to page in the infected site.

On FFM's website, his variant of the infection at initial download a sub-folder is created, called 'plugintmp' which contains the exploits. In FFM's case, the exploits are targeting Adobe products, by allowing full cross domain access from an external site. This is the dangerous part.

From there I can only assume that at some time in the future the "security window" is presented, you click on it, some more downloads happen and hey presto, you are now part of the problem! Somehow those plugin files you downloaded earlier get over to Mozilla folders (or whatever browser you're using) and activate the plugins, so next time you open an Adobe .pdf file, bang the real infection takes place. Other plugins are downloaded along with malicious executables. From there your passwords (including FTP passwords as in my case) are harvested and any websites you have direct access to will be infected at their leisure, replicating the whole process.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Theme of the day [update]

they'll be decisions not simply focused on an election in four months' time

Nothing but an election bribe for deluded bludgers and other thieves such as unionists. An offering for those on the take.

Pic stolen without apology from WhaleOil and modified.

I see my mods/views on Liarbour's FAIL are going viral here and here... (The bus and Max The Tax are Whale's)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Air Force downgrades aircraft...

... an Air Force Boeing 747 was struck by lightning after taking off from Whenuapai Airbase on Friday ...

Courtesy of the useless pricks at Granny Herald. The RNZAF actually has two of these.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"In terms of endeavour vs fraud"

Sainsbury corners Action Demo man Kelvin Fisher. One who EQC has been looking at his company's invoices with a magnifying glass. Bolshy and full of himself on the box. Union rep to boot.

"Endeavour vs fraud". Now, where have I heard that before? "Endeavour" sounds something like one other proven criminal used as an excuse. One that was "only guilty of helping others". Fraud also you say? Remind which party has been referred to Mr Plod in recent days.

Must be writ large in the red team training manual.

"F*** them. They voted for Abbott"

Carbon Sunday: The Movie

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll turn green ...
... but for all the wrong reasons

A must see on a shitty afternoon.

Monday, July 11, 2011

"Go and deal to the man"

Have just been watching Sharples and Brash on Native Affairs on that taxpayer funded rort, Apartheid Television, discuss the issues re the weekend ACT ads. Early on it threatened to get bogged down in definitions of words like radicals, but then freed up. Brash was in fine form being upfront not backing off on issues. Sharples was hesitant with the party line answers to questions.

Both acquitted themselves very well. Brash says New Zealand is in a very dangerous place with special preference based on race, Sharples says NZ race relations are in a very good place.

Sharples was in his own words, there to "go and deal to the man". Brash was there to discuss why we have preferential treatment for certain races.

Real worrying was the magnanimity of the Sharples view that the colonising document was one of inclusivity requiring that Maori needed to be "sitting at the table taking NZ forward". On which Brash seriously disagreed. For example, the unelected race based troughers infesting local councils.

A discussion always destined to agree to disagree. Such is the nature of the beast.

Key now really has a formidable foe.

It won't be long... [updated]

“We’re going to New Zealand, please help us,”

The hordes have forsaken Oz as the destination of choice and are but a stone's throw over the horizon. God help us when one of these laden with potential new residents actually arrives on our shores. You ain't seen fear of xenos yet! And pollies running for cover.

Where's that Air Force when you need some long range detection? Oh, that's right, it's still wrapped up in white plastic.

But then, maybe an over-painted rust-bucket will turn up in time to rally voters for Winnie?


"Our very simple message to them is they are not welcome here," Mr Key said.

"It confirms what I've been saying for some time; it's only a matter of time before large vessels, steel-hulled vessels capable of navigating their way to New Zealand or Canberra or far away parts of the world, would try and make their way here, and it's vehemently possible that this boat was intending to do that.''

Key says what needs to be said, but I'm sure his tune will change should a rust bucket actually arrive. (For Adolf, via the Southern Ocean about two to three weeks out of Ceylon.) As an aside for Johnny 'The Navigator', I'd really like to see how large steel hulled vessels will make it to Canberra.

Another Ocker blouse sticks his head over the parapet

Couldn't resist, but fresh on the heels of the lying cheating Carbon Princess you have over there, another Oz icon is off with fairies as he urges Ocker males to get all pussified. In touch with their emoticons and the like.

I've only one thing to say. Harden Up!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

"fundamentally different from any reasonable interpretation" [updated]

The Maori Party says an Act party advertising campaign featuring the headline "Fed up with pandering to Maori radicals?" is deeply offensive.

Not half as offensive as I see this country heading for apartheid. Yes, some like me do have a fundamentally different view of the interpretation of our colonising document.

As all New Zealanders are British subjects, there is no room for pandering to ideas of 'partnership' and independence. ACT has the message spot on, National is way off target with changing it's spots to gain power by cuddling up to racist separatists.

the relentless Maorification of every bloody thing in New Zealand

Now is the time to draw a line in the sand (while we've still got access to the beach)

Key was an "idiot" who was the "most lily-livered Prime Minister" and a "massively incompetent economic manager"

Prime Minister John Key and Attorney-General Chris Finlayson were "grade-A idiots" but he admired the Maori Party for taking advantage of them. "When the white man opens the door and says come in and rape us, of course, if you've got any sort of business like sense you'll go for whatever you can get."

Missed this earlier. Some at ACT say what needs to be said and done but Brash hasn't the balls to run with it. And we've had three years to know that National's had their cojones lopped off.


Saturday, July 09, 2011

Where have we seen such actions?

What is it about the liberal-left and its pathological loathing of freedom of speech and open debate? And why, instead of engaging in ideas – supported by facts – must it instead so invariably resort to this crude, smear technique whereby its opponents must forever be dismissed as morally compromised?

Actually, I ask these questions purely rhetorically because I know the answer already. To be on the liberal-left is not to trade in logic or reason or evidence-based argument. Essentially, it is about parading your own moral and socio-political virtue by being seen to express the “right” thoughts on any given subject – and by damning anyone who disagrees with you as a racist/homophobe/LittleEnglander/denier/fill-in-appropriate-noun-here.

A quote from James Delingpole in the UK via FFM.

Sounds like a normal day over at The Stranded.

In fine fettle

the hijab, though I'm sure most of us think it silly, in the same way we think Exclusive Brethren women silly with their inevitable covering of the hair. You see head scarf and you know you're looking at bigotry.

No, it's the mask. The scarf wrapped round the head and underneath it, just below the eyes, the niqab. What's more, it is intimidating.

It says: "I am not part of your filthy heathen community. I'm here enjoying all of the privileges the enlightened West can provide, but I don't really approve of you all and have no desire to be part of you. I am happy to be a long way from the atrocities, monstrosities and medievalism of the country I fled, but still, I cannot be part of you."

Holmes at his best in cheeky darkie mode. In fine fettle. Must be time for Mr Henry to let rip.

Friday, July 08, 2011

An unexpected success

Marylanders have successfully petitioned a law to referendum

In Maryland, the Democrats previously flushed with gubernatorial success have been put in their place by minority Republicans.
It is a game-changer, ... The Democrats think that they can do what they want."

A game changer indeed. Apparently smart use of the Internet. The referendum has put on hold freebie tuition for imported rugrats. Obviously locals are more than a little upset about Barack's mates pissing away hard earnt taxes on illegal aliens whilst for children of full citizens they pay through the nose.

'Tis a pity governments here in New Zealand do not take notice of referendums.

Let me guess...

Climate denialists looking for dirt on the ETS?

Someone looking for new email copy for "Hollow Men: The Sequel" directly at source?

Liarbour pre-election black ops in play?

Anyway, it's a good Friday arvo conspiracy theory...

The heat in the Liarbour kitchen is rising

Of late those over at the stranded have gone into full 'shoot the messenger' mode as the rout of Liarbour approaches via the upcoming elections.

If your message is deemed not to be supportive of their world view, you cop a ban. The heat in the kitchen is rising.

Bereft of ideas, penniless and punch drunk flailing wildly are the hallmarks of Liarbour.

A comment I've made at Keeping Stock as any of the right persuasion making comments at the stranded are banned until after the election.

Losers. I can't be buggered going over to the leftie sewer to get myself banned. I'll just keep lurking now and then. Hell, I feel so dirty after being over there - it's worse than looking at porn.

ps I/S at NRT gets all the kudos for his quick and unreserved apology.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

"A matter of fairness"

state employee union is set to begin collecting fees from nonmembers this month

Phillatio's (tm Adolf) wildest wet dreams on CGT couldn't match this tax. Imagine the bottomless wallets of the rich prick non-unionised just waiting to be leached into the left's coffers.
It's very exciting

This is the year for political payoffs

will begin collecting fees from nonmembers

Fairness? Never even comes into the equation.

Almost as bad as this one over at KG's shop...

Lynch mob blooded

"It's over. Period"

I hope that Alasdair Thompson can put this unfortunate period of his life behind him

The screaming unionised hordes win again. Once again, a mere male is lynched by the baying mob for his rightly forthright views in the workplace. A view which I fully support. Views which have been proven many times, but some do not like to front the issues.
it was a sad day when people could be hounded from their jobs simply for expressing controversial views

In a free society with a robust tradition of vigorous and open debate, it should be possible to raise such matters - and be wrong about them - without being destroyed by lynch mobs

Sir Roger goes into bat for him. Too late as the unionised not only have his balls but his corpse on the slab.

And gains zero support from those who should have backed him to the hilt. Shame on you Mr Key. Shame on you Air New Zealand. Shame on you EMA.

What a bunch of eunuchs we males have become!

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

No child labour in the sub-continent, but there is disease...

a "disease" and "completely unnatural"

Fresh after that man from India said there was no child labour and Guyon 'was a rude man', a new disease has been found on the sub-continent. One that needs the full force of modern medicines to eradicate.

Unfortunately, what's the betting the Health Minister will be looking for a new job soon?

Saturday, July 02, 2011

"a deliberate campaign to demonise beneficiaries as criminals"

"dob in a beneficiary" campaign

There were pictures of beneficiaries literally taking someone's wallet out of their pocket

Such campaigns had a negative impact on beneficiaries ... made them feel as if they were constantly being watched to see if they were ripping off the system

Yep, can't see nothing wrong with that!